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Herboscopes™ / New Moon + Solar Eclipse in Aquarius to New Moon in Pisces

"It's getting hot in here." For the first time since I started channeling Herboscopes, I decided to pull all at once - to say the least, it got real hot real quick. I kept pulling cards from the Wands suit. Now, when we are dealing with the suit of wands, we are dealing with creative endeavors, inspiration, the element of fire, the movement of the spirit. In further summary, exactly half of the signs received a Wands card, the other half received a combination of disks, cups, and major arcana - no swords were pulled during this cycle so part of the initial message is certainly that we are transforming, rising from ashes like phoenix, allowing our spirits and hearts to guide us and perhaps more cognizant of our speech. Taking the analysis of the collective pull even deeper, we note that the cycle starts with 3 (3 of disks for aries) and ends with 3 (21-the world for pisces). We are really moving up the ladder so to speak. With a Solar Eclipse happening during this new moon, it is no wonder that this is the case. Since the time of the Full Moon in Leo, we have been moving through an energy of letting go + enhancing our connection to our true selves. With the appearances of so many Wands (fire energy) during this reading, it is clear that we are being presented with a variety of inspiration for new creation following the release of the outdated and expired.

"It's getting hot in here." For the first time since I started channeling Herboscopes, I decided to pull all at once - to say the least, it got real hot real quick. I kept pulling cards from the Wands suit. Now, when we are dealing with the suit of wands, we are dealing with creative endeavors, inspiration, the element of fire, the movement of the spirit. In further summary, exactly half of the signs received a Wands card, the other half received a combination of disks, cups, and major arcana - no swords were pulled during this cycle so part of the initial message is certainly that we are transforming, rising from ashes like phoenix, allowing our spirits and hearts to guide us and perhaps more cognizant of our speech. Taking the analysis of the collective pull even deeper, we note that the cycle starts with 3 (3 of disks for aries) and ends with 3 (21-the world for pisces). We are really moving up the ladder so to speak. With a Solar Eclipse happening during this new moon, it is no wonder that this is the case. Since the time of the Full Moon in Leo, we have been moving through an energy of letting go + enhancing our connection to our true selves. With the appearances of so many Wands (fire energy) during this reading, it is clear that we are being presented with a variety of inspiration for new creation following the release of the outdated and expired.

*(If you know your moon and/or rising signs, it is recommended that you read the scopes for each of them, along with your sun sign. If you have knowledge of any stellium sign(s) in your chart, it is advisable that you read the ones corresponding to that as well.)

aries rising/sun/moon :: 3 of disks // spearmint

the number 3 speaks of the point of balancing duality. it is the energy expressed following the realization of difference. when the number 3 presents itself, we are being put on notice that much is available to us in the realm of creative potential through having awakened to the existence of our inner masculine and feminine polarity. the 3 of disks is particular about teamwork intended to bring about a desired result. if you recall, during the last cycle, your guides were certainly asking you to really hone in on communication habits and become fully aware of cooperation or lack of cooperation within your circles. now, you are being reminded of the fact that you play a lead role in potential enterprises and communal endeavors, but the work at hand asks you to analyze the tools you have, the team that has come together, and/or the current foundation of what you are working toward. 3 of disks reminds you of the importance of taking time to assess the progress that is being made as we carry forth our purpose and whether the motions carried out are of greatest efficiency for what you are attempting to accomplish. furthermore, a huge emphasis is again placed on partnerships and the function they may be serving in your life at this time. you are still fresh into the mid-point of whatever projects are present - this is not necessarily a time for rest just yet though you may find it useful to take those moments of inventory and assessment.

further observing this aspect of the 3 of disks speaks very directly to the fact that general collaborations are in order. yes, you will have to assess your life for more clarity regarding what your next steps should be. perhaps you may not even be aware of who exactly you're due to build your foundations with but it is definitely something that will be revealed sooner than later. maybe you can call it a "career tribe" or something else; whatever you refer to it as, there are definitely those who will show up to support your endeavors and maybe even lend some insight regarding ways in which you can improve the work you are doing. all in all, this is a time to labor in the spirit of love and unity. people may show up and turn out to be the person you "need" as an asset to your current undertakings. communications may also prove to be edifying in general - informing the self on several wavelengths to catalyze a better version so that you can actually be in control of your life and destiny in the ways that you have wanted to be. if you decide to remain reclusive in what you are doing, the urgings will still create a sense of balance within yourself and within the aspects of you which may have been at odds regarding what to even do. the strength enhanced with the use of spearmint is perfect during these moments in which you are becoming more readily aware of what actions will lead you to the next level of your visions. spearmint is an ally which is rich in magnesium content. through working with the spearmint energy, we have come to learn that it is a great plant for enhancing our personal magnetism so that we may attract those things which are in alignment with our highest good. for the journey through the 3 of disks, spearmint is the perfect ally because it allows us to be level-headed in our decision-making all the while retaining the clarity needed to actually carry out the tasks of what we are aiming toward. to incorporate spearmint as daily ally, you can simply drink an infusion of spearmint leaves early in the rising hours (or at any time of day). you may also eat a handful of fresh spearmint leaves while standing in the sun or watching the sunrise - remembering the motion that will bring fulfillment to your life. there is still work to be done, and you are attracting the support and insight that is essential for the next phase coming your way.

