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Herboscopes™ / New Moon in Pisces to New Moon in Aries

We are currently moving through a powerful cycle with New Moon in Pisces conjunct Chiron, aka the wounded healer. During this undeniably active time, we are being asked to look closely at our wounds, understand that we are not defined by them, and do the work that needs to be done so that these hurts no longer pose as an impediment to our process. Many things are shifting on a global level and much of this is more than what readily meets the eye. This new moon sets us up with a request to turn inward and assess our history, collective and personal, and also invites us to awaken our compassion and re-invent the ways in which we show ourselves respect, love, and honor. A renewal in creativity may also be awakened right now. Working through insecurities and feelings of inadequacy, we are able to see how vital we are to this process of life and transformation. We remember that our existence is essential to this great drama. This cycle, and really the next few years, will have us surveying how we play our part in it all and whether we are living to our full potential. The fires of Aries awaken soon, and a new cycle begins which will carry us through the next few seasons in which much light will be shed upon both the shadow and the whole. It is really a time to purge and heal. Some sacrifices may need to be made, and only you can determine what exactly that will look like in your life. (FYI: a good amount of wands came through this time, again. Spiritual reserves are high, and the fire of purification is still guiding us in our ways. This speaks directly to some of the sacrifices that need to be made.)

We are currently moving through a powerful cycle with New Moon in Pisces conjunct Chiron, aka the wounded healer. During this undeniably active time, we are being asked to look closely at our wounds, understand that we are not defined by them, and do the work that needs to be done so that these hurts no longer pose as an impediment to our process. Many things are shifting on a global level and much of this is more than what readily meets the eye. This new moon sets us up with a request to turn inward and assess our history, collective and personal, and also invites us to awaken our compassion and re-invent the ways in which we show ourselves respect, love, and honor. A renewal in creativity may also be awakened right now. Working through insecurities and feelings of inadequacy, we are able to see how vital we are to this process of life and transformation. We remember that our existence is essential to this great drama. This cycle, and really the next few years, will have us surveying how we play our part in it all and whether we are living to our full potential. The fires of Aries awaken soon, and a new cycle begins which will carry us through the next few seasons in which much light will be shed upon both the shadow and the whole. It is really a time to purge and heal. Some sacrifices may need to be made, and only you can determine what exactly that will look like in your life. (FYI: a good amount of wands came through this time, again. Spiritual reserves are high, and the fire of purification is still guiding us in our ways. This speaks directly to some of the sacrifices that need to be made.)

*(If you know your moon and/or rising signs, it is recommended that you read the scopes for each of them, along with your sun sign. If you have knowledge of any stellium sign(s) in your chart, it is advisable that you read the ones corresponding to that as well.)

aries rising/sun/moon :: princess of wands // red clover

in some ways this is a time of deep stillness and listening; in other ways this is a time of overcoming any obstacles, internal or external, through reclaiming stability in the place of your power. you may feel very active and charged from within - the center of your willpower has gone through certain upgrades in the past few weeks, but there is still much work to do around the discipline of how to use that energy. the princess of wands presents you with some major keys here. part of the wisdom of the princess of wands is evidenced through the fearlessness she exhibits during times when others would retreat out of lack of courage - she is fertile ground full of potential manifest as ideas and an influx of spiritual inspiration. in this particular deck, the princess of wands wears a yellow dress with a green lace, she holds a orange colored staff in one hand and white flower in her other hand. next to her, walks a mighty tiger. this is a card of activating the higher faculties through recognizing the influence of the more instinctive and primal aspects of self. this is a card of using the powerful sexual energy that one possesses to really bring forth an ideal form of life. this is a card of tuning deep into our creative capacities. this is a card of recognizing the obstacles that show up and being able to comprehend the lessons they bring which propel you further into your soul's purpose.

