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Herboscopes™ / New Moon in Taurus to New Moon in Gemini

PLOT TWIST: haha! this month and for all the other herboscopes going forward, i will be including an "extra dose of wisdom" which could come in the form of any of the various mediums for art. this month is MUSIC. the following months could feature anything from a link to a piece of visual art to a poem that you may benefit from studying or meditating upon. the aquarius part of me always has to add a lil some some extra to make it all "different" - i really could not contain myself. hope this serves you well and that the tunes incite a shift in your frequency for the improvement and expansion of your soul. maybe you'll want to dance n groove. let it flow. LOVE.

PLOT TWIST: haha! this month and for all the other herboscopes going forward, i will be including an "extra dose of wisdom" which could come in the form of any of the various mediums for art. this month is MUSIC. the following months could feature anything from a link to a piece of visual art to a poem that you may benefit from studying or meditating upon. the aquarius part of me always has to add a lil some some extra to make it all "different" - i really could not contain myself. hope this serves you well and that the tunes incite a shift in your frequency for the improvement and expansion of your soul. maybe you'll want to dance n groove. let it flow. LOVE.

*(If you know your moon and/or rising signs, it is recommended that you read the scopes for each of them, along with your sun sign. If you have knowledge of any stellium sign(s) in your chart, it is advisable that you read the ones corresponding to that as well.)

aries rising/sun/moon :: prince of disks // muira puama

soundscape: Smooth Operator by Sade (scroll down for full playlist)

the man in this image holds a pentacle/disk with the image of Mother Nut supported by Shu, as Geb - symbol of vegetation, the earth, and healing - reclines beneath. this card is a clear indicator of support in the material realm which comes through our communion with "higher" places, the invisible spheres. the prince of disks is one who has mastered certain lessons regarding earthly manifestations and the power of creation. this man (or woman) operates from a quiet, yet knowing place. in this time, Aries, you are learning how to take responsibility following the period of instruction in how to release from the inside out, while drawing from within these same spaces the resources that are to propel you to the next level. you are still in space that is informed by your unfailing determination to reach your goals, achieve your ambitions, and create the world that you can be comfortable living in. mastery is the key here. many ideas have come to you, but you are realizing that to execute them properly and achieve high quality of result, you must organize yourself in such a way that you are acting upon your tasks in a way that involves logical action. working in this way allows you to draw from a truly productive stream, one process deriving from the previous, and thus you are able to pick up on any detail you may have overlooked or missed. this is important for you at this time even if you are not immediately aware of it. your fire seeks grounding.

the consistent sense of progress that you are making brings you closer to achievement. the big (yet seemingly simple) lesson that is present for you is that success is the sum of many small acts which come together to form the whole. the fertility and abundance that you are working with is not foreign to you - this is something that has come up time and time again in the past few months. the signs show that you have seeds capable of growing into big trees - the determining factor is really how you use the resources that are present to further yourself along your path. you already know much of this but you must put it into practice. again, your fire seeks grounding; all of the spiritual inspiration you have been receiving is due to be put to use. a way to ground yourself is to visualize a beam of violet light flowing from the sky ("heavens") into you through your crown. this light flows inward and shifts color as it moves into the different energy vortexes within your body. it goes from violet to blue to green to yellow to orange to red. this red light moves deep into the earth where you are either standing or sitting and shifts into a network of brown-colored roots which are the foundation of the tree that you are. this is Malkuth - your kingdom - so, what are you birthing into it now?

muira puama is an ally that has only recently been receiving the attention it deserves. as medicine, it is often used to stimulate and heal the reproductive organs and the sexual energy. some of its less discussed qualities is the fact that muira puama is also a powerful brain tonic, aiding in strengthening memory and our ability to make connections about the things we are acting upon. with this magick, muira puama is the perfect companion for you on your journey to grounding your wonderful ideas and inspirations into something more concrete and readily usable. it can be added as powder form into warm water with a bit of honey or your sweetener of choice (no sugar, please). or you can even decoct (simmer in water for up to 45 minutes) muira puama bark and enjoy a cup of it once or twice a day for no more than 3 consecutive days at a time. this is powerful earth medicine.

