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Herboscopes™ / New Moon in Cancer to New Moon in Leo

this moon cycle is all about karmic clearing and, if we pay attention to the astrological weather, we may get a hint as to why. with various retrogrades occurring simultaneously, it is evident that these are the spaces into which we are being called. we spend so much time, especially these days, projecting images of ourselves that seem most ideal to those whom we interact with, but it is really time to become more true to self. there is a lot to be said about and in these times when the world is becoming increasingly polarized and humans operate more extreme in their ways, but i'll let the herboscopes do the rest of the talking. HINT: BALANCE IS A BIG THEME FOR EVERY ONE. 

this moon cycle is all about karmic clearing and, if we pay attention to the astrological weather, we may get a hint as to why. with various retrogrades occurring simultaneously, it is evident that these are the spaces into which we are being called. we spend so much time, especially these days, projecting images of ourselves that seem most ideal to those whom we interact with, but it is really time to become more true to self. there is a lot to be said about and in these times when the world is becoming increasingly polarized and humans operate more extreme in their ways, but i'll let the herboscopes do the rest of the talking. HINT: BALANCE IS A BIG THEME FOR EVERY ONE. 

*(If you know your moon and/or rising signs, it is recommended that you read the scopes for each of them, along with your sun sign. If you have knowledge of any stellium sign(s) in your chart, it is advisable that you read the ones corresponding to that as well.)

aries rising/sun/moon :: 5 of disks + (3) the empress // white oak bark + schizandra

since the beginning of Saturn’s shift into Capricorn, a need to balance has been nagging at you - this is no news. what is showing up for you at this time, however, seems to come with a depth of polarization which invites you to assess how to go about attaining that balance. this is likened to the image of a woman using her own urine to fertilize the ground upon which she is standing. to fertilize the earth that one is with the waste that one may produce. it’s dirt-deep work and it’s yours to do. I mean, who says there is no nutrition in waste? no fertility in death? the major equilibrium between the juxtaposition of the 5 of disks and the empress is very distinct and precise. you are expanding into greater material abundance through activating creative expression. the fact that the empress came after the 5 of disks in this pull is very telling: this is truly about ascension. this is about shadow work and inquiry surrounding the way in which you use the resources available while also recognize that not ALL of life is a resource - there are those things which exist to benefit a wide ecosystem just by virtue of being; in this way, it is not always to be consumed. agency exists within the living; some lives give as a part of their nature and deserve all the more respect. it seems the picture is becoming clearer to you by now; this is also depicted in the shift from 5 of disks to the empress - clear the clouds with deeper breathing. this is heart expansion. 

the point in between this movement is found in the image of this woman urinating in the toilet out in open air. this is not the most flattering image of evolution or growth or transformation but the message still stands: use the tools you have and “make it work”.  both cards feature at least one disk or a plate - there is room for you to add more nourishment to your daily living. these invitations will aid you with softening into your wealth and abundance; it comes in a myriad of ways. recognition is a major key for you in this time, this may feel something like a remembrance perhaps connecting you back to a time in life when you felt perfectly secure, and maybe even in juxtaposition with the moment in which you initially felt the grounding of comfort slip from you in some way. this can take you into memories of very early childhood, memories you didn't even know you had the capacity to recall, or it will show you how your energy resonates from parallel dimensions and also through your ancestral lineage. a purging is occurring for you, and this is regarding the matter of your mind and how this contributes to the way in which you project into the environment. continual inner training is a necessity for you in this time. 

white oak bark and schizandra are not medicines you may often see together, but you would be very surprised to find that they work synergistically and potently when combined. this is in great part because they protect us from the inside out and also because, being a berry that contains the 5 main flavors, schizandra serves as a great balance to the more astringent qualities of white oak bark. the wood of oak is very well known to center the mind, allowing one to focus on tasks and get things working. for a contraction such as the one experienced in the 5 of disks, we have crafted a formula named Ancient Ways, for it enables us to tune into the resilient and disciplined mind that may have been stronger before times when the access to so much information has gotten so many very distracted from their own missions. to further your mission and manifest empire on the physical dimension, The Empress aka Rose Sea potion is a strong tonic. just working with a strong decoction of white oak bark and schizandra is extremely sharpening medicine. because these are both so strong, i recommend dosing every other day as opposed to daily. 

