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Herboscopes™ / Major themes throughout Saturn in Capricorn 2017-2020

Saturn transits into Capricorn on December 19, 2017, 11:49pm EST. Eventually, it makes a conjunction to Pluto - this conjunction is easily the most important astrological event. Saturn is a creator and destroyer force - Saturn in Capricorn ensures a closer inspection at things such as government, the use of power, and social + personal responsibility. These transits are hinting at MAJOR EVENTS taking place which will mark the course of human history. Our interaction with this planet is becoming more pronounced. We are remembering. Saturn in Capricorn also presents themes surrounding ancestral healing and becoming more aware of our elders: in one way or another, they are the structure which had held our systems together, but as transitions happen, our own leadership roles become more pronounced. We are, therefore, certainly charged with the task of both honoring and transmuting. How can we alchemize our evolution? Here's what the plants/planets had to say.

Saturn transits into Capricorn on December 19, 2017, 11:49pm EST. Eventually, it makes a conjunction to Pluto - this conjunction is easily the most important astrological event. Saturn is a creator and destroyer force - Saturn in Capricorn ensures a closer inspection at things such as government, the use of power, and social + personal responsibility. These transits are hinting at MAJOR EVENTS taking place which will mark the course of human history. Our interaction with this planet is becoming more pronounced. We are remembering. Saturn in Capricorn also presents themes surrounding ancestral healing and becoming more aware of our elders: in one way or another, they are the structure which had held our systems together, but as transitions happen, our own leadership roles become more pronounced. We are, therefore, certainly charged with the task of both honoring and transmuting. How can we alchemize our evolution? Here's what the plants/planets had to say.

*(If you know your moon and/or rising signs, it is recommended that you read the scopes for each of them, along with your sun sign. If you have knowledge of any stellium sign(s) in your chart, it is advisable that you read the ones corresponding to that as well. Transits such as these go very deep - let's dive.)

aries rising/sun/moon :: (13)-death // agrimony

this is a powerful pull for a number of reasons - maybe even exactly 13 reasons. to die or let die is a deep invitation, one that is not to be taken lightly but can definitely be approached lightheartedly. death takes courage and courage is heart. yours is blazing, aries, and at this time you are experiencing a shift that is making you more aware of how exactly you want to shine your light in and on the world. you're experiencing an upgrade in the awareness of your purpose. however, this does not mean that there are not things left to release. the 13th arcanum is the 2nd decave of 4 or realization, operating on the negative plane of frequency of arcanum 2. it is what is realized from the efforts of life when polarizing forces disintegrate the physical body. what this new plane of realization, to which the efforts have now been transferred, will offer, depends entirely upon how the energies have been used on the plane left behind. if this use can be represented by arcanum 4 and 9 (the emperor + the hermit/realization + wisdom, respectively), self-aware progression gains momentum. to not get too long-winded here, each of the arcanum of the major arcana are explained by the summary of cards preceding it which will, in individual instances, depend on the path one took. this is being in-path. 

astrologically, aries is a sign of beginning: when the sun crosses the first point of aries the astronomical year starts, and when it again crosses into aries, that year is ended, cut off, destroyed. to die or let die is the perfect invitation for you in these next 3 years. to di- is to divide / to split with sources of life that are no longer feeding your growth. you are surely going through a cycle of purging and renewal, allowing the fire within to serve as a purifying agent for yourself. change, release, and transformation are major keys for you. these times connote an initiate or one who is reborn through the mental powers of transmutation. the life force does not die, but merely changes form. in this time, remember to laugh with gratitude for all of the beauty you are manifesting through allowing the shift to happen in your life.

further work with arcanum 13: be silent for 24 hours. talk to nobody. write to nobody; if anything, only to yourself.