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by sending to Gold Water Alchemy's PayPal.

taurus rising/sun/moon :: (4) the emperor // horehound

soundscape: If I Ruled The World by Nas ft. Lauryn Hill (scroll down for full playlist)

it is evident that you have been working through some things, releasing old baggage, letting yourself be renewed by the fire set on your own shadow. if you have not been doing this work, circumstances will present themselves to lead you in the direction of that. it is certainly in your best interest to uproot old paradigms to allow this newness to guide you toward your greatest performance. the emperor is here to remind you that you have the capacity to exert full control over your life - the things which could feel out of your control are certainly not meant to be controlled. rigidity can be stifling and, ultimately, deadly, so flow is necessary as much as control is. nevertheless, you are getting a grip of your power and releasing any old ideas of not having the authority you can have in your life. the emperor also comes with the message that you have a lot of energy available to you for use in all that you intend to bring into this dimension. use your power wisely. this is a great time for you to actually balance logic with intuition - one should not overshadow with other. you are growing up and mastering use of your tools. you are opening doors on the external realm through becoming aligned in your internal world. at this time, you are advised to engage all of your energies in order to take dynamic steps forward in life. you could be having major epiphanies or even awakenings through this next cycle - make detailed note of these; do not take your realizations for granted.

clear divine guidance is offered to you as counsel in the form of friends, helpers, or even partners who speak a word and give a gift that is a consequence of your own balance. again, what you see externally is reflected internally, on some level, and vice versa. keep working through those old wounds. keep releasing outdated pain. void old contracts that are no longer echoing your truth. it is time to forge forward and resolve difficult or troublesome issues with the support that is given to you in many ways - be on the watch for these as it comes in fast. there is a special type of strength about you at this time and you would be wise to use it in the moments you feel it strongly. a good affirmation for you in these moments is: 'i trust and depend on my inner power. i have everything i need to make things right and balance my life.' working with this as a knowing, and not simply as mere belief, will help you to engage your senses in a way that is more acute and in tune with the path being made as you walk and create. 

when we are engaging through times of stepping more fully into our truth and power, allies such as horehound come in handy. horehound is used for both respiratory and digestive conditions. it helps to treat indigestion and also aids in clearing the lungs while helping to expectorate mucus and intrusive fluid content. magically, horehound is said to strengthen mental powers - this is especially evident because when our digestive system is balanced, our thinking is also clearer and sharper; the connection between gut and brain is strong. for this reason, we have added horehound to our The Emperor tarot tincture. the affirmation that goes with this potion is, "i manifest my mind's vision with the power of logic accompanied by deep intuition."

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by sending to Gold Water Alchemy's PayPal.

gemini rising/sun/moon :: 10 of disks // slippery elm

soundscape: Vibrate by Andre 3000  (scroll down for full playlist)

when disks show up in a reading, we are being put on notice that our material world is going through a shift, contraction, or general experience. the 10 of disks is a card of "wealth" and "inheritance" in many tenses. the kind of wealth that comes through this card is not just on a material level; it is, more importantly, grounded within the inner workings of your being. you are inheriting the qualities that result from your own process of refinement. in the image, we see 7 figures; one holds a palm in his hand, another sits on the ground, a woman stands holding a baby, and 3 others are also standing, seemingly casually, but all 6 of these people are attentively gazing at the man who holds up an almost transparent mantle that has drawn upon it 10 disks, methodically place to form the tree of life. there are also two pyramids and a tall pillar, inscribed with medu neter glyphs. this is a powerful image and it is very telling. though it seems that all of these entities are operating separately and doing different things, they can easily be perceived as multiple aspects of the same being. these people are representatives of aspects of self which serve variable functions to make a holistic and refined person. you are inheriting the wealth of true alignment with your own best interest. you are inheriting the wealth of a clarity and lucidity of perception that enhances how you move forward in the world. eventually this lends you the power to truly materialize your conceptions. you are currently operating from a place of profound knowing and (perhaps, subconscious) awareness of truths that you may not be readily able to grasp, but which will surely rise to the surface for you to apply more swiftly.

there is the child in you that should be attended to through this next cycle. this child, as nurtured by the woman in the image, is full of potential and able to exert influence upon the world by a "simple" cry. this paired with the glyphs is a clear indicator that you should use your words wisely; know that you have a powerful voice that many will hear and pay attention to, but inner sorting is a pre-requisite to this more external expression. nevertheless, there is an influx of insight which may be useful to put on paper or further extract from within in some other way. as well as tending to your inner child self, it is also critical, at this time, to listen to the wise counsel that is offered from your Holy Guardian Angel aka your SELF. the 10 of disks is a mighty beacon to be guided by - wise decisions promise that you will not recede on your path that is now picking up momentum. there is an invaluable lesson in all of this: by bringing your thoughts and emotions to a conscious level, and by making well-informed choices about how you direct those energies, you create your world. the power is truly in your hands. decide, and perhaps write out, exactly what you want and strive, unwaveringly, toward it. trust that your energy can be put out into the universe and it will come back to you complete - no one can take from you anything that you do not willingly give; and know that there is also power in giving. holding on to all this wealth out of fear of loss will only guarantee loss because with this way of thinking you are operating from "poverty consciousness" - there's no need for you to do that. shift your thoughts to exalt your power further.

the energy of slippery elm is potent medicine for a journey through this vibrational signature. used for everything from coughs to constipation, it is even used for expelling worms. innerstanding your voyage as one which necessitates that you clarify and determine your truth, slippery elm proves to be appropriate for this work. slippery elm is also high in minerals and vitamins which provides you with the fortitude to move with certainty in this cycle. an infusion or decoction is the best way to benefit from the healing powers of slippery elm. it is best to ingest it in between meals or as a soothing tonic for digestive or respiratory issues.