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by sending to Gold Water Alchemy's PayPal.

taurus rising/sun/moon :: (10) the wheel of fortune + queen of cups // bay leaf + motherwort

these are profoundly emotional times in your life. several major symbols move through these visuals - in the imagery of wheel we see the forms of Taurus, Aquarius, Scorpio, and Leo - the fixed signs of the zodiac. the wheel has the moon cycle depicted upon it, one phase on each spoke. with the card of the queen of cups by its side, by who's feet a scorpion is as if crawling upward upon the rock on which she sits, this time is telling that you are in a space of learning potent lessons regarding emotional intelligence. just those symbols alone imply that you are working with the power to master your emotional body and thus your response-ability in daily interactions. this has come to you after a time of some trial and error. you may be coming out of a time in which you felt overwhelmingly imbalanced or at least unable too maintain a stable grip upon your life. though trying, this has brought you closer to the space of mastery that you have been yearning for. with the appearance of the wheel of fortune, it is evident that you are in a space of changeability, yet the paradox of this card lies in the fact that the 4 fixed signs of the zodiac are depicted on this card which hints at the idea that ultimately you have control over how these changes show up and turn out in your life. the wheel presents some conundrums to us. it represents cycles, the underlying structure of the world, the universe and our interconnection with everything. it also advises that some cycles are harmful – such as the ones where we continue to attract the same situations constantly. the people and places may change but the circumstances are, in essence, exactly the same. it tells us that we are subject to the whims of fate but at the same time, it shows us that we do have some control – even if that control is limited to our own thoughts. it tells us that we must develop an awareness of our patterns of behavior – where those patterns serve us well or where they chain us into endless repetitive thoughts and actions. this is where the queen's power comes through.

the queen in any suit is a force to be reckoned with. she represents not only the mother aspect of that suit but also a level of mastery within that energy signature. the queen of cups, as juxtaposed with the wheel of fortune, is a signal that control is occurring in the heart space. a lot of the ups and downs experienced in these past few cycles have been centered around the emotional self, yet the queen of cups assures you that you are long overdue for some upgrades and she promises to serve as a nurturing guide for you in this process. when was the last time you practiced some deep and extensive self-care and self-nurturing? how can you carry out those practices now in a way that enables you to ease yourself out of whatever imbalance has wanted to set in and take hold? one of the biggest messages of the queen of cups is to listen closely to your inner voice, listen deeply to your hunches, trust fully your intuition, learn to discern between when you are receiving actual intuitive messages and when you are allowing your mind to formulate possibilities based on fear. there is plenty of deprogramming work to be done collectively and, for you, it is time to be serious and diligent about healing your heart and releasing childhood traumas and lack of nurturing, love, and attention that has left you seeking in places where you know it will not be found. turn inward.

to go inside and heal our hearts, it takes courage. interestingly enough, mending our wounds takes an activation of the very space which may have experienced a great deal of affliction. you do not have to go through this alone. plant allies such as bay leaf and motherwort can serve as perfect supports for you in these pivotal moments. bay leaf is nutrient dense medicine with much nourishment to offer us - need i say much more? we added this ally to our Mama Drops formula which we concocted as inspired by one of our main motherland's traditional medicine, Mamajuana from the Dominican Republic. it is not coincidence that the wheel's plant, bay leaf, showed up in unison with the queen of cups's plant, motherwort, as they both provide nourishment on different levels. Keeper of the Flame is a concoction crafted with the specific intention of healing the heart. motherwort is one of the main ingredients in this medicine. even the name of this plant, motherwort (meaning mother's plant), derives from the knowledge that this ally has proven to be soothing to mothers and their children. so yes, dive deep into communion with motherwort and let it soothe you and your inner child, using the complementary medicine of bay leaf as a nutritive ally to fill you with stellar and earth-based love.

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by sending to Gold Water Alchemy's PayPal.

gemini rising/sun/moon :: (13) death + 5 of swords // agrimony + skullcap

something very intriguing is present within the flow between the imagery of both of these cards when placed right next to each other. the colors used in both cards are the same, the floor in both is also the same signifying that both of these depictions occurred within the same common space. this is a mighty flow between two cards that do not even happen within the same suit, yet they are a part of the same soul story. in the death card, anubis holds an ankah in his left hand and a bone in his right. in the 5 of swords, a woman wears a dress the color of the ankah that anubis holds in the death card. this woman also holds a sword in her left hand. in the death card, we see a red scorpion at the feet of anubis. in the 5 of swords, there are 4 broken swords at the feet of the woman, between her and the man who stands facing away from her, looking out of a window toward a clear sky. improvement in communication is the focus here. some things are dying, but there is nothing to be afraid of for these moments of "death" guarantee that you are entering into a place of new beginnings. certainly, old ways of communicating with self and others are due for close analysis. figuratively speaking, you have one sword left for your use which basically means to be very wise and conscious of the ways in which you use your words, speech, and voice. it could very well be that some connections have been adversely affected by the poor communications within them - all of this is calling you to be more aware of how others' communication patterns may be or have been mirrored within your own. considering the elements of both cards, it is also the case that you truly have the capacity to exact a level of balance in your interactions - these cards say that it is all up to you.

focusing more intently upon the appearance of the death card in this time, it is not hard to see how the transitions taking place in your healing process are leading you into new life on various levels. perhaps speaking more directly will surprisingly get you exactly what you want and need. sometimes avoidance of direct communication only serves to further confuse a situation. sometimes mastering HOW we communicate is where the lesson is; we do not have to censor ourselves for fear of losing anything. digging a little deeper here, elements of life and rebirth are evident in both of these keys; the 5 of swords also has the image of a woman holding an ankah depicted upon the table in between the man and woman whom are central to this symbology. there is a lot of potential available to you but certain fears must be conquered and dealt with in a true manner so as to do away with their hold upon our will and ability. the release of passive-aggressive attitudes and habits of conversation that have been ineffective time and time again can really fortify your evolution at this point. 

