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Herboscopes™ / New Moon in Capricorn to New Moon in Aquarius

The new moon in Capricorn on Tuesday, January 16, 2018 comes loaded with unexpected changes and feelings of uncertainty. This is due, in part, to the aspect it is making to Uranus - planet of radical revolution and sudden shifts. This new moon is stirring up our hearts and inviting us to make adjustments in accordance to what we are most yearning for. Transits at this time are signaling at changes taking place regarding family life, relationships, and love. The time between the New Moon in Capricorn (January 16) and the New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Aquarius (February 15) will have us sorting through old "stuff" to help us resolve the situations and blockages which keep us from working toward and reaching our goals. Many of us have been called, consciously or unconsciously, to being fully intentional about working with our shadow and releasing outdated habits, ideas, and even connections. BALANCE is a big key this year, and it is a constant message that resonates from stellar dimensions. At this point, we are moving through contractions and into the birth of our refined selves. These herboscopes provide a key to opening new portals, so here we go.

The new moon in Capricorn on Tuesday, January 16, 2018 comes loaded with unexpected changes and feelings of uncertainty. This is due, in part, to the aspect it is making to Uranus - planet of radical revolution and sudden shifts. This new moon is stirring up our hearts and inviting us to make adjustments in accordance to what we are most yearning for. Transits at this time are signaling at changes taking place regarding family life, relationships, and love. The time between the New Moon in Capricorn (January 16) and the New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Aquarius (February 15) will have us sorting through old "stuff" to help us resolve the situations and blockages which keep us from working toward and reaching our goals. Many of us have been called, consciously or unconsciously, to being fully intentional about working with our shadow and releasing outdated habits, ideas, and even connections. BALANCE is a big key this year, and it is a constant message that resonates from stellar dimensions. At this point, we are moving through contractions and into the birth of our refined selves. These herboscopes provide a key to opening new portals, so here we go.

*(If you know your moon and/or rising signs, it is recommended that you read the scopes for each of them, along with your sun sign. If you have knowledge of any stellium sign(s) in your chart, it is advisable that you read the ones corresponding to that as well.)

aries rising/sun/moon :: (14) temperance // catnip

your message for Saturn in Capricorn is about the stages of dying and the necessity of its happening - your message for New Moon in Capricorn is about the alchemy that you can find upon stepping through this portal. you emerge with a depth of knowledge and wisdom that makes it hard for you to not notice the evolution that you are moving through. big times for you, aries. this 14th key is about stepping into balance and mastering use of the elements to achieve a desired result. arcanum 14 is the path to higher realms of consciousness. rapid shifts are occurring within you, yet the temperance card comes to remind you to practice moderation in your ways, particularly in regards to your spiritual growth. now is not a time for you to allow the thrill to override balance and maturity. you've got a ways ahead of you, so remember to pace yourself so that you don't tire before you "make it". around this time, you may also be confronted with the need to really be conscious of cooperation or lack of cooperation within your inner circles. how are the communications in your relations flowing (or not flowing), and what does this say about the adjustments that need to be made? do you go with the flow or do you struggle with change? are you torn between two paths?

in this time, you are certainly likened to the energy of your polar opposite, libra. you are operating as a sort of cosmic scale, if you will. along with your mental intelligence, development of your emotional intelligence is also occurring and so a new level of discipline is being awakened in you. this all happens through the practice of tempering the ways in which you allow the polarities to surface within you and further how that translates into an action or word in the world. you are moving through a great indicator of change with many adjustments still left to be made. show your inner strength and exercise patience - success will surely follow. opposites need to be blended during these next few weeks so that the realization of certain truths can come forth with clarity. when this key shows up, we are also often guided through a backtrack toward situations unresolved and solutions abounding - seize the opportunity to really uproot what's long been expired. the big big message for you at this time is - do not rush. exercise maturity, patience, and discipline. activate your harmonizing potential. catnip comes to you to help you do this work.

catnip is an ally that is known to enchant cats. working through an arcanum which deals with both water and fire, catnip as a water ally is perfect to bring an aspect of real alchemy to your fire. catnip has cooling qualities, bringing feelings of peace, tranquility, and balance to all of those who commune with this energy. employed as a symbol of temperance, catnip is useful for bringing harmony to situations by way of creating a level field of interaction through connecting the psychic energies between people and within groups. a recommended way of working with temperance through the energy of catnip: boil some water. add 2 parts catnip. 1 part damiana. 1 part lemon balm. 1 part sage and/or elder flowers. drink this infusion before bed or meditation, focusing intentionally upon enhancing qualities of receptivity and balance. with the 14th key as your ally, you will make your way into the solar eclipse with a resonant clarity and profound sense of rejuvenation. 

