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Herboscopes™ with a message from the Orishas / Full Moon in Taurus to Full Moon in Gemini


*(If you know your moon and/or rising signs, it is recommended that you read the scopes for each of them, along with your sun sign. If you have knowledge of any stellium sign(s) in your chart, it is advisable that you read the ones corresponding to that as well.)

aries rising/sun/moon :: elegba + queen of swords // lavender

there are transits and transitions occurring which may initially appear to be less encouraging and inviting than they ultimately are. a strengthening and opening of the heart is on the way. in traditions of the African diaspora, Elegba is known as the lord of the crossroads for he stands and guards the portals that we can walk through to help us overcome all dilemmas. Elegba is known as guardian, protection, and communicator - he brings to us messages from above and below, through and through. Elegba is a part of consciousness which holds the keys that we need to access all other parts of our consciousness - this aspect is portal within a portal. paired with the Queen of Swords, Elegba reminds us to trust our intuition. perception is keen and sharp at the moment and some of what is entering your visual field may be staggering because of the quality and quantity of information you are receiving - take your time with it; a lot of what is coming through will provoke a strong critical eye. this will ask you to be careful of misinterpreting messages received or tactlessly sharing messages to be shared. the way we asks questions also comes under scrutiny here. sometimes our defenses get the best of us and we feel we lack the power to operate from a space of greater objectivity. here we are learning how to not take things personally and move more deeply into an honesty that is graced by compassion and willful support.

the Queen of Swords is one who sometimes presents herself in a light that may be discomforting because of her sometimes cold and hard exterior - this quality is more commonly found in one who has not developed a certain level of emotional intelligence; in this time, it is not hard to comprehend why emotional intelligence is something that has to be learned through connection to our relations with the various manifestations in the world. in juxtaposition with Elegba, the Queen of Swords sharpens her tact in communications and uses the power of words to refine her own insight.

these moments are full of lessons about our transmissions and how we walk and talk with the information we bear. this is a time of transformation in our relationship to responsibility; we are strengthening our ability to respond according to the most sensible approach in any given situation. on a day when this energy feels very present in your life, remember to be more observant of how you interact with others. look closely to see the truth of the whole being beyond what is being presented from the various angles involved. angles/angels are messengers because they inform a variation in the light cast by the Sun’s truth; may your clarity be this radiant. be clear when you notice yourself wearing a mask in interactions - these angles can also be reflections of what we may have a hard time seeing within ourselves. yet and still, it is wise and important to discern when a frequency is not in alignment with your own, and act accordingly. the elements of the Queen of Swords are balanced by Elegba’s triplicity in the sense that there is more room to adopt a playful demeanor and not take things as seriously all the time. it is known that the times call for deep sight and direct honesty, but we must make room to laugh even and especially at ourselves. a light heart is generally more open to the medicine that each lesson offers.

to soften the impact that our own seeing may have upon our minds, we can invoke the medicine of plant spirits whose medicine is known to calm the mind and rectify our perceptions. lavender is known to have a very meditative-mind-inducing effect. as a nervine, this plant works well within our nervous system, gently tranquilizing a frazzled system or over-thinking mind. lavender flowers in a purple hue, and the queen of swords mirrors this plant ally’s connection to the 3rd eye as she wears a purple robe, holding a sword upright in signification that she draws her wisdom from high and mighty places. to work with lavender, we recommend entering into a silent space and anointing the third eye center with a tiny drop of the essential oil or ingesting a softly made infusion of lavender and pinch of red raspberry leaves. several of the potions in our shop also have lavender. Ori Crown Oil no. 2 + The Magician pair well as catalysts for powerful crown opening, awakening, and revitalizing. they can be used simultaneously as one is for external use and the other is for external use.

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taurus rising/sun/moon :: the babalorisha + 8 of wands // calendula

the 8 of wands is directly linked to the vibration of Mercury in Sagittarius. Mercury in Sagittarius is considered to be in detriment because Sagittarius is the polar opposite of the sign (Gemini) that is naturally ruled by Mercury. despite this detriment being a factor here, this card is a beacon of advance - the 8 of wands is also known as the card of “Swiftness” for it marks direct and clear communication which can come in the form of cathartic discussions that serve to clear confusion and end misunderstandings. when this energy shows up in our lives, we get a feeling that things are beginning to pick up speed and obstacles are quickly being moved out of our path. the babalorisha comes to affirm that you are armed with the tools you need to heal old wounds and not have to keep reliving the same traumas over and over again. when this is occurring, it is because we have decided that healing is not a continual recounting of our pain. after affirming what we must on the matter so that we may resolve old enmities, we allow for a release of these old ways. the promise of the 8 of wands, especially in connection to the babalorisha, is that you are a vessel for divine movement and thus able to access new ways and enter into spiritual expansion through a renewed innerstanding. the babalorisha is very affirming to this process because, though he is not an orisha, he is a priest/the magician who can tap into the power of the elements with his asé. babalorisha means father (baba) saint/head guardian (orisha), so his natural connection is to the inner wise council which is enhanced by this signature’s strong willpower and focus. this is a card of perseverance which indicates that, paired with the 8 of wands, though the motions of the time are sudden and rapid, the decisions you make and actions you take will have a lasting impact and tangible effect.