quite interestingly, there are plants which can provide assistance to us during specific pivotal moments. agrimony was assigned to the death card because it is a plant which helps to not only shield us in transition but also excel in being our truest selves, fearlessly and without pretense. this is a perfect ally, even as medicine for the 5 of swords and it is well complemented by skullcap. skullcap is brain food for toning the central nervous system and aiding in easing into self and grace with less resistance and greater clarity. the 2 medicines crafted by Gold Water Alchemy are perfect in conjunction with each other because they will help ease our Heart's Dream into manifestation in The World. with the relaxation afforded through use of skullcap, we can more readily express our true selves as is the intent of agrimony's magic in our lives.

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by sending to Gold Water Alchemy's PayPal.

cancer rising/sun/moon :: (6) the lovers + (13) death // roses + agrimony

the transit of the moment is urging you to make an important decision, and this decision is made in balance when you merge certain opposing factors that are now present. this is the directive of the lovers energy. combined with the death card, the message goes deeper to say that old contracts are expiring, so is the indecision regarding certain matters and relations. the lovers card itself is a very lovely card, depicting a man and woman standing side-by-side with two trees behind them, one which has 12 apples on it (one for each of the signs in the zodiac). on that same tree, there is also a serpent. the woman holds a cup (water element) and the man holds a wand (fire element). this is alchemy at its finest, concerned with the harmonization of opposites at all levels of being. at the highest level, the lovers represents the marriage of the emperor and the empress - the archetypal union of male and female. of course, one of the areas that this card therefore covers is that of emotional relationships. if you are in a period where you do not have a partner, see yourself as your own partner. this is more true than you might at first think. our relationships with others are often reflections of our own inner struggles to realize and fulfill our needs. ask yourself some questions - have you been emotionally honest with yourself? have you achieved genuine access to true feelings about yourself? if not, then open up those doors and let yourself really see who you are. this opening also allows some necessary soul-searching to unravel, and this is where the "dying" begins.

rites of passage are in order. in many traditions, the initiation into changes is preceded by a period of tests and trials. you may find that you are inhabiting this space more presently in your daily living, and if nothing feels especially trying, the next few 7-day cycles will have you accessing more of the aspects that you tend to avoid coming into closer contact with. the purpose of this work is so that you may enter into your partnerships with more clarity about what you're bringing and giving and what you are taking and receiving. it could very well be that this point of death and rebirth is something you and a partner, intimate or business, have to enter into together. whatever the case, alone or accompanied, you are in for a transformation that is rooted in the decisions you make during these coming moments. the universe is almost presenting you with a kind of ultimatum in which a choice has to be made so that stagnancy can be absolved and real progress can begin. it's a critical juncture for you now, and it's really no wonder that you have such powerful heart and mind medicine that is speaking to you through this. 

roses and agrimony are both part of the rose family - aka heart-centered medicine. they work in different modes to bring forth an equilibrium to our primary center. rose is an ally of great beauty and has been revered as such through time. in physical healing, it is used to expel excess fluids and aid digestion. sometimes indecision can be directly linked to indigestion. fortified by the energy of agrimony, it can be the case that combining these two in an infusion or potion elixir proves to be vital for strengthening the true self to shine forth in situations where we linger out of insecurity. Rose Sea and Heart's Dream are 2 potions that have proven to work very well together in instances were insecurity threatens the foundation of whatever you may be creating. we formulated The World tarot tincture with agrimony as a way of enhancing the qualities within us that can be shared with the world for the benefit of all. may these allies ease you into rebirth.

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by sending to Gold Water Alchemy's PayPal.

leo rising/sun/moon :: prince of wands + 6 of cups // pau d' arco + juniper berry

you are very much in your element even if things make you feel otherwise. in these images, there is the depiction of a lion and cats, respectively. the elements water and fire guide you in these moments, echoing that you are also in a place of great alchemy within yourself. you are refining and maturing. as you do, you may have "quick" encounters with what are known as "soul mates". now, do not let this term confuse you - soul mates are not limited to intimate or sexual connections. often, they show up as family and friends and those whom we do business with. however they come, these beings are instructive upon your path and help to educate you for the better. the energy and movement between these cards is very dynamic and active. the prince of wands is a keynote with a great deal of warm enthusiasm and gaiety flowing from its energy. often insight and perception increase when it is influential. there are often sudden and unexpected shifts of energy, so that blockages are swept firmly out of your path, leaving you liberated to move forward in your chosen direction. with this in mind, expect to be directed to take action to remove difficulties and resolve problems, and be open to guidance from wherever it happens to come. don't be surprised to receive guidance from odd sources, especially from the soul mate interactions, and pay close attention to what happens around you. allow yourself to be alert to apparently random input which will give you clues and ideas that had not occurred to you before. and then once you have picked up these signs, follow them diligently and determinedly - you'll find they really pay off. don't put things on one side for further reference - as soon as you know what action to take, take it. then sit back and wait for the next 'nudge'.