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by sending to Gold Water Alchemy's PayPal.

cancer rising/sun/moon :: 3 of wands // burdock root

soundscape: Mmmhmm by Flying Lotus ft. Thundercat (scroll down for full playlist)

virtues up - who you are is enough and everything. the 3 of wands is a key that reminds you to stay true to you. it represents the point of inner balance where we are clear about what we want to create in our lives, and also highlights our confidence in our abilities to make our dreams come true. this is not an ideal time to fall back into old habits or patterns, or to allow doubts or fears to consume you. face the future with a solid and present determination and resolute perspective of your capacity. you are constantly refining your skill, talents, and virtues - this current unraveling of self is going to enhance anything you take on going forward. there is really nothing to be afraid of at this point. this message seems to keep coming up for you in different ways, right? it's not a coincidence. when the 3 of wands shows up, you can be sure that a level of excellence is a part of the present process. you are both developing and maintaining high standards of behavior and learning how to have the faith and tenacity to live out those standards in every action and word. sometimes you may fall short of your own expectations, and then you retreat out of disappointment and shame. though this can be a hard place to work yourself out of, the 3 of wands is sure to bring you back to center and help you realize that your power is yours in every form it could show up. sometimes you fall short of your expectations and it is a way for you to subconsciously prepare yourself to be better and perform in accordance with your goals when the pressure gets more intense. this is a training field. 

meditation will benefit you in these times. when you feel overwhelmed by your own inner demands, sit quietly and breathe deeply. direct this energy into your heart and allow it to both fill and open you up. consider your standpoint in the matters at hand during this time. ask yourself if you are out of alignment with yourself about anything. if you are unhappy with yourself about anything, think through the act, thought, or feeling without judging. or if you judge, allow it to be more in the realm of discerning what and how you can improve. go to the core of the situation without blaming anybody, not even yourself. if it feels useful, you can write down what you discover to be the core of this issue and then tear up the paper to pieces before you throw it out, then throw it out. affirm, "i live my highest truth through all my acts." now that you have identified and resolved the core of this particular matter, you can move toward your virtuous self and do it better next time. this is a time of mighty conjuring - summon what you wish to see directly in front of you. you have that power. know that you are well-supported in these operations; your guides and allies are rooting for you - in silence and aloud, alike. 

burdock root comes to you as an ally in this time. burdock root comes to lend you strength, protection, and wisdom. used in medicine by many peoples and nations, burdock is a healer of massive proportions. american natives used the whole plant as food and would boil the stem in maple syrup to eat like candy. it has also been mentioned in ancient land-remedy rituals because it was said to improve crops on the field and remove any sorcery cast upon the land. as a partner in your voyage through the 3 of wands, burdock lends support as a blood cleanser to help you detoxify your system and become an increasingly more virtuous and harmonious being. decocting or tincturing the root proves to be an advantageous way to work with its medicine and bring in both the physically healing and more subtle energies of its magick. to invoke protection and guidance during times of uncertainty, sit with a cup of burdock root concoction and perform the above-mentioned "simple" meditation which will, in all its simplicity, show to be extremely potent. 

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by sending to Gold Water Alchemy's PayPal.

leo rising/sun/moon :: 8 of swords // feverfew

soundscape: Keep On Moving by Soul II Soul (scroll down for full playlist)

some people prefer to avoid the 8 of swords because it almost always signals some form of delay or stagnation in the realm of the mind/thoughts and, further, actions. in truth, this is a card of "divine interference". when this energy presents itself, it often hints a problems with endurance, making decisions, or a lack of concentration. these sorts of energies are such that they cause one to reconsider one's current path and what can be done to improve the conditions - this is how 'divine interference' plays out; we are, whether by ourselves or "something" else, being incited to more closely examine our lives and make shifts in accordance to what is more calibrated to inform our greater truths. the solution to this influence is more simple than you might at first imagine - if you are giving yourself a hard time, then accept what is happening and stop banging your head against the wall, so to speak. sometimes this kind of interference is exacerbated by astrological or lunar influences, so let a few days pass by in which you do things which satisfy you, which flow easily, and which help you rest. afterwards, you can come back and deal with whatever was causing the imbalance. if the interference is coming from an external source, take time away from it/them. affirm to yourself, "i skillfully direct my energies into the things that will make the most sense" - don't waste your vitality hacking away at something that may better be resolved tomorrow. don't frustrate yourself by banging on a door that will just not open. whatever the case, the message here is clear - do not rush to fight or battle with things, internal or external, that are not currently going your way.