as mentioned, this is a greatly fertile time but this is not necessarily in the realm of the physical - this is more so in the realm of spirit. your guides, your holy guardian angel, and your ancestors are sending you messages and encouragement in many forms. remember to listen. at this time, the princess of wands invites you to take the stance of the tiger awaiting the perfect time to make his or her leap. go within and draw forth the wisdom that will enable you to move into the next level of your soul evolution. another message that the princess of wands brings is to really be conscious of the psychic imprints you are receiving. a lot of information is available to you at this time and you may even feel overwhelmed with the psychic impressions that you are coming into contact with, so it is certainly advised that you hold occasional moments of stillness and silence for your own sanity. when you feel a blockage to your progress, take  to process before you try to eliminate the blockage in some otherwise impulsive way. as we enter into the season of Aries, the head area may prove to be a sensitive point for you, physically speaking. practicing meditation and deep breathing, and communing with herbs such as red clover will lend a helping hand during this part of your journey. 

red clover is a plant that is useful for a wide array of conditions. medicinally, it is often employed for throat congestion, which in turn improves clear-headedness and communication with the world, but most importantly with the inner-net. red clover is also a rich source of nutrients including calcium, chromium, magnesium, and vitamins. it is often implied in the treatment of certain, not all, cancers and can help to clean out the liver and other digestive organs. magically, red clover has long been used for attracting both love and lust. it was stated that this is a time where your sexual and creative energy are high. using red clover will only enhance this aspect and strengthen the courage to claim what you know you rightfully deserve - that is love and all the good that comes with it. to commune with red clover, you can drink a simple infusion of red clover by itself or create a combination with other nutrient-dense herbs such as nettles, burdock, and horsetail. 

taurus rising/sun/moon :: 5 of wands // cat's claw

who are you battling, and why? through the surveying of this question you will come into contact with wounds that need to be healed. through assessing your connections to others for exactly what they are - mirrors of aspects of self that require extra attention - you will be able to move through any friction which threatens to keep you stagnant with fear-based impressions surrounding relationships of all sorts. with the presentation of the 5 of wands, it is clear that you are moving through contractions which have long been begging for attention  because they speak to places in which you are resisting coming into fuller contact with your own potential. if you feel threatened by anybody at this time, take the time to ask yourself what parts of you this person is challenging. your point of view may be challenged, your approach to others may be challenged, there may be conflicts in communication and interests, but all of this is moving you toward inventory of quality vs. quantity. if your enthusiasm has been misdirected and further resulted in a scattering of your energy, this cycle is a great time to take stock of all of that and make the adjustments that are necessary.

it could even be the case that you have to release some connections that are no longer in alignment with your highest purpose. whatever the manifestation of this 5 of wands energy in your life, the best advice is to avoid acting entirely out of your ego and take the time to hear others out. if you feel like you are not being heard, make sure to voice that as clearly and with as much balance as possible. there is something rather empowering about this time. much of it is surrounding your own discovery through taking the time in understanding the root of the present imbalance. you will surely come into more wisdom on the basis of self-analysis and taking steps for self-mastery. nothing is by chance - whatever shows up is inciting from within a change toward better quality. as a taurus, you may find that you look more toward the quantity of things in specific situations, but right now, your best move is one based on setting a standard for the quality in the experience you wish to have going forward. wounds need to be looked at, but there should be no fear as your warrior spirit is very active at this time and can be easily accessed for your own benefit. tap into your visions and transmute the tension into a place for new manifestations to grow.

cat's claw is a highly visionary herb which is also exceptional for wound healing - isn't that what you know you need to focus on right now? studies have also shown that cat's claw can help to repair DNA. sometimes patterns in interaction with others can come from ancestral inheritances that we may not be consciously aware of, yet through working with cat's claw, one can figuratively uproot old programming and enter into most balanced states. as a medicine which also supports the bones, this energy lends a restructuring capacity for the work of re-forming one's own life in a way more conducive to wholeness and harmony.

gemini rising/sun/moon :: prince of swords // bilberry

your vision is sharp in ways you may not be fully aware of right now. your willpower is also strong. your ingenuity is going through different updates, and this is all leading you through a path of mastery - in this case, of words and the ways in which you communicate, be it through body language or your artistic expression. though at times you may feel more silent and still, there is a lot within you that you can share to bring clarity to others and even to yourself as a channel that may not always be in full clarity until he or she speaks. at this time, you stand as a conduit for something mighty. a lot of ideas and creative prompts may be coming through at seemingly random moments. when the prince of swords shows up in readings your logical and rational side may also be more active than the more intuitive and fluid aspects of self. approaches may need to be redirected to employ a less rigid disposition. the importance of this card is that it appears during a time when one is learning balance. if we have repeated an action that is not beneficial to our well-being, over and over again, then the balancing act involves an action that results in the opposite. excellence is a habit. right now is the time to reassess the way you allow repetitive motions to keep you complacent in your own growth, or lack of. 