the magick of this work extends into the plant realm. it is also no coincidence that agrimony is the plant we had, a while ago, assigned to the death card - last night we soft launched our "The Great Mother" collection and one of the first concoctions we showcased was an agrimony extract (True Self Medicine). we called it this because of its strength for revealing us to ourselves and the world to us. agrimony is a powerful medicine for those who seek to step out of their comfort zone and into full activation of the power of their being. to receive of the magick of agrimony, you do not have to ingest it (even if you purchase our potion). you can simply anoint yourself and your space with it as extract, a smudge, or just having it around. you can enter into meditation of releasing old thoughts and habits while holding agrimony in your release. agrimony is a protector who helps us to move forward, inward, and upward into the next plane where our manifestations are based on rebirth through knowledge of Self.

taurus rising/sun/moon :: (7)-the chariot // parsley

breakthroughs and break-ins are in order for you - nobody is coming to take from you because your focus is, consciously or subconsciously, shifting toward your own capacity to step into a space of moving through perceived obstacles and barriers with more grace. in other terms, the chariot is synonymous with the the conqueror and you’re certainly in for some conquests. these come mostly through mastery of your mental processes and the ways in which you let your mind wander into dangerous spaces which ultimately injure your process or delay you even when there are shortcuts available to you.  use the energies of this period for mental exercise and discipline. now may be a time when you can master technical skills to aid in your profession or benefit from philosophical and metaphysical disciplines including yoga, transcendental meditation, and astrology. the chariot advises you to proceed with caution but also with confidence. it is a time of physical completion and attainment in the cycles because you can see the consequences of your previous actions. matters could also mysteriously complete themselves without any effort on your part. be patient and let the cycle work for you. 

the number 7 rules the physical body and body functions; therefore, the forces within your body are now active. pace your body and pay close attention to all levels of your health - mental/emotional/spiritual/physical. the big take away here is that through control of the senses and elevation and purification of the desires, by use of our own free will, we can achieve complete dominion while in the physical body. use your determination to your own advantage. this is where the energy of parsley is perfect. 

parsley works as a cleansing and alkalizing element - helping to balance chemical imbalances within the body and further ensure a strong system for operation. parsley is useful for breaking habitual excess in possessions or behavior; it exerts a disciplinary influence over the entire system hence its use for heavy detoxification and general “housecleaning”. our Mercury Potion has some parsley in it, and you can always simply purchase parsley and make infusions with it or keep some on your alter through this time of healing in your life. 


gemini rising/sun/moon :: princess of disks // blessed thistle 

blessed thistle is often employed in fertility magick. whether literally or not, you are fertile; for some time now you've been charging through a series of lessons that have been nothing short of upgrades. blessed thistle is the magick associated with this card because it contains both purging and integrating properties. blessed thistle provides support for sorting through, yet by this time you are well into the phase of synthesizing and so you are stepping into your own space of mastery. you are going through a rite of passage, whether you recognize this to be the case or not. a part of you is being called to a greater self-discipline. surely, you will begin to find yourself with a need to achieve your desires through proper planning and attention to details. your organization ability and receptivity to new ideas can be turned to a profit. through the vibration of the princess of disks, you may also encounter someone who will be a catalyst in your decision to follow one course or another. be open and flexible. the princess of disks is a very careful energy which may appear nonchalant on the surface, but within his or her depths, they experience concern that the right choices are made. in this cycle, your perception of the future and its potential is clear. even with all of this, this time is intended to eliminate the unnecessary and fine-tune your discriminatory powers for enhancing well-grounded decision making. the future is yours in a lot of senses. as we mentioned, you are fertile but we urge you to be fully practical with your motions. don't overspend. don't become obsessed with a desire for material possessions. this will only create a sense of urgency which may result in loss. your security comes through patience and careful planning. in the process of all this care, please ensure to live life and allow time for play. we know you are very serious about your growth right now, and even more dedicated to your learning process. your active mind cannot help but be fully engaged with every piece of wisdom that is coming your way - don't forget to chew fully and digest well. we know you know; you don't have to prove it to us. keep applying with responsibility and viability - your time to show and prove approaches sooner than later, but for now you are still integrating it all. the princess of disks is a continual student of the sacred and holy - she is a vessel for universal knowledge and its experiential application. in this way, the princess of disks eventually graduates from role of student to teacher. she reminds us how to move through the inner degrees.