taurus rising/sun/moon :: 8 of disks // damiana

a reflection of your personal energetic signature, we come upon the 8 of disks as a reminder of the resourcefulness of the earth. this is a card of power, progress, and executive ability. the 8 of disks speaks of one who is focused on their progress and financial stability. for some of you, this period may be one of solitude specifically for the purpose of directing more of your energy toward your material manifestations. for others, you may be surrounded by community but still being very calculated in your interactions because you want to ensure that you receive the returns of the energy you are putting out. you have moved through several lessons up until now. you entered with a lot of power in the material realm and worked through a series of awakenings: having the resources. finding those who reflected values and principles which you deemed key for your path. building networks and exercising a level of control and leadership in your field of labor. realizing the work that is left to be done and perhaps feeling as if you did not have/know enough or didn't know what to do with what you have. regaining the clarity you came with through the awareness of balance in your world. and now you are in a space of reclaiming real energetic currency and flow through sitting with yourself in space of diligence toward your work. your focus is expanding and also deepening, love. 

right now you are also in a time of learning and apprenticeship - for some of you, quite literally. you may be taking on new courses, internships, or apprenticeships or even be considering doing so. the 8 of disks is a key that says that this is a wise move because this learning experience will only add to and enhance all of what you already possess and have to offer. this transitionary period lends a lot of power to your potential achievements. you will be commended for your hard work and effort - allow the hope that has risen in you to really guide you on this path toward fulfillment. through all of this, there is the potential for you to awaken into a new understanding about what exactly you want to enact as a profession for the next few years of your life. this realization will birth a new vision for your work, and in turn propel you to new heights in alignment with the dreams cycling within you. you are in for a slew of experiences and education that will set you on the perfect journey toward a purposeful life. strong in visionary properties, damiana is an ally which is said to bring relaxation to the mind, and by that way also brings receptivity and strong psychic attunement. 

damiana is a strong dopamine and serotonin regulating herb, thereby bringing feelings of happiness and alertness. damiana is excellent for maintaining physical and mental stamina during times of high activity. for this reason we added damiana to our Blood Food Powder - this powder is useful for strengthen the physical body all the while aiding us in maintaining composure - mentally and emotionally. damiana is exceptional as a reflection of the 8 of disks key because it is one that aids us in integrating a healthy connection between mind and body. The High Priestess tarot tincture is perfect for you in this time, taurus. damiana can also be burned as incense to fill the rooms and home with relaxing vibrations. we invite you to enjoy a simple infusion of damiana in between your many tasks. as you enjoy some chill time with the spirit of damiana, ask yourself: how does the quality of my work affect my community?

gemini rising/sun/moon :: ace of disks // mullein

the theme of fertility has been surrounding you for a while, and at this time it translates to the potential for new ventures and avenues of establishing greater security. you are slowly (or for some of you, quickly) establishing solid foundations which will bring rewards and material wealth. the ace of disks is symbolized by two ancients facing each other, holding an ankh between them - this image is imprinted upon a disk, primary signifier of earthly gain. aces are seen as portals in the tarot, and through this particular portal you are entering into a space where you are able to master a few challenges that serve as a stepping stone for your enterprise. these portals can also lead to new opportunities or ideas that may seem to 'finally' be practically carried through. you may not yet recognize the fruition that is in store for you, but it is there. your task in this time is to begin to take advantage of the powerful forces of nature and abundance that keep rearing their heads in your life in one way or another. though there are factors common throughout the past few months and years, this is certainly a new cycle. 

things are looking up for you and you can expect that there will be new income or some sort of financial support through a patron or some other unexpected avenue. trust that you are being supported by your spiritual network and act according to this trust. personal relationships will also prove to be beneficial to your growth and expansion. some of the abundance and richness you will experience during this period may very well come through your engagements with those whom you love and cherish most. keep your heart open and confident at this time. with all of the fertility that has been surrounding you, pay attention to your body - some of you may be pregnant or impregnate or in a time of great susceptibility to conception. whether warranted or not, there is definitely the promise of something new coming through and it is coming through you. 