the energy of the prince of swords is charged with visionary power. considering the need to bring balance, this moment may be a good one to use the power of words to either affirm or explicitly right/rite/write out what you wish to transform. be a catalyst for your own shift. it is time to turn the lens inward for some time. really, this has been the work for you for the past few years - now it is surfacing and becoming more evident that other choices don't lead to the same greatness of destiny. excellence is a habit. what you do is medicine or poison too, and you can become what you eat. observe your habits and act accordingly. some can be carried forth and others need to be altered so that you can use all of that energy of creative power balanced by your tempering logic to carry forth the visions that stir from within. there is a lot of work to do but you have all of the tools you need to do it. a great part of your power is your ability to charge forward by using the power of your mind. bilberry lends a powerful helping hand with that. 

bilberry is a strong visionary herb which aids in the process of detoxifying through providing antioxidant support. this is a benefit that is particularly useful for healing the eyes and awakening the the power of vision, including night-vision. this is a great ally for dreamwork journeying and protection during the travels through the subconscious. further medicinal uses include its toning qualities for the brain as well as the benefits it provide in boosting immune system function and reducing inflammation. for the reasons listed as well as the synergistic qualities of this plant with the other herbs in the formula, we have added bilberry to our Eyebright Elixir. elixir means medicine, and this is medicine which brightens the eyes, inner and outer.

cancer rising/sun/moon :: (21) the world // elderflower

a lot of light is being shed for you and on you right now. you've moved through a series of lessons on nurturing, primarily self. at this time you find yourself in a place of full self-assessment as you gauge long-term goals and the position you are to hold in the world. arcanum 21 is often seen as a card of completion, but for you, there is a sense that there is still much left to do, particularly in relation to prioritizing. there is certainly a need to restore balance through stabilizing your energy. much may be available to you in the form of spiritual insights and flashes of intuition that will inform what you should even be prioritizing. take time to listen deeply and intently. when the world shows up in a reading, there is also a sense of lucidity which could be articulated as intuitive imprints received through dreams or in conversation with others. the world speaks loudly about how we engage our sense in communion with all that we perceive. you are being activated on various levels and it may help to share and discuss your thoughts with others - be that family, friends, or an online community which you are a part of. whatever the case, it will prove to be invaluable when you take the time to build in community. 

another thing is that you could benefit from some rest and relaxation - you've been putting in work on different levels, and all of that has amounted to you getting that much closer to your truest self, yet and still a moment or two of retreat, reflection, and self-care will enhance whatever else you are to put and express into the world. arcanum 21 is a great signifier of fulfillment on one level or another, if not all. attunement to the dream realm is emphasized over and over again because it is from this space that you will be drawing from to exalt your creative content. do not sabotage growth out of anxiety. there is a programming that is sometimes present which can torment one on the brink of expansion - sometimes when we are approaching our own greatness, we recede out of fear of not having or being enough to live up to what we see as possible. do not let this paralyze you, instead do the work around unlearning and reprogramming. that's in the cards for many of us. with the world comes shadow work. much of this moment is greatly promising, yet we find that there is a lot of work left to do as the responsibilities increase and we find ourselves moving into both unfamiliar but wanted territory. trust that you have support from many dimensions as you make this journey. there are other aspects of you simultaneously existing on various parallel timelines which are fully equipped for the task at hand - tune into the you that knows and is fearless. this could even be likened to a child-like aspect of self. elderflower has been used as a traditional medicine in many parts of the world and proves to be fundamental in the voyage through arcanum 21.