taurus rising/sun/moon :: 7 of wands // cilantro

there's something that is not entirely safe or stable at this moment. this may present itself in a variety of ways. through it all, you are being advised to guard your heart and stand your ground - this is not a time to let up or go against your own good judgment. if an interaction you are having, whether with self or an "other", feels like a battle, it probably is requiring that you take a distant vantage point and observe it from there. your hands may feel a little tied up so to speak and something is coming in the way of you and your creative flow - again, this shows up in variable ways, your own doing and allowing, yet possibly also with some imposition from external energies. part of the questions that may be useful to ask yourself at this time include: how am i allowing my energy to be interrupted? am i being loyal to myself? what beliefs and opinions am i holding onto despite criticism and pressure? spirit guides are certainly bringing you lessons to remind you of the importance of holding firm to your no's and yeses - you cannot always please everybody, especially if you yourself are not satisfied with whatever decision you are making; in the long run, you may end up resentful because you decided on the basis of another and not yourself. it is not necessarily selfish to put yourself first, especially when you know that one path benefits you more than another. the good thing about this moment is that it is in transition. you have, in some important ways, come into contact with victories - internal and otherwise - and at the same time you are experiencing some trying moments which seem to be centered around assuring that you've learned the lessons your experiences have given you up until this point. this is a time of "show and prove" but mostly to yourself. don't allow your mind to trick you into accepting what didn't feel right for your heart to begin with. hold firm.

something that really resonates through all of this is the idea of really questioning whether what you are 'fighting for' is worth exerting the energy that you are spending on it. some battles are worth the fight; others simply are not. sit with this question and allow the answer to come to you as a clear feeling. you will know very clearly based on your heart imprints. sometimes we come into spaces of battle while not being all the way clear why we are even responding to something or someone defensively. when this happens, it could be something that the spirit has awakened from within as an alert that there is a need to rebalance the scales so that the forward motions come from a well-integrated and aware state. whatever your determinations, it is in your best interest to assert yourself; draw from within your reserves to get transparent with yourself - instinctively, you know what you want and need. it is in this energy that cilantro does its best job. as a medicinal ally, cilantro is often employed in the work of detoxing from heavy metals. this plant is a highly protective ally - it also aids as an antioxidant to reduce oxidative stress and protects from cardiovascular disease. seeing the wands as an energy of fire/heart/spirit, it is evident why cilantro comes into play as the herb useful in the voyage through 7 of wands. a tincture of cilantro may prove to be most useful at this time, or you can incorporate the herb into your food and daily meals. important to note is that cilantro is also a wonder for riding the body of fungal and parasitic infections - during a time when factors may present themselves as intrusive, it is symbolically powerful to commune with an energy which supports the detoxification of all that is creating a blockage to the flow of harmony, clarity, and determined energy in your life. if you are feeling extra rooted, planting some cilantro may be a way to nurture the growth of this protective shield in your life.

gemini rising/sun/moon :: ace of wands // ginger

during the most recent cycle, you moved through the ace of disks as a ride through awareness of fertility, present or pending. during this cycle, ace of wands shows up as a depiction of how you are evolving through the energies from which you draw inspiration. emphasis has certainly been placed on your work/career/vocation - the initiation through the wands is a sign that there is much to be hopeful about and energized toward. it is definitely time to continue the cycling of energy and work deeply with transmutation powers - what will you create with the tools that you have at this moment? what fires are you feeding with the inspiration moving within you? with the ace of wands also comes the new spiritual influence and/or spiritual role models. right now, the energy is heavy with creative ideas and an influx of ingenuity. you may even be reconsidering your present path and whether it is the one that will bring you the most fulfillment. the affirmation at this moment definitely says that you should not shy away from the bold moves you may be considering making. there is something very powerful about contemplating a decision which may also present you with fears to face yet still allowing yourself to approach it with trust in the highest outcome. these kinds of discomforts aid in the assessment of whatever could be shed and released so that courage and confidence become more determining factors in the actions carried out.

