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De La Dos Agua  by Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons |  the question is simple here: will you say “yes” to the pleasure and abundance that is your birthright? And are you ready for it?

De La Dos Agua by Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons | the question is simple here: will you say “yes” to the pleasure and abundance that is your birthright? And are you ready for it?

*(If you know your moon and/or rising signs, it is recommended that you read the scopes for each of them, along with your sun sign. If you have knowledge of any stellium sign(s) in your chart, it is advisable that you read the ones corresponding to that as well.)

aries rising/sun/moon :: (8) strength // nettle

you have successfully made it through a couple of crucial initiations; now you are being presented with the key that will enable you to step into the next level with the shielding that is necessitated for you to be able to achieve your intentions and goals in the most honest way possible. this key presents itself in the form of an ankh and as a symbol of life, anew and refreshed. this key is also very solar in nature, speaking of the motions we take in the day and the truths that may be revealed in broad daylight; we are in very telling times so it is important to listen. the strength card comes with clear messages and directives, guiding us into being able to operate from a space of more groundedness in who we are. strength shows up as a calling, so to speak, when we are in a place of handling greater responsibility. this shows up, mostly, on the inside - we are maturing into our own greatness. as you continue your transitions in this time, key 8 comes to imbue you with gracefulness in managing the communication between the parts of you that are working through old constructs and programs and the ones that are more readily able to be in alignment with your greatest purpose. presenting with a lion as part of the energetic signature here, the 8th arcanum speaks of the zodiac sign leo, with which you find great favor when recognizing that its ruling body, the sun, benefits you greatly. this also speaks to the creative power that is easily accessible if you tune into the level of self that is unbound and unlimited by acquired filters. ingenuity and imagination are your allies in this time. allow yourself time to sit with visualizations and further into the mechanisms that will enable the visions to come to fruition.

because you are attending to these forms of being, you are also being afforded regeneration in the orientation of your goals and ideals. things are looking quite bright for you, but it is also the case that you may need to sit with self, alone, for some time. you may even feel an urging to go on a voyage of sorts, whether internally or externally, because there are lessons you are still assimilating. through your motions, you are protected. in this time, you are being directed toward rapport with your own intensity. do not shy away from a power that may feel unfamiliar to you in the sense that you have kept it hidden even from yourself. a major part of the call here is to trust the unfolding that is occurring. you are still in the very early part of this adventure, yet the poise that you can maintain will help to sustain you in the coming moments which will prove to be loaded with twists and turns that you may not have been expecting - this is all for you evolution and these are the educational points that your subconscious has been showing you in different ways; everything can edify us in one way or another, so allow the work that has been happening within for some time to begin to show itself more explicitly in what you are doing in the world and your engagement with those around you and closest to you. the time has come to turn a new leaf and step fully into the transformation you have long been conjuring.

as strength imbues us with protection, nettle as an ally serves you massively in this time. attuned to the frequency of Mars, your ruling planet, due to its warrior-like energy, nettle is useful for everything from healing the urinary and reproductive system to promoting hair growth. in magickal tradition, nettle is used to repel unwanted energies and even visitors from a certain space. it also helps one harmonize with divine frequencies and be able to access communication from a variety of spirits, ancestors, and guides. for this specific reason, and for its ability to promote hair growth, we have used it in Ori Crown Oil - a formula designed for the purpose of opening our crown chakras to sublime intelligence and intuitive discernment. in communication with the spirit of nettle, we can give thanks for all of these powers, as well as the shielding which comforts us and at the same time reminds us of our invincibility when we have charged through decisions that initially had us feeling unsure but ultimately led us into a sense of security in ourselves through awareness of our tenacity.

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by sending to Gold Water Alchemy's PayPal.

taurus rising/sun/moon :: (2) the high priestess // valerian

the high priestess beckons you into a silence that will bring revelation and some important information - you may or may not be seeking this already. whatever the case for you in this time, arcanum 2 is a potent energy to be moving with right now - the high priestess is the source of codes necessary to activate the manifestation of all of the magician’s mental conceptions. so you are now in a place where you can access insight into exactly what you need for the next few levels in your personal journey. a lot of this will enable you to help others that you did not even suspect could use your help. the 2nd key reminds you to guard certain things close to your heart so that you are even able to discern who is worthy of your help - not everyone will know how to appreciate what you have to offer, therefore it is wise of you to assess where it is useful and will be appreciated to share your energy. as the high priestess is depicted with a crescent moon at her feet, we can note that she is aligned with nature and natural cycles - she draws power from the forces of life. the high priestess is a guardian of sorts, not a selfish or egotistical gatekeeper, but one who innerstands the workings of the universe and can share her wisdom with those who she knows will not abuse the power of possessing such knowledge. when key 2 makes its way into your life, you are being urged to trust your intuition no matter who says what to the contrary of what your wits communicate to you. another thing that is notable about this particular card is the shades of blue that dominate it - this is telling as it lets us know that as much as we are being invited into silence so that we may clearly hear our intuition, we are also being reminded of the authority of using our voice with surety in what we are communicating.