invitations for working with mullein: as an ally that supports soothing and comfort (to the lungs, throat, and other respiratory organs), you can sip a simple infusion of mullein and spearmint - 1 tablespoon of each in 12 ounces of water, allowing this to sit overnight so that you may enjoy it upon rising. mullein is also a useful for aiding indigestion and sometimes it is harder to process our visions during times when we are not processing our food properly. whether the support is most needed in your throat or solar plexus, mullein will be sure to provide the comfort you seek. mullein grows with yellow flowers in many cities, if you find some, we highly recommend a respectful harvest or simple energetic communion.

cancer rising/sun/moon :: (3) the empress // schizandra berry

you're in perfect alignment, whether you see this or not - the empress is here to remind you of this.  the empress sits in a throne of fertility and abundance. the empress is a key of spiritual and physical security which is translated into domestic tranquility and harmony in relations. this may all still be a work in progress for you, but the major message here is that you are "inheriting" plenty of power and boundless abundance - this will come in various forms. the empress is the ultimate mother energy, projecting feelings of nurturing, growth, and prosperity. she symbolizes mother earth, and in this way the empress guides us into a vibration of resonance with our creative potential and our ability to give birth to new fruits from the death of those things we no longer feel in alignment with. as the 3rd arcanum of the major arcana, the empress signifies the divine trinity - mother, father, and child. earth, sun, and man. maiden. mother. crone. right now, you stand as the living embodiment of both the cycles of life and the components required to create life. there is much to celebrate, even if you are celebrating in solitude. even if the celebration is about (what you consider) "small" steps toward your progress and success. questions to consider in this time: "how can i nurture myself more?" "what does having a mother/being a mother mean to me?" "am i connecting with the earth in a real and sustainable way?" the answers to these questions will inform your shift.

there may still be delays and setbacks in certain areas. you may still be in a time of sorting through within your personal energetic constitutions. you may feel as if you are not fully ready to go to the "next" level because you still got some work to do. nevertheless, the empress is here as a beacon of what is welling up within and around you. you've been in a space of harmonizing your connections to loved ones and yourself. the next step of your initiatory process is to fine-tune your connection to the inner mother aspect of yourself. you naturally possess strong nurturing capacities, but often this power is turned outward and you sometimes end up depleted. arcanum 3 (abundance) follows arcanum 2 (incubation) - you may still be in the incubation phase, honing in on your knowing and exercising the silence necessary for you to come into full contact with true wisdom. however, you are swiftly coming through this portal and into the time in which you will encounter various tests of your ability to be full and fully you. right now, it may be wise to turn this nurturing inward and give back to yourself. treat yourself to something that makes you feel royal and powerful, because you are exactly that. 

schizandra berry is a truly magical ally as you move through this 3rd pathway. known as the 5 flavor berry, schizandra has an unending list of benefits. because of the five flavor quality of this unique friend, schizandra has the power of balancing all of the elemental energies within our constitution. this is the reason why we used this powerhouse in our Rose Sea potion, and of course Rose Sea is also the secondary name of what is otherwise of "The Empress" tarot tincture. i mean, this arcanum and this food friend REALLY want your attention. to use the berry during work through this key, we highly recommend either getting a bottle of Rose Sea potion or getting a hold of some schizandra and eating a few berries, intuitively, at several times of the day. this is a truly balancing energy to bring into your system during a time when you are really becoming rapidly aware of all the power that you possess and how exactly to use it.

leo rising/sun/moon :: 2 of disks // milk thistle

decisions. balance. fluctuations. options. progress. these words speak directly to the portal through which you are moving. there is creativity yet to be expressed, and it is being activated in various ways during these next few weeks. flexibility is a big key right now. you may be required to act and move in several directions at once, but this should not alarm you as you are well built for such a way of being and interacting. along with all of this, it is clear that certain decisions need to be made. for some, these decisions will be in regards to partnerships, business or otherwise, which you have considered in the plans for your future. for others, your decisions will be about whether or not to accept certain offers for business and creative pursuits. really, your connection to the world around you is being placed on a scale and you are weighing your options. as you weigh options, you may also find yourself in a period of waiting or anticipation. all of this considered, the 2 of disks clearly depicts that you are in a place of using the lessons you have learned to overcome any adversity you may encounter - part of everything that you are considering at this time also includes the ways in which you ought to and will apply the wisdom you have acquired. some questions which may be asked at this time: "am i prepared for the journey that i am taking?" "what are my upper-most thoughts and how are they affecting my path?" sit with these for some time - you may find some treasures.