moving the prince of wands into union with the 6 of cups, the focus right now is on your relationship to "pleasure" - how do you go, subconsciously or not, between extremes of over-indulgence and over-restriction? how can you bring a balancing perspective to your idea of pleasure? the 6 of cups invites you to do this work as it is a card often associated with pleasure but as with all tarot keys, they beckon us into greater observation of self and habitual acts that may be contributing to our lack of discipline. the prince of wands and 6 of cups are very strong energies to receive in combination, and they speak of rapid movements toward a certain goal. brace yourself because this time is picking up speed and many elements of your living may seem to move more quickly than you can deal with. all of this is for good reason and is certainly not meant to break you - on the contrary, this is an excellent time for you and your spirits may be lifted very high in this moon cycle. inquire into how the past is impacting the the potential in the present and work to eliminate any present blockages. so much growth is being promised to you that it is actually going to be harder for you to feel detrimentally overwhelmed even though so much is changing at the speed of light. to center your energy, working with the element of earth will prove to be beneficial.

pau d' arco is revered as tonic and blood builder. it strengthens our bodies by helping in the elimination of micro-organisms (such as parasites) that cause issues in our health. natives even used the bark of the pau d' arco tree to fashion bows and arrows, speaking even more so to the way that pau d' arco mirrors the energy of the knight of wands. taken as a regular infusion, it helps us to become clearer within our minds by clearing our gut. juniper berries, being the other ally that has shown up for you, may serve best during times when you feel "full", literally or otherwise, due to over-indulgence or over-stimulation. to settle into your body with less discomfort, Keeper of the Flame has been crafted with juniper berries. consuming this potion, paired with a warm cup of pau d arco and perhaps nettle will surely make you feel stronger almost immediately. may the strength you acquire during this time serve to carry you through for decades to come. 

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by sending to Gold Water Alchemy's PayPal.

virgo rising/sun/moon :: 9 of cups + king of wands // raspberry leaf + gentian

balance is a major key for many of us in this time, and for you the elements of water and fire are as illuminating as they can be over-powering. practice caution here. the 9 of cups in any reading shows up to remind us that what we desire and wish for is not far from our reach. the king of wands usually shows up where there is something we are not aiming at directly, but we would do wise to be more diligent about. the king of wands jumps over the fire, so to speak, to make it to the other side where his destiny and attainment of goals await. this is not an ideal time to be passive about what you are going for which is heavily focused upon ensuring an abundance of both nutritional comfort and also emotional stability in connection to intimate partners. even if you are not currently engaging in an intimate relationship, this could even show up as how you go about nourishing and stabilizing yourself. 9 of cups is a card that brings with it a lot of happiness and satisfaction. 9 of cups shows itself when we are approaching a greater truth in our commitments to our loved ones. perhaps there is someone who wants to become more serious in interactions with you whether that is something that is in passionate emotions or just on a business level. on a day when the 9 of cups and king of wands make their way to you, you are advised to open yourself to the infinite blessings of the universe. these may come in disguise so stay attentive. 

at their highest levels, these cards remind us of the completely inexhaustible supply of love that flows continuously about us, and tells us to simply step forward and revel. there's a lot of pain out there too. not everything may be as we wish it to be. we might hear a news report that does not fill us with faith and belief in the race. yet we can look up to the sky, and there (no matter what the weather) we will see an image of pure perfection. we can study a flower, and we will see a miracle. we can look at our lives and be thankful for all the things that we're glad are present in it. once filled with this wonder, those secret silent places can feed us strength when we confront ugliness or cruelty. be sure about where you stand so that you can gain greater insight about where you want to go. once you feel clear, keep going. taking too long to even make certain decisions can become blockages if you become too comfortable in the safety of not acting with certain deliberation. know with certainty that you can really acquire the life you want, you can manifest the (soul) family you have envisioned, but it is going to take some direct and assertive action on your part, and you know exactly what that may look like, so what is it going to be?

when we need support, the conditioning will tell us that if we don't have another human immediately accessible to us for that then we are basically alone. this could not be more false. there is literally a world full of support waiting for us to call upon it, while also reverently expressing gratitude to it for its existence. one of these support systems is in the plant kingdom. one of these highly supportive plants is raspberry leaf. high in elements such as magnesium, iron, vitamins A, B, C, and E, raspberry leaf is nourishing enough to be taken regularly in the form of an infusion. it is an herb of love which is part of the rose family and works with both reproductive/creative centers and our heart space. combining this medicine with the power of gentian is sure to activate our magician qualities, as gentian will provide us with the needed lucidity to identify our inner tools. for this reason, we have added gentian to The Magician tarot tincture. gentian and red raspberry support each other's work in a powerful way. gentian will help to detoxify our bodies, while raspberry leaf will be useful in filling us up with the nutrition we need to be sustained in highly demanding and creatively charged times. 