with all of this in mind, you may need to take some time away from your social circles, as much as your social obligations allow you to. there is chatter present that is impeding the alignment with your psychic potential; be clear of where this is happening and act accordingly. after this occurs, you will be able to return to these spaces with a renewed sense of clarity, able to help those that need it, and at the same time capable of having conversations that are crucial to smoothing out certain tensions. a huge message for you at this time is also to take some time to study symbols and their meanings, pay attention to the subtleties of every day life, and thus be able to have vaster comprehension of all the happenings in your day-to-day existence. a lot of subliminal messages are available to you, and while your subconscious may be aware of them, your conscious mind is re-learning how to see with lucidity. our ancient ability to read signs remains through lifetimes, even if we are not aware of it. along with this, spirit encourages you to pay attention to dreams. this is a good time to start a dream journal if you have not already. a month after journaling dreams consistently, go back through your log and check for any recurring dreams and symbols. when you survey that, you may want to spend some time doing research surrounding these symbols and journal about what it may mean for you on a more personal level. in this passage with the high priestess, your focus should be on exploring your inner world in solitude and silence; you may just marvel at the treasures you uncover.

as an aid to insomnia and anxiety, it is no wonder that valerian was ascribed to the signature of the high priestess - this is a great medicine for calming the mind and instilling the inner silence necessary to perceive with more transparency. valerian is also a healer of the heart by way of reducing the tensions that are often associated with said anxiety. a reliever of pain, this ally is one we invoke during times of deep contemplation and meditation. holding this spirit close to our heart, we ask valerian to aid us in the process of uncovering our inner vision and removing the dust from our 3rd eye - may our pineal glands be fully decalcified and our mind be receptive to high truths. may we see even the things that would make us uncomfortable and know exactly what to do with that information. may our dreams inform our evolution and help us move into a higher frequency through connection with our faculty. may our ancestors speak to us in the silence of the night, delivering intelligence needed to guide our actions. may these wishes be fulfilled in a timely manner, as we walk accompanied and strengthened by the power of valerian. so be it, asé. (NOTE: The High Priestess tarot tincture, which contains valerian as one of the main active ingredients, is out of stock, but we have a new and mighty formula coming through to the site during our December update, so stay tuned.)

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by sending to Gold Water Alchemy's PayPal.

gemini rising/sun/moon :: princess of cups // yarrow

in these moments you find yourself coming out of a time of introspection and planning, coming out of a cave so to speak. your imagination has been a primary tool for delegation of the work you are now moving forward with - this has also been reinforced by your strong intuition. in the image of the princess of cups we see a variety of symbols which suggest the above stated. one of these symbols is a dolphin, suggestive of a connection to both air and water. this also speaks to a sense of community and family, or just a deep concern and care for those we love - this is an energy that you may find yourself stepping more deeply into. the princess of cups wears an see-through dress, denoting that she is one whose transparency is evident as she comes with no secret agendas. an emotional creature, she is at peace with herself as she can easily and gracefully channel her energies into creative endeavors. with this signature guiding your way in this time, you may find that you seek to move away from certain conflicts that have been cycling around you continuously - you are making the decision to step into more harmony and following your intuitive hunches about stepping in a new route toward spaces that support the fruition of your dreams as you realize that continuing in spaces where conflict is consistently present is a decision that will ultimately hurt your growth more than help it. you cannot afford to keep engaging with anything that will stagnate you. a great aspect of this princess’s powers is her ability to make dreams come true. all you need is a clear zone to contact the inner tools that make it possible for you to do so. with this in mind, the invitation is to open your heart to remembrance of the dreams that you had let fall to the side in fear of not being able to realize them. the moment is perfect for you to trust. just trust.

something that i must say here is that, while you are being invited to trust, it is important to hone your discernment and scope out who is who in your life. there are those that see your kindness and will abuse it if you let them - do not let them. the refinement that you are undergoing is helping you in developing your emotional intelligence. an airy creature who thrives off of much mental stimulation and conversational reflection, you are due to sit with your heart and really become aware of the ways in which you disregard that space due to not really listening to what it has to say. given that the princess of cups is the one that is influencing you in this time, it is no surprise that you will find yourself being better able feel relaxed with your emotional self. they say Gemini has a hard time dealing with the sentimental aspects of living, but you are stepping into another facet of your multiplicity which is actually capable of finding expansion in the depths of a more watery factor and way of being. you do good by allowing yourself fluidity in expression, while whetting your discriminatory powers in the coming times - you will be advancing through a series of situations which will test not only your ability to ascertain what you are perceiving in others and the circumstances of that moment, but also your readiness for what will require more depth and sensibility from you.

a plant that prefers sunny locations for its growth, yarrow may prove to be an aid for instilling a sunnier disposition in affairs, as well as the ability to see with the clarity that this ally prefers for its own evolution. in magickal tradition, yarrow is invoked for enhancing psychic ability - some say that rubbing the eyelids with yarrow will help to promote divination and induce prophetic dreaming. can you see why we selected it as the medicine ideal for an energy such as that of the princess of cups? if so, you may also innerstand why this ally is part of our Ori Crown Oil blend - it is an opener not just of the crown chakra but also for the 3rd eye, so let your vision fly. in thought of and meditation with the princess of cups, we offer this invocation: may the revelation of truth inspire us into compassionate action. may we remember love in moments when the world feels overwhelmed with hate, discord, and destruction. may the spirit of yarrow fill us with light in the spaces wounds have occurred, and may we be able to radiate this to all those we encounter - reminding them of the potential of opening to something we may not have always understood. so be it, asé.