cancer rising/sun/moon :: 6 of disks // dandelion

balance through giving and receiving is the loudest message for you right now. through this activation, you are given more opportunity for achievement, and you will reap greater rewards if you fulfill the extra demand. for you, this is a karmic period that requires balancing and sharing. this implies that there has been an imbalance prior to this that must be atoned for and settled. the resulting rewards, be they material or spiritual, ought to be shared with others. in this cycle, you will be attracting others who will be inspired by your charm and self-confidence - this is certainly not to say that there is no inner work to be done. yet and still, group activities may be beneficial for your balance, particularly when you find yourself yearning for certain comfort and nurturing. through this communal engagement you find it easier to express your talents - it is as if your community is full of incitement for your expansion. the 6 of disks is also an energy that may remind you of gifts inherited through ancestral bloodlines - sometimes we establish community on a spiritual level, recognizing the places from where we draw strength and protection and further honoring that through the way in which we express these gifts. basically the 6 of disks is here to help you value yourself in ways that don't necessitate external validation, yet you are still in the comfort of community support. 

eventually this shift in how you move energy in your life will lead you to maintaining balance by attracting those which can meet you where you are and vice versa. the acceptance and self-awareness comes around full circle. the support of dandelion through this minor key is one that enables deeper communion with those who have transitioned - again, a big part of your work during this time is to draw from the abundant reserves of who you already are. to tune into your ancestral rhythm so that you may heal old patterns, all the while facilitating communication, we recommend you finding an area in your vicinity where dandelion grows and spending some time there. pay attention to the surrounding environment and try to assess how this space reflects your inner world; you may be gratefully surprised at what you find. dandelion is an ally for deeper work, psychic power, and connection with those who have passed. let the awareness of your ancestral gifts be answers of how you can heal ancestral wounds so that you may interact with the world in fuller ways. 

leo rising/sun/moon :: 5 of disks // white oak bark

we already know how intense life has been for you these past few years. i'm sure you can use a break and the sight of the 5 of disks may not be the break you are looking for. however, don't let this card fool you or send you into worry over potential loss - it's simply an alert regarding the fact that adjustments need to be made. i mean, let it be known that most of us are riding a similar wave in terms of what we are being called to, but some of us are more aware of this than others. some are aware, yet don't care to do the work. despite your position, leo, you are being presented with a kind of ultimatum by the universe: stop letting your worries about stability get the best of you or else... i mean, being hyper-occupied with the purely material side of life can only lead to disappointment. you, like a lot of us, are being urged to find and maintain balance. create it with your thoughts, words, and actions. if you have to write affirmations regarding balance and being in it, do so, but make sure you are clear that this is the call for you and you'd do good to answer it. it is evident that restructuring is essential to securing deeper gains. it's important for you to break through generational fears of scarcity - you may not even be aware of some of these. i'm sure your ancestors didn't adapt those fears til later on in the timeline so - go back to your roots. at the core you will realize that any fear of lack is actually based in not attending to a part of yourself that needs as much care as the physical. your spirit calls for your attention. as a key in the tarot, 5 of disks reminds of the transient nature of the material world which should further encourage one to look at deeper values.

inner riches will outshine external ones, but this does not mean that you cannot have both. despite the obvious undertones of urging one to shift focus, there is still a promise of reward through the endurance of traveling through the innerscapes and further emerging with more clarity regarding your talents. this journey is really honing in on some major facts - your needs will be met with you "meeting" your well-known creative potential - you realize that you've already got it all. another message contained here is that insecurity is a greater threat to your foundation than any actual external threat. do not let your mind overwhelm you with worry or anxiety. channel your energy into creative endeavors. leo is a highly creative vibration - use you to your advantage, and get a hold of some white oak bark if you feel too wary. white oak bark is used in some magickal traditions to remove "crossed" conditions, and, again, sometimes we cross ourselves with our thinking patterns. this is why white oak bark is a perfect ally when moving through the contraction that is the 5 of disks. white oak bark confidently makes us aware of the fact that contraction tends to lead to birth. in the same way, acorns from the oak tree are considered symbols of fertility. you know you hold a powerhouse of potential, so do not be shy with it. activate your wealth from the inside out. or don't, but you know what follows that. i mean, we know you don't like being played, so i'm sure you won't play ya self, right?