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by sending to Gold Water Alchemy's PayPal.

libra rising/sun/moon :: ace of disks + (18) the moon // mullein + mugwort

there are mirrors all around you right now. these come in the form of the people you associate with and also the developments that proceed forth from the interactions had in these connections. there is really so much to be said about the appearance of the ace of disks beside the moon card. maybe we have been talking a lot about shadow work lately but that is just the call of this time. shadow work will enable you to move through this time and into a space of greater focus and direction in regards to your work. new beginnings are promised through the ace of disks - perhaps you get a new job offer or decide to craft your own avenue of income after a time of deliberating upon it - yet there is still plenty of work to do internally; this is the biggest message when we encounter the energy of the moon through the tarot. the externalizing of material rebirth is the result of the work within the subconscious through the simultaneous realization, restoration, and stimulation achieved during our time with the moon. with the contact between these two cards, it could be that the appearance of something looks more safe than it is. the moon often comes up to indicate deception, or deceit. we are best served by testing everything against our own inner senses, and attempting to discover how we feel at a deep intuitive level about what happens. you'll find that your intuition is probably somewhat heightened, because another of the moon's influences touches on psychism, internal development, and ease of inner communication. there's another thing you need to keep your eyes open for, with this card - not only does it indicate out-and-out deceit, but it also shows us where there is illusion or uncertainty. in moonlight, you notice that things look very different indeed than they do in daylight. the big message is that some things are not quite how they seem. so when this card is about, take a closer look at situations that are in question during these times. 

despite the worry that the the moon may seem to bring for some, there is surely balance in knowing that the factors of your material security will not be adversely afflicted if you approach this time with level-headedness instead of anxiety. a lot of information may be coming to you at once - through dreams, flashes of insight, answers acquired in meditation, communication with others, etc - but remembering that the control you possess is your response is an important thing to keep in mind these days. the truth is that the moon brings you valuable lessons about trusting yourself more than you have previously. there are a lot of good opportunities showing up for you during these next few transits, but the major key here is to seize the ones that are most ideal to your path and also trust the imprints you receive from the people or institutions which may be directly correlated to the opportunities you are considering stepping into. continue to engage as thoroughly with your material matters as you are with the shifts and realizations occurring from within. this mode of operation will ensure that you attain the balance that your zodiacal signature is known to seek.

mullein and mugwort are both very reminiscent of the mother energy. mullein and mugwort are both associated with the transparency and receptivity required for deep dream work. a way to incorporate these allies into our resting experience is to make an infusion of mullein and mugwort to drink before bedtime. both of these allies increase psychic vision and allow us to see through illusions. mugwort helps with the energy of cleansing and expelling parasitic entities - this is the main reason we added this plant to our The Emperor tarot tincture. considering the presence of the ace of disks in this cycle, it is no secret that you are creating a template for your work in the world at this time. mugwort is also present in two of the potions of our "Medicine of the Blues" collection, Ajna's Awakening and Violet 'n' Blues. each of these formulas is intended to enable us to see in the dark and at all times. they also provide relief to our throat, allowing us to speak more truthfully while also cleansing our lungs. mullein and mugwort work very well together and if you decide to make an infusion of mullein, you can surely some drops of any of these potions or just add your own mugwort to it for a boost in sight.

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by sending to Gold Water Alchemy's PayPal.

scorpio rising/sun/moon :: 4 of wands + 10 of disks // aniseed + slippery elm

a theme to consider right now is "going back home", meaning you are settling into yourself and becoming more sure of your truth, the truth. the four of wands and 10 of disks complement each other very well as both of them have to do with a level of "order" and "ordering". the four of wands has two separate, and yet closely interlinked, effects. the inner, and more complex, matter that this card rules is that of the establishment of right order. when things are balanced in life, they flow more easily. when apparently contradictory forces come into equilibrium, the powers inherent in each is available to be utilized to their fullest degree and have a doubly powerful impact within their environment. as a result, when this state of balance is achieved, we become very effective in any area to which we apply ourselves. there is no time-wasting inner conflict, nor indecision. we can simply direct our energies in a clear and competent fashion. from this inner effect, arises the more common definition of the 4 of Wands - that of completing parts of certain cycles, finishing projects, achieving new stages of development and insight. this is because we have been able to isolate and prioritize those things which we see as most important. considering the message in the 10 of disks, which instructs us upon the appropriate use of wealth, we are being asked to not just use our resources wisely but to also learn how to share them with those who will also put them to good use.