an important highlight of the energy of wands is that it is influenced by elements of purification, and being that it is the ace in this instance, it speaks further about the fact that the weight of this current sequence rests primarily on your willingness to release and renew - with the decision to move forward confidently comes the shedding of whatever does not fit the newness that you are stepping into. everything you will achieve during this time is readily informed by both the assistance the universe is offering you and the alignment that you are embodying. when ideas surface from what seems out of nowhere, don't ignore these. some things may even appear out of line with whatever you are currently projecting, but in retrospect this commencement will make a lot of sense and shed a lot of clarity. the only big warning at this time is to really consider whether you are stepping out on impulse or inspiration. it is easy to get carried away in a wave of newfound courage and confidence, so it is advised that you still take your time in the deliberation of the next series of moves you are to make. the beautiful thing about the energy of the ace of wands is that you are so fresh in this particular journey that you are not risking a strong foundation in the sense that one may assume when stepping out on faith. the most important resonance right now is about really finding your voice and channeling the creativity that is inherently yours. the keywords of this time are renewal, inspiration, and awakening. sudden realizations are also a key through this cycle - the characteristics which assure your success all involve trusting your visions and imaginations enough to act according to them even when things are not so certain. the fire evident in the ace of wands is further enhanced by working with ginger as an ally.

ginger is a catalyst in many herbal formulations because it strengthens the circulation of blood so that the nutrients and energetics of the other herbs are carried throughout the body. in magical traditions, ginger is often used to fortify magical workings and cause plans to come to fruition quickly. another common use is for stimulating agni or digestive fire - as we process all that is occurring at any given time, assuring quality digestive function is certainly a wise move. for this reason, we offer the following formula which may be injoyed as a ritual infusion during times when you need a boost in self-assurance. 

formula: small piece of ginger root, a handful of fennel seeds, cloves, and basil leaf - allow to sit overnight in water and enjoy in the morning upon waking and perhaps while gazing at the rising sun.

cancer rising/sun/moon :: queen of cups // motherwort

this is 2 lunar cycles, back to back, of you being in your essence as nurturer and deep intuitive. the queen of cups is one of a few energies which are in perfect alignment with cancerian dispositions. the queen of cups is strong with compassion, love, and caring. she is the archetypal mother (beyond both the High Priestess and the Empress) of the tarot deck. the queen of cups is also deeply intuitive and highly receptive - it is not hard for her to feel into others and perceive their inner worlds. highly empathic and profoundly aware, this mother knows how to discern between those energies which are her own and ones which emanate from another. another "sense" that she presents us with is a heightened spirituality. so many elements are found through voyaging with the queen of cups - these include spiritual awareness, intuitive sensitivity, feelings of love and compassion, strong visionary and leadership qualities, and sometimes a level of self-absorption. this latter element is not necessarily a "bad" thing - sometimes, while experiencing such strong empathic energy, it is necessary to occasionally turn inward in work through self-assessment, this apparent self-absorption is thus turned to an awareness that provides both emotional intelligence and feelings of responsibility. there is also a kind of magnetism about your present energy; you are attractive to different people for different reasons but ultimately most of these people are viewing you with some reverence and respect.

with all this said, there is still a wisdom shed regarding moving through certain waves with balance and not allowing yourself to get carried away emotionally - from time to time, the tide may rise, however it is in your response or reaction that lies the outcome. it is wise to withdraw when energies are especially charged and signs are not as clear. because the queen of cups is one who can carry within her a variety of spiritual energies, things could become unclear or muddied in the process of introspecting. though many displays of this vibrational signature are externalized, you will find yourself doing some soul-searching and discovery. you are holding a lot of influential power, but you must still continue to survey yourself so that you will not get carried away with sensitivity. you will magnetize those who need your guidance and wisdom, but it is equally important for you to turn that inward and provide safe haven for yourself. the love reflected will infinitely mirror the love you are giving yourself. the heart is a focal point for you because it is the space from which your greatest strengths and true knowledge is sourced. in knowing your power, you ought to protect it. motherwort is the plant which offers nurturing to us, no matter the age or stage. 