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by sending to Gold Water Alchemy's PayPal.

cancer rising/sun/moon :: two of wands // hawthorn

though this card is numbered 2 and speaks to a level of engagement in community, or at least with an other, the depiction of the 2 of wands in this deck is a clear indicator of the necessity to distance oneself from the crowd so that some needed breakthroughs may finally occur. the involvement with the world is more so evidenced when you take the time for inner survey and then emerge into society with substantial reserves from which to draw. the 2 of wands comes to indicate that you are much more in control of how things unfold in the present cycle. in the image, we see a man standing at the foreground, with two wands held across his chest (Wakanda-style, for real for real). in the background, at a distance behind the man, we see a group of women - some playing musical instruments while others do what appears to be a form of yoga. the message here is LOUD AND CLEAR - you are merging aspects of yourself, centering in your expression, and flowing with the grace afforded to you by such a demeanor. this is not a separation of masculine and feminine, but rather a union of these two; and this is precisely what facilitates the mastery that you are progressing into. this fire element card is a good balance to your water as it proves to be an alchemical boost to your development. the 2 of wands is usually the card that we see when we are refining our knowledge of self and about to move into actively working on our purpose through coming into full awareness of the craft(s) that will expedite the motion toward embodying your heart’s truth. only then will you be able to share yourself in earnest and set strong foundations for generations to come.

to add to all the ‘spice’ here, it must be noted that there is also a low fire running between the man and the women making music and moving behind him. if you think deeply about it, what does this say to you? perhaps one interpretation of this will lead you to grasp the idea that this time calls you to turn on the light so that you may see the parts of you that you have left in the background but which are essential to your wholeness and the verbalization of your intense and transformative voice. another aspect here is the result of having received an influx of spiritual inspiration - this could have come or will come from a variety of sources; it could be something you hear, see, feel, and/or otherwise interact with. what you do with this motivation is all up to how you decide to activate your will and also take ownership of your thought processes. these moments are not ideal for being judgmental to self, but instead just observe your inner world and stand as witness to something that is continually changing and susceptible to your own molding. you are the master creator in your universe and the energy of the wands come to remind you of that power. know that all these elements are for your advance and advantage. cut straight to the desires and needs of your heart and say no to anything that gets in the way of what you intend to manifest. affirm to yourself, “my will is in perfect alignment with my greatest good”, and remember to combine the seemingly opposing aspects within yourself so that you can actually establish a transcendent and unshakable poise within all of your deliberations.

considering your heart and that the heart is a primary agent in your current rhythm, hawthorn is offered as a medicine for stability and fortification. hawthorn is one of the cardiovascular tonics that has proven to be safe and highly effect - so much so that even pregnant women can enjoy its benefits without risk. attributed to the element of fire, this medicine stimulates love and forgiveness, so it has a purging quality about it. the invitation with hawthorn is to imbibe an infusion of the leaves or a decoction of the berries or a combination of the two for 13 days, up to 2 times a day. as you sit in contemplation with a cup of this, i invite you to intend a petition of self-forgiveness for all the times that you failed to embrace yourself out of feelings on inadequacy or insecurity. your atonement with self may sound something like this: dear self, first i would like to thank you for being here, for surviving through things you thought you could not. we are mighty - thank you for remembering. in this moment, i would like to say i am sorry for having forgotten, while understanding that even that was part of our great lesson. i apologize for being so blinded by pain that i could not see my potential, but now that i see, i invite us into an evolution that will resonate into the lineage of our descendants so that they may be full in their glory and attentive to their highest callings. now, we walk in virtue and as testimony to the god within. so be it, asé.

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by sending to Gold Water Alchemy's PayPal.

leo rising/sun/moon :: 6 of wands // goldenrod

putting up a justified fight will eventually lead to victory, so don’t give up. the 6 of wands applies to the spaces in our lives where we feel we have to fight very intensely to achieve a certain triumph. the 6 of wands also resonates as one with leadership qualities. in the imagery of this card, we see a man standing at the forefront of a group of men - 6 of them in total and each holding a wand upon which a lion figure sits. this depiction is very much in alignment with your leonine disposition as it is reminiscent of the fierceness and fire that the leo energy signature operates with - ingeniously achieving solutions to any problem and obstacle that could present itself. with observation, we see several indications here: one of the most meaningful suggestions is that you are experiencing a sort of spiritual breakthrough after a period that may have felt trying. another thing to keep in mind is this minor arcana reveals itself when we have established harmony in connection to others - this is clear via the image detailed above which speaks to the fact that you have been able to express your authority from a leveled stance. the importance of this lies in the fact that it is a prime lesson in your personal constitution as a leo - part of the instruction you came here to work through is one which reminds you of how to use your power in a way that is not abusive, controlling, or manipulative. this is especially true if you have south node in leo. considering the other indications of this card, you ought to note that the 6 of wands is a key that follows a period of strife and maybe even competition, either from the internal or external realm, against the movement toward your goals, dreams, and desires. you may have felt confused as a result of the presented struggle, but now these symbols come to provide you much needed assistance and respite, so relax in all of this and revel in the fruits of your labor.