another key message in the 10 of disks is to learn from the experiences that our elders - parents, grandparents, partners, aunts, uncles, etc - have shared with you. there is wisdom to be found in learning about another's mis-take. let the stories that you encounter be a source of education for you. there may be some uncovering through conversation with those in our direct blood-line. you are inheriting a vaster awareness that will enable you to be clear about how what was present in the familial genetic make-up at the time of your conception factors so deeply into who you are and how you may operate in certain instances. sometimes we need to refine our genes because the mutations that have occurred through time have proven to only bring dis-ease and mal-nourishment. through gaining this knowledge and applying the wisdom, you set a more solid ground for your future which is already happening. this is also about a shift from poverty-consciousness into wealth-knowledge. we are all in learning phases of our lives, but yours is geared toward being more practical with how you use your energy. maybe changes in the home space, like some feng shui, or actually making a physical journey into a new space will prove to be very constructive for you. it is almost as if you could encounter a compilation of certain mysteries and use that occult knowing to bring forth a form that is ideal for the life you want to live. i mean, taking it a step further: what can you actually build with your hands? manual skills is something you may want to look more closely into - you may find a great deal of mathematical truth that extend into various realms of the universe you are aware of. 

when processing new or an abundance of information, it is always ideal to check in with your actual digestive system. how is it doing in these times? can it use some toning and revitalization? the implementation of a daily regimen with aniseed and slippery elm can be very rewarding for you. one way to commune with these medicinal allies is to make a decoction with both of them. bring 5-6 cups of water to a boil, bring heat down to low. add 3 tablespoons of aniseed and 2 tablespoons of slippery elm bark (if you add more, it may make the consistency of your decoction more like a syrup). let the plant material simmer in the water for about 20 minutes. take it off the heat source and let it sit for 1-2 hours. sip slowly and share with friends and family. we also invite you to look at our Mama Drops formula which is inspired by a traditional healing drink of the Dominican Republic. however you decide to partake in communion with aniseed and/or slippery elm, you will find that they will not only harmonize your digestive system, but will also calm your nerves to help you be most effective in your work and life.

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by sending to Gold Water Alchemy's PayPal.

sagittarius rising/sun/moon :: 7 of swords + queen of wands // ginkgo + dong quai 

there is a lot of action, a lot of attention on you from different angles. you got to pay attention to you. protect your fire. protect your creativity. protect yourself enough that can discern where and when you need to put up some boundaries and ensure that nobody has access enough to dim your light - at that point, they've gone too far and you begin to lose your sense of agency. air and fire are key features here. the seven of swords shows up as the element of air, meaning that its effect may be more deeply felt within the mind. the queen of wands brings us warmth and resonance with fire, hinting at the fact that she is an archetype of the spirit. they are contrasting energies in very essential ways. the seven of swords shows up when we are, inevitably, in for a bit of a tough few hours. work will tend to pile up, and conspire against our best efforts to get through it all. we will often feel as though we don't want to work, as well, which of course will make everything feel worse. we might also fall into the trap of worrying unnecessarily about things that haven't yet happened, and probably never will. this wastes our energy and makes us feel despondent and futile. soooo - what to do? for a start, we would do good by seeking humor in our own perspective. surveying persistent worries and fears, we can ask ourselves - do i realistically have something to worry about? if we are objective and honest when we answer the question, very often we'll find we are actively looking for things to get anxious around. we can do this just to try to take control of a day on which we feel out of control, and it probably does us no good at all. this, in connection to the queen of wands, lets us know that we are mostly worried because of how we may appear to others and not necessarily because it is something that is actually "wrong" or "out of order" - you could end up creating dis-order with your mind if you do not get a hold of your thought patterns.

it is really no wonder that when journeying with the energy of the queen of wands, one can enter into contracts with old worries and fears. the queen of wands is a generous spirit who many people look to for support and guidance. when we find ourselves in such a position on any level, we may more easily worry about whether we are living up to the expectations of those who seem to "need" us. even with this being the case, it is important to not allow yourself to "make a mess" trying to please everybody. get yourself in order first and foremost and the rest will follow. if you have to take time away from community and circles where your energy ends up taxed because of the space you hold for us, do that. whatever it takes for you to get yourself back in order, focus with great discipline upon those things. if you tune into the highest aspects of the queen of wands, you will be in dynamic mode. you may well find that your opinion is requested - please remember that, since this queen is forthright and sometimes downright outspoken, it's as well to consider what you say and speak from a space of poise. be prepared for your inner reserve of strength to be called upon by other people, but, again, put you first so that you can be your best for those who may need you at any time in the same way that those who you can count on will reciprocate from where you operate. there is one other option for working with this card which is more abstract, and would not include an actual person - and in this case, the energy flowing will be strong, direct, and powerful. Engage with all your might. you'll be very pleased with the results you obtain. use your force for the good, for you.

ginkgo and dong quai are strong medicinals that should not be toyed with or used for long periods of time at once. don't let this frighten you away from acquaintance with these allies - we have been able to witness, through our practice with herbal medicine, that sometimes you do not need to ingest a plant to receive optimal benefits. sometimes it is best to just meditate with them or take in light doses or tincture form. ginkgo and dong quai are both used extensively in traditional chinese medicine, and for good reason. ginkgo has been around for a VERY long time, and for this reason it is said to be useful in longevity and aging magick. considering the support of the queen of wands for you, you would do very well by taking several drops of a ginkgo tincture every day for up to 2 weeks at a time. this ally will aid you in sharpening your memory and powering up your energy reserves during such times that may feel trying and pressing at certain points. dong quai furthers this assistance by doing everything from helping to relieve depression to relieving constipation. a safer ally named angelica, which is very similar to dong quai, can be found in our The World tarot tincture. the totality of the medicine being offered to you through these cards and plants points to you becoming more discerning and strong in self. 