the potential in this is also that any challenges which may appear during this time are most importantly places where resolutions can happen. a lot of these challenges may even be linked to very mundane and common tasks, but nevertheless they teach us about the perseverance necessitated to see through even the most “minor” of complications. this is a good time to sort through our own mind and sort out any issues which have been put to the backburner or have been left lingering with no resolve. look for any major or minor thing that has refused balance up until now and when you locate what feels applicable, sit down with it for some time - mentally walking around the obstacle and attempting to see it from a new perspective. some out-of-the-blue thoughts may strike you and provide insight into approaches you hadn’t previously been keen to. some of these approaches may appear to be somewhat outlandish but don’t close down to attempting something new. life has a lot to tell you right now; be open to it. when we leave ourselves open for the universe to convey its thoughts to us, they can arrive from the most unexpected sources. be prepared to considered options yet not necessarily take them at face value - much of this will feel very trial and error. be prepared to laugh throughout this process, as you learn what works and what doesn’t.

considering the season we find ourselves in, calendula is more than appropriate an ally. calendula is used in offerings to ancestors and for communion with them. to more readily attune to the energetic signature of the babalorisha, ancestral work can be a great medium. enjoying an infusion of calendula, we enchant words loaded with intention. words spoken from the heart and resonating with truth. these words may sound something like this: beloved ancestors, we come into your presence today in action of gratitude for past foundations laid to strengthen our present standing. we extend appreciation for the lessons learned in past seasons and our integration of them in this season. may the coming moments serve to fortify our discipline toward true resolutions and swift accomplishments in favor of our greatness and ascension. may we be able to connect to our potential in such a way that any obstacle is seen as mere stepping stone upon our path. may we remember all truths beyond human drama and dilemma, still acknowledging the knowledge gathered in our experience of it all. with these words, i open to being guided in perfect love and trust that all will be well and that my power will remain intact through any process. asé.

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gemini rising/sun/moon :: xapana-shapana + ace of swords // oregano

also known as Babaluallé, Xapana is the son of Nana Burucu and Obatala who cures plagues. his greeting, Atoto, serves as a verbal means of preventing and protecting against illnesses. Xapana’s effects upon his children is one which marks them with qualities of sharp analysis and concentration. these people are very direct in their speech and have a great capacity to organize their minds if they set their will to it. these people also prefer cooperation and community over competition and individuation. during times when the influence of Xapana is strong, one may feel more sensitive to the pain of others on both a spiritual and physical level. this spirit also shows up when an illness, physical, mental, or emotional, is coming to an end and improvement is promised. paired with the ace of swords, you are due to receive information regarding how to revamp your general situation. in readings, swords symbolize some turmoil, but the ace of swords is one of a few swords cards that indicate a new beginning. in this case, the renewal is afforded by a clarification of perspective. this makes it easier for us to make right judgments and, further, wise decisions. the outcome of this combination of cards is reaching a point of transformation where our experiences are empowered and breakthroughs can occur. the outcome helps us to understand ourselves and others more thoroughly - this is a turning point in practical wisdom.

because the ace of swords deals with the element of air, this time may bring a swirling and sweeping energy about it. dust is being cleared out - vacuumed, if you will. whatever we direct our attention to will be met with an ability to get rid of the cobwebs and see right into the core of the present condition. applying the focus and concentration of Xapana’s significance, the capacity to make decisions is aided by removing distractions and accessing new information. guard against being swayed by irrelevancies and be just in the choices made so that you are dealing with the actual issues at hand and not something you have conjured out of fear or worry and hyper-analysis of subconscious patterns. when we notice what we find to be from a space of woundedness, we can shift our perspective to see the actions that will bring the best results in the long-term. the power of the ace of swords is the fact that it gives a wide viewpoint and objectivity in awareness so that the considerations extend to preservation of self and our relations. in good health, we can think more clearly and operate more earnestly and honestly. Xapana invites you to consider your mental powers as essential instruments in the harmonics that you are emitting. find balance within and you will see a strong center reflected in the air all around you.

oregano is intense, to say the least. a powerful cleanser and purifier of the blood, oregano oil is extracted for the purposes of cleansing the body of parasites and boosting immunity. it has also been suggested and tested and found to be true in the use of decalcifying the pineal gland. this serves as protection to us on more levels than one. considering these facts, we enter into a space of silent grace and wonder at the magic of the earth. we give thanks to spirits like oregano, not just on the days of harvest, but also on the days where we feel less than orderly in our being. we remember power and potential through the wisdom of green allies and the relations that reflect our most primal knowing - the knowledge of surviving through resistance and also subtle adaptation. it is possible to be yielding and exert a mighty force all at once. we remember, and we are grateful. may the spirit of oregano guide us into greater clarity and strengthen our sight as we walk and live and share and grow into comfort through apparent discomforts. asé.