elderflower is often revered for its anti-inflammatory properties. it boosts the immune system, relieves constipation, and helps stop pain and swelling in the joints. elderflowers work directly with the structure that holds our bodies together (i.e., the musculoskeletal system). as an ally with strong mother energy, elder offers strength for protection and softness all at once - this healer is all about balance. journeying with arcanum 21, elder teaches the magic of existing in various planes at once and doing so from a place of equilibrium. when elder shows up during a time of working on projects or creative enterprises, this ally could hint at releasing all blockages which constrict your expression. for this reason we have added elderflower to Ancient Ways - a formula with the power of the trees, our most ancient known ancestors. tuning into this wisdom, we soon find that we are already complete within self and stand powerfully as wisdom-bearers in our own right. we are then incited to act upon the knowing of our innate potential as we are no longer inflamed with the thoughts of who we thought we were not. arcanum 21 and elderflower both ask, "who are you and how do you express in the world?", and further propel you to move forward according to the truth uncovered through that inquiry. 

leo rising/sun/moon :: ace of wands // ginger

aces generally indicate new beginnings. for you, this is in the realm of accomplishment and your work. it could very well be that you are approaching a place of greater awareness of how you will be directing your power in collaborations and professional commitments. in this time, you are learning how sustainability extends beyond the tangible and into all areas of energy exchange. you have already determined that you no longer want to engage in spaces where interactions are not reciprocal or leave you yearning to be replenished. the newness of the coming weeks is centered around this clarity in awareness. when renewals come about, demands also increase. considering all things, attention to your health will also provide security through ensuring that you are at your best for what you are to do next. this is an excellent time to start a new health regimen or to reprogram (or add on to) the one which you are already working with. your mind and body are very closely linked, so internal manifestations will inform the external and vice versa. ultimately, a great part of the advise at this time is to really hone in on the next part of your journey through drafting a clear and comprehensive plan for how you are to move and in what way you will interact in the connections you are forming and will form as you continue to excel with whatever you are taking up right now. ace of wands is the sign of things making a turn for the better but it is only the beginning. the determination of how this all will progress will depend in large part on how you are thinking and allowing yourself to be inspired in the present. 

what is it that propels you forward, upward, and in all the directions instrumental to your highest purpose? hold on to this and let the rest go. again, demands will feel high during times such as these but you will gain advantage by sifting through the many variables and only carrying forth what is most constructive. in this way, you do not become overburdened with trying to do or take on too much. this is also a time in which a lot of information is being processed (as part of the demands), thus paying attention to your agni, or digestive fire, will show to be worthwhile. how are you digesting your food, and in turn, digesting all else that you are processing at this time? is your willpower up to par with the requirements you are to meet? how can you strengthen your resolve? ginger is fiery spice with much to offer in this regard.

ginger has a long history of use as tonic and treatment for many ailments. it has been used to make everything from herbal infusions to soups to sodas. medicinally it is used to improve the function of the gastrointestinal tract and as a catalyst in herbal concoctions - ginger enhances the actions of other plants in a formula. in the same way, it is used in magical traditional to increase the potency of spellwork and strengthen all intentions. as your journey with the ace of wands, ginger lends its support to guide you deeper into your own power and in turn aid in the expression of it. ginger can be enjoyed in so many ways, so feel free to get creative and add it to smoothies, juices, soups, salads, or your drinking water. you can also make an infusion of ginger with a cooling herb such as dandelion which will also provide tonic support while balancing the fiery energy which is so strongly present within you during this time.

virgo rising/sun/moon :: 10 of wands // chrysanthemum

there is work to do in the heart space. things left to be released. aspects of self to be uncovered. the currently cycle is guiding you to becoming more authentic in all your ways. some of this may feel uncomfortable but its for good reason. this is about moving forward from old heartbreaks and feelings which could be impeding your ability to be receptive to the love that is present. this is also about releasing burdens that are not yours or that you have inherited through your engagement with others. a lot of energy is present right now, spiritual inspiration coming in from different angles, but you are advised to stay grounded in the reality of what you need to transmute. all of the brilliance that you want to share is enhanced when you do the work of addressing the ways in which 'partnership' has affected you and how it is that you want to bring in only the lessons gained to make this go-round better than any previous times. subconsciously, you may have an attachment to self-denial, self-doubt, and grief that is rooted in your inattentiveness to it. now, these things are surfacing so that you can get out of your own way and reinvent your connection to love and ideas of love. this does not mean that you have to compromise, but rather that you could exponentially benefit from affirming that you are worthy of the very thing you thought you could never have or that was not for you. deep down, you know what your yearnings are and you'd do good to declare that you deserve that and more. 