virgo rising/sun/moon :: (9)- the hermit // sage

speech is silver and silence is gold. props to you, virgo: you're really in your element. the hermit is a sage who walks through life personifying the wisdom gained through experience. in astrological terms, virgo is the energy that is represented by a human being as young adult - this is the time in our soul's journey when we become a lot more cognizant of our various responsibilities. "be ye therefore wise as serpents and harmless as doves". the hermit invokes our higher abilities and channels them forth in service to the world. something that comes as one travels through the archetype of the hermit is that we may re-awaken latent abilities which is really just a full attunement with self. within this vibration, people may become more clairaudient, for instance, receiving guidance by those speaking from the inner plane. in alchemical processes of any kind, danger is sure to be present if the conditions are forced. transmutations cannot be made to take place instantly. they require time. to try to alter a condition too quickly is apt to result in an explosion. whatever energies present themselves during this cycle must be taken care of through gradually diverting them into those channels which will promote the object sought. more failure in alchemical work results from undue haste and impatience for results than from any other cause. the prudence of the hermit is what enables him or her to be successful in their endeavors.

the employment of sage leaf is useful to provide psychic shielding and help release heavy thinking. sage is also energetically aiding in processes of releasing emotional imbalances through quieting mental chatter which may be riddled with self-criticism. if you think you cannot free yourself from associations and situations that are no longer necessary for your development, then the 9 cycle will do it for you. many of your goals will be realized at this time, so it is important for you to really define what expansion looks like for you. (for a boost with this process, check out our Jupiter Potion, it may help you in your endeavor + it has sage). another key that will open doors for you at this time is using sage's energy to cleanse your environment and clear the air so that you may accomplish your work and all projects close to completion. present connections may be cemented or made more enduring; this is to enhance your service-oriented energy. you will receive to the degree in which you give. basically, virgo, you are in for changes, as are all of us, on some level or another, at this time. moreover, know that you may have to leave behind some people, places, habits, and other energies which may be creating a barrier against your growth. be careful of getting caught by your emotions. release past depressions and let-downs and allow yourself to move forward. do you trust your own knowing and light?

libra rising/sun/moon :: 7 of cups // lavender

demanding energies surround you on some levels, but this simply means you're ready for the pressure that is meant to refine you. your intuition is also heightened at this time, even if you're still doing the thing where you seek outside of yourself for guidance. eventually you'll realize how in tune you have always been. as an air sign, you "catch" messages from the invisible waves around you - somehow you just know. ask yourself the question: when i close my eyes, what do i see? this is true in-sight. there is a lot being revealed to you to the point where you may be feeling over-stimulated from time to time. the way the planetary bodies are affecting you right now are speaking to the fact that you have to sift through distractions which you subconsciously know are distractions but may not be willing to accept the reality as you know it. during this phase, you will have to decide, through weighing (libra expertise, right? bearing the scales), selecting and discarding where your true values lie. maintain a balance between the emotional and practical factors and make your plans accordingly. 

another stabilizing factor for you, as contradictory as that may seem, is the potential for you to have mystical or psychic experiences which will affirm to you the power of mind spirit. again, this will tie into the perceptions of the illusions that are present, but will ultimately serve to shed clarity on the value of those illusions. everything has its place in this dimension. to calm your sometimes hyperactive mind, lavender has presented itself as a useful ally to you during these awakenings. lavender is useful for so many things, both internally and externally. for quick relief of mental tension, you can dab your temples with pure lavender essential oil or smell a lavender flower. our Magician tarot tincture contains lavender and other herbs for fortifying the psychic faculties. it is also useful in dreamwork which may prove to be exceptionally edifying for you during this time. in truth, your renewed foundation is going to involve that you become more cognizant of your mental workings, integrate your mental power, and really survey the inner spaces in which you feel weaker than in others. lavender makes this process less nerve-wrecking and anxiety-inducing because it don't even gotta be like that - you feel me? let your mind and heart combine - this is where the balance is - let yourself feel what you know and know that because you feel, you know.