often as we are perceiving our virtues and the power contained within our sensitivities, we may also encounter the unresolved matters of heart which seek to be rectified. motherwort is a beautiful plant whose latin name, leonurus cardiaca, is a direct attesting to its powers for healing the heart. motherwort lends her spirit for transmuting grief and promoting emotional balance. when we are emotionally balanced, the intelligence of our heart becomes clearer. the Venus Potion was formulated for exalting this intelligence. in a society that overwhelms us with left-brain operations (rational, linear thinking), holding space for our hearts to speak is easily overlooked. with motherwort, the messages of spirit reveal their value and volume. this plant ally is so powerful that just sitting with it, not necessarily consuming it internally, is enough to benefit from the innumerable advantages of such a medicine.

leo rising/sun/moon :: princess of wands // red clover 

in short, the universe is like "think before you act", but it's obviously way deeper than a single statement. the princess of any suit is still in a learning process. the princess is the stage in evolution when awareness of powers is high and, depending on the elemental components which are present, one may potentially get ahead of self. when moving with the energy of the princess of wands, we are dealing with someone who has a lot of creative potential, who is possibly also appearing very attractive to others, but the only real risk here is a tendency toward immature dispositions. when the princess of wands does not get what she wants, she may act out of character. that's not the best move, though. spirit is heavily advising to proceed with caution and honesty - do not indulge your lower self just because emotions may suddenly well within you and you feel that you are not receiving what you deserve. assess the circumstances and act according to your best interest - you never have to stay in situations or connections that do not enhance your growth. another manifestation of the princess of wands is the fact that she comes armed with strong fertility and a deep connection to her sacral chakra - she is in attunement with the powers of birthing new realities, but she is currently still in the phase of learning how exactly to apply everything that she is in the highest manner possible.

featured with a tiger by her side, this princess also lends us strength to overcome obstacles and fears. in order to accomplish this, you may internally be asked to still yourself and listen - signs present themselves all around to guide you into the fruition of things which you may have started a while ago. that is the main reason why you must adhere to the dictations of your highest self because it is from this place that you will actualize your visions. new prospects also show up in this time as partnerships in love, business, and/or community. with all of the thoughts you are processing at this moment, it is important to pay attention to what others are communicating to you as these communications may prove to shed light on your own inner conversation. you are fullll of marvelous and bright ideas and these will end up taking you on faraway adventures that will further propel you into your greatest moments. cherish the power of the energy that is welling within you at this moment. again, emphasis is being placed on not allowing immature approaches to govern your attitude toward others. even if you encounter ones who irritate you in some way, they bring a lesson. listen. you bring brilliance and hold a fire within your hand and you may not know how powerful it actually is. spend time getting to know this part of you and stretch your boundaries so that these talents can fully reveal themselves. it's been some months that you have been engaged with an awakening of Self - now you are perceiving these upgraded versions but have a lot to learn before you begin to express these aspects. even with the seriousness that these discoveries present, allow your inner-child to give you a place to be free and adventurous - perhaps go to a location you have never gone to before and see what you find. your energy levels are high and your potential is become clearer with every passing day. a child of the sun or the embodied sun, you are meant to set the world ablaze with your immense presence. go inside for bit, get more answers, and soon you will be ready to share more truths. the temperance you need for this time is carried through the spirit of red clover.

red clover is a lover. red clover is an ally that lends it power for treating everything from cancer to certain (not all) hormonal imbalances. useful for indigestion, high cholesterol, and afflictions to the respiratory system, red clover is an indispensable ally which should be used with caution. it is high in isoflavones and antioxidants which reduce inflammation, repair cells, and protect the heart. because the isoflavone content is similar to the hormone estrogen, it is best administered in measured doses and preferably used for women during the menopausal years. yet as any ally to work with on the journey through the princess of wands, red clover can be enjoyed as a weekly infusion during meditative moments in contemplation of love, abundance, and adventure. it is your rite.

virgo rising/sun/moon :: (7) the chariot // parsley

the 3rd major arcana for you since the first posted herboscope - first the hermit, then the high priestess, now the chariot - that says a lot and you are absolutely advancing through the beginning stages of a major soul journey. with the chariot as emissary, you are due for some victories, most of these happening from the inside out. the chariot bears the innerstanding of polarities and the wisdom of silence. in a way, he enhances the energies of the high priestess and also stands as a messenger of the truth he has gained through his voyage through the veil. he has pierced the filters to true knowledge. prior to this point, there was a movement through identification of tools, incubation of truth, expression of creativity, manifestation of potential, a wedding of polarities, and deciding to engage these aspects of a greater attunement to the higher realities. with awareness of the "forbidden fruit" comes a revelation of mysteries. now you hold this as a flow which will empower the next portion of your journey. the victory and success that is promised through the appearance of this card is that which is the result of hard work and determination. featuring both the moon and polarities initially exhibited in the high priestess card, the chariot is certainly one which stands as a masculine force that activates and fully reveals what had been incubated within the silence of the high priestess. there is  more to express.