over-stressing can take a toll on your health now, as well. though you're being urged to do some deep work around healing your heart, it is also advised that you give yourself a break from time to time. some of this will even come through reaching out for assistance and really being intentional about self-love and self-care. evidently, the reflections will mirror the ways in which we interact with ourselves, first and foremost. channel to attract the connections the reflect what you are spiraling into, whatever you are becoming because you want to. pace yourself in the current development. you've been moving through some powerful upgrades, many of these taking place on the inner plane and many of these aiding in the reframing of your mental, but now its time to shift the focus toward your heart. what are you feeling and what does it say about where + how your energy should be directed? tune into your sentient self and survey all of the corners which you can get access to right now. some journaling around this will only benefit your process. some communion with a flower such as chrysanthemum will also turn out to be exactly what you need.

in many eastern cultures, chrysanthemum is regarded as a flower of happiness and balance. because of its cooling properties, it is used for high blood pressure, headaches, inflammations, and even consumed as a summertime tea. generally useful for lung and heart meridian conditions, chrysanthemum opens up the heart and makes it easier to breathe, all the while calming any present nervous tension. to enjoy these extensive benefits, it is recommended that chrysanthemum be enjoyed as an infusion perhaps paired with vibrationally protective allies such as nettle and roses. you can even acquire some of the flowers and place within your sacred space to commune with the energies of this ally during moments of meditation and soul-healing.

libra rising/sun/moon :: (12) the hanged man // passionflower

there's a shift of both perspective and approach taking place, deep within the subconscious. this may not be fully obvious to you, but through this journey you will find yourself arriving at great clarity. options are available through decisions that need to be made but you may currently feel as if you have no clear idea on how to move going forward, yet journeying with the key of the hanged man is going to provide you with a greater innerstanding of why you even find yourself in this present position to begin with. this is surely a matter of surrender and allowing a more encompassing intelligence to guide you and provide you with improved lucidity. some things will even be addressed in the dream realm, so take this time to pay attention to symbols and information that is shared through dreams. a loud and clear message right now is to release the desire to control people/situations/"things". it is possible that there is an outdated attitude or wish that you have to let go of. any sacrifices made at this point will only create more room for something that is in greater alignment with you to manifest for you. don't get too hung up on potential "losses" as it will all prove to be for your own growth and welfare. this is a potently thoughtful and reflective time in which willingness to change will provide much needed enhancement to your general scheme.

beyond the readily detectable, self-limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns may also need to be released. keep in mind that we can manifest self-fulfilling prophecies and act accordingly so as to only process what you do want to see and experience. feel free to do some research during these next few weeks of reflection - do research regarding how you can reprogram thought patterns and create new neural pathways. this is about habits and conditionings that have long been expired but may be lingering because you are still holding on to ideas of what could be or could have been. let the universe intervene on your behalf, especially if it feels like you keep coming up against friction - again, this is a time to take a step back and assess. avoid conflict, inner and outer. it will reduce damage and suffering for all involved. improvements will come about sooner than later, but part of your task is to relinquish your attachment to both control and a certain outcome. in retrospect, a lot of things that you encounter through this time will make more sense. passionflower is a medicine that has much to teach about releasing resistance through its relaxing qualities.

passionflower is one of the elements in our Heart's Dream potion which is perfectly in sync with the cycle through the hanged man - this key being one of deep introspection. we added it to our formula because passionflower is not only a sedative which enhances dream recall, but it is also applied to reduce tension and bring about a more favorable frequency in exchange with others. when it is burned as an incense, we have found that it promotes precision of thinking and understanding between people. during a time when uncertainty seems to abound, the properties of passionflower are undeniable for its anxiety reducing quality and also the work that passionflower does on the gastrointestinal tract, making it vital in the processing of knowledge received in this contemplative time. this knowledge soon becomes wisdom through practice.