something else to keep in mind is that this card is ascribed to jupiter in leo. jupiter is the planet of expansion through assimilating (saturn’s) lessons of contraction. leo is a sign of great creative expression and sexual energy, so you may very well be due for a transmutation that could be set ablaze by the fire of a renewal in the way you use these parts of your being. the coming years are loaded with metamorphosis for all of us, and these days are when we begin to set the foundations for what is to come, so ensure that you are behaving with the wisdom that you have acquired through the upgrades that you have recently been tuned up with. whenever doubt wells up within you, which it tends to when we feel ourselves approximating untouched aspects of self, remember all that you have been able to make it and survive through. use these memories, not as a way to dwell upon the things that may have made you feel incompetent or meager, but as a cue to recall that you are capable of way more than you had once thought you were. take time to meditate in places where the sun shines brighter - allow you main planetary support to fill you with sustenance because, from the looks of it, you’re in for quite the ride going forward. the beauty of it all is that you have all the inner resources needed to endure all that presents itself. another word here: this is a very fertile time for you, literally and otherwise. do not forget that, and take a moment to decide what you want to do with all this vitality that is present in you. you have all that you need to do what you must and do it from a place of dignity and with elegance.

herbs have energies; goldenrod is a generally pungent and warming medicine, with some bitter overtones. these fact speak volumes regarding the healing that it can offer us. for one, pungent medicines are those that help to expel excess gas from the system and also aid in bringing moisture and dampness to the surface and out through the pores. the bitter quality tends to be one that detoxifies the system and cleanses the blood. knowing all of this, it is not hard to tell why goldenrod was chosen to have the greatest affinity with the 6 of wands. when you are journeying through a time such as the one that one moves through with this key, you are bound to be releasing as you are receiving. you release self-deprecating attitudes and embrace confidence not only in your ability but also in the decisions that you make having encountered a newfound clarity. in spiritual tradition, it is known to bestow luck and financial prosperity. to benefit from the magick that goldenrod offers, we invite you to sit with a cup of a goldenrod infusion upon waking, for 7 consecutive days (discontinue for 7 days after using for 7 days), and set your intentions for conquest and victory as you contemplate the rising sun.

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by sending to Gold Water Alchemy's PayPal.

virgo rising/sun/moon :: (17) the star // angelica

a lot is happening right now; new opportunities being offered and high hope being renewed. the star card is associated with the sign aquarius, whose air brings a good balance to your more grounded frame of mind and whose water aids in provided your earth with something for it to feed upon and use for expansion and advancement. the star is truly a beautiful card, and one of my favorites to meditate with. this beckon of light comes to us when the forces of life are combining to assist rather than to hinder. we have come to knowledge of the truth about our power - we can join our earth with flowing waters and create a new world within us. we have become transformed with the knowing that focusing on our skills and strengths will afford us more than if we continue to stay stuck in habits and patterns that are self-critical and self-deprecating. the star indicates a turning point when fortune is smiling upon us and we are entering into living in deeper fulfillment and full access to the power of manifestation. all that is left to do at this time is to focus on receiving the massive energy that is already yours and which is always present. at times, when the star shows up, we may feel as if “miracles” can easily happen. you are becoming attuned to the potential of the universe, and touching upon that which you consider to be the almighty and omniscient - you are accessing ancient and latent codes, and an activation process which follow in which the shadows will surface to remind you of what you will be purging through union with the sun. a new day has emerged.

claim your place and dream the best way that you know how to. at this time, your dreams are greatly supported by universal forces and they can be embodied more readily than before. give thanks for the moment you find yourself in, that you have made it through the contractions you had been pushing through; that birth is now able to happen with more grace. the star is number 17 which adds up to 8 and reminds us of the ability to merge the material and spiritual and enter into the space of infinity - a space beyond time. this number 8 is also reminiscent of the incredibly strength and authority that is in one who can make a balance of mind and matter. with this in mind, know that you are in the perfect place to help you transform and transmute certain energies such as anger and aggressive dispositions into something that will aid the process of accomplishing you true and necessary desires. this is about the way in which you can create sustainability by learning to work with elements that may not feel as “native” to your mode of operation - air and water come to mind here. one may feel completely opposite to your solidity, while the other may feel too ungrounded for you to be comfortable with. nevertheless, both of these are keys to your development and also what will allow you to be receptive enough to be the abundance that is now so possible. the star and the number 8 both connect us to the levels of being that are very intimate with all that is possible and can tune into use of the tools required to manifest our personal universe - it is quite vast and boundless.

