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Herboscopes™ Upon a Sacred Path / Full Moon in Pisces to Full Moon in Aries

"In Native American traditions, Medicine is anything that will aid the seeker in feeling more connected and in harmony with nature and all life-forms" , writes Jamie Sams in her book. in this herboscope reading, you are being offered a variety of medicines with which to enter into this next phase. the tides of the time are carrying us through what may feel like birthing contractions for some of us. they are reminding us of the importance of being authentic in our interactions with self and others. there are both fluid and challenging aspects present that allow us a balance in life and some rest in between all the action. our relationships are being transformed through all of this and we are put on notice regarding destructive tendencies. intuition, wisdom, and science are all being fine-tuned to be more honest and/or practically applied. we are all in a learning state and some of us are actively teaching as we still grow. weaving the web of this existence, we find at the core an infinite creative potential - what are you going to do with it? how are you going to use and share your medicine? in a world that breeds extinction and extermination, how can we be the ones to sustain ecology for future generations in all life forms?

"In Native American traditions, Medicine is anything that will aid the seeker in feeling more connected and in harmony with nature and all life-forms", writes Jamie Sams in her book. in this herboscope reading, you are being offered a variety of medicines with which to enter into this next phase. the tides of the time are carrying us through what may feel like birthing contractions for some of us. they are reminding us of the importance of being authentic in our interactions with self and others. there are both fluid and challenging aspects present that allow us a balance in life and some rest in between all the action. our relationships are being transformed through all of this and we are put on notice regarding destructive tendencies. intuition, wisdom, and science are all being fine-tuned to be more honest and/or practically applied. we are all in a learning state and some of us are actively teaching as we still grow. weaving the web of this existence, we find at the core an infinite creative potential - what are you going to do with it? how are you going to use and share your medicine? in a world that breeds extinction and extermination, how can we be the ones to sustain ecology for future generations in all life forms?

*(If you know your moon and/or rising signs, it is recommended that you read the scopes for each of them, along with your sun sign. If you have knowledge of any stellium sign(s) in your chart, it is advisable that you read the ones corresponding to that as well.)

aries rising/sun/moon :: (3) the empress + sacred path #19 painted face, self-expression // schizandra berry

so much. where to start? well, for one, it's interesting to note that this is the second time that you have gotten the empress. 2 times in a row. okay. let's dig deeper - in many decks and traditions, the empress is associated with the zodiac sign libra, i.e., your polar opposite on the wheel - at least, initially. if not that, then she is certainly an embodiment of Venus, the balancing aspect to your Martian disposition. going further with it, it is also evidenced that your path connects directly with that of Aquarius, Taurus, and Scorpio during this cycle. you are fine-tuning your craft even if only with the thought of it - i mean, you certainly know what to do. and now it is a matter of making moves toward and with those actions. the appearance of the empress in your life is that there is a balance that can sometimes present itself as a discomfort which will ultimately guide you deeper into your self-awareness - this will all shift you to express your talents and gifts in a more honest way. it is really about minimizing the objects of your focus and entering into contact with a more grounded state of being. maybe creating ritual and routine to work with at a specific time every day or every several days will enable you to rewire your inner program to be more deliberate in all your ways. this is to enhance your already present sensitivity. do not let this Venusian archetype fool you - the empress comes armed with her own warrior disposition. she holds power mighty in its own right. 

in native american tradition, the painted face was used to frighten enemies and to tell the story of the particular warrior's path. traditional colors of red, black, white, and yellow were used to denote the four directions and their corresponding medicines. for example, yellow was often painted above the eyes of seers with proven talent to interpret dreams and receive medicine visions. red on the face means that the warrior is a protector of women and children. a lightning bolt painted on the face means that the person is connected to thunder as part of their medicine... herbs and natural grasses were sometimes used to intensify the brightness of the clay being used to paint face and body..this is a very telling combination of facts - all of it points to something that connects directly to the energy of the empress; that being her power of resourcefulness and using the bounty surrounding her to imply and exalt her abundance of inner and outer potency. this is about the richness that walking this path affords us. the merging of the energy of the empress with the vibration of a painted face tells us that we are on our way to defining our personal medicine and using it to manifest a creative legacy. you came here exactly for that, and with each passing moment this fact becomes increasingly clear. now you are being propelled into the knowing of this with a greater lucidity. expressing who and what you are at any given moment is healing as well as productive. this time is about opening up and showing your medicine without fear of judgment or misunderstanding - trust that this will take you exactly where you need to go. stay aware of what you have to offer the world and go toward it relentlessly. 