a lot of considerably esoteric information can be extremely useful in the management of earthly affairs. for you, this information serves well as an aid to making wiser choices surrounding money matters and handling business affairs in a way that ensures loss prevention. you are being asked to maintain a positive, progressive, and balanced attitude towards the practical matters of everyday life. any problems which may arise at this time are easily dealt with and any setbacks which may take place will soon be overcome and forgotten. through this key it is also possible that you are someone who is trying to cope with two or more situations at once - please know that aid is available and much of it comes from realms beyond this one, spirit guides and higher versions of yourself lend much needed support during these upgrades. again, a big reminder for you is to stay flexible and really learn the adaptability that is so widely embedded in the natural world around us. for this very reason, milk thistle is the herb of support through the movement of the 2 of disks.

milk thistle is an herb often used to treat liver imbalances. milk thistle is known for its "staying power" - it can grow in the most polluted of environments and is really hard to kill. even if it withers for a few days, it will soon be back to full strength. due to the stability of milk thistle's power, we suggest it as the best friend through this work of making solid decisions and juggling many matters at once. if you buy milk thistle capsules, for instance, you can open the capsules and pour the powder into your smoothie blend. another way to work with milk thistle is to eat the seeds. as it energizes the liver meridian, you will find that milk thistle is effective for helping us to release feelings of anger and resentment which may often prove to be an impediment to moving forward and in solid assurance of the decisions we are making.

virgo rising/sun/moon :: (2) the high priestess // valerian

a symbol of momentum gained through your alignment with stellar wisdom and real knowing, the high priestess is the perfect follow-up to your continual voyage through the energy of the hermit (your card for Saturn in Capricorn 2017-2020/for more information refer to herboscopes for Saturn in Capricorn). the high priestess symbolizes the unconscious, a concern with our internal worlds, spiritual forces, and the understanding of higher truths through dreams and intuition. the mysterious high priestess jealously guards her secrets and occult wisdom. these next few weeks and years provide you with a lot of insight that ultimately aid in the process of your development. the high priestess is a key to the door of universal science - through this door we emerge into a place of insight and inspiration. however, with the appearance of this energetic signature, it is also possible that you are unclear regarding the answers to some of the questions you have had for some time. unconsciously, you already know, but there is still a need to process the imprints received so that the picture becomes clearer and more meaningful for you. approaching the high priestess energy in the tarot, it is absolutely important to really be cognizant of what it is that you are allowing to happen within you in terms of your thought processes and general mental patterns. 

arcanum 2 also speaks to the need to work on your plans and projects in silence and without sharing too much information regarding your next moves. this is not a matter of being underhanded or sneaky - this is a matter of treating your manifestations as the sacredness that they are. soon enough, you will encounter platforms through which you will be able to communicate your creativity to a larger audience, but for now the call asks you to keep on with the golden silence that had been advised for you at the beginning of this cycle. valerian is the ally in this key because it is a powerful root for establishing precision and purity in our communications with Self. this is facilitated through the calm that valerian gives to the nervous system - our connections happen quicker and so we are able to realize. The High Priestess tarot tincture is one that not only grants clarity of vision, but also helps us to transmute blockages in our inner network. the task through this portal is to really sit in a silent space, internal or external, and allow the truths to surface without struggling for them. all will be revealed in due time. 

further work with arcanum 2: what activities feel effortless for you? which of these give you insights? as you engage in these activities during the next few weeks, keep a journal and writing utensil close by. jot down any "sudden" ideas or thoughts that come up. 

libra rising/sun/moon :: (19) the sun // chamomile

sometimes in our journey, the sun shows up when things don't feel so bright. sometimes, the sun comes to remind us of power. sometimes, the sun comes to give us a hint as to the magnitude of our sol. this is the loudest vibration for you at this time. lately, you've been in a highly contemplative space. perhaps, things have not flowed as gracefully as you intended them to - that is quite okay. even if things do not feel so bright and cheerful, you are definitely stepping into a place of greater acceptance and understanding of divine operation, so your comfort and contentment really comes from the awareness of the edifying necessity of your experience. right now, your heart is experiencing a time of healing - it is evident that you are resolving imbalances from the inside out. you are fully cognizant of how to move through whatever presents itself as a contraction in your life. much of this has to do with rewiring your own mental framework and operating from a place of having resolved issues, particularly surrounding your inner child. this is where chamomile comes into play.

