Gold Water Alchemy


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is herbal medicine safe?
    Yes – when you know what you’re doing. Herbs (plant/botanical medicines) are also "drugs" (biochemically-altering substances), and they have a profound affect on the human body. Comprised of thousands of medicinal constituents, herbs can affect multiple body systems in targeted ways while also working synergistically with the body for a holistic treatment approach (allowing minimal to no side effects in the process).

  2. What is the research supporting herbal medicine? Is it really effective?
    There are literally thousands of years of recorded herbal practice with countless documentation of their effectiveness, clinical safety, and potency. Add that to the emerging clinical trials and modern scientific research on herbal medicine today and we have an incredible arsenal of information to utilize in clinical practice. Effectiveness of herbal preparations is directly linked to appropriate dosing, frequency, and choice of herb. This is why it is to important to work in partnership with a qualified herbalist to be given appropriate dosing information and to have herbs custom selected or compounded for you in a very tailored way. The main reason you hear of herbs not working is due to inappropriate dosing or using the incorrect herb for the illness.

  3. What is the shelf life for the herbal elixirs, extracts, and tinctures?

    Shelf life is usually up to 3 years for most high-quality herbal extracts. We recommend using herbal elixirs, extracts, and tinctures within 1 year of opening. It may not take you that long to finish indulging in a healthy treat ;)

  4. How long will my order take to ship?

      Because of the care and love put into each package, orders will be shipped within 4-10             business days after purchase. I usually ship orders either on Mondays or Saturdays, sometimes on Fridays.

     5. What about international shipping? Do you do that?

 Depending on where you are, internationally, we may be able to ship to you. Shipping options are detailed at checkout.

      6. What is the size of the herbal extracts? Also can you tell me more about the gem            essences with which they are made?

         Unless price variations are present, extracts/tinctures/elixirs are 1 oz./30ml. Some                    offerings are available in 1 oz. or 2 oz. sizes and such will be stated in the product                    options. If there are no price variations options for a particular product, the size is 1 oz.            The gem essences are crystal elixirs made by either placing crystals directly in a solvent            or placing the crystals around the solvent. The purpose of the gem essences is to                      enhance the already powerful healing properties of the concoction using the vibrational            frequency of the crystals.

      7. Can we return or exchange products?

        No. Because these preparations are primarily plant-based, we cannot except returns or             offer exchanges, unless you receive a product you did not want or any extenuating                   circumstance of that nature.

     8. Can I take 2 of your courses at once?

          You can, but we highly recommend taking one course at a time. This will allow you to                 fully absorb and become involved with the material and information of one course. Most           courses are offered on a continual basis, so you will have time to take any of the courses           being offered at any time.


Any other questions or concerns? Feel free to contact us via email or fill out the "Contact" sheet with your message.