when we make the contact with our truest Self, we are to care for it in the likeness of what we are uncovering. there are allies that come to us in many ways. as you activate your warrior self who 'fights' to be true 2 self, it is imperative that you establish communion with the allies that promise to enhance your experience and support your journey. schizandra berry is one of those that can readily reinforce your strength with their own. schizandra berry comes to us at times when the circumstances demand much of our output, proving balance with a giving disposition, readily affording us increased endurance and resistance to dis-ease and unnecessary stress and discomfort. schizandra is considered adaptogenic in its ways for the energy channeled through can facilitate a great deal of stability through any time. because of all of this, we have employed schizandra as part of our formula for the Rose Sea Potion - check out this magick. or you can always commune with schizandra berries by eating them in small handfuls at a time (maybe i'm extreme, but i do this and i love it despite the "interesting" taste) or making a decoction to enjoy prior to or after meditations, as you transition into the more highly-charged activities of the day.

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by sending to Gold Water Alchemy's PayPal.

taurus rising/sun/moon :: ace of wands + sacred path #4 peyote ceremony, new abilities // ginger

a lot of connectivity is present in this time. for one, it involves how your process is informed by the process of Aries - new abilities often lead to expansion in self-expression. it is the case that sometimes "unfortunate" situations cause us to become more creative for the purpose of making the most out of whatever resources are present to aid the improvement of circumstances. sacred path #4 has a rich history contained within its rise. the Peyote Ceremony came to the native people after experiencing devastation and ruin at the hands of white individuals who came and destroyed the land and killed the sacred animals. the Peyote Ceremony gave the native people the ability to traverse to the other side with greater ease. this new ability enabled them to approach life unafraid of death. who can stop someone who is not afraid of the one thing that so many unknowingly fear? this was the power shared by Peyote with the people - it gave them the knowing of their inner eternity. this medicine offers a piercing of veils (filters) that make us perceive limitations that are not necessarily present. it is as technical as about accessing parts of our brains that we don't always tap into - this is what happens when we are taken out of our comfort zones and our psyche works to restore a kind of balance; we are forced to make new connections so that we can get there. the Peyote Ceremony promises that you will enter into deep self-discovery and become more attuned to your mission. 

the ace of wands serves as a tool in this voyage. ace of wands signifies that one is coming into contact with a "new" spirit - or another part of the spirit not previously accessible. ultimately, you are creating a new path for yourself and in turn you are also proceeding with courage and facing your fears. with this keynote in hand, confidence is the call of the time. new solutions to old problems will surface at this time - seeming to be more obvious than they had previously been. the tides are changing and shifting for your well-being; confide in this flow. some things may need to be left behind in this process because you are experiencing an inner ascent that may make some frequencies feel off caliber or even intolerable - this is not a matter of being condescending but it is more so about asserting ourselves in spaces where the connections have been due to expire; we are constantly renewing ourselves. life is looking up and brightening the skies for you. through all these transitions, keep in mind the importance of self-care and of taking the time to self-heal and reflect. you may very well be entering into a time in which you encounter someone who can serve as a guide or teacher of sorts - if this occurs, know that this person will serve as a catalyst for the awakening of unexplored areas in your magick. 

catalysts also come in forms beyond the human. catalysts often come in the form of plant medicines, and ginger is a well-renowned catalyst even classified as such in medicinal herbal formulas due to its capacity to activate the healing properties of other plants in the formula. knowing how keen this root is for alchemizing entire potions, we recommend taking it in combination with more cooling herbs. a good formula for general nourishment is making an infusion (boil the water, add herbs, simmer the herbs in water for 20 minutes and then let the herbs sit in the water from 1-4 hours before drinking) of red raspberry leaf, nettle leaf, and ginger root and drinking that upon waking or in between meals. ginger is one that can be added to soups, salads, and just about any foods. contraindications are few but it ought to be used with reverence and in moderation as we call upon the spirit of ginger to activate our personal power and clarify our confidence.