the discipline you have been learning about is also a characteristic that seeks to be expressed through the motion in the chariot. this is the perfect time to sit down with self and take stock of all that has occurred and what it has amounted to. are there things that can be subtracted so that the result is more favorable? from here, you can more readily determine what your goals and objectives are. from here, you can move from a space of greater clarity. from here, you also realize that you would find it beneficial to gain some further mastery over your emotions - this is also a mastery of spirit. the instance of the chariot is resonating with the number 7, and 7 more is 14 which is the temperance card which is the card of the alchemist - you are a few steps from unraveling this aspect of your divinity. hone in on excelling with what you've already got and soon the keys that will open doors to the next few levels will come out of their hiding place. with the various levels of work that you have to do, it is no wonder why discipline is such a resonant necessity in your projections at this time. there is much of what you are journeying through that is entirely internal. there is a lot that is inciting constant self-refinement, but this is all in your best interest. discomforts do not fail to present themselves occasionally, but the power in this is the shedding called for also involves recognizing and acting within the potential that vulnerability brings. yes, you are in a place of power but there is no sense in putting up a defensive or aggressive mask in instances where truthfully expressing your inner self would bring more resolution to whatever situation. a plant like parsley is exceptional at this time because it is magical for instilling feelings of protection, tranquility, and general balance.

parsley is also excellent for eliminating heavy metal toxicity in the body - that being the perfect metaphor for what self-refinement in alchemical terms would look like. to work with parsley it is a good idea to add it as seasoning to food or injoy it as an occasional infusion - allowing the tranquility that this ally brings to enhance the resonance that comes as waves from deep within.

libra rising/sun/moon :: 6 of wands // goldenrod

with your air, you can feed the fire of your leadership and success. you are what you need for the victory that you seek. yes. and yes. and yes yes yes. you are deserving of it too. there is  not much of a battle any more as you have overcome potential adversaries, inner and outer. maybe you suddenly shifted in your approach to a situation or endeavor or even in interaction with yourself - whatever you did, it is working out for you in some way or another. at this time you may be attracting some recognition or praise that you very well have earned, or it is something which is going to show up in one way or another. all in all, the efforts you have put in towards the various levels of your growth will not be overlooked. the warning right now is that you not get too arrogant in your ascent; be sure to give thanks to those and whatever has aided in your process. even if you're giving thanks to a plant who helped you digest your food better, make sure to acknowledge that power is contained in all of nature and we work together to make the world exactly what it is, moment by moment. through this time of strong victory and feeling successful to some degree, building strong connections is also of high importance. there are several people who are influenced by your energy and achievements, no matter how minor you perceive these victories to be - they are all worth celebrating. if you don't quite resonate with this, you may just be putting a lot of energy and passion into a certain area in your life and this may translate as some sort of victory for you as your focus in this area is rather strong. we encourage you to keep awakening this fire and channel it creatively. 

other possibilities that also present themselves with the 6 of wands is that you are in interaction with people who challenge you to exert your leadership qualities more, this may be in intimate or otherwise general relationships. you are definitely called upon to project the power of your influence. something else to look out for is that people come through with messages for you - this may be more subtle for some and overt for others. whatever messages you receive, open up to it as good news because it certainly informs wherever you are voyaging toward. you have very strong qualities and an unbreakable spirit which thrives in settings where your aptitude and expertise can be displayed. goldenrod is a bright ally which provides a vibration of encouragement - goldenrod strengthens the heart's expression. as a medicine, goldenrod is often used to treat urinary conditions such as infections, discomfort, and incontinence. another popular use for goldenrod is as anti-fungal and antioxidant - eliminating parasites and 'bad' fungus from the body while also aiding in the renewal of cells and repair of cell function. for the reasons listed and many more, goldenrod is assigned to 6 of wands.

beyond the medicinal qualities, it holds a magical storehouse for aiding the increase of prosperity, bestowing courage for all endeavors, and increasing the efficiency of our actions. a simple mindful connection with the plant is sometimes all that is needed to receive these benefits. if you wish to commune with goldenrod for more medicinal qualities, we recommend the following infusion: 2 teaspoons of goldenrod + 2 teaspoons of spearmint, add to warm/hot water and let steep for 20 minutes. sip injoy. 