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cancer rising/sun/moon :: female eshu + princess of wands // red clover

there is a strong and attractively coquettish presence about you these days - some of which may still feel very subtle. you’re entering into a place of more play and allowing room for intimate and exhilarating exploration. these are the moments for liberating yourself through celebrations, small or large. there is plenty to be hopeful about. Female Eshu, aka Pomba Gira, is a delicate and sensual creature who is a compelling magician of love. she is a cheerful and charming energy which can be strikingly seductive and bring more happiness to all those who witness her. she is a woman who walks in a red dress covered with black dots as she holds a tambourine in her left hand. her creative expression is supported by a musical experience. she may be a musician or a lover of music. when Pomba Gira is around, we can expect to exert greater seductive power, revitalize an intimate connection, and/or share in celebration and festivity. her and the Princess of Wands could very well be reflections of these aspects of each other - at the very least, they are related, like sisters. Pomba Gira may be more expressive of these qualities, where the Princess of Wands may be inclined to carry these in a more subtle manner. the Princess of Wands is learning to leave old fears, restrictions, and habits behind in order to forge forward into an experience that is more shaped by our growth and awakening than by outdated concepts, environments, and attachments. the celebrations may very well be surrounding how you handle the shifts that could initially bring some disquiet as they carry you into more confidence and self-trust. the Princess of Wands is evident when you are exposing your fears to light and realizing that they are not due to be what you think they could be, and in any given case you have got what it takes to deal with it all.

working closely with both of these cards, the fears can be released and we can honor our liberation from those attitudes which are often rooted in ideas that were not acquired in a whole state. all of this helps you work more shrewdly toward transmuting fragmentation through the piecing of the puzzle which has been your essential truth. you no longer have to wonder how to let go of fears for you know that the power of your mind is strong enough that if you can mentally see your fears as small, they will become so and you will be on your way toward an integral empiricism. the effects of these shifts will be evidenced through visible changes. Princess of Wands walks upon the top of a volcano, unafraid of the heat because she is reflection of the fire which created it. the time is fertile for expressing more graciously and creating with a tenderness charged by boldness and courage. exercise the power of your prowess as you claim what is rightfully yours.

red clover brings good luck and invigorates our magnetic qualities, helping us to attract what we need when we need it. on a physical level, it is known to nourish our cells, providing essential minerals to our body and keeping us resistant against attacks to our immune system. considering this magick, let us commune with red clover in such a way that preserves this essence of nurturer and magnetism. may the mother aspects within us awaken to be able to feed our instincts of compassion and interaction in the spirit of unity and awareness of connection. may our liberation and release of fears catapult us into trust that we are always protected by spirits which work in our favor, our own included. may red clover remind us to get of our own way as this ally shows itself through concrete and grass alike, letting nothing stop their evolution. may our meditations reach a place where they are validated and acknowledged for the medicine they fill us with. the past is recycled into something more fruitful for our benefit and continual self-realization. in balance and wholeness, asé.

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leo rising/sun/moon :: yansa + princess of disks // blessed thistle

your fire is fed by air and grounded by earth - these are the elements that come to guide your process. Oya is a stormy creature who appears strong as a cyclone, hovering over a cemetery. she is the orisha of thunder, storms, and the wind. she carries a feather duster made of horsehair which she uses to send away egunes (spirits of the dead). like Pomba Gira, she is a sensual woman who, though strong and bold in her ways, possesses an air of lightness about her likened to the element which she governs. the characteristics of the Princess of Disks lend a greater balance to this airy feature. Princess of Disks initially shows up as a quiet and reserved person, denoting that one who is currently being influenced by her energy may at first appear to hold themselves a little closer to heart than most. this is a demeanor often employed when we find ourselves in a space of apprenticeship and learning. Princess of Disks is usually an indicator that we are growing something within us and it has not yet reached a state of full maturity. combined with Yansa, this predisposes you to be in a space of dense research and the gathering of knowledge to be applied to upcoming endeavors. the power of both of these cards is that they give you space to acquire the support and strength you need for anything you may be doing. it is true that the times are riddled with unexpected experience and challenge, but if you approach the journey with an eye of wonder, you will find that there is more to learn and integrate than to be unsure and insecure about. there is not much operating “against” you at this time, though the tides may seem to take you into oceanic depths that you sometimes feel you may not survive. ride the wave as light as the wind and as secure as the earth. any storms are sure to give you the nourishment you need for what it is you are doing.