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by sending to Gold Water Alchemy's PayPal.

gemini rising/sun/moon :: princess of swords + sacred path #40 great smoking mirror, reflections // eleuthero

'you are what you decide you are'. this is the message of the great smoking mirror. this is the realization of the princess of swords. recently, you had shied away from confronting certain truths but now you are left with no choice but to do so. the thing about it is that anything that you may not have wanted to contend with was very much a reflection of yourself in one way on another. this is not a condemnation; it is a point of reference for your own perspective. you know you best; you can readily perceive the places where your projections live. the power of the great smoking mirror lies in the grace of being able to see truly. there is room for development and improvement, always. there is space to grow, no matter where you find yourself. the princess of swords is one who has come to terms with these facts and acts with greater wisdom as she moves forward. the princess of swords works with the energy of Bes, as depicted on the tarot card of this deck. she wears a yellow dress with a purple and red ribbon tied around herself. she stands upon a rock high up close enough to where the clouds are perceivable at eye level. holding a sword in her right hand, the head of Bes sits at her left foot, being the base of the stand from which she extracted her sword. she climbed a way to get to this point - this princess knows power intimately. Bes is traditional and non-traditional in 'his' ways, a dwarf-like ancient entity of Kemet whose face was placed at gateways and birth houses as a symbol of protection.

protection is a big key here. this new way of interacting with self is guiding you toward being more clear about defining your boundaries. it could be that you may have been ignoring your intuition and your gut feelings and this has been causing some instability in your aura because you have given access to vibrations that compromised your own. there may be some resentment surrounding certain situations, and if that's not present, you may find yourself realizing the importance of trusting that instinctual and intuitive nature which can guide you. the 'break down' has led you to a process of re-wilding, if you will. the juxtaposition of the princess of swords with the great smoking mirror comes to shed light upon the fact that the aspects of yourself that you have been ignoring are now hard to overlook and it is in your best interest to stay firm in your movement toward undoing patterns of self-sabotage through being real and honest from the inside out. the great smoking mirror comes with a lesson teaching us to honor the shadow and light equally. what makes us uncomfortable often forces us into expansion, and this is the gift that it brings. 

as our journey teaches us, brain health is an optimal part of our function, even for more 'relaxing' things such as meditation. when we journey with an energy as airy as that of the princess of swords, it is important to tune-up our neural and nervous system capacity. eleuthero is an herb which is considered a kind of ginseng, tonic elixir, for its ability to boost immunity and reduce feelings of fatigue. our Purple Brain Tonic is a nootropic herbal formula which is composed for the purpose of providing optimal aid to brain function. nootropics are a class of 'drugs' (which can be herbs) that boost the endurance, energy, memory, and cognitive ability. eleuthero is a supreme protective ally which supports our very genetic make-up! it is a powerful medicine for enhancing our biological material. for communion, it is best absorbed in tincture form, but a strong decoction can be made and taken once every several days. such a favorable companion is only an asset in any situation.

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by sending to Gold Water Alchemy's PayPal.

cancer rising/sun/moon :: 5 of disks + sacred path #15 talking stick, viewpoints and options // white oak bark

when council is called, council members know that it is time to share their sacred point of view. when council is called, members know that their time to speak is when the talking stick is in their hand and others are signaled that they are to be listened to. if a question is posed by a member during the time of council, the one with the talking stick can decide to answer to the querent's concerns. sometimes council is called when a decision needs to be made which will aid the tribe or a member of the tribe in an important initiation. most initiations in native tradition are preceded by some tests and a time of purification - this is like the contractions before birth. when observing the talking stick in alignment with the 5 of disks, it is not hard to see that we are being asked to honor more of the life that we may not be properly honoring so that we can more naturally transit through the stagnancy we may feel in some areas of our lives. this is particular to the ways in which resources "come" to us or how we may feel like we can not always attract what we need at the moment we need it - but life teaches us that we always have what we need; it is simply a matter of knowing how to best utilize the tools surrounding us. the talking stick is a tool that teaches us the importance of honoring the perspective of other living creatures. sometimes we find the answers in the places and from the people that we least expected. 