to support the work of expansion, we have concocted a formula called The World, and named so after the 21st major arcana of the tarot which serves as the culmination of a major journey and initiation in soul evolution. in this concoction is a magickal ally known as angelica. Angelica Archangelica aka Holy Ghost Root is the angel plant who is attuned to the Holy Spirit of Wisdom and Supreme Consciousness. it is used for magick ranging from protection to uncrossing to enhancing temperance. in Hoodoo tradition, this spirit is a powerful guardian and healer, which is known to enhance feminine energy, protect children, improve health and family matters, and repel evil. it heals conscious and subconscious fears - even those that we may have inherited through our bloodlines. to commune with this ally, it is useful to make a decoction with the root (avoid during pregnancy as it has emmenagogue properties). you can also take 2 ounces of warm water and mix it with The World formula we have listed in the shop. invoking the power of this profound guidance, we give thanks to angelica for providing our child self with security so that we may manifest in the world as if playing in a sandbox of potential. asé.

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by sending to Gold Water Alchemy's PayPal.

libra rising/sun/moon :: (9) the hermit // sage

when you add any number to 9, it will add up to the single digit version of the number you added to 9. for instance, 45+9=54, 4+5=9 and 5+4=9 - this will repeat for any number. when you multiply a number by 9, the product will add up to 9. pick any number and check for yourself. this is the energy that the hermit walks with - a complete being who in any situation comes with their own wisdom and light to share and shed. the hermit has acquired this knowledge through a time of study and meditation. he walks with a staff which represents the weight of his experience which he leans on for support. he is alone in terms of being without other human company, but he is surrounded by baboons which in Ancient Egypt symbolize intelligence and were attributed to Thoth who was associated magic, writing, and wisdom. quite evidently, this is the energy signature that The Hermit is guided by. it has come to a time when you must rely on inner resources for the answers and direction you seek. you are entering into adepthood (adulthood) and maturity of the mind and spirit, so you are depending less on others for guidance and orientation upon your path. with the 9 as part of this journey you are definitely showing up as having undergone or being in the process of undergoing important upgrades which will really lead you to assimilate the lessons you have learned up until now. walking the path of the hermit, we travel deep inside the soul. here we begin to discover the god particle within and find the keys to self-knowledge and mastery. the hermit is the path of a wise sage who seeks answers within and begins to emerge more complete and whole than ever before. after this we may teach by the example of embodying our discoveries. too often, the hermit is confused as an energy that comes to implicate loneliness, and while aloneness is apart of the hermit’s energy, it is only for the purpose of gathering as all one and sharing that level of completion in the world through actively being the renewed and realized self. the hermit is actually a lovely key to be guided by.

more than anything this time is filled with the redirection into the center of self, thus naturally we begin to open up to our spiritual calling and dwell within this space more, so - this is the kind of solitude that is indicated by the appearance of the hermit. the hermit is a philosopher, one who sits and ponders the purpose and meaning of things, that can comprehend the subtle magick through silent listening. this leads us into higher realms and untapped wisdom. through him, we can access the wealth of power and energy in the universe. he is an extension of the high priestess, so in many ways he is a graduated version of the magician - a priest in his own right/rite. there is a passageway available to you that inspire you into creative action and lead you into great delight. you are approaching solutions afforded to you through wisdom acquired. this process calls for self-exploration. make a practice of sitting comfortably, perhaps with eyes closed and looking inward at yourself. observe what is happening within you; observe your thoughts as if they were external to you. in this early stages of this process, you will encounter things that you may not like or are not happy with. but for every unpleasant thing you find, you can decide to recycle and allow for something new to come of this. eventually you’ll discover that thoughts are tools that we must learn to use properly. behind them reside your hopes, dreams, aspirations, needs, emotions, and your soul. remember to dwell in the center of self.

sage, a deep ally whose medicine clears excess so that lucidity may guide our vision. sage, bestower of clarity and purity. an ally who can open us up to truth through relaxation and a meditative mind. used as a main active ingredient in our Ori Crown Oil, it is sure to help enhance your connection to your crown and thus receive continual divine guidance. you can make an infusion with the leaves of sage, ensuring you keep a lid on the pot as you concoct it. drink a cup of this a day for up to 3 days. it is not recommended to drink sage for more than 5 days at once due to its drying quality. it may be had for up to a week in combination with slippery elm and other nourishing herbals such as nettle or red raspberry leaf. both of these combinations aid in further clarifying the vision. in every motion with this ally, remember to give thanks. you may also want to plant some sage to help it thrive as certain varieties of sage (white sage) are endangered.