another aspect of this combination is that Yansa/Oya lends the Princess of Disks some speed and momentum toward her endeavors. Yansa reinforces the process of the young princess by providing her a reflection of her capacity. there is a great deal of hidden strength and power within these cards. they promise new growth, big changes, new beginnings. they also promise the inner reserves needed to meet all goals by making the best of the influences at hand. on the days when you feel the impact of these two very strongly, it is advised that you pay special attention to ideas that arise within you, while thinking them through fully and then deciding to act on them as soon as the time is right - you will know exactly when that is. the balance here is that you walk grounded and with your head among the stars, drawing down the moon and receiving inspiration from the highest of places. an uncommon title of the Princess of Disks is “rose of the palace of the earth” which tells of her inherent authority as a symbol of both resurrection and eternal life. this is a time to trust that you are capable of revitalizing the old into something new and empowering, ultimately coming into divine communion with your own vitality and verve.

hoodoo tradition has long used blessed thistle to protect the home from evil. considering the Princess of Disks reign over the home, our bodies, and all things earthly, we contemplate the protection being shared with us from a space of abundance. blessed thistle, we invite you to grace our lives with shielding in the moments when we feel dangerously vulnerable. may this cloak of protection aid us in feeling more readily able to express and impress with confidence. may we be mirrors of your vigor and embodiment of sacred security. may your walk with us throughout this cycle, providing shelter from storms and winds that blow strong enough to uproot us from our foundations. may we be fortified enough to withstand the cyclones, hurricanes, thunders of life with the knowing that we can only be moved if we allow ourselves to. we remember that we are able to use any blow as a sign to extend our roots deeper into the center of the earth, our being. with this in mind, we give thanks and we offer our allyship as we promise to protect the kingdom from where you command and share medicine in reciprocation of all the security that you give. asé.

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virgo rising/sun/moon :: oshala + (13) death // agrimony

the presence of the death card is well-graced by the appearance of our father guardian, Obatala (aka Oshala). all of the orishas, except a few, came from his marriage to Yemaya. Obatala represents the strength of purity and is the living manifestation of all that is good. in the physical body, he presides over bones, teeth, and the structural components that hold our bodies together. when considering this in sequence with death, we may perceive that there is a renewal happening within the structures that keep our life going the way it is, and perhaps several factors are long overdue to be recycled and made into something new. when this energy is present, especially in combination with the guidance of Obatala, our life is on review and we are to ask ourselves: what am i being challenged to face and rectify? what have i been ignoring that needs me to attend to it now? the death element factors in when we begin to be honest about what can no longer be ignored. a non-typical exploration of the death card is one which sees its connection to the zodiac sign of Scorpio (it’s Scorpio season, hint hint) as a symbol that we are in highly clairvoyant times and are, thus, able to extract information from any part of the timeline/circle of life that we wish to. recently, someone asked a question about the akashic records and i am sensing that you are being called to confer with this. this is especially evident because Obatala is said to be a supreme creator, and who would know better about the ultimate truth and story of the universe than the creator? set an intention surrounding your vision and ask for deeper sight. trust that you will receive the answers that you seek in this time. in Cuba, Obatala is also syncretized with Our Virgen de las Mercedes, mother of all saints - we can infer that Obatala is a complete being, balanced and whole in themselves. if you consider the key that follows the death card (#13), temperance is one in which various seemingly opposing elements are being combined to achieve a unified field of experience. this is what you are being asked to actively move toward, with discipline (a constant theme for you as of late).

i should also mention that in the description of Obatala’s card, it reads, “this card protects you from dangers and inconveniences of any nature”. this is an interesting statement to draw wisdom from - for one, the tarot serves as a seer’s tool and also as a way for us to attune to the symbols that will best serve us at any moment. we can meditate with these and reach greater levels of consciousness and comprehension through constant and focused attention upon a symbol. this awakens within us the archetypes that we need to activate during that part of the journey, any part of the journey. the energy of Obatala is such that when paired with any card, even ones as daunting as the Death or even the Devil cards, it does not change the quality of vibration that this orisha carries. the companionship of Obatala through the portal of key 13 is both promising and relieving. his meaning can never change because he is the first reflection, Sun, of god. so in a time that may be weighty with questions and seeking and uprooting and shifting, you are being given the promise of stability and a light to guide you forward upon your path. this is a beautiful thing. bask in it.

as if the juxtaposition of the death and Obatala’s card wasn’t perfect enough, agrimony comes to comfort you even further. Southern Hoodoo is a practice born out of the need to survive. in Hoodoo (which i like to call “hood magick”) agrimony has been used to to shield self against threats and to repel any evil, trick, or slander against you. here we see more protection offered to us in the form of a plant ally. agrimony does this by enabling the cleansing of toxicity from our physical system, thus making it difficult for any field operating on a vibration of toxicity to co-exist with our harmonic one. for this and the many physical benefits it offers, agrimony has been used in the formulation of the tarot tincture for arcanum number 21, The World. The World is a more than adequate harmonizing factor for a voyage through The Death, as it is the very creation of Obatala.