wisdom can come to us from many sources, and sometimes the answers to our dilemmas can be heard in becoming silent enough to hear the direction that the wind may move in before it begins to go that way. when seeing the talking stick as a representative of what we experience when contracting through the 5 of disks, it is evident that new opportunities and chances present themselves when we are attentive enough to break away from old molds that are proven to be outdated. sometimes listening can lend us the insight into a route we had not previously taken. these times in your life are not ideal for being stuck in a certain way of being or acting at a specific point. you will soon find that the best solutions are offered through innovative and inventive thinking. what this path does for you is likened to the journey that Virgo is to take - it will drive you to become more responsible for your self and grow into independence that is rooted in true connection. once you refine that access to source and self, you become a force that cannot be contained. 

the trees contain information that surpasses the existence of humans on this planet. or at least humans in human form, ha! trees are the standing people that carry truths that they allow responsible beings to access. trees are entities with agency enough to decide who they allow themselves to share with, yet and still they give so freely. Ancient Ways is a concoction that was crafted with this in mind. the bark from the White Oak tree - a holder of strength and vigor - was used to provide a fortifying tone to the tincture. white oak bark has long been used to strengthen the elders when their bones begin to undergo a sensitizing. it is a bark that also alleviates general pains in the body, making it truly indispensable when we are traversing through more discomforting aspects of existing in this realm.

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by sending to Gold Water Alchemy's PayPal.

leo rising/sun/moon :: (10) the wheel of fortune + sacred path #3 vision quest, seeking and finding // bay leaf

like Capricorn, you have had to leave some things behind to emerge more fully into your aptitude. like Libra, you have found yourself in a time of deeper than usual introspection - coming into recognition of what is more true for you. you have picked up fragments of self and have begun a process of putting things back together. you remember your origin in the sun and smile as bright because you know what is coming -  things are veering in a new direction; sometimes it all feels very sudden, but with closer analysis you see that it's actually been a long time coming. the closer you examine your life, the more you can see that it is almost as if everything that did not make sense at another point is now finally making sense. at least some sense. the wheel of fortune paired with the vision quest cards clearly shows that you have been in a place of seeking direction and removing personal confusion. the course of your life has needed to be clarified through visions and, if they have not come yet, the visions are on their way. this is a process for your ego to really come to terms with the fact that allies are important. that you cannot just use everything as a tool and expect it to remain the same quality forever. that is important to appreciate the truth when it presents itself to you. the vision quest card is one of not only seeking, but also of finding. what you find changes you in a way you may not have expected, but it is truly the thing that "takes you there". 

the wheel of fortune can be promising because it's about... fortune. the thing here is that though material gains are often promised, this is more so about how we participate in the shifts in our own lives and how, thus, that impacts society and the world at large. the wheel of fortune is about knowledge of our impact. it shows up when things are turning in a different direction, but in combination with the vision quest card, the change is toward the unearthing of something sought - this can be tangible or intangible. it can be a breakthrough in the mind. it can be a release of habits or perhaps gathering information about your family which can educate your own gifts and talents. through it all, you will gather something of esteem that is due to provide an answer you probably did not know you were looking for. your personal answers will come at the perfect time and you will be able to release any lingering doubt and confusion. 

bay leaf is a plant friend that lends us the transparency for a process such as that of the vision quest. bay leaf have long been used for wish magick but also for divination purposes. it is interesting to note that bay leaf have a medicinal quality of healing the digestive system and strengthening the digestive processes and cleansing the body. ever ate so much you cannot think clearly or at least it feels like it? bay leaf is effective for the purpose of enhancing the inner sight through its work on the solar plexus. Mama Drops is inspired by a traditional medicine of the Dominican Republic known as Mamajuana and it can be used for a variety of systems and ailments. Mama Drops was made to specifically work within the solar plexus to exalt our inner sun. bay leaves work with great synergy in many dishes and can also be consumed in infusion form. sometimes meditating with a plant is more than enough and, it has been the experience that bay leaf has such a strong energy that after a meditation with it, decisions are made with greater serenity.