another signature note of this card is the fact that you may be over-analyzing a situation and thus unable to actually move forward in, with, or from it. in these times, you are being guided toward acting in ways that prove to be more coherent by making that distance between yourself and aspects of your mind which can slow you down. indications shed light upon the possibility of the fact that what has actually led to this point, at the core of the matter, is your own inability to approach matters and your daily living with a necessary discipline. even the image of this card suggests that what is really in your way are these patterns that you have adopted. transmutation is in order - soon you will realize that certain constructs that you have upheld are not as severe or unpleasant as you'd made them out to be. some fears could be informing your communications, yet you are due to really sort through these and move forward without them. placing so much weight on the past as a determining factor for what is to occur later in your life is no longer a viable option for your mode of operation; you really are charged with the responsibility to become conscious of the fact that you are constantly creating your reality, along with other forces present. as you continue to journey with this key, you'll be confronting several lessons that will serve to provide you codes for upgrading your current energetic disposition. taking preventative measures with your body will help you to avoid having an overwhelm of imbalance on the various levels of your being.

feverfew is a plant long used for the medicine it offers in relieving headaches, migraines, or any associated dizziness and weakness. it is an excellent friend for people who experience sensitivity to light and noise. as we go through these processes of becoming more aware of ways in which we may slow ourselves down, our energetic sensitivity becomes more pronounced. the medicine of feverfew offers protection through these times. it is also the case that feverfew helps to relieve stress - an aspect of its use which is evidently beneficial during times when factors can play into our own vibrational aggravation. to invoke the magick of feverfew in your life, you can take it in tincture form or make an infusion with the herb to enjoy regularly and take preventative measure against what can happen when you do not check the patterns within your mental workings. 

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by sending to Gold Water Alchemy's PayPal.

virgo rising/sun/moon :: (13) death // agrimony

soundscape: Sinnerman by Nina Simone (scroll down for full playlist)

the death card is scary to some because it's the "death" card, but this is not always something that we should be alarmed by. often the death card does signify the end of something or, at the very least, a transition point in our lives, but not always or necessarily in a shocking or disruptive way. in any case, the arcanum symbolizes new beginnings through transmutation - outdated elements of your past are now being swept away. this is the energy that will guide you through this current cycle. there are other cards in the tarot which signify change and transition, but because this is the "death" card, you can be certain that these adjustments are more pertinent to your long-term experience. whatever is released or transformed during this cycle will stick with you for months and even years to come; make wise decisions surrounding this. use the current of this time to thrust you further into what is most real, relevant, and resonant for you; there is surely great advantage from a key such as arcanum 13. this is exactly what is needed to open doors when fear has proven to be stagnating you in some way or another. it will aid you in developing the quality of your spiritual inner-standing. when this card comes up, take inventory: what is it that needs to be released, changed, or transmuted? what situations have been lingering well past their expiration date? what should i have dealt with before that this time is challenging me to face and finish? imagine, for a moment, that your life is a plot of land. if it is completely overgrown and covered with unwanted and untended undergrowth, it may be hard to plant something fruitful and beautiful in it, right? the death card invites you to spend some time cutting away the undergrowth and clearing the debris so that your life is clear and ready to receive new seeds to nurture. be very diligent about sorting through your inner land-scape at this time. 

sometimes the death card will be less about something you need to do and more about something which requires that you spend some time in reflection and meditation. maybe you have been too occupied to really think about some of the things which are more difficult or demanding in some way. if life is created by what we think, what we expect, and how we feel about things, our deepest emotional urges, our wildest dreams, our highest ideals require a great deal of thinking about, don't they? if not, we stagnate, never creating new channels through which to direct our energies, never determining when a habitual action has run its course, never assessing what is useful, and what is not. with this in mind, sometimes a death needs to be a day in which you re-evaluate the general patterns of your daily existence, and re-appraise your goals. you'll know if it's that kind of day by measuring how dissatisfied you currently feel. if you are largely happy and comfortable, then the death card day is one for clearing the decks in a physical sense. there are guiding spirits that help to facilitate this work.

agrimony is known as a Jupiter herb useful for clearing away toxicity which has accumulated in the body. agrimony also balances the entire system in general - it has long been used for healing menstrual issues, aiding in digestion, balancing the blood sugar, and even for its anti-cancer effects. we used in it our The World tarot tincture formula for its deeply magical qualities also. this plant acts as a deflective shield to help protect the aura from intrusive and adverse energy. it is beneficial through a movement in the realm of arcanum 13 as it not only provides a sense of security, but also lends its energy for 'uncrossing' matters and aiding us in making shifts more readily and with greater grace. one way to administer it is to make an infusion of both hyssop and agrimony when things feel like they are transitioning for us and it may create some discomfort. both of these are Jupiter plants which not only help us to confidently move through change, but also aid us in the expansion that follows these advancements.