often connected with magical workings of prosperity and happiness, chamomile is a flower that brings much delight and joy - just the look of it is enough to incite a smile or some cheer. because you are reconnecting with your child self, this flower vibrates through this arcanum as a reminder of times when things felt less worrisome and more abundant - there was a level of confidence secured through alignment with your own creative capacity. at some point along the way, you may have lost sight of your big dreams and massive plans, but presently you are undeniably being asked to heal your heart. we crafted Heart's Dream for this purpose. it is a potion that not only heals our hearts but also lend power to the visions which have been circling within us for a while. in this time, beautiful libra, you are settling inner differences that may have created imbalances for you. you are approaching the point of absolution on your journey. karmas begin to be exonerated and you realize that there was never a reason to be so hard on yourself. all of your words and actions were motivated by a force within that was calling forth for something renewed and more stable. you are getting there, but your heart must surely be opened for healing. 

another major theme through this alteration is that you may begin to attract people who mirror qualities that you want to reinforce in your own self. as you do the work of re-establishing a partnership with your inner child, you will also send a message to the universe that you are ready to exist in a more concordant space where joy doesn't have to feel like a luxury. this world manifests around you, in large part, due to your own creation of it. time to work, sweet ones.

scorpio rising/sun/moon :: ace of cups // blue vervain

a powerful beacon in any reading, the ace of cups is an energy brimming with love. in some instances this energy shows up as a wake-up call. either way, your activation in this time comes from tuning into your heart space. this card represents the culmination and result of sacrifice which has brought forth lasting tranquility and peace of mind. whether you currently feel this is your standing or not, the ace of cups appears more so as a call to utilize the power of love. this is not a good time for you to engage in petty energetic exchanges because these will not bring what you both want and need. some things have needed to be released from your environment. with that release comes the balance of replenishing - give the love you have received throughout life and open yourself to new connections which may help you let go of deep rooted feelings of depression and fears of rejection. for you, it is a time of softening and receiving. another thing that may show up for you is that you are tuning into the more loving spiritual aspects of your being and also the guidance of spirits and energies which lead you from "the beyond". the ace of cups really just brings in a strong love frequency which either comes at a time when things are already in a high vibrational state or when we need a reminder of who we really are. as sensitive as you are, scorpio, you are capable of far-reaching love - everything that you project can be channeled to great distances. be conscious of this and use your great power wisely.

with the energy of blue vervain as an herbal support during this time, your progress through the key of the ace of cups is also one which will help in continuing to purge your lower forms and thought vibrations. blue vervain is a highly protective ally that contributes to balance by way of treating things such as nervous disorders and anxiety. this is why we have added it in our Venus Potion formula - the Venus Potion is a friend useful for helping us to release grief and transmute trauma.

another aspect of the ace of cups is that is often shows up in readings as a signal for where in our energetic zones work needs to happen. for a while, the heart space has been a place where you have directed much attention because you are gaining cognizance of how fragile your heart is. in this time, you may be encountering beings who will be an aid in your healing process. these beings come as humans (friends, lovers, etc) or other sentient creatures such as animals. whatever arises that awakens feelings of love within you, pay attention to it. what is coming up right now for you is going to set the tone for the rest of this year, especially as we move through each of the eclipses of the year. be wise in your investments and put energy into really being intentional about the connections that you are creating. a good question to ask yourself as you move through this is: can i use compassion to resolve anything that i feel may be hurting me in my life? please make sure that you are really coming from a place of love - it is your best move at this time.

sagittarius rising/sun/moon :: (11) justice // chaste berry

the first thing that comes up with the appearance of the justice card is "karma" - everything is happening exactly as it should. the big question for you is: are you being honest with yourself about what is happening? the justice card is a card that demands honesty and balance. the movement through this key also signifies that you are being called to doing what you know is right and in the best interest of all involved. being selfish or dishonest at this time is not going to end well. heed what you know is useful based on common ethics and moral code. you are asked to adhere to natural law and give due respect to life. 