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by sending to Gold Water Alchemy's PayPal.

virgo rising/sun/moon :: 5 of cups + sacred path #34 burden basket, self-reliance // uva ursi

there are remnants of the past that are meant to be released primarily because they have proven to be a roadblock in your progress. subconscious patterns may have left you with subconscious fears of abandonment that are rooted in relations formed with loved ones at an early age. there may be a wound surrounding one or both of the parents or a caretaker - this person could even be an older sibling or some other person whom one was trusting of in some way. now, it may not be as easy to trust or it may be easier to play it safe by avoiding vulnerability and keeping things on the surface. these past few weeks, however, you have found yourself examining this with more honesty because you have also accepted the vitality you have for undoing this old program. what brought you here may have been something that showed up as less than favorable for you. if none of this applies, you are being asked to more closely examine the depth of your connections and why they may not be as penetrating and impacting as they could be for all involved - we are collectively being asked to heal ourselves so that we can better serve each other. all in all, it is certainly the case that you are resolving old wounds and examining yourself from discernible angles. in the 5 of cups, we are seeing our heart chakra and closing the auric holes that may be causing it to 'deflate' and lose life force. 

emotionally instability may present itself on occasion, and grief can rear its head just to incite you to really be true about it and deal with it in a more viable way. another form that the 5 of cups may take is that it could be asking you to sever ties with an aspect of yourself that is not helping your growth and comfort. it may be difficult to do so initially, primarily because it has by now become very familiar to you. the purpose of this is really so that you can avoid greater loss in the long-run - it will save you heartache and heartbreak and headache to just relinquish a mode of operation that can generally cause you more damage than benefit. the burden basket comes to provide you with the insight that you can conquer your own self-defeat when you let go of the burdens by trusting your ability to find practical solutions. the burden basket also teaches us that others are not responsible for our woes and perceived failures. learning to rely on self, even for our own healing, is a part of the maturation process. this can help us further expand into our infinite potential. sometimes we can even be the ones who 'rob' others of communion with their infinite potential by not allowing them to practice self-reliance and healthy independence. 

uva ursi is a medicine used to help with clearing of blockages and rectification of perception. it has been used to treat urinary infections and water retention. it is considered bearberry because it is the berry that bears eat. associated with the energy of the mother, an ally like bearberry is ideal during times when we may feel abandoned even if it is simply that we must learn to exercise greater trust when being more independent. a simple tea of uva ursi can heighten psychic powers and provide the seers with some personal medicine to work with in moments when the journey presents new challenges to the mind when it is ready to rest.

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by sending to Gold Water Alchemy's PayPal.

libra rising/sun/moon :: princess of cups + sacred path #10 west shield, introspection and goals // yarrow

the energy of the west deals with how we use our voice to materialize a world around us. the west shield is about looking within to understand our nature. it is associated with the color black, with the womb, the cave where bear lives and where bear goes to rest in the height of winter. this is where we go to revitalize our reserves and find contact with our deeper visions. in our earthly bodies, we carry cellular memory of all that has been and of the potential of what could be. this energy of the west marks the space where you find yourself in this time. analysis of present stance and goals that have already been acted upon is called for to bring awareness to the influence that these moments will have on your future. added to the energy of the princess of cups, your medicine right now is about self-care and doing what needs to be done to clear away any lingering fears. your spirit is asking you to enter into a moment of silence and minimize distractions so as to have full certainty of the direction you are heading in. the princess of cups comes as a perfect symbol for your journey. this princess is a deep feeler whose receptivity makes her profoundly aware of what is not always so obvious. the voyage is one of using emotional reasoning and intuition to gain knowledge and understanding. in this time of introspection upon goals, make one of your goals to open your mind and soften your heart. with the princess of cups as your escort, so much is possible and waiting for you to make a claim.