scorpio rising/sun/moon :: 4 of wands // aniseed

you are setting a strong foundation at this time, or at the very least you are considering doing so. with the 4 of wands as your key, the biggest message that you are receiving is there is a gathering happening which is for the purpose of celebration. whatever is occurring there are reasons to be excited and full of anticipation. it is possible that you are also deepening your connection to a significant other - this could very well be your romantic partner or you can be getting reacquainted with a friend or family member and the two of you have decided that there is some kind of power that you seek to preserve within your union. another potential perspective that this card offers is that you are reinventing your life in some way - whether you are redecorating your space, changing up your garden, or buying some new furniture, perhaps even something as simple as changing the curtains - you are definitely working to shift your surroundings to reflect the joy that you want to enhance and strengthen in your life. when the 4 of wands shows up, you are changing or have already changed environments and this new setting is in some way drastically different than the one you had previously found yourself in. all in all, you can be sure that you will be experiencing a sense of freedom and liberation from conditions which may have felt binding in some way or another. you now find yourself in a sort of in-between period of rest. 

with all of this, there is also emphasis on the connections to the people who surround you and the space that they hold within your life. some connections are due to deepen sooner than later, while others are being left behind for the benefit of all involved. some of your own liberation will come through this release. after the absolution which preceded this moment, you are being asked to survey your surroundings, pat yourself on the back for the work you have done well so far, take a moment of rest, but know that you will have to continue with anything else that could present itself. the balance of the universe provides the reality that you could still experience discomfort during times when everything seems to run smoothly. don't lose sight of what surrounds you in the process of your celebrations and realizations. there is still plenty to be accomplished and attended to. furthermore, for some of you this celebratory period can show up as having received a yes to being employed within the field or career of your choosing. there is really so much to be grateful for. but through and through while working within this key, the spirits definitely remind you to strengthen your vision and keep a wide scope in perception of your environment. the assignation of aniseed to this card is for that very reason.

aniseed provides powerful support for visionary enhancement. often added to formulas for intuition and psychic vision, aniseed can be enjoyed at bedtime for the magick that it lends to strengthening inner sight and further outer awareness. paired with other strong allies such as ginger, calendula, marshmallow root, and lavender, aniseed will not only enhance divination powers but also bring a soothing energy to the mind and digestive system, simultaneously. we recommend this particular concoction before bedtime or prior to meditation. working with aniseed along with the keys of the 4 of wands, you will begin to open doors to new opportunities offered by the power of your clear mind.

sagittarius rising/sun/moon :: 2 of cups // moringa

love is in the air. it could be that you are loving yourself more, or maybe you have met a soulmate and you two are interacting on progressively deeper levels. whatever the case, let it flow in without the restriction of fears. sometimes this is even expressed in connection to those we had already been connected to. an exchange of love is happening and that is evident in the depiction of the figures in this card - a man and woman sit facing each other, each holding a cup toward the other in a sign of willingness to exchange their amorous energies with each other. this couple gazes intensely at each other. there is a minor variation in this particular deck - the man holds the cup at a height lower than where the woman holds her cup. this denotes that one of the two may present a level of ambivalence even if they are feeling in love with you or willing to share their deeper emanations. despite this ambivalence, each respects the other's offerings and so approach with caution so as not to inflict unnecessary pain and cause ache. despite the ambivalence, each is definitely immersed in the other and as time progresses less and less is held back. again, if you are not engaging with another in this way, you may be rekindling your love for self. in all instances, decisions regarding the interaction also need to be made. questions to ask at this time include: in how many ways can love be genuinely expressed? if i am redefining my connection to myself, how do i honor the parts of me that are not as willing to go so deep just yet? where do i meet myself halfway and thus invite others to do the same?

deep and meaningful connections are definitely the call of the time. whether you are taking your romantic connection to another level, perhaps getting more serious, or are getting closer to some friend, it is a time to enjoy the bounty of partnership. during this cycle, you are going to encounter those who mirror your more compassionate qualities. you are both attracting and attractive. you are attracting meaningful relationships and powerful love and you are attractive to those who are reciprocating the high vibrations that you are expressing. advise during this time is certainly to allow love to grow in the direction that it is meant. allow the power of community and connection to move you into a place of abundance. your vastness is best projected in the interactions you have with others and the world around you. make a point of allowing that to propel you into setting a strong foundation for the other parts of your life that are making enhancements to your work or career and perhaps even other relationships such as the connection to your family. the activation of this part in your heart space is basically giving energy to the aspect of your spirit that interacts from a whole and integral space of connecting on deeper levels with fellow humans. 