another possibility for you is that you are not taking the time you need to ensure balance and harmony in your life. questions to consider: is your life out of balance? what can you do to be more balanced? are you taking healthy responsibility for your actions? have you been neglecting some of your obligations and commitments? working through these seeming enigmas may help you resolve things you didn't even know needed resolution. key 11 comes to extend a helping hand toward actualizing more purity and lucidity in your experience. justice in any reading is a call to examine what we've done in the past, contemplate future actions - balance the equation - take responsibility and be sure in all matters we remain as even-minded as possible in our endeavors. keep in mind the arcanum 11 is straight-forward and to the point. there is no hiding, no making excuses, no procrastination. lady justice cuts down all illusions and exposes the heart of the matter for what it is. as you move through the portal that is this card, you are invited to take a look at your responsibilities and obligations and see whether you've been falling short of the mark. there is really nothing wrong with seeing our shortcomings - the point here is to recognize and act upon. doing this you can regain stability and preserve your power. sometimes these manifestations can be results or causes of other imbalances, such as hormonal disturbances. chaste berry is a perfect support through this work because it not only stabilizes the hormones, but it helps to bring cleansing to the entire body - thereby promoting a glow that starts from within. our Mother Moon potion is a formulation for total balance and detoxification which contains chaste berry.

part of the invitation of key 11 is to release whatever needs to be released - attitudes, ideas, habits, connections - so that you don't feel as if there are things (or people) working against you. again, you are being reminded that the present situation is a result of past actions, words, and thoughts. even if you are not the one who is creating the imbalance, you have allowed into your space those who do. the call here is to eradicate the things that are not a true reflection of who you really are. surely you stand to gain so much from allowing this to happen with as little resistance as possible.

capricorn rising/sun/moon :: (21) the world // elder flowers

the world is the last card in the major arcana. as such, it embodies the completion of a long, sometimes difficult journey. the world represents all elements coming together in order for us to receive the satisfaction and success for which we've been striving. it goes beyond getting the car we want or getting that promotion at work. the world is an indication of such heady success that we could win the lottery and give it away because we've achieved a level of joy much higher and greater than the lottery. we've achieved enrichment and soul-fulfillment. absolute contentment. the figures in the four corners of the card represent the four fixed signs of the zodiac, Leo, Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius. this is symbolic of all the stars coming into alignment on our behalf and all things coinciding for our ultimate reward.

in a reading this card is highly auspicious. it means that the project you've been working on will receive high acclaim. the counseling you've been undergoing with your lover will lead to a happy conclusion. the rehabilitation you've been going through will have a profound and healthy outcome. the world is a promise of success, and a reminder that the highest value in life is the condition of your own soul. as promising as this cycle is, there is still an invitation to consider the following: what is my ultimate desire? am i ready to accept my highest achievement? do i have faith that things are working for my highest good? you see, the world card often times comes as a foreshadowing of what we are inheriting. you may not feel quite at this level yet, but you are certainly gaining momentum toward it. this card shows up as a light to remind you of your personal potential and, with that in mind, your personal responsibility. you have been gifted with plenty of talent and will, so you are expected to act according to what you have. your interaction with this aspect of you is rooted in the security that this comes through information carried from seemingly faraway times - you are literally a storehouse of ancient truths. the culmination energy that the 21st key carries is one which carries us into a place of greater determination and more resolution in regards to our purpose and destiny. you are being activated to manifest and exhibit your power and aptitude. if any blockages occur within your system as you work through this key, we recommend employing elder flowers as support.

elder flowers and elder berries are often used in concoctions for healing colds, flus, and other conditions which "attack" the immune system. elderflower, specifically, has a strong quality of calming fears and anxieties, all the while helping to relieve otherwise emotional states of oppression and heaviness. Ancient Ways is a perfect prescription for this journey. the reinforcement you most need at this time is one which adds to your faith in your own power and the decisions you are making on your path - use the combination of arcanum 21 and elderflowers as a boost to your advancements. 

aquarius rising/sun/moon :: (10) the wheel of fortune // bay leaf

as a whole, the tarot system focuses on personal responsibility - meaning, the underlying persuasion of each card places the responsibility of life events squarely on the individual. we're in charge of our lives, and the consequences of our thoughts and deeds shape our lives.
with that said, even the most ancient of philosophies have to admit sometimes "things just happen" and there's no way to trace back a cause. sometimes things take place in our lives that appear to be pure happenstance..."dumb luck" some people call it. the wheel of fortune card represents those events in our lives that come out of nowhere. they come in the form of unexpected surprises, a promotion we weren't needing/wanting/requesting - an inheritance from a relative you didn't even know you had or a surprise visit from a friend you haven't thought about in years. regardless of what shows up at this time, the determination of its significance in your life will come through your response to and reception of it. another key factor of this arcanum is the fact that the wheel represents the ebb and flow of life - things are in constant motion even when they seem to be resting. 