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by sending to Gold Water Alchemy's PayPal.

libra rising/sun/moon :: (9) the hermit // sage

soundscape: Teacher Don't Teach Me Nonsense by Fela Kuti (scroll down for full playlist)

the hermit is a great educator, but first the hermit studies. this arcanum is depicted as a person within what looks like a cave. he or she wears a green cloak while holding a staff of sorts in one hand and a lantern in the other. around this person are 3 baboons and a pomegranate fruit - the symbolism here is rich. baboons are said to be sacred to the god of wisdom and communication, Thoth. pomegranate has long been revered as a symbol of fertility and love, but it is also an indicator of longevity. the hermit holds the lamp of knowledge as a receptacle of the wisdom and knowledge he has acquired through years of meditation and study. this person is in a clear space of not only shedding light upon their own inner wisdom, but also doing so in such a way that it extends the longevity of the work they are to do in the world. this is the vibrational signature that beckons to you in these times. the hermit lacks human company, as the teaching/learning process is often one of aloneness and solitude. the hermit is an adept, someone who knows the inner mysteries of life. this person has reached the point in his journey where nobody else can help - he must rely on inner resources, previous experiences and sheer faith in the light which leads him. when you walk the path of the hermit, you travel deep inside your soul. here, you discover the name of the god or goddess residing within you and bring back the keys to self-knowledge and mastery. after this journey, you will be able to live from the center of yourself and become content with your essential aloneness. and perhaps, after this, you will be ready to teach others what you have discovered.

this is a powerful card which is often misunderstood when perceived as one of isolation and loneliness - it's true that its appearance can mean those things. but at a deeper level the mystery of the hermit is much more spiritual and reassuring for the hermit is a symbol of tuning in to listen to our own inner voice, to remember our inner light. take a little while resting in your own center - ruminate, let your mind wonder - disengage (even if only briefly) from the everyday concerns that occupy so much of your time, and instead give yourself room to be awestruck, delighted, inspired. if you have not yet found the place you feel is your center (and believe me, you know it when you find it) then practice exploring yourself a little. sit down comfortably, close your eyes, and look inwardly at yourself. observe your thoughts as though they were external to you. pick them up as though they were stones, and look beneath them. if you do not like what you find, then throw it away. it's often the case in the early stages of this procedure people find several things they aren't happy with, but for every unhelpful, critical, or murky rock you mentally throw away, new growth will spring up in its place. eventually you'll discover that thoughts are tools that we invest with far too much importance a lot of the time. they are peripheral, and often interfere with growth. behind them reside your dreams, hopes, aspirations, needs, emotions, and your soul.

sage is the perfect correspondence for an energy such as the hermit. commonly used now to clear the air and cleanse space, sage is also a plant useful for meditation and entering into deeper states of consciousness. sage awakens the sage-like teacher within us, and besides smudging, it can be ingested by extracting its medicine via an infusion. with this medicine as an ally during a time as the hermit, you can be sure that you will gain insights sooner than later - quickening your mind, enabling self to be even more assured with the truths that are being revealed in this journey. (please note that white sage is currently over-harvested, so be mindful of where you are sourcing your sage from. sometimes it is enough to find a sage plant and meditating with it without having to remove it from its habitat).

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by sending to Gold Water Alchemy's PayPal.

scorpio rising/sun/moon :: prince of swords // bilberry

soundscape: Tama by The Dogon Lights (scroll down for full playlist)