scorpio rising/sun/moon :: 6 of disks // dandelion

notice the various forms in which assistance shows up for you during this cycle. some of this could be through the re-shaping of your thought processes. when the 6 of disks shows up, it is a sign that things are shifting in a direction that is more beneficial to your personal stability. the 6 of disks is a card of balance through give-and-take. it is also a card of trusting the abundance inherent when we show up from a place of harmony within ourselves. the 6 of disks is a card of the generosity that puts you in a space of grace. some important lessons have been learned surrounding finances and the way in which you handle the input you receive in this realm. moreover, the law of energy within this card says "what goes around, come around." the woman figured in this card presents herself as a balanced creature who has attained her present equilibrium through contact with ancestral energies and further awareness of her personal gifts. she knows what she can share with the world and what she would prefer to keep to herself so that she will not lose this balance from overextending her energy. regarding the ancestral connection, it could be that case that a variety of things are presenting themselves to you for the purpose of reconnecting you to your roots. disks deal in the realm of earth so with the symmetry of such a card, it is not hard to see why connecting with ancestral energies can afford us a healthier connection to aspects of the more present reality.

it may be useful to take this time to do some soul-searching surrounding family and inheritance - this will only further amplify the work that has already been done. and you may even find that this is a catalyst for whatever you are seeking to draw forth from within yourself. much of who we are is informed by our predecessors.. there are also times when we inquire into these spaces so that we gain more clarity about what can be transmuted and shifted within our lineage - though many gifts are inherited, it is also the case that we can inherit the shortcomings and disproportions of our ancestors. commune and see what you find. a great deal of the promise here is that there is not much to lose as you already are in contact with an abundance that you have certainly worked for and deserved through some periods of energetic contraction. this new birth is taking you places in which you can more readily accept yourself with all that you bring and offer, with love, to others who may be working to find this place of grace from which you can more readily operate these days. an ally such as dandelion is highly instrumental during this intimate rite of passage into greater soul balance that is resemblant of our poise upon the earth.

dandelion is considered a weed, and a hardy one at that. it grows through concrete and almost anywhere. nutrient-dense and profoundly hepatic, dandelion serves to cleanse us and bring harmony through the release of hot emotions and conditions such as anger, high blood pressure, and liver congestion. assuming the magical energy of such an ally at this point of your journey can only aid you as dandelion is also said to be valuable in work of communicating with ancestral energies and spirits operating from planes we may not readily perceive but which, nevertheless, exist. to enjoy dandelion, it is enough to simply sit in meditation with it or enjoy a one-plant infusion of it. sometimes all you need is one plant in your tea to do the work that needs to be done from the inside out. such allies reflect our personal power at any given time.

sagittarius rising/sun/moon :: (11) justice // chasteberry

this is the 2nd time since beginning herboscopes that you have received the arcanum of justice. this is no coincidence. there is much to be said about this, and the sure thing is that forces of cause and effect, aka karma, are heavily at play here. don't misread this - karmic energies affect us all yet seem to have a more pronounced effects during certain parts of our journey. for you, this could show up as you take inventory of the way in which you handle your connections to the world around you. here, again, decisions need to be made which will lead to greater overall balance and direction regarding your life path. as you journey through this vibration, it is important to only "take on" what's responsibly yours - let the rest handle itself or be handled by whomever is responsible for it. do not take on the consequences of anybody else's thoughts, words, or actions as this will prove to be detrimental to your process. another keynote within the justice card is about honesty - the primary place to be honest is within and with self.  the figure in this card sits alone, upon a throne, with a purple cloak guarding a passageway behind her, and a green dress adorning her body. she holds a sword in one hand, which stands upright, and a scale in the other hand indicating the balance she acquires when she communicates truthfully and fairly.

in further analysis, this is an energy that is heavily guided not only by what moves the heart but also by visions and imprints received within the gut space. listen to the different inklings that arise within these centers - mind's eye, heart, and 'gut' - these revelations will be shedding much light upon how to direct yourself going forward. supreme equilibrium is swiftly acquired when combining these 3 spaces of intelligence in our interactions. the sentient knowledge of the heart provides a harmonious reference point for whatever you are perceiving. in broad assessment, these present moments are pivotal and determinate of the coming months - whatever you decide upon during this cycle will surely have a profound impact on the manifestations that arise as you continue moving upon your path. another of the many messages for you is to practice moderation in thought, speech, and action. one precedes the other and all inform the outer expression of our inner world. if you find yourself in interaction with people or ideas that make you feel polarized or unable to find middle ground, honor that by taking a more distant standpoint in the engagement. sometimes distance allows for more clarity. the actions of an ally such as chasteberry prove to be vital through this time for you.