the stimulation that occurs as one journeys through this path provides an awareness and awake-ness that presents situations which have us meeting the truth of our role in the whole of our lives. continuing the beckoning of the journey through Saturn in Capricorn, planetary aspects move you into full cognizance of your responsibility. responsibility is a fundamental word for you through this time. the way that it shows up in your life may occasionally seem to be a shock or surprise, but nevertheless you have the inner wisdom to activate this aspect of yourself to the extent of actualizing your aptitude in concrete ways. as one who is constantly receiving and giving information, aquarius, it is now time to put this to use in ways that serve you and the world around you. your balance in this dynamic is very much determined by how you sift through your inner grounding. things may present themselves as testing, but there is continual support available to you through all these changes. this support will carry you into spaces where you can spread your seeds and be certain of their growth.

there are so many variations of the form in which an ally may present themselves. for you, we see that there is the energy of the eagle, the snake, and the bay leaf to offer you relief in navigation. bay leaf is a potent healer which soothes us from the inside out - our intestinal tract receives assistance and so we can process our information with more grace. this is also the wishing leaf and the emblem that represents "Gold Water" in this Aquarian Age; remember that you bear the water - we recommend communing with the energy of bay leaf to help in making wise decisions and acting upon the great purpose of leadership that many of you have during these times. for use: you can simply sit or walk in meditation with a few bay leaves in hand - meditate upon the following: "do i take time to consider the consequences of my thoughts and actions?" for further communion: we have formulated Mama Drops - a concoction to activate the great mother within. it is, after all, the age of Mother's Love. we still got some important healing work to do before we reach our plateau as a species.

pisces rising/sun/moon :: princess of swords // eleuthero

it is clear that you possess a level of genius that may seem 'out of this world' to some - i mean, you're definitely a dreamer. even though the princess of swords is relative to the element of air, this archetype is a perfect significator for your vibrational signature as a whole, or most of the time, or just right now. you have a keen intuition which is also full of insight and inventive imaginations about what you'd like to "put" in-to the world around you. at this time, you are operating from a place that may feel nervous or maybe erratic from time to time, but there is a level of hyper-awareness that has come upon you. due to your awakening into this clarity, you may feel a little overwhelmed. your powers of discernment are enhanced. you spend plenty of time in the sub-reality but you can come right 'back' to the common reality and adjust accordingly. the very thing this moment brings is all about you being the air of water. you are receiving plenty of revelations and many epiphanies are coming to be. things may also feel "cloudy" from time to time, but this is primarily a signal that you ought to spend some time sorting through your mind-scapes and returning to this realm with more groundedness - you are a walker in between worlds so to speak, tip-toeing between what seems sane and what has been deemed mad.

do not underestimate the power of "fantasy". allow those moments where you get "lost". this serves you well an opportunity to use discernment and intellect as a kind of "holy trinity" with your intuition. it is time to integrate the various aspects of your mental and merge those with the levels of your being which know how to powerfully temper logic with imagination. being in flow requires a childlike trust and regeneration. part of the capacity you possess is being an old old soul and still having the potential to renew yourself with ideas and fantasies that may seem 'wild' but are actually and specifically rooted in the knowing of true Self. you are like an elder that knows how to live life with child-like abandoned, and in this way you help to perpetuate the purest parts of being. 

another message that the princess of swords carries is a reminder to work toward manifesting your dreams with alacrity and the certainty of their purpose. what you are capable of bringing at this time is something that resonates on various levels for those whom you impact, yourself included. for support in this journey, eleuthero extends its magical properties as a fortifying, energizing, and adaptogenic ally. it helps to strengthen the brain and bests serve this function when it is combined with other brain tonics, such as ashwaghanda and gotu kola. as you do all of this inner sorting, eleuthero may prove to be a powerful aid. as imaginative as you are, you can very well imagine yourself as one with these very properties and find that they are readily available within you. honor your Self, young ancient.

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Elsie Lopez