during this time, your inner world needs more of your attention, but maybe you feel as if you've been doing that a lot lately, if not your whole life. we know how it go, Scorpio. however, the prince of swords is really inviting you to study yourself more closely. it is important to study your thoughts, and allow them the time to extend. too often a thought crosses your mind and then you are unable to give that thought the room to grow and develop until it achieves its maximum potential - and because this happens very often you fail to live up to yourself, too. so yes, make time for quiet inner contemplation during the moments when the prince of swords is showing himself. think about your own opinions on certain topics which are cycling in your life right now - though you can extend beyond personal matters and focus on more global situations which have been calling for your attention in one way or another. you know, often we fail to converse with ourselves even to the extent that we converse with our acquaintances. we take for granted what we think and what we know, even though our opinions may not have been revised in years. as constantly growing individuals, our opinions certainly will change on some subjects, and if we don't give ourselves the time to check them out every now and again, we can become alienated from our own development. this can lead to all kinds of problems (examples of these sorts of problems can be found through keys such as the 8, 9, or 10 of swords). so have this assessment conversation with yourself. in having this conversation with yourself, you will almost certainly come across things that you had not placed much importance on before, and these things may have slid into your subconscious mind, showing up as dreams or in interactions with the world - somehow these things always surface "unexpectedly" even when we are not thinking about them. become familiar with yourself again, and then stay in close contact. make friends with Self.

this level of scrutiny is not one in which you need to exert too much judgment upon yourself. if you encounter thoughts or aspects within your inner world that are not favorable to you, make note of them and use your symbolic sword to cut that out of your psyche. this is a time to get clear on what is real to you and how you want to use your deep seeing abilities in the world. it is a gift to be able to perceive things with such sensitivity and, further, lucidity. the prince of swords is also one who has many ideas - maybe the inner work you have to do is sorting through these ideas to determine which are most in alignment with where you are headed going forward. you have a great capacity for abstract thinking and are currently in a very high intellectual state, or entering into such. use this in your best interest. the energies about you are high in this moment, so stay steady with whatever you are working through and take the time for that inner inventory - this will sharpen your vision even more and enable you to act, in any situation, from a place of greater awareness of self and, in turn, the world. 

some medicines are used in magical tradition as protective in a way that reflects the, otherwise, more medicinal qualities that it holds. bilberry is one of those. bilberry is high in antioxidants, helping the body to expel free radical damage and rejuvenating the cells for optimal function. in magic, it is used to protect against harm and psychic attack. i mean, it is exponentially harder to attack someone who is strong in themselves by virtue of the work they have done on themselves. your chi (vital energy) matters here and employing bilberry as internal medicine will help you to circulate your energy with greater power. because the prince of swords is one that deals with visual perception, this berry comes perfectly in handy as its known to be an eye healer and a vision corrector. call upon the spirit of bilberry when needing that extra boost of clarity. 

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by sending to Gold Water Alchemy's PayPal.

sagittarius rising/sun/moon :: queen of disks // marshmallow root

soundscape: Diamond In The Back by Curtis Mayfield (scroll down for full playlist)

being the queen of the suit most connected to the home environment, families, materiality and fecundity, the woman represented by the queen of disks will most likely be a person whose attention is focused upon the family environment or those whom she considers "family", whether they are actually of blood connection or not. here, the queens excels, gaining a great deal of pleasure from providing a secure haven where she and others can feel cared for. in modern times the qualities for which this queen stands have tended to be devalued and downgraded. many have viewed being one who tends to the home as one in a lowly position, or perhaps not "good enough" to do anything else. yet the contribution that this sort of work makes to the lives of anyone who comes into contact with it cannot be underestimated. to heal our society, we must heal the family units, first. for you, Sagittarius, this queen shows up as a reminder that you possess multiple resources that can be put to use in this time. these resources will inform not only how you engage within your community, but also how you can use them to bring your ideas into a place of more concrete manifestation. it is time to ground your visions and dreams. it is time to ground into the security of knowing that you have just enough to do exactly what you must do during this cycle. the queen of disks helps us to get a grip of our reality and act according to precisely what is present. your fire is being supported by the earth - trust that.

when moving with the energy of the queen of disks, you are being invited to turn your attention to the practical roots of your security and sense of domestic contentment. this queen is offering you a stable foundation from which to move forth into the often turbulent forces of life. when you have re-established your sense of safety, you function much better as an incarnated (in the flesh) being. you can be more tolerant, less fearful, more compassionate, less grasping. so on this journey with this key, you must make a point of doing something to love yourself in your home environment, and also something to make that environment more welcoming, more attuned to your own sense of balance. there are many ways to do this. for one, you can take half an hour or an hour out to do the things which make you feel at peace. you could do some work in the garden, or take a long relaxing bath, or cook yourself something special to eat, or listen to music with a whole head, or whatever else makes you feel gentle and timeless and happy.  you can buy something that makes things that make your home space feel more comfortable, or you can re-arrange something so it's more pleasing, or you can clean out that cupboard that has been gathering cobwebs for ages. the point is to spend time and energy both on yourself and your home - and to do both of these things with the intent to harmonize more thoroughly, to feel more rested and centered, to make more of a haven than you already have. remember that your intentions, when coupled with actions, have a powerful influence on your environment. they create new streams of energy which will manifest. and since the queen of disks is about the home and family, and about your view of yourself in that environment, with her as a guide you must nourish those things in order to put them in their rightful place in life.