scorpio rising/sun/moon :: 6 of swords // hops

the scorpion intensity can use a little chill - be an eagle for a while and move through the air. there is a lot of enlightenment available to you right now. it's actually really great that you are moving on from certain things and stepping outside of your comfort zone. they do say scorpio has a hard time letting go but it is as if you are finally ready - another thing we know about scorpio is that you have your own timing and nobody can pressure you into or out of spaces. we respect your self-directive attitudes. keep enhancing your leadership qualities. keep deciding for yourself, but also take full inventory, using your deep seeing capacities to fully dissect that elements which are contributing to this moment of transition - is there anything worth salvaging?

you look in retrospect and you see that though you have been wounded, your heart remains intact, your compassion is deeper than ever, and you are subliminally stepping into a place of great inner harmony. foundations had definitely been laid to inform the process of your eternal transformation. a part of your security comes through your consciousness of the occult - you possess great magical capacities and are a trigger for change, as uncomfortable as it sometimes is. the thing with this moment is that you are turning that energy inward. it's common for you to create waves for the life in your waters, but have you actually gone into the deepest parts? based on what we are seeing, this has not fully happened within you but it is the frequency that is right at your door. won't you open up and invite a stirring of your heart? you are healing generations of trauma. through this opening you are inviting a total transmutation of your genetic coding where the upgrades affect your entire lineage - that's how serious your work is during this time. this does not mean that you can't enjoy life or smile and be silly occasionally and often. fun fact: hops is an ingredient in many a beer; is that enough of a hint for you? i mean, i'm not telling you to drink but the fact that hops showed up to assist you is very telling. energetically hops is relaxing and is especially useful for dreamwork. you don't even have to consume it internally; you can place some under your pillow at night and see what comes through your subconscious as you rest. the 6 of swords in this deck is loudly and clearly telling you that there are things that need to be released and moves that need to be made, that there is powerful ability within you to see things for what they are even if initially you aren't perceptive of the entire picture. the motion of these tides will take you as high as sky to give you a wider vantage point. with this expanse in your perspective, it will be hard for you to stay stuck. your heart is healing and you are bringing this knowledge of self back home, literally or otherwise, so act accordingly.

sagittarius rising/sun/moon :: 6 of wands // goldenrod

you are light and you are bright and you are hard to miss in action - not even this reading can change that. you are experiencing a very favorable period in which you may receive good news. the 6 of wands was preceded by the 5 of wands - an energy which implied a contraction of sorts; there was something to be overcome in order to emerge clearer on the other side. 5 of wands preceding the 6 of wands indicates that we may have overlooked spiritual baggage which may have stifled certain growth. since the 6 of wands presented itself to you today, there is an indication that you have worked through some internal stuff - or you're still working through it - but there is certain reward to be gained by doing this work. soon enough, you will be enjoying the pleasures of your efforts, particularly industrial but also in general communal aspects. the 6 of wands bestows us with the capacity to overcome obstacles and further achieve mastery over the lower nature all the while enhancing control over our spiritual energy. to be even more clear, there is certain freedom that is attained through the initial discipline that certain journeys require, and we know you're all about freedom and journeying, however, we want to emphasize that adding discipline to your daily living will surely bring you more of that freedom that you love. all will happen in due time. 

another thing that is expressed through the energy of this wands key is the capacity to utilize persuasive power to develop a team or group of people who can help you manifest your visions. it is being revealed that your power of communication is exceptionally sharp at this time but that is only (if and) because you are able to retain the awareness of imbalances to the degree of not falling into the cycles of such. this is really a powerful time for you. another urging that being communicated right now is the need for you to develop a spiritual philosophy based on the cognizance of the origin of your present power. goldenrod is the best friend is this work primarily because it enhances your receptivity, while at the same time awakening your creativity and ability to honor the emanations that emit from you. goldenrod bestows solar energy upon you to further fuel the fire that drives your brilliance so intensely. keep shining. you are a warrior for alchemy and transformation - start with yourself first. you are already expansive but have the capacity to expand further; a little discipline won't hurt too much. be sure that this is what you need more than anything else right now. 