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libra rising/sun/moon :: shango + (10) the wheel of fortune // bay leaf

we have achieved justice when we are able to define a concept and its definition meets no objection. this is knowledge beyond personal agendas, passions, and interests. this is truth that sees the continuum of connection throughout life. Shango represents justice which we see displayed in his figure through the depiction on this card. he sits upon a sturdy rock, imperturbable as the power that Shango holds. he holds an axe in front of his face and this axe covers his eyes (as justice is meant to be unbiased, fair, and objective). he judges based on the knowing and feeling of his mind and heart. he wields his power with certainty in its potential and thus takes full control of the direction of his life. in this moment where you find yourself shifting in between spaces, completing and maybe even repeating lessons, you are accompanied by ethical and moral dispositions which guide you into making informed choices on behalf of yourself and those closest to you. you lead by way of directing your own life with clarity. there is a lucidity available to you, and it regards the way in which you challenge yourself to be more deliberate in all of your actions and thus achieve a better quality of living in each moment. this is a period where you are being propelled into mastery through the finding innovative ways to maintaining balance. in this incarnation, you are very evidently due to master harmony in all its potential forms. for some of you, this could also be a time when you are dealing directly with people in positions of quote on quote authority, or who exercise a level of leadership within community. this will show you how you best wish to mirror power in others and keep a cool head as you step more fully into your own.

the Wheel of Fortune is held steady by the fixed energies that govern its signature. Aquarius (the man), Scorpio (the eagle), Leo (the lion), and Taurus (the bull), the fixed signs of the zodiac, are positioned at a corner on this card. they signify that we are the stillpoints of our life throughout the changes of life. on the wheel, there are images of the phases of the moon, hinting at the fact that the present energy is indeed loaded with changes in the tides and a rising of waves, but recalling Shango sturdiness upon the rock, we know we can trust in the stability of our own minds when we treat ourselves with kindness and make decisions based on truth and just thinking. with the aid of Shango at your side, we can readily become masters of our own universe through equilibrium in action. we are truly attuning to the fact that what we receive is often, though not always, a result of what we are putting out. we also receive what we open ourselves to receive - the increase in fortunes comes with several realizations; among them is the fact that we can all thrive in the environments which are vibrating with love because we are interacting with the things and people that we love. it is also important to understand that fortune is limitless and thus we can live in abundance alongside our peers and community. this time that is infused with the energy of fortune is a good one for you to put your mind on your heart’s desires and needs and trust that these thought forms loaded with love and constructive intentions will begin to take shape and manifest as an element of your life.

bay leaf is a wish herb (literally an herb used for wishing) known to bring success, give protection, and induce visions. in the body, it clears out the intestinal tract and stimulates our digestive processes. in this way, a clean gut enables a clear mind and allows us to see things with lucidity and form a more truthful perspective. bay leaf does a great job at filling the spaces where it finds itself with energies of success, courage, and vitality. our potion, Mama Drops has bay leaves as one of its main ingredients and is exceptional for vision work while also helping to awaken healing potentialities and the power to experience and know the subtle wisdom that guides your purposeful walk. this is a medicine which mothers us.

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scorpio rising/sun/moon :: yemaya + 9 of swords // water hyssop

no hair on the tongue - the truth is that the 9 of swords is a heavy card for various reasons. when it shows up, it is usually indicative of some kind of harshness and unkindness. a lack of consideration or compassion. something about this is a very mechanical operation in which the actions are a result of habit. this can very well be an internal affliction in which you are being unfairly harsh on yourself and not allowing for room to err and learn from that. the 9 of swords, as depicted in this deck, figures a man sitting upon a rock that is colored purple, he looks up at 9 swords that hover above his head. examining the card more closely, we see a black ankh laying down beside him. this card is a clear indication that there is a lot of work to be done in the area of mind and bringing new life into a space that could potentially become dull if you allow the same stories to continue to repeat themselves as the most pertinent narrative. the 9 of swords usually comes up when we are not able to release a mental habit and begin to experience stagnancy even on a spiritual level because there is no motion forward from what has proven to not be effective. there are times when the 9 of swords shows up when we are dealing with the clouds lingering from interacting with one who lived only through extracting energy from another source. the 9 of swords tells us that we are on the verge of releasing detrimental and shady influences from our lives but it will take some engagement with our own shadow. when this card assumes importance in your life, examine yourself, first and foremost. are you treating yourself poorly? are you giving yourself a hard time? are you nitpicking at yourself relentlessly? if you find that you are, you know what to do - it is time to stop. if you continue this route, it will lead to what will feel like irremediable self-destruction and unnecessary cruelty.