chasteberry is a medicine that has long been employed for the tempering of sexual appetites and balancing of the hormonal system. during times when imbalance threatens one's energetic foundations, chasteberry shows up as a factor to restore composure. used in our Mother Moon Potion due to its hormone-regulating and correcting properties, chasteberry can be used in a variety of ways but is found to extract beautifully through tincturing. the pituitary gland is one responsible for hormonal function and also a key factor in operations of our 3rd eye centers. when employing the use of such an ally, decisions can be made from a space of more clarity afforded through its stabilizing effect upon our heart, mind's eye, and sacral space.

capricorn rising/sun/moon :: 9 of swords // water hyssop

look closely at whatever troubles you at this time. what is it saying about fears and anxieties which may be floating around unaddressed? when the 9 of swords shows up, it is almost always an indicator of some anxiety which is creating mental imbalances and stress. this card advises to guard against falling into patterns of worries over circumstances that you may have no immediate control over - instead, focus on working with what you have a grip of to decrease the anguish that could ensue given your own inability to get a hold of your thought patterns. the 9 of swords results after moving through certain mental blockages which further uncovered 'baggage' stuffed away and never unpacked - it is time to do the work of sorting through and attending to the elements which will amplify your metamorphosis. if you have been considering revisiting a meditation practice or starting one, this is the best moment to do so. your mind can only gain advantage from anything that can slow down its constant processing. another big message contained in this particular card is that though you may feel as if you're lacking internal balance, you still are a vessel for some important truths. reading up on concepts such as the "monkey mind" and taking necessary steps to achieve inner harmony will aid in discerning what these truths are. the fact could very well be that whatever you have been stressing about was not as "bad" as you had made it out to be in your head. remember - we create energetic circumstances just by thinking, and sometimes these do not have any rooting in the immediate reality.

at this time, you may also be advised to be cautious about relying on external (drug or not) substances to tranquilize your active mind. certain aspects of your present lifestyle may need to change to overall avoid a dependency on other factors to sedate this process that has you outside of your comfort zone. another important message contained within this key is that if things around you are shifting and take you beyond the spaces where you feel most at home it is all meant to edify you for the next phase in which you are to step into. these times may feel internally constricting but it is setting up a template for you to graduate into the more cultivated, discerning, and tasteful aspects of yourself. you, out of all people, know that there is always room for improvement. anything surfacing right now is bringing about exactly that. allow yourself to flow into this next cycle with more grace, less resistance, and greater clarity regarding the direction you are to take. 

as an ally which boosts general cognitive function, water hyssop proves to be imperative at this time. also known as brahmi or bacopa, water hyssop is found growing near water, on wetlands in various parts of the world. it's uses range everywhere from treating skin conditions such as eczema to stimulating hair growth. it is a powerful pain reliever which is used to treat headaches and backaches. during times when one is over-pensive and highly stimulated in the mind, the powers of water hyssop are invaluable for fortifying brain function and promoting clarity of thoughts. the active constituents of this ally are primarily fat soluble, so they are better absorbed if taken during meal time or with a tablespoon of coconut oil upon waking. an infusion of water hyssop combined with gotu kola provides wonderful support for brain function. anything that supports balance in your mental workings will definitely come in handy for you at this time.

aquarius rising/sun/moon :: 5 of cups // uva ursi

in the medicine wheel, the west is the traditional home of bear. this is the place of introspection of goals. the color of this direction is black, which represents the void where the answers live within the dark cave of bear. this ability to go inside and to introspect is the female energy, which is receptive. uva ursi is commonly referred to as bearberry because bears seem to love this berry. as an aid through this key of the 5 of cups, both uva ursi and the energy of bear provide powerful nurturing and protection to helping clear psychic channels, all the while strengthening boundaries. the 5 of cups is a sign that some afflictions have become exacerbated. in this process, one may feel a deep yearning for the resolution of some old constructs. at this time, you may find that you seek to release certain feelings surrounding your earlier connections (i.e., connections to the mother or mother-like energies such as teachers) which have influenced the way in which you show up in your work. there is certainly a desire to be nurtured and you may be exhibiting this desire through the things you seek out to spend your time. there could be aspects of self that are dealing with feelings of abandonment or having made a poor choice in trusting those who, due to their own woundings, could not supply you with the love and respect that you deserve. all of this considered, the 5 of cups is simply a contraction that will lead into a series of turning points which will prove to be essential for your rebirth. you soon emerge with a new sense of wonder and refreshed perspective on life. take some time to reflect.