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by sending to Gold Water Alchemy's PayPal.

scorpio rising/sun/moon :: 6 of swords // hyssop

there are parts of you simultaneously turning away and turning back. there were exchanges, in the past, that afflicted you in such a way that you decided to move away from the connections in which these exchanges were being had. now, looking back, you can see how they affected you in a way that was not permanent - it is like having to pull the swords out of the water and, though you may have been emotionally troubled by certain interactions and the intentions within them, you are now in a place of finding a safe space in which to heal and recuperate from what has occurred. the foundations that were set have now been uprooted and you have made it intact through a stormy situation - there are things to celebrate. the pressure has eased up and you are beyond the midpoint of a kind of cycle in your life. make sure to take time to rest until you feel refreshed; this will make it easier for you to process your thoughts and awareness clearly. expect to come into newfound clarity realizations, objectivity, and new perspectives. this card indicates a (perhaps, eventual) healthy balance between emotions and the intellect. in the image of the 6 of swords we see a woman upon a raft moving across the river; there are 6 swords floating in the water behind her. she wears a reddish dress and kneels upon an orange cloth that is laid across the raft. this is all very symbolic. for one crossing the river can be seen as a sign of traversing through the subconscious. the swords in the water are the afflictions to that aspect of the mind that may even be influencing certain distorted forms appearing in our dreams or some otherwise discord within the mind. you are moving away from all of this this, because, remember, these swords are in the water behind her. the orange and red color help us to remember that this is a measure of security (root chakra) and preservation of the vital creative essence, this a movement that is directed by intuition (sacral chakra).

considering the fact that the passenger of the raft, the woman, is looking back at the place that she is living, all of it behind the swords in the water, it is clear that there is some contemplation occurring. reflecting and considering things in retrospect. a very interesting thing to note here is that this woman is well adorned. she wears several pieces of jewelry (earrings, a necklace, and 3 arm/wrist pieces) as well as a certain headdress. all of these are colored an aqua blue, red, and yellow - primary colors and also demonstrative of the centers from where energy is being sourced. this, again, shows us that there is a lot of power from intuition and the will guiding this time. we know what moves we have to make so that we may survive. the adornments are also symbolic of a form of vibrational protection by way of the frequency of earth royalty. an important thing to consider here is that the number 6 is often associated with family and the energies surrounding the creation of such a unit, namely the conjoining of a man and a woman in the common sense. keeping this in mind, we can view the root of what is occurring to be tied to our family unit or guidance by the ancestors which have been key to our very creation. 6 of swords is a potent card to consider when thinking about the ways in which we seek to heal our lineage and ancestral timelines.

hyssop is used is many ways. some of its main uses in medicine include for clearing mucus and healing the respiratory system. in magickal traditional it is known as an asperger, which helps to purify spaces and energies, thus being exceptional for ceremonial use. it is associated with Jupiter as it symbolically helps to create room for expansion and aid us in creating our own worlds and safe haven through enhancing protection. hyssop is part of our formula for The World tarot tincture due to its ability to support movement into vastness and also provide the protection needed so that we may move into our best selves with ease and grace. supportive of transitions and shifts, hyssop can be invoked as constant companion through a meditation in which you visualize yourself inhaling the essence and aroma of hyssop as it fills you with a purple and yellow light, balancing your vision and fortifying your will.

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sagittarius rising/sun/moon :: 4 of disks // ginseng

you have the capacity to oversee various important endeavors. the 4 of disks is the lord of earthly power which signifies a time when we have come into some kind of material balance or are stepping into a mastery of how to handle our resources and be leaders in situations that call for it. this card also suggest that we ought to give thanks and take time to be appreciative of the abundance that is available where we find ourselves. the 4 of disks is a very earthy card; it is the sun in Capricorn which says a great deal about the amount of work that is being put in when this card is around. there is a silent discipline present which will prove to be essential to the strong groundwork you are laying. offer your power in the service of love and watch things around you begin to change vastly. there is an energy of giving back which is balanced out by the ancestral wealth you receive in the 6 of disks after you move through the contraction of the 5 of disks when you come to terms of familial wounds that are constantly being healed. due to the earth essence that is present in this time, it may be a good idea to work with some crystals for both healing and the enhancing of manifestation. carnelian, red jasper, jade, rose quartz, and sodalite are all good ones to start with. you can program several clear quartz with your personal intentions and create a crystal grid with these and the above mentioned. the 4 of pentacles is about how we allow ourselves to work with the various elements that are present - giving as we simultaneously use/take.

the number 4 deals with a variety of things from the basis of many structures to the crossroads that we must decide upon when reaching certain points in life. 4 also represents the heart chakra which connects us to all of life and enables us to sense into the truth of the earth - heart being an anagram for earth. for this reason, it is ideal to work with crystals in this time as you may find yourself more readily able to extract information and access ancient records that can guide the consciousness of humanity. another good practice to employ during a journey with the 4 of disks is to allow yourself to be helped in whatever work you are doing. there are people who can support your endeavors and even make it more easy for you to fulfill things as you intend to. sometimes when we overwhelm ourselves with activity and do not allow for a delegation of tasks, we may find that we don’t execute things as proposed because are taxed by both activity and thought and thus there is no equal distribution of efforts which allows for a more balanced projection. whatever journey you are embarking upon is fully support by allies, human and otherwise.