the princess of cups is also figured with a dolphin swimming behind her. this is interesting for dolphins are joyous and familial creatures. a dolphin totem with you is one of protection on this journey inward - it is known that dolphins have saved people from shark attacks and drowning. another thing you are working on here is on not allowing your mind to be drowned in destructive self-talk or inner communication when things do not flow as desired. this is a loud and clear message of being more loving with and to self. bear, dolphin, and the princess all ask you to access the feminine side of you which can yield more readily and willingly to the suggestions of the self as holy guardian angel. for this cycle, you are certainly becoming less willing to ignore your most stirring inklings. you're receiving an influx of information and it is a good idea to have faith in what it is saying. if you are afraid of the unfamiliar, it may be time for some work and ritual around purification - following this guidance, you will feel the courage to meet the future and allow yourself to enter into mastery.

our head/brain/ori is a center of processing and also an portal to connect with divine sources. our hair/head oil blend Ori Crown Oil no. 2 (we had a first version which was not made with pine needles and it sold out) was formulated for the purpose of strengthening not only our hair but also our telepathic awareness and communication. yarrow is one of the main components in this formula because it is both fortifying and cleansing for the hair. it is also high in fatty acids making it exceptional for promoting hair growth. considering the introspection and receptivity that is beneficial to you at this time, yarrow is also in alignment with the psychic centers of the crown which open more readily when we commune with such plant spirits. beyond being used as a hair oil, it can also be had as an infusion in combination with other vision-inducing herbs such as lavender, rosemary, and even ginger (to give it a catalyzing boost). considering the softness of the princess of cups, we invite yarrow to further open us up.

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by sending to Gold Water Alchemy's PayPal.

scorpio rising/sun/moon :: king of disks + sacred path #42 hour of power, ritual of joy // gotu kola

you stand upon a holy ground that is currently being traversed by your warrior sibling, Aries. you are also attuned to a rhythm all your own, which is evidenced in the journey of Pisces - we are seeing that we often, if not always, find great joy in genuine self-expression. the hour of power is that time, in a day/week/month/year/lifetime, when we feel our best and most powerful. every being has their own hour of power. there are also times in the same day when we feel to be at our weakest. scientifically, these hours are usually exactly opposite by twelve hours. for example, there are people who feel most energized at around 7am when the sun is peaking through into the high sky; this same person might feel a dip in their energy at around 7pm as the sun begins to set - the timing is not the same for everybody. these times in our day may not be as easily discernible when our physical health and vigor is not optimal - when we are out of touch with our mother earth, we lose our sense of internal timing. without this inner awareness, we begin to lose our balance. at this time in your trek you are becoming aware of your hour of power and the importance of acting with that energy when it is present. perhaps having recently been sick or not in full health has made you bluntly aware of why you should not waste your own time or energy when you have it. this hour of power is meant to be exercised as a ritual time of joyous expression. this is the time when you are most filled with your life force and can thus execute the tasks and be a channel for thought processes of the highest caliber. seeing all of this in the light of the king of disks - an earthy man who manifests all his visions using the power of diligence - it is easy to see how the life force available to you in this time is not to be leaked or used with energies of regret and indecision. the king of disks heals us through earth connection and reminding us how worthy we are of abundance.

the king of disks gives us the dynamism and endurance to feed the talents that allow us to develop our greatest potential. he rides high upon his horse and guides his carrier with love and compassion. though strong and exact in his ways, this king is no stranger to the gains of ritualistic living and intuitive timing. this is a keynote that gives us consciousness of our mission and the discipline required to carry out the necessary labor. the king of disks works as smart as he works hard. if we assimilate this vibration into our being in a harmonious manner, we can be un-distractedly focused on each part of the whole without becoming overwhelmed by the multiplicity of it all. we can attend to things in a logical and methodical way, making the wisest use of our livelihood. there is a balance that is also part of the appearance of the hour of power path alongside the king of disks - we should not lose sight of the spiritual aspect of life while endeavoring within the more immediately material.