soothing and nourishment are signatures of this time for you. marshmallow root is used for soothing the mucus membranes and reducing any inflammation due to infection or heat imbalance in the body. working through both the digestive and respiratory systems, marshmallow root is also known to bring general tranquility by relaxing the spaces where one may be holding the most tension. in voodoo, marshmallow is considered a "spirit-puller" - it draws in the good spirits to assist us in whatever task we are taking on. it is also a psychic stimulator that enhances the transparency of mind, making it easier to make contact with other planes, strengthening our divination and clairvoyance. as an accomplice in this endeavor through the queen of disks, marshmallow root proves its effectiveness for restoring our balance and enabling us to manifest more beautifully. 

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capricorn rising/sun/moon :: 2 of wands // hawthorn

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you have the liberty to choose for yourself. you are in charge of the way your life is unfolding and the fact that things happen in the way you have anticipated, based on the inklings that you receive through your "gut" intuition. trust what you feel when making critical decisions - the mind paired with the heart will guide you into more clarity. the 2 of wands is a card of mastery of life and of yourself. it indicates that you have the ability to follow through on your personal destiny, to make your dreams into reality, and to realize your strongest desires. dominion is a word not much used these days - and therefore sometimes misunderstood. it means 'rulership', and has almost nothing to do with domination, even though each of them comes from the same root - domain. on the context of the tarot, you are relating to your personal domain or territory as your own lives and your potentials. this key has a great deal to do with the application of true will. we all have one of these, whether we have worked to discover and understand it or not. one thing that many people don't understand is the fact that the will functions at all times, in every second of existence. every thought, concept, hope, dream, whether useful or useless, creates a piece of our upcoming reality. with every thought you think, your will operates to bring that thought into existence, oftentimes subconsciously. so if you happen to be thinking unhappily, your will could go off and makes a little bit more unhappiness for you. be clear in your perceptions. 

the 2 of wands gives you power over your thoughts by asking you to take responsibility for the future you are making for yourself. this is a good time to observe your thought patterns and then consider where those thought patterns are leading you. if you find that you don't like the look of the future, well, you still have the opportunity to change it before it's too late. part of your domain is what you think, so make sure to check out your thoughts on a regular basis. many people let their thoughts run wild without taking inventory of what these thoughts are actually informing and speaking to. make no easy compromises. cut straight to the heart of your desires and needs. discard any thoughts which get in the way of you getting what you need, from the inside out. make every action and choice a deliberate attempt to get closer to your goal. this is the power that the 2 of wands lends you. sometimes, to be fully effective through this surveying, you have to separate yourself from the crowd. you have to take time away from the communities that you are a part of so that you may assess what is truly of you and what you may have adapted based on "groupthink". there is nothing necessarily wrong participating in society in this connected way, but surely the invitation for you is to make determinations regarding your personal power. following this, your interaction in community will be stronger by virtue of you acting in direct alignment to what are the truths of your heart as perceived through analysis of your mind.

there's so much that can be said about plants, always. some plants allure with their expansive power. hawthorn has always been one of these enticing plants, in my opinion. hawthorn is known as an all-around heart tonic regarded as the safest for just about any heart condition. hawthorn is a magical ally whose flower, berries, and leaves can all be used as medicine. typically, the berries have the highest concentration of much of this plants nutritional value, but the flowers and leaves are equally effective for treating cardiovascular imbalances. when we need help identifying our heart truths, hawthorn comes in handy. when times demand that our hearts become more open to what we are holding with us, hawthorn shows up at a friend to lean on. in traditional chinese medicine, hawthorn is also revered for its digestive toning power - this is unsuspectedly essential to our ability to even process our own thinking. this is a great time to tune into an ally such as hawthorn for the process of balancing mind with heart and becoming clear on where we are, in general, internally.

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aquarius rising/sun/moon :: (7) the chariot // parsley