capricorn rising/sun/moon :: (10)-the wheel of fortune // bay leaf

in some way, shape, or form, this saturn is aspecting parts of your natal chart that are in alignment with your progress. yet you also know that you are best suited for steady motion and an ascent that is calculated and precise. you're destined for the "top" regardless; there's no need to rush. through this cycle, you will find that your movements present themselves as unstable, initially and only because you are still learning how to master energy. arcanum 10 is the wheel of destiny. the circular platform upon which the sphinx stands represents the zodiac; and the sphinx, as a composite of the four constellations marking the zodiacal quadrants - eagle, lion, man, bull - signifies the passage of time. the eight spokes of the wheel, eight being the number of justice, symbolize that time and opportunity, in the course of divine providence, are justly meted out to all. the dual column supporting wheel indicates that nature is polarized in positive and negative. the serpents signify that the law of action is that of sex. it is deeper than just a few sentences. essentially, the reminders come in the form of experience. in the way that these symbols were described in their significance, so will your life begin, if it hasn't already, to speak to you more through sight than through sound. but sound is still important and another aspect of what you are learning is how to direct your words to shape your reality. you innerstand the power of vibration more clearly than ever, and, in all your practicality, you are now applying this knowing. the wheel of fortune is right next to both the justice and the hermit card in the progression of the tarot - this is evidently intentional. through tempering your communications and 'smoke signals', you are able to stand as the wise sage within.

the key words for you in this time are: intuition, fortune, growth + progress. what you have been waiting for may now be yours. the culmination of a series of events brings success and material accomplishment. this is all contingent upon what your actions have been up until this point, yet and still there is definitely the potential for true harmony and clear comprehension. during the voyage of saturn through capricorn, you are also being bestowed with "reality check" which will serve to help you gain deeper insight and greater acclimation in all of the shifts. the wheel of fortune is a card that gives energy to the deeper wisdom acquired through the journey as the hermit (card before the wheel of fortune). as you put all of this to work, there is also another invitation to really integrate the reality of you being the determining energy in your own destiny. every insight gained up until now has made you very aware of the fact that your surrounding environment is often a response to the inner world. bay leaf works through this arcanum because it not only fortifies various systems of the body, facilitating the strength needed to move through the shifts, but also aids in enhancing psychic powers while at the same time promoting the vision necessary for the soul to move through the rest of the arcana fearlessly and protected. bay leaf can be burned to cleanse a space or even to promote dreams. it holds a very uplifting power and our Mama Drops may also serve you well on your way. this particular formula is excellent as an anti-inflammatory for the entire body and particularly the gastro-intestinal tract. at this time you are definitely being reminded of the need to really care for the vessel that contains your soul - it is yours to love. 

aquarius rising/sun/moon :: (8)-strength // nettle

it's been time to clean house for a while, but ever since this transit happened, that truth has become way more resonant for you. you are going through an awakening that is very personal and at the same time universal for you. the strength card settles in to remind you that to become strong you must impose silence upon the weakness of the heart. this basically means that you should exert higher energy over the aspects of yourself which are out of alignment with your cosmic will. arcanum 8 is figured by a woman who opens and closes without effort, with her hands, the jaws of a lion - this lion appears calm in this particular deck. a serpent sits upon her head and another serpent sits on the floor near the lion. the strength card is basically one of the first obvious instances of kundalini energy, or serpent fire, in the tarot. the sacred serpent signifies that she acts in full knowledge of her power. the lion symbolizes force and the animal passions in man which may be subdued by spiritual nature. this entire ensemble symbolizes the power over 'violent' forces of nature that faith in oneself will give. it is also symbolic of the spiritual power that is the natural result of unsullied affections which dominate and rule the animal instincts. it signifies that purity is the touchstone and that goodness alone is power. for you, aquarius, it is a time of great responsibility. 