when we are awakening our hearts, it is important to cleanse our bodies. sometimes the toxicity of the body can muddy the the perceptions of our heart and mind. even as we express love, it can become confused with energies which may not have been fully released from our systems. moringa is a plant medicine which is both high in mineral and antioxidant content while also providing the body with support for cleansing and detoxification. moringa powder is often bought and added to smoothies for a boost in nutrition. we recommend this form of administration or making an infusion with dandelion, moringa leaf, and nettle for extra high nutritional value.

capricorn rising/sun/moon :: prince of wands // pau d' arco

the prince of wands moves really fast and sometimes he doesn't think through things before doing this. being the bearer of double fire, the prince of wands must work to keep his fire energy in check. fire may be infectious and all-consuming so this may be easier said than done. fire influencing fire from within will leave little room for cool, calm reasoning or paced behavior. fire feeds off fire and we must always remember this when dealing with the dashing and dynamic knight of wands. encounters with the prince of wands may leave you feeling warmed or scorched.  It is for certain, this knight will leave a long lasting impression on you, be it in a positive or negative manner. If you have been burnt by this knight, it may take some time for the blisters to calm down and heal. the prince of wands is by far the bravest of all the princes for he fears nothing, will have a go at anything, and is willing to risk all as he gallops through life at a hectic and heated pace. In his upright aspect his fire warms, enthuses and excites us, but when reversed his fires can burn, scorch and overwhelm us. thankfully in this pull, he presented himself upright meaning that, though fires may need to be tempered, the energy afforded through this prince is one which is set to inspire and activate you into action.

the energy of this key has dazzling visions of the bright and brilliant future that one is actively working towards.  you may feel bold, daring, and forward thinking right now. at times, you may be too forward thinking for your own good. this happens when you suddenly have a brain wave or discover something of immense interest to you, your incredible creative imagination takes flight and before you have time to work out the ins and outs of it all, the pros and cons, how it is all going to happen or what you might need to do or put in place, you are off and tearing down the road after it, flying by the seat of your pants, winging it as you go. you may feel carried away on a sea of enthusiasm, excitement and motivation, making it up as you go along and your positivity always has you believing it will all work out in the end. because of your strong sense of self-belief, self-confidence and highly polished ego, you can sometimes get away with it and pull off major victories, that really should have been a total flop or failure due to lack of planning, patience and pacing. in general though, this can be one of your major flaws or challenges. this may be a time where you experience a level of impatience, frustration, and restlessness. you don't necessarily want to wait for anything, but it may be in your best interest to let things play out more slowly than you would like them to. pau d' arco is strong medicine for ensuring a more grounded operation. 

pau d' arco is a strong wood which is highly valued for its antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer powers. it is often added to formulas for parasite cleansing as it helps to clear the intestinal tract of tiny invaders which create cravings and eating impulses that are not always natural within our more healthy bodies. (for this reason we have added it to our Sol Immunity tincture). to give a boost to your immune system and strengthen your general balance, we recommend infusing pau d' arco in water with burdock root, dandelion, and cat's claw - consume up to 3 times a week for optimal effects and to temper fires which may exhaust the system.

aquarius rising/sun/moon :: 10 of cups // jasmine flower

aw, aquarius - it's your birthday season and you're on a lovely roll. bask in this energy. you are soon, if not currently, coming into contact with your soul tribe. abundance, joy, and emotional fulfillment are yours to enjoy and give thanks for when the 10 of cups appears.  everything is working out wonderfully for you and you will be experiencing a level of happiness you hadn’t thought possible.  it is as if all your dreams are coming true and your wishes are being granted. feelings of balance, harmony,  and prosperity in life or your endeavors leaves you sighing with deep contentment and gratitude.  it is a time for being aware of and thankful for all the wonderful blessings that have been bestowed on you.  some of this may be down to good luck but on the whole you have strived constantly to achieve this enviable state of being.  you have managed to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. this card can be a sign that you are being, or will be, rewarded for all your good deeds and that big open heart of yours.  you are now in a position where you can really appreciate where life has delivered you and might become quite emotional about the whole thing, in a happy way of course. when the 10 of cups appears there is a strong sense of personal balance and inner-happiness.  very little can get you down when this key shows its face - it speaks of the happy times in life and of great joy and lightheartedness.  any struggles or strife are soon to be behind you, as the rainbow appears to signal the end of rain or storms.  