to bring balance to the groundedness of the king of disks, gotu kola is a plant that facilitates a meditative mind. long used in Asia and other parts of the world for improving intelligence and cognition and relieving depression and fatigue, gotu kola is one of the main components of Purple Brain Tonic - a formula rich in minerals and herbal constituents which brighten our minds and stimulate enlightenment and awakening. when we move into denser territory, it is wise to remain connected to the above - gotu kola is an herb which facilitates such balance.

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by sending to Gold Water Alchemy's PayPal.

sagittarius rising/sun/moon :: 2 of disks + sacred path #35 shawl, returning home // milk thistle

in so many ways, you've been invited to return home. this can be literal, but it most likely is not. the shawl falls upon our shoulders when we have forgotten ourselves and need to be reminded of our essence and potential. you may be carrying more of the weight in certain situations and it has caused you to put your own needs to the side at the expense of a deeper sense of balance. now the shawl comes to remind you to return into your heart space and see the value in the lessons recently learned. it could be the case that you have forgotten some of your magick and are now reclaiming the truths you once felt to be so palpable - in every case, you are certainly returning to a temporarily forgotten state of being. a greater invitation for you at this time is to more readily practice compassion. the shawl is a support in the transit of the 2 of disks which brings a necessary breath of fresh air to sweep away stagnation. we are brushing the dirt off the things that have needed to get done and which we have put to the side. you are in a growing state and it is essential that you celebrate your power as it continues to reveal itself to you. this homecoming is truly a return to inner wholeness. this moment is revealing the inner you in the face of change and the forms it takes. with the 2 of disks and the shawl as companions in this part of your walk, you are recognizing the uniqueness of each moment as you voyage into uncharted lands with each leap you take.

this shift can even be applied to how you interact with the ones whom you have known since the time when you established the place you are now calling home. the tides ebb and rise. constant change is natural, but there is another constancy within you that is not as fleeting as some of the circumstances in your life. this is the way that inner-cultivation makes itself known as important to you. with all the movement you are so familiar with, your yearning for grounding is not elusive. simplicity is supporting your inner joy with attuning to the truths that you have held close to your life since before acquiring certain filters/veils in your earth experience. this level of wisdom makes you one who can hold space for others who may have forgotten their personal sacred path. in the image of the 2 of disks, we can quickly see how one woman holds the disk up into the a light that the other woman is seemingly unable to presently reach. even within you, there are parts that can support the levels of self that do not currently feel as secure and substantial.

in the magickal tradition we deal with, we invoke milk thistle when we need a clearing of our blood and thus a boost to our lives. milk thistle has been a long time ally for all sorts of magick including providing sustenance and also enhancing protective qualities. it is even used in conjurings for eliminating crossed conditions when we feel like we are carrying too much weight and are being slowed down on our path. milk thistle gives us the solidity of mind to proceed forward. to enjoy this ally, the seeds can be decocted (add one ounce of thistle seeds to half a gallon of boiling water and allow it to simmer for up to 90 minutes. remove from heat. allow it to cool down, and sip with some honey to sweeten). it works really well with herbs such as dandelion and red raspberry, providing nutritional density and detoxification power to keep our bodies functioning optimally during times of change and high demand.