the unifying component here is Yemaya. generous in her decisions and thoughts, Yemaya is the mother of all, providing comfort and support during times that feel especially difficult and trying. Yemaya is known as the sea goddess who mothers the fish of the waters and all life that from water emerges. she is a respectable woman who is sensitive to the needs of others and sentimental in her approaches to relating. when dealing in the physical body and presenting as an imbalance within, Yemaya governs the reproductive organs and female erogenous zones. she also deals with the kidneys and urinary system. at this time, it is ideal to pay attention to these parts of yourself, man or woman, for these areas may be more sensitive and susceptible to being sites for stress to express itself. this is a good time to focus on your health and take up the regimens that you have had in mind but have not set forth with. the emergence of Yemaya in a reading with the 9 of swords says that you have tools in you which enable you to sustain yourself through this contraction that you are experiencing. do not allow yourself to get into a rut of worry or anguish, especially over things that have passed or that are due to be released. give yourself encouragement and praise for every little step that you take and know that you can always start again. if you feel convinced that you are in balance with yourself, next examine what you're doing to others. despite any situation you find yourself in, there is always a better way to deal with a situation than to exert mindless cruelty which will damage you, in the long term, much more than the person you aim it at. finally, consider the possibility that somebody in your environment is aiming cruel thoughts or deeds in your direction. be on your guard so that you are not taken as fool. every now and again this card comes up as a firm warning of danger, but again, Yemaya’s presence is a protection essence which keeps any danger on the outside, helping to seal our aura by way of us acting upon our newfound awareness and clarity.

in connection to Yemaya’s water essence, water hyssop has come to provide you with fluidity in thinking and perceiving. water hyssop is a powerful brain tonic that helps to advance and solidify cognitive function. it is used to clear mental fog and enhance stamina and endurance. its magickal essence is such that you are awakened to the power of your subconscious mind and the ways it can be an influence to triggering crisis while also serving as the place where you can access what you need to move through any crisis. invoking the spirit of water hyssop, we remember that we are a microcosm of wholeness and can operate with such integrity at each moment. recalling our true mental power and the fact that much of what we are experiencing is a personal creation, we can release the elements of the story that are removing from the magick of your journey. trust the flow.

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sagittarius rising/sun/moon :: oshumare + 4 of swords // soursop leaf

you’re coming into a time of rest from strife and conflict. the 4 of swords marks a time when you are able to rest and recuperate after certain difficulty in life, after trauma or the reliving of trauma has occurred. there are various things to keep in mind here. the card following the 4 of swords is the 5 of swords which is usually a card that indicates some sort of tension which is present in communication or relation to others. this indicates that though this is a period of rest, there will still be plenty left to do after the breather. take deep breaths as you embrace the comfort that Oshumare lends. Oshumare was born of the union between Nana Burucu and Obatala. in the image, we see a serpent and a rainbow, yin and yang. as a serpent, Oshumare has the power of transformation and change and blesses any spaces that they enter into with favorable transmutation and rejuvenating changes. another aspect of Oshumare is as a symbol of kundalini, further attesting to the fire that is igniting your growth. because of the dual nature of this entity, it is important to keep in mind that the tides can move in a variety of directions and are thus influenced by the ways in which we choose to handle our energy. the most vital take-away here is that you can use this moment of rest and respite as a time to tilt the axis in your accord and enter into any of the remaining “battle” with greater leverage and possibility of a truce and harmonious outcome.

something key to keep in mind at this time is that if you have been quarreling with another, pay attention to whether any “truce” that is made is done with sincerity or just for convenience. the advice here is to take some time for internal stillness to think over areas of struggle or trouble to allow yourself to see the issues more clearly. during moments ruled by this energy signature, do not make yourself too vulnerable to any external influences as you will need as much of your reserves as possible to forge forward during the coming times. nevertheless, we may finally come to terms with our differences and bury the hatchet or accept gestures of resolution and friendliness from others. it could even be that we are the ones due to initiate these things. remain reserved in what you are prepared to offer and what you are ready to forgive. Oshumare is an orisha that balances the factors and elements that are present to make decisions that will bring more of a settlement in any situation. the one thing about both of these cards in conjunction is that they tell us that we are not yet done with our journey; in fact, we are just now beginning to move into the 2nd part of it so we’ve got a journey left to go. right now you’ve got a clear signal on what to do: rest as easy as you can, locate areas of difficulty, challenge, or sensitivity for future attention, and be careful with what you are attempting to resolve - it could be useful to just rest and wait until the energies are more supportive to harmony.

it is not hard to tell that during times of rest, we wish to do so with the least resistance to health and well-being possible. soursop is a fruit which grows upon the graviola tree which has long been used in the west indies for the purification of the body, and it has recently received acclaim for its aid in the treatment of cancer. considering its deep connection to our ancestors for both nutrition and curing, you are invited to sit in meditation with soursop fruit or leaves or an image of it in your mind. because it is a time of rest for you, doing the minimum with anything you interact with is advisable. this can be the same in terms of healing with plants. you may gather your tools and sanctify them before use. this is no different with soursop. giving thanks for the power it bestows upon us to heal and cleanse, to expel parasitic infection that threaten to remove from us indispensable aspects of our true essence, we ask the plants of graviola to continue to thrive and live on for the future generations to come so that they may know a life with less illness, disease, discomfort, and pain than we have. asé.