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by sending to Gold Water Alchemy's PayPal.

capricorn rising/sun/moon :: (11) justice + 9 of cups // chasteberry + raspberry leaf

in many modern decks, the justice card is known as the adjustment card. ultimately, you are moving into balance. this change reflects one of the deeper aspects of meaning that the card covers - the requirement for constant assessment and balancing which opens us to spiritual expansion. the times call you to take stock of yourself - have a close look at patterns or habits and decide whether they are in alignment with your current state of mind or your position in life right now. sometimes a thing becomes outdated and loses its value as we change and alter. if you find anything like this, decide to let go of it to clear the way for new more appropriate actions. begin by thinking about the ways in which you approach life - are you getting the most out of it and putting as much as you can into it? if not, then why? for some of the fortunate people among us, happiness and contentment come as a result of simply deciding that these things are in our lives now, and then living each day reminding ourselves of that fact. this is where the 9 of cups shows up. if you are not quite there yet, this movement shows you that you have the capacity, resources, and support to make the shift into the space. you are, of course, making necessary adjustments and these may take more or less time. no matter how difficult certain things could be for some of you right now, there is the promise that you will enter into fluid synchronicity which will direct you in the fruition of your visions. 

some "things" will also come about in this cycle to test you and help you recognize whether what you claim to want is what you truly want. it will also guide you to gauge what you need to bring forth what you wish. you can really bring more balance and prosperity into your life by doing a ritual as "simple" as writing down your wishes and speaking them aloud. you will also find that honesty goes a long way and may be the very element needed to catalyze things shifting in your favor and those whom you are connecting with on an intimate level to really be up to par with what you are even willing to bring to the table. conversations and discussions surrounding cooperation and mutuality are fundamental to the connections you are steadily building. know that you have the power of your word to serve as your security in these times. when in doubt, ask questions. when certain and if necessary, let it be known. these are times, for many of us, when the power of our voice cannot be overestimated. this is important in a time when the media and other forms of social influence subconsciously beg us to continually be passive consumers. take little steps toward sovereignty by reclaiming where you direct your attention and primarily "targeting" the centers that get you closer to your goals.

chasteberry and red raspberry leaf are said to be women's herbs, but in truth they are useful for anybody who is in need of some harmonization and sustenance. while they both work very directly with the reproductive system, helping us to manifest our visions (such as was intended in the concocting of Manifestation Potion), they also work with our central nervous system to nourish our adrenals and help our hormones be secreted in a more balanced way. this is a first and most important step in bringing "justice" to the body, all the while traveling closer to true source self. Mother Moon Potion is another formula that has chasteberry in it and attunes us centered perception and awakening of our 3rd eye center. you can also make a decoction of chasteberry and an infusion of red raspberry leaf and combine those together to sip on upon waking, before bed, or to activate the meditative mind. 

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by sending to Gold Water Alchemy's PayPal.

aquarius rising/sun/moon :: 10 of swords + 3 of disks // violet leaf + spearmint leaf

2 out of the 3 people found in the 10 of swords are also found in the 3 of disks. this is a clue as to what the message is for you. the 10 of swords is much more about what we invite into our lives with our thought patterns, than it is about outside events. if we are careless in examining what we think (meta-cognition), feel, desire, and dream, allowing ourselves to pick up habits that diminish us, living more in fear than in love, then we can very easily begin to draw that level of energy into our lives. it is no conundrum. however, the presentation here hints at the fact that these patterns are rooted in the past. these are skeletons coming out the closet, not to haunt us, but to heal us. there are vibrations around you that mirror your shadow self and your "high" self. honor your reflections. move past any differences lingering from old communications and interactions. this will allow you to progress into a space of being able to work together more efficiently. also know the some of these "vibrations" may need to be released or communicated with directly so that resolutions can occur. thought patterns can keep you stuck in old places (internally and maybe even externally) that you are due to make your way out of sooner than later. constant vigilance is required on your part. this observation is to be applied as much to your deepest inner responses as to your responses to external stimuli. it helps to try to interpret events in terms of your own reactions - this gives you a good reason to watch yourself carefully in the present. try this - find something that you currently feel unhappy, frustrated, shocked, hurt about; take a good look at the overview of this; try to separate the differing elements of the problem; now, carefully go back over the last few months (or years) looking for something in your own actions, thoughts, feelings that seems connected with this unhappy situation, and take a hard look at how your thought-forms might have created it. this is not necessarily the easiest work but it can very much be a highly effective mode of self-inquiry. this is not a time to be angry with yourself or blame yourself. accept your findings and move into the next phase that this cycle offers you, which is the opportunity to use your mind power for literal constructive means. what can you develop in this time that brings you more inner harmony and less self-judgment?