the power of ginseng has long been recognized as one that helps to sustain us through even the most arduous of tasks. ginseng is as old as time and as loaded with power. a vitality tonic which can be consumed as part of a longevity ritual, ginseng has been known to treat everything from diarrhea to sexual dysfunction to imbalanced blood sugar. it is considered an adaptogen which helps our bodies and minds adapt to and cope with stress. due to its ability to reduce depression and anxiety, it can be effective to reduce fatigue and other symptoms of overworked adrenals. to benefit from the medicine of ginseng, it is recommended that you drink 1 cup of ginseng root decoction a day for up to 10 days at a time. the decoction is made by simmering an ounce of the root in 3 pints of water for 45 minutes-1 hour. as you partake in the holy ceremony with this ally, i invite you to give thanks for the strength and resilience imparted by its qualities.

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by sending to Gold Water Alchemy's PayPal.

capricorn rising/sun/moon :: (10) the wheel of fortune // bay leaf

this frequency has been showing up for you continuously in the past year. this is a promising vision as its association with Jupiter and the elements of expansion bring harmony to the contractions and constrictions that the influence of Saturn’s current transit is having on you. the wheel of fortune suggests the innerstanding we acquire through a journey as hermit and solitary inquisitor. the wheel of fortune is a clear denotation of evolution through a series of initiations. now you are in a space where you get to decide, with brilliant awareness, the direction that your life is to take. the wheel of fortune is the lord of the forces of life. this card is signified by an eagle, a man, a bull, and a lion - Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus, and Leo; the fixed signs of the zodiac. this is about the stability that we can enter into after moving through certain changes. the wheel of fortune often has a sword or several in the image as well - this is to indicate the engagement of the mind in the process of choosing and deciding. the wheel of fortune is the rota or taro, the rotation of the wheel with a variety of spokes to suggest variable energies. we get a sense of balance in this card which is further established by the 4 fixed zodiacs, as they are polar opposite elements and signs (scorpio [water]-taurus [earth] + aquarius [air]-leo [fire]). the swords also point upward, telling us that the consciousness is elevated. there is deep symbolism here, all pointing to the ascent that you are spiraling with. many lessons have come and will continue to surface as you make your voyage, and through it all you will be well supported.

in this time it is important to be prepared to adapt to changing circumstances and, continue to keep in mind that you are more in control than you may sometimes give yourself credit for. the distinction in these moments is in the fact you are applying a wisdom that you had sought for so long, only to find that it is within you the entire time. there were keys provided and teachers encountered along that way who enabled you to more readily see what had been there all along. up until now, you had been spinning the wheel trying to hit the “jackpot” so to speak, and this time around, you are on the up and up - a lot of what appears to be good luck is on your side - this ‘luck’ is really the manifestation and result of your adjustments. the wheel of fortune smiles upon you when the lessons of the first 9 arcanum, from magician to hermit (who is the graduated version of the magician), are properly synthesized and the renewal begins from the movement of magician numbered 1 to the wheel of fortune numbered 10/1. this is still a time when, like the hermit’s journey, you are still in some state of self-reflection, but now it is directed in a more explicit and active manner as opposed to the introspective way of the solitary philosopher. at this point, you are beginning to share certain parts of your gains with the world. there is still work to be done surrounding receptivity and openness.

the energy of bay leaf is not only one that is known for enhancing our ability to live and see our wishes, but also cleanses and soothes our body so that we may be more receptive to the nutrition that is available to us through the real and live foods that we eat. sipped in a potion of motherwort, chamomile, and red raspberry leaf it is exceptionally awakening to the feminine energy within. employed in our formula for Mama Drops, bay leaf has been known to heal everything from the digestive to the reproductive system. it treats inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract and reduces congestion by way of mucus or underactive bowels. to make a strong tonic for the digestive system, you can take an ounce of bay leaf, an ounce of aniseed, half an ounce of marshmallow root, and half an ounce of dandelion root in 4-5 pints of water. allow this to simmer for 35 minutes and let it still for another 20 minutes before ingesting. sip slowly and gratefully.

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aquarius rising/sun/moon :: queen of disks // marshmallow root

the queen of the thrones of earth is quickly associated with earth but she is also attributed to the element of water as she is mother and nurturer to all of nature’s children. this queen is one of diligence and discipline. when then queen of disks shows up, we are turning our sights onto the material security of life and what that means for the ways in which that had or has shown up through family and the home life that we were raised within. this could also be a reflective period where you are surveying the ways in which your relationship to your mother or the motherly energies in your life has shaped how you deliver what you can share with the world. this queen provides us with a stable foundation with which to move forward into the changeable forces of life. when we feel safe and at peace, we are able to be more compassionate, less fearful, more tolerant, less grasping or overwhelming. our intentions and actions have a powerful influence on our environment. the archetype for which this queen stands has been degraded and devalued in our society - she is the mother who stays at home and ensures that the cleaning is done, the food is made, and the bellies are fed. she is the one whose common tasks make her appear generally inessential in society, but she is the one who maintains the structures of this construct, up and running. i mean, who doesn’t want to feel secure and protected? who doesn’t want to feel nurtured and cared for? the queen of disks is vital because she provides us with the comfort we need when we have moved through a series of tests that had us in a space of questioning our integrity with the work we have been doing. the queen of disks reminds you to keep on diligently in the work that you have taken upon - it shows great promise and potential for aiding the multiple visions and projects that you are setting forth with. the queen of disks is an obviously bountiful spirit who has so much to give and offer that she does so without fear of losing for she recognizes the limitlessness of her resources.