the emphasis of this current contentment is on the fact that you are meeting those who both celebrate with and for you - there are people who genuinely want to see you happy and thriving and you are readily becoming more aware of who exactly these people are. it could also be the case that you are settling differences with loved ones. the 10 of cups can appear after the end of long-time tensions or hostilities. these difficulties usually centre around family or friends, so it will be quite close to home.  it has caused great emotional disturbance and upset, but the energy coming out in this card symbolically represents the end of trouble.  someone has called a truce or issues have been settled to the agreement of all.  peace and harmony are restored once more and all must be prepared to forgive and move on.  if you are currently experiencing unsettling trouble with those around you, 10 of cups can be pointing to the fact you could be very instrumental in bringing warring sides together.  if it has been you causing the upset in the family, it may be time to stop and rethink. your family may be ready to embrace you back into the fold should you apologize. you know you are missing out on so much, and also missing them, so maybe it is time to call a truce. in general, this energy is very celebratory. there are old energies of discord to be left behind so that the journey into lightheartedness can inform the completion of old cycles of imbalance. as the 10 of cups is also a 1 vibration, new beginnings are inevitably in order. things are changing, the tides are shifting, and you are to assess your life so that you can continue on this part of the voyage with more wonder, love, and awareness of the power of compassion. do not allow feelings of resentment or your ego to get in the way of a potentially good time. 

operating through the frequencies of this card, jasmine flower is a beautiful ally with a delicate scent that smells like love. jasmine is taken as an infusion to not only bring in feelings of harmony, balance, and inner clarity but also to cleanse the body and reflect clearer skin externally. this is all the result of achieving wholeness from the inside, first. jasmine is also excellent for promoting new ideas and providing confidence in romance. a powerful infusion with jasmine includes chrysanthemums, cinnamon, and roses and is used to both stabilize heart function all the while enhancing beauty and attraction.

pisces rising/sun/moon :: (21) the world // elder flower

the oldest soul of the zodiac, working with elder flower at this time is probably the best thing for you. furthermore, your voyage through the world key is a major step in your evolution - you are both harvesting and being reborn. some of this may not be all the way obvious yet, but within the next month you will certainly become more conscious of important upgrades which have taken place within you. there may be the successful completion of a project or the successful outcome of a situation.  the world reminds you it is only by finding inner-balance and harmony that success will be yours. inner-happiness and a healthy self-image accompany the world card in a reading. the woman in the world card looks relaxed and content with her body and her nakedness.  she is comfortable in her own skin as she knows that beauty comes from within. success is ongoing as the figure in the card is in constant motion. the world often appears in a reading to symbolizee the receiving of an award, promotion, or accolade.  it is for certain that you are the center of attention in some ways and are getting some kind of praise at the moment. you may soon be graduating from school or college, have gained a well-earned promotion in work, or come first in a hard-fought competition. you have beaten the odds and deserve to spend some time basking in the reflection of your achievements. 

another possibility with the appearance of the world card is that it is time to take your place in the world or to create your own world. you have all the knowledge and experience you need to succeed.  you may feel content in your world and are surrounded by good friends and family you can trust and rely on. this is not by chance but rather from you putting the effort in to facilitate such an environment. when this key appears you feel protected from all the negativity in the outside world. nothing can get through the thick walls of the protective shield around you. your world is a lovely place to be. you may be buying some assets in order to build your own world and have very set ideas of what you are looking for based on long-term dreams and planning. sometimes this card presents itself when you are yearning or planning to travel, so it shows up as a sign that it is a good idea as there is much for you to see and experience. you are in a learning phase in which you are becoming acquainted with your magnanimity and nobility. as you move through these high places within yourself, remember to keep a grounding so that you are able to interact with your environment in a well-balanced manner. elder flower is a powerful flower that comes from the elder tree, otherwise known as the tree of music and medicine. one of the reasons this is perfect is because when it comes to physical activities, dancing is implied in the energetics of the world arcanum. perhaps attunement to elder for this purpose will give birth to songs which will move and propel you to express more with your body - this is entirely fitting at this time. 

a major reason to employ elder flowers during this time is due to its mind enlightening qualities and the ability for this energy to banish unwanted vibrations from the aura. this is why we added elder flower as a key component in our Ancient Ways formula. this medicine not only enhances, protects the immune system and strengthens the entire body but it also lends a strong sense of courage due to feeling shielded and guarded in a cloak of love. for further work with elder flower, we recommend sipping an infusion of the flower by itself, on occasion. because it boosts the health of the respiratory system, it is strongly indicated during times of grief as grief is readily stored in the lungs. as you move through the transitions of the time, you may find yourself expressing a variety of emotions at once. release sometimes awakens latent grief for final and complete shedding.

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Elsie Lopez