the 3 of disks bestows diligence and discipline within us, and it is no wonder that it is an earth element to balance the air that can be exhibited through obsessive thinking. it is time to ground yourself. this key is about concentrated effort in a specific area, which yields unexpected fruits as a reward. when we concentrate our energies and direct them skillfully at a single point, or hoped for end result, we create a stream of force to which most things must eventually surrender. this is a command to further examine all areas of life until we come across the apparently immovable and lean on it with all our might. when we do so, we take advantage of influences beyond ourselves which act as reinforcement to assist us in our endeavors. often, what we should be focusing on during periods like this will be ones where we feel thwarted, for we stand a much better change of making good progress. look for areas where you may feel overwhelmed, inadequate, overworked and target these centers to balance them out. you can achieve great resilience and strength toward actualization at this time. use this energy to your benefit.

magnesium is a mineral that many people are deficient in, especially nowadays, but that many are not aware that they need more of in their diet. violet leaf and spearmint leaf are both high in magnesium. symptoms of magnesium deficiency include muscle cramps and spasms, restlessness, irritability, reduced learning ability, poor memory, insomnia yet fatigue, and confusion - to list a few. sometimes this deficiency is even exhibited through being stuck in certain modes of thinking that are perpetually detrimental to us. our recent collection, The Medicine of the Blues, focused specifically on crafting medicine for the central nervous system, and Violet 'n' Blues and Ajna's Awakening contain violet leaf + spearmint leaf, respectively. these potions are specific for theta brain waves which not only improving our learning capacity, memory, and intuition, but also supplementing our discipline.

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by sending to Gold Water Alchemy's PayPal.

pisces rising/sun/moon :: (1) the magician + princess of disks // hibiscus + blessed thistle

the magician is an educator; the princess of disks is a student. in this time, you are both and your life is the learning center. the interesting thing about both of these archetypes is that though they are already well-developed in who they are, they are still at the beginning stages of their journey. at his highest level of interpretation, the magician indicates the intricate and complex web of influences that binds the universe to itself and to all else. this is essentially a card about communication, but on the subtle levels beyond the material world. if you seek to manifest your heart's desire into the mundane world, you will have to come to terms with the actuality, the workings and the efficient manipulation of this web, understanding its laws. this web is what causes so-called 'coincidences', or those freak connections that we make right when we most need them. it is this system that brings the master to the student at exactly the right time, puts the very book we need on the bookshelf just when we needed it, draws the right person into our lives at the opportune moment. you can see, therefore, how essential it is if you want to achieve your highest possible destiny, that you develop your understanding of the web of life. and in so doing, become a magician of sorts yourself. during this cycle, you need to consider your overall direction and the things you are doing to fulfill your aspirations. it is important to look at how every single action we take can be made into an act of magick. people miss this concept all the time. yet holding the idea in the forefront of your mind changes the way that you approach your daily activities. acting with intent is the forté of the magician - practice living with intent. the princess of disks is a sharp student that can enable this for you with more grace. 

this card is one with a great deal of hidden strength and power within it, which promises new growth, big changes and new beginnings, accompanied by the inner reserves to make the best of those influences. keep firmly in touch with everyday life, but listen for the whispers of intuition which are sparked by part of the princess's inner power. be well-grounded, but feel liberated to walk with your head in the stars. the princess of disks has a hidden title - the rose of the palace of Earth, and here we find the deepest spiritual aspects of her influence. the palace of Earth is the planet, and the rose is connected symbolically to the rosa mundi, the rose of the world - a symbol of resurrection and eternal life. thus this card touches upon the most important issues about being in love with life - its creation, its experience, its excitement, and promise of fulfillment. when you are able to enjoy each passing minute of our lives, we put ourselves in touch with the mighty and empowering forces of love which flow through the cosmos at all times. we become more deeply aware of the creative force of the god and goddess within, and more in touch with our inner vitality and life force.

The Magician tarot tincture is crafted with hibiscus. considering the magick we are talking about, hibiscus magick attracts love and passion while also enhancing clairvoyance and psychic abilities. on a physical level, hibiscus has diuretic properties which helps to heal water imbalances within the system. if you find yourself overwhelmed with certain emotions, hibiscus is a trusted friend and it does a great job in combination with blessed thistle which allow heals the kidneys and reproductive system. focusing specifically upon this kidney meridian, we are able to more readily identify our creative potential and work with the intentional attitude that the magician lends us.

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by sending to Gold Water Alchemy's PayPal.

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