taking into account the connection to earth, the appearance of this vibration is also common when we find ourselves in a place of seeking natural means of healing ourselves and our loved ones. this can also symbolize that you are being called to work with plants, crystals, animals, or other natural and elemental forces. dedicating yourself to a craft that focuses upon contact with earth principles will show to be vital to your overall evolution - it could very well be the thing to propel you to the next level. you could definitely use the grounding before you take off. if you had considering getting into gardening, look into spring clubs which focus on landscaping and outdoors work. start to consider what seeds you would like to plant and begin to look for sustainable places to source them from. keep your connections alive so that you can be constantly reminded of keeping communion with natural and all of life. do not take this moment for granted.

marshmallow root may initially appear to be an odd factor to combine with the queen of disks, but upon closer observation one will see how perfect it is to merge them. marshmallow root is used for protection and psychic magick. considering the power of the queen of the thrones of earth to fill us with a sense of security, drinking an infusion of marshmallow root and slippery elm will aid in doing the same. to be able to assert what can provide us with a sense of harmony and safety, it is important to open our intuitive vision, enabling clarity and direction to come through and lead us into further stability. on a physical level, marshmallow helps to detoxify the colon and promote a sense of cleanliness in the gastrointestinal tract. to make a decoction of marshmallow root, add an ounce of the root to 3 pints of water, allowing it to simmer for 45 minutes, and then add 1/3 ounce slippery elm and let it sit in the decoction for 1 hour. sip slowly as you allow yourself to be replenished by assurance in stability and strength.

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by sending to Gold Water Alchemy's PayPal.

pisces rising/sun/moon :: (19) the sun // chamomile

of course the sun would come to grace you for 2nd time in a row. your shift in perspective has afforded some much needed precision in your vision. the sun banishes the darkness and illuminates our path clearly, bringing enlightenment. when this card is present we can bet on good health, mental clarity, visual acuity, and self-confidence. we may also feel more confident and generous, in turn encountering more generosity and community. this is something that may have been incited by the merging with conflicting aspects of the self or having come into contact with an “other” who reflects for you the qualities and lifestyle that you aspire to - maybe even this is something you are teaching each other. nevertheless, you have been through some deep work with the shadows and can come forth with certainty in your direction. you have previously employed intuition in deliberating for some decisions, and now the light of the sun shines upon that which had been planted in the night. your subconscious workings are taking shape in a way you may have anticipated but not foreseen with such lucidity. the sun is a balance for the cooler, darker, feminine forces that you have been working with. the sun brings warmth into these spaces and provide an activation for the truth to be readily perceived and worked with. you may also be shifting in the way that you express your creative energy - the sun is a wellspring for the moon’s function. with lunar medicine comes boundless and unconfined express; lunar medicine is a place of ambiguity, of not being sure, of seeking to make sense of the less defined, of dissolving boundaries - solar medicine gives this energy a form with which to appear in the world, provides it with a template for definition and, therefore, purpose. solar medicine creates some boundaries so that our expression may have structure and, thus, longevity. it is clear that you are profoundly familiar with the lunar, yet the solar comes to lend you some proportion.

brewing the solar elixir, you are carrying out a plan. you are present to and for others, aware of time and its importance in the realm of consequences. it is important to maintain an equilibrium between the lunar and the solar, lest you become inflamed by heat or depressed by the cold, but in this moment the solar invokes you to make a pact of true engagement with the source of visible life, to activate your creative potential once again - what mark are you making as you walk? where do your footprints lead your children and those whom you can serve to educate? this pact is also one of establishing a clarity of purpose and intention to keep you from becoming lost in the wild imagination that has always been yours. this is also about alleviating vagueness and learning to communicate more clearly, not just in speech and with those around us, but also in action and with ourselves - how that answer translates into a respect and love for our life and the lives which we impact. may we remember our brilliance and the ultimate truth. may we be forever fused, in deep love, with source. may we keep god alive, inside.

in meditation with the sun and forces that facilitate our action toward enlightenment, we reflect with the spirit of chamomile - guardian strong for providing confidence in our movements and trust in our capacity to discern what is best and essential in every moment. may we remain open to the inspiration and wealth of power that is constantly available to us. that the flow of grace and light of will bestowed upon us by the magick of chamomile, keep us vital, thriving, fulfilled. may our dance with the sun and moon equally provide insight to sustain our development and evolution. in mighty ascent, we spiral inward and upward. asé.

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by sending to Gold Water Alchemy's PayPal.

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