the figure within this card still possesses an intact inner child, regardless of how hurt you may have felt by those whom you love. a big message for you at this time is to really cut cords with the afflicting past and move forward. with uva ursi as ally through the movement in the journey, and being an herb of saturn, you are presented with the "lead" of life that is due to be transmuted so that the higher virtues of the heart can be exalted. this moment is a catalyst for your progress, and persistence through what could feel trying only promises reward. some resentments may need to be released, along with subconscious patterns of anger, so being attentive to triggers is another key at this time. this journey is one of emotional unlearning and reprogramming. you may even need to do a little rewilding around your heart space - this could bring about a renewal of trust and the ability to really see that people can only interact with you from where they are. we do ourselves a greater service when we turn the expectations inward and work on self-refinement through shedding filters. 

the power of uva ursi as an ally in this time is indispensable because it is an energy that brings about purification through its action as a diuretic - it helps clear excess fluid in the body. sometimes when we are retaining liquid, it could be signifying that we are holding onto grief and are thus experiencing a water imbalance in our constitution. uva ursi is excellent for general cleansing of the kidneys as well as soothing inflamed and irritated tissue - further attesting to its usefulness in healing the emotional body from irritations such as anger or resentment. to enjoy, once can enjoy a warm cup of uva ursi combined with nourishing herbals such as burdock and mullein to balance out uva ursi's more astringent properties.

pisces rising/sun/moon :: 7 of cups // lavender

elements of both water and air seem to move through you are this time. intuitions come through both feelings and mental imprints. you are surely being asked to trust your deepest knowing. a number of choices could be available to you and some of these could prove to provide results more illusionary than real, so with discerning which these are, you narrow down your options and approach greater clarity about what your best decisions could be. often, when the 7 of cups appears, it could be signaling at the fact that a lot is happening at once and this could ultimately create confusion and a lack of focus. it is signaling a need to come back to center and reduce distractions. this could be triggered through your vivid imagination and seeing multiple possibilities. however, the imbalance of the time is centered around not grounding your energy into the reality of practical manifestations. your self-perception could be skewed by this disparity between imagination and intuition. there are things that show up within the imaginative faculty which speak to the work the needs to be done to actualize what one could see as possible.

if you see yourself conjuring pictures of what meeting certain goals would bring into your life, it is now time to also hone in on practical actions to bring these things about. all in all, the call to trust gut inklings in the determinations made is a continually emphasized approach. meditation surrounding your inner vision could prove to be exponentially advantageous for you. it could also be a time to do work and rewiring around depression that arises during certain times of the year for you. with transitions happening in very important parts of your natal chart, you may find that your emotional body is especially fragile during these next few weeks. taking time for self and away from all confusing factors will provide recalibration so that you can re-emerge with a formidable resolve to guide your path. this cycle is a pivotal one in the sense that whatever you do during this time is setting up a foundation for the next 9 months of your life. don't rush in making delegations and long-term decisions for your life. you will find it most favorable to actually re-organize your self and de-clutter your inner and outer space. you will not be delayed in your process by doing this.

there is much reward to be gained from slowing down in mental processing and allowing a more fluid and receptive state to take over for the time being. for this reason, lavender is a perfect ally at this time. lavender is highly relaxing in properties, making it an indispensable ally for over-pensive people who spend much time in their heads with thoughts racing and unable to ground their energy. our The Magician tarot tincture contains lavender for the purposes of enhancing deeper meditative states in the process of unlocking inner portals which help us to into our latent creative ability. during the journey through the 7 of cups, the magician can only serve as an aid to further enhance the clarity necessitated for a balance decision-making process. lavender also serves a great balance ration just as an oil applied to different parts of the body to bring about feelings of relaxation and harmony.

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