it is also a time of karma. 8 is one of the numbers on the material plane which signify a level of success, but again this is all based upon your own output - you will get whatever you give, useful or useless. at this time another thing that is showing up for you is the many things you have inherited - this could be on a physical/external level or more in the realm of talents and gifts. ultimately, you become more aware of your personal legacy which may have very little to do with ideas about "legacy" which are rooted in the social constructs of what is considered "success" - this is a self-defining moment, one in which you are unlikely to ignore your own needs and desires. you are just in such a strong place within yourself, whether you perceive it that way or not. you are in a place of momentum toward self-realization. the strength card comes to show you the demeanor you must adapt in this process. you "win more" by allowing your higher nature to guide you. this is not a good time for you to let yourself fall into tempting situations that you know are not in your best interest. at this time, you are really getting clear about who you are and how much power you hold through being an innovator. action is required from you even through all the introspection you are doing. Mars Potion contains nettle - a plant that is high in minerals and is a storehouse of protective energy. nettle is considered a fire plant and this is the perfect balance for your airy self. during times when you are feeling psychically vulnerable, we recommend that you burn nettle or meditate with it in hand. do what you need to do so you can be who you've always been. activate your potential to stir a revolution. it is, after all, the age of aquarius and we need you more than anything right now. whatever you have to offer the world is a gift mighty in its own right. tune into yourself and accept what you have inherited because it is meant to be shared for the good of all. 

pisces rising/sun/moon :: (19)-the sun // chamomile

if this isn't a mighty conclusion, then i don't know what is. to start with arcanum 13 (death) and close the cycle with arcanum 19 (the sun), we are being signaled, no matter what your sign is, that a powerful rebirth is in store for all of us on some level or another. the stars ain't playing with us and just like the influencers of mainstream society are called "stars", the celestial bodies are working full-time to ensure that we don't sleep even while resting, make sense? this is totally a new beginning. this card almost always depict 2 children standing next to or somewhat near each other. the scene is bright - there are flowers, there is sunshine, and there are smiles. the sun is a card of enjoyment - a time when the mind is in joy. this is not to say that difficulties won't arise, but definitely that your perspective of the circumstances in your life has shifted in such a way that you are able to stay within your balance during times when you would otherwise feel overwhelmed and weakened by the situation. this comes mostly after you have been able to really face the aspects of yourself that may have presented themselves as shadow. 19 is known as the love vibration and is also a symbol of regeneration. astrologically, the sun rules this key, bringing light and life, symbol of the divinity, the great divine power. as the ancients knew, the powers themselves are neither good or bad; it is how they are used. the ancients were also aware of the fact that the power of the sun is not just a physical energy but also a living power. what we see in the sun is identical with the spiritual power behind the sun, and everything on earth is a manifestation of the sun.

pisces, this is your time and invitation to enter into the kingdom of heaven so to speak, but it is up to you to accept that. your energy, drive, and ambition may run high but you must remember to channel all of that power wisely, to affect the most growth in your own life. restrain impulsive actions and prepare. also remember to live in the now. at each moment, you may also encounter those who mirror qualities of your inner sun and you will know how in alignment you are by how much you attract these energies into your life. flowers such as chamomile promise happiness, prosperity, and general good fortune, so it is the perfect ally to move through the sun archetype. a lot of people also burn chamomile to lighten up the mood in a space. chamomile is useful for money magick as well. our Sun Potion is not only for brightening energy, but it is also effective for healing our connection to abundance. sometimes we may be stuck in scarcity mentality which makes it hard to actually move forward with our visions. Heart's Dream is another which contains chamomile and readily informs the actions to be taken for optimal manifestation. you can always buy some chamomile and make an infusion with it, allowing it to awaken more clarity and joy within you 'cause quite frankly your sensitive heart can use some of that. . 

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