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the chariot is numbered 7 and is usually depicted as a warrior driving a chariot triumphantly 'home'. the chariot is drawn by powerful and wild creatures - in this particular image, we see two lion bodied creatures with the head of pharaohs, one wears a white headdress and the other wears a black headdress. this card is clearly about balance. these creatures are our will which can be quite a wayward beast to control at the best of times. this is a hopeful and encouraging card, reminding us that we can climb to the heights if we want to. here we are taught how to master the opposing forces within us, in order to bring them and thus ourselves into harmony. we are cosmic warriors - unfurling, learning, and growing - divine and vital parts of the universe. the perfect affirmation for the chariot is, "i move through life fearlessly and with clear direction".  this is a card which contains within it a great dynamic of strength and power. often it comes up during a period where we feel we have struggled through a difficult and demanding time, battling to achieve the things that we need out of life. though you could feel weary, this card signifies that you have emerged victorious. in one sense, the Chariot marks the time of rest and tranquility after a battle is won. yet it also indicates something else very important too: after the battle, once we have rested and recuperated, it becomes necessary to begin a new flow of energy - we have to clean up the debris of the struggle, plan our next move, and determine the direction we intend to move in now. this arcanum indicates a few other things - as a result of the difficulties and struggles now at an end, you will need to change some of the features of our lives, so it also indicates big changes and promises that these will be beneficial and rewarding, bringing further triumph and success with them.

allow yourself a big sigh of relief, knowing that recent problems are coming to an end. still, take time to consider what might be left to be finished up with regard to these events. once you've done that, you can turn toward the future and decide what would be the best new route for you. think through each step of this new impulse, so that your plans are methodically determined. paying attention to detail is beneficial because once these changes begin, life will be moving very fast indeed and there will be no room for catching up on things. there are great demands upon you for various reasons. new responsibilities come with victory. new duties come with change. gauge your assets and put them in their right place so that you can easily reach out for them when the time calls for it. during moments when you can rest, do only that. it is important, here and now, to balance all of the work you are putting in and doing with times of just being. fresh ideas and newfound innerstanding are the result of your pilgrimage through this key. 

as you move forward with the power of your will, remember that you can call upon guides and ancestors for help - you do not have to do it alone. parsley is a plant medicine whose energy helps us to tune more deeply into contact with other planes. parsley, on a physical level, has strong cleansing properties. when we clear our physical vessels, our more subtle bodies can function more fully, our will is clarified. enjoying an infusion of parsley or adding parsley as spice and flavoring to your salads or soups are some of many ways to use the energy of parsley for your continual development. the chariot comes to us when we can, when we are capable. if this is coming to you now, know that you have it in you to charge straight through and into your destiny with the power of your will. 

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pisces rising/sun/moon :: 6 of wands // goldenrod

soundscape: Next Levels by King Geedorah (scroll down for full playlist)

you been on a roll and it is quite lovely. you are overcoming adversity and old patterns within your own psyche. it could take a while but you are doing it - celebrate your "small" victories. the 6 of wands is also known as "the lord of victory". this is a card of fight, competition, and eventual victory. it can apply to the areas of your life where you feel you have had to fight very hard to achieve your goals. it can apply to any area of your lives where you have had to strongly assert your position and in some way prove yourself. this could be about passing successfully through tough training courses; it could be about spiritual development after a period of test and trial; it could show that you have managed to establish stable and harmonious relationships through hard work and tenderness; it could even mean that you have finally managed to get your bank balances to match your desired level of spending after some instability in the material. the 6 of wands is a card which indicates that you have entered into a point of balance and a moment of ascension during which you feel rightfully proud of yourself, but may be you also feel a little overwhelmed by your breakthrough into good fortune. before this card appears, there is almost always a struggle. you may have been striving - sometimes against unhelpful influences - to get a hold of dreams, hopes, ambitions, and needs. there could be pain and confusion as a result of this struggle. but this card is a clear signal that you ought to take some time to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor thus far. every little breakthrough counts.

working with this powerful archetype, pick things that have been hard for you to focus on or work through, previously. assess whether the energy available in and to you will enable you to bring these things to completion or resolution, and act accordingly if so. keep in mind the importance of counting your blessings through it all. know who you are, what you've got, and where you are heading. know that you are not alone and that there are those around you who want to see you succeed. make a point of bringing these people closer and allow them to share this love and grace with you. remember that allies present themselves to you in a variety of ways, also. an animal may show up in your dreams or on your way through the neighborhood. a plant could make itself known through the book you get from the library or a conversation with a loved one. i mean, goldenrod, anybody? yeah, goldenrod is here for you on this journey to lend you that extra boost of the "luck" and confidence that is so pivotal for you in these times. the appearance of goldenrod is a symbol that good fortune has been looking for you and it has finally found you. the only thing between you and it, is your own resistance. you see, the medicine of goldenrod symbolically enables us to release resistance to the good.

goldenrod is a kidney tonic and works directly in this meridian to enhance our "flow" states. mihaly czikszentmihalyi states, “the best moments in our lives are not the passive, receptive, relaxing time. the best moments usually occur if a person’s body or mind is stretched to its limits in a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile" - this is flow; it is the adrenaline rush that takes you to new levels when you feel like you cannot go anymore. you can, and you know you can, so go and trust your gracious flow.

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Elsie Lopez