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capricorn rising/sun/moon :: eshu + 10 of wands // chrysanthemum

sometimes we are better off just walking away, and right now, you are supported by the appearance of Eshu, an opener of roads during a time when you seek a new way. Eshu has the key to accessing various psychic highways. he is the one who, with his trident at hand, helps us to overcome any obstacles and sheds upon us the wisdom necessary to complete the tasks that we set forth to accomplish. Eshu possesses the aura of both a young child and an old man - this gives him the power of ancient wisdom and open innocence. depending on the situation, and when we have Eshu there to guide us, we can decide to embody one of these or balance between both, switching into the needed disposition at the proper moment. this can be perceived as a trickster energy, and indeed Eshu is the trickster aspect of who many know as Elegba. this potentiality lends a sense of ease of the heaviness brought by the 10 of wands. 10 of wands is a hard card to come to grips with for it indicates a blockage of the will or one who has taken on more than they can handle. this minor arcanum is a signal that we may feel trapped; perhaps in a habit, situation, or relationship. because it is a key numbered 10, this also indicates that this feeling and part of your journey is coming to an end, so despite all of the imbalance that it can bring, it is also something that should bring relief for you now know that it is passing. another good message to receive from this card is that sometimes we have to wait to be able to manifest our heart’s desire. the “waiting period” is also a time of learning new ways of being and responding to the same situations, while also letting go of stagnancy surrounding the conflicts in your life. sometimes you are not due to wait; you may just need to let something go so that an entire blockage can be released as well.

just like Eshu’s energy, the 10 of wands can be a tricky one to deal with because of the confusion that it sometimes brings. there are certain processes you need to go through in order to work out what the problem is. first of all, consider whether this is a fleeting effect which will pass tomorrow or the next day. if such is the case, then regular use of the affirmation, “i release all repression so that my will can flow freely”, will prove to be beneficial during this time. if frustration has had a hold of your mind and heart, consider the things you are not saying that you ought to say. Eshu is also a master of communication, so with his support you can say the things that you had not previously mustered the courage to say. consider why you may not be speaking your mind and also whether that is doing you well or ill. if you are afraid of how what you say will be received, perhaps consider that this is a good moment to feel the fear and do it anyway. if you are afraid of upsetting something, consider the fact that they have been upsetting you and that increasing resentment may be worse than just speaking your truth. you can express your truth without being unpleasant, if you consider what you are going to say. visualization, writing things down, or meditating upon the matters will work in this time. keep trying until you find what is beneficial for you to employ in these times to alleviate some of the frustration you feel.

during times that may feel dark, it is advisable to commune with allies which will help bring us into light. chrysanthemum is one such ally. magically and metaphysically, chrysanthemum is used for mental clarity, relieving grief, and offering protection and guidance. it has a particular affinity for the heart which makes it an exceptional flower to infuse during times when emotions weigh us down and make it hard for us to do what we know we ought to do. to partake in intimacy with the spirit of chrysanthemum, a tablespoon of the flowers can be infused in a cup of warm water for up to 2 hours. you may enjoy this cup of infusion with something sweet, especially if emotions are sour or hot. sit in silence with this cup and make a ritual out of drinking this infusion at least 3 times a week, particularly during moments when the going gets tough. chrysanthemum is a spirit which promises to alleviate our confusion and relieve our suffering.

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aquarius rising/sun/moon :: oba + 3 of disks // spearmint leaf

also known as the lord of accomplished work, the 3 of disks is a signal that appears when we have put or are putting concentrated effort into an endeavor. this is usually something that we are doing with a group rather than alone. the lesson of this card is about the attainment that is possible through effort. the 3 of disks reminds you to maintain the pressure at a higher level so that the momentum is continual as opposed to interrupted. this is what shows up when you have a specified target and are directing all of your energy into it; often this is done to avoid emotional or mental pain surrounding not having done something with enough time to complete it. if this is not the current disposition, then you are being advised to dedicate your force in a focused direction so that you can work through any idleness regarding important tasks. your will has the capacity to flow in perfect force. often, the things which we need to focus on during periods like this will be ones where we feel unproductive, or thwarted, for we stand a much better chance of making good progress. look for areas where you feel overwhelmed, overworked or inadequate, and then target them all day. you'll be amazed at what it's possible to achieve. when we consider that Oba is the orisha who is offering assistance at this time, we can see that during these days we may feel more passionate than usual about whatever it is we are taking up. Oba is the first wife of Shango whom cut her ear and made a soup with it in a passionate attempt to keep her husband close to home. this did not work as anticipated, but it revealed the power of love for something or someone and to what lengths one would go to secure that. Oba also provides us with the tools to care for ourselves during times when the work is demanding.

both of these together should be read as commands to examines all areas of our lives, until we come across an immovable object and lean upon it with all our might. Oba possesses a sword and shield which serves as defense against sickness and downfall when we are grinding toward our goals. the 3 of disks offers us an advantage of influences beyond ourselves which act as a lever to assist in undertakings. again, at this time, we must consider that though this card bodes well for any project in which you may be enmeshed, it is also saying that calling upon other allies, whether human or otherwise, will be beneficial to what you are doing. if there is an issue within group projects, this is a good time to show your expertise and take a moment to delegate tasks where necessary so that the project can happen with greater fluidity. it could be that you need someone by your side to help you handle the tasks of leadership. keep in mind here that this is not a situation where any one person will receive all the praise for what is occurring - this is a momentum that will be supported by many so the focus should be on creating an atmosphere that is conducive to the part of all involved. the parts make the whole and the focus should be on perfecting the parts so that the whole is impeccable.

useful for everything from healing the respiratory system to soothing the digestive tract, spearmint is an ally that is effective for helping us to clear blockages in thinking and speaking. as we endeavor to take on the projects which require collaboration, we invite the energy of spearmint to soften our hearts so that we may labor with love and compassion. may the resonance shared by the vibration of spearmint raise our own in such a way that we can enter into the solar responsibilities (responsibilities taken up during the light of days) in a way that draws to us all of the resources essential for accomplishment and completion. may spearmint guide us into the attention required to thrive in work and performance. may the nourishment of this ally strengthen our bodies and hearts so that we may manage and attain our intentions. in perfect trust and balance, asé.

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pisces rising/sun/moon :: oshun + (19) the sun // chamomile

appearing as abundant as she always is, Oshun comes to grace you with a bright light of love and happiness during a time when you may have least expected it. known as the orisha of sweetness, love, femininity, and beauty, Oshun shows up in our lives when we are in a time of planning and researching, or experiencing a great deal of sensitivity to the extent of tuning into information that may or may not have been sought. combined with The Sun as a message, Oshun promises a bright day after moments which may have been riddled with discord and confusion or some kind of need to resolve a conflict. because this is the present moving forward, you are being put on notice that you have a lot to gain right now. you can attract exactly what you want while also being a point of attention for those who seek more balance in their own lives. Oshun is a card and energy that possesses great magickal power about it/her/them. with this in mind, you are asked to be transparent in your dealings so that you get the proper returns based on your output. the sun shines bright upon you, hinting that you actions and deeds cannot currently be hidden and that it is in your best interest to act with integrity. this is a time of healing on an emotional level, and perhaps your display is centered around the ways in which you heal and how you share or don’t share that with others; you do not necessarily have to but you ought to be accountable to your process. others are watching, and not necessarily out of envy or malice, simply because they see you as a guiding force at this time. Oshun and the Sun promise you safety, protection, and recovery. if you have been dealing with some emotional upset or imbalance, you are given the means to work through it and come through radiant.

on a day especially governed by the sun, let yourself be light from within. allow your inner sun to shine out and greet the world. the Sun is an encouraging harbinger which usually appears after we have spent a night or several in the depths of the soul, battling with our shadows. when the sun appears, we find new ways to solve old problems, encounter new perspectives and fresh viewpoints. we see the things we were unable to see in the dark. in this kind of clarity, we can consider obstacles and difficulties with more objectivity. another important aspect that we cannot overlook is that the sun bestows energy, so if your energy has been fluctuating or low, you can trust that the hope of the time also includes an uplifting and revitalization of energy. through and through, you will be more able to deal with whatever presents itself to you and do so with a disposition that brings radiance, brilliance, and resilience to any situation.

in such moments, chamomile is a beautiful friend to call upon for chamomile bestows joy and cheer whenever she is near. to invoke the spirit of chamomile as a guide in the process from moon to sun, sit with a cup of chamomile infusion (for an extra boost on the heart and emotional healing qualities, add some rose petals to this infusion) in your sacred and meditative space. invite the energy of chamomile to fill your being, imagining a yellow light emitting from the chamomile flowers into your infusion and then into your body as you sip it. let this yellow light envelop you and guide you deeper into your core being, your solar plexus from where your brightest light emanates. you may then recite these words: chamomile, thank you for the pleasure, calm, and happiness you bring into my life. i give thanks for the sun which through you shines into me. may i remember the subtle power contained in my being which is mirrored by the quiet way in which you work on the heart to mend old wounds. may i be made whole and brilliant, again, like the sun from which i came. may i remember origin and true self as source of light in the dark and guide on the path. may the truths revealed in the luminosity of these moments carry me forth for months to come. asé.

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