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by sending to Gold Water Alchemy's PayPal.

capricorn rising/sun/moon :: 8 of cups + sacred path #7 medicine wheel, cycles and movement // cleavers

the medicine wheel was initially known to me as the sacred hoop. it is a symbol of life cycle's from birth to death and everything in between. for the people of Native America, this has served as a blueprint of evolution. all cycles of life are holy and are to be honored as such so that we can maintain our own wholeness. seeing the medicine wheel in a reading with the 8 of cups, it is indisputable that you are being asked to notice what exactly you are presently experiencing and begin to act in alignment with what will propel the wheel to turn in your highest favor. stagnation ends as decisions are made to part ways with the things that are not equally yoked with the wisdom and illumination that you have acquired through experienced recently lived. you are given the liberty to decide and it is a responsibility not to be taken lightly. the 8 of cups is about moving on and searching for the deeper meaning in our existence. it is about beginning upon a journey of discovery after having confronted that you have been entangled within conditions that may leave you feeling drained, burned out, and weighed down. ultimately, this is a deep medicine that assures you that you are continuing and spiraling into a refreshing direction if you heed what you know is in your best interest.

at this time, many of us are releasing old patterns - especially those that have capitalized on our thoughts and emotions. the directions of the medicine wheel impact these aspects of us, and they offer us the best that can be drawn from these reserves. communing with the east you gain clarity and illumination from the direction of the winds. the west lends you the time to consider your goals and their benefits, or lack of, through introspection. with the south, we attune to our inner child and can approach all of our relations with the humility and innocence that we are familiar with in our youth. the north is a place of wisdom and gratitude. this is where we hear the stories our ancestors have inherited through their own sacred path. depending on what your situation is, the medicine wheel gifts you the capacity to draw from any of these reserves to have the best reinforcement for your next decisions. you are seeing where in your life you need to move on and healing the aspects of you that are charged with the vitality required to be able to do so. though the 8 of cups may present itself as a heavy calling when we feel uncertain, you can be sure that you do well by trusting your inclinations toward moving on from an inner attitude, an outer situation, or a combination of the two. 

cleavers is not the most popular plant medicine, but this is not due to lack of information about it. this plant is a wonder in its working and its intentionality toward decongesting our physical system. in magick, it is used to bind situations and people together because of the hooks that the physical plant has and the symbolism of that for its magick potential. though apparently contrary to the purpose of the 8 of cups, it is true that sometimes we need to reinforce our connection and "attachment" to our resilience and resolution toward self-enhancement. because cleavers is very balancing to our hormonal system and thus our own inner stability, we have added it to the formula for Mother Moon Potion - this is a potion that can be added to other herbal elixirs such as grounding tonics of dandelion root, ginger root, or adaptogens such as ashwaghanda to help keep us tenacious in the face of surface and trying circumstances.

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by sending to Gold Water Alchemy's PayPal.

aquarius rising/sun/moon :: (4) the emperor + sacred path #36 thunder beings, usable energy // horehound

the emperor is nothing short of commanding, impressive, and influential. it does not take much for the presence of the emperor to be noticed and for his power to be a leading force wherever he may go. the emperor, like the thunder beings, is a catalyzer who has the energy needed to complete any task in mind. if you have been trying to make something happen and have seen no results, the appearance of this two cards is a signal of relief. call upon your might and wield it boldly. the world is looking to your example for order and charge. the emperor presents himself as successful, confident, secure, and well-established. even if you don't feel as if you are quite there, this is a promise that you can believe in. the archetype of the emperor is one that brings order to the creative influx that the empress experiences. the emperor logically delegates where things go and the part of the story into which they best fit. the empress is more aligned with the lunar influences, while the emperor is guided by his solar medicine. there is a sense of responsibility about this figure, and you are being invented to step into this next level with trust in your capacity. to whom much is given much is expected, and you, Aquarius, are imbued with a force to be reckoned with. in this time, realizations are coming through as divine guidance to help resolve issues. the "trick" here is to learn to be more dependent on self and see yourself with the same eyes that so many who look up to you do - you are in a place where you can express your power without risking dangerous vulnerability.

another great message for Aquarius in this time is that you are well-supported by the Sky Nation - along with the thunder beings, these spirits come to you in the form of familiars who have crossed over and become ancestors, as well as guides who are extensions of yourself existing within parallel 'timelines'. a visionary and idea-guided being, you are in a time where bringing your crown into more constant connection with your root will surely aid you. it is fair enough to trust that some of the "wild" ideas that you get are worth pursuing - you are an innovative thinker with the capacity to evolutionize the story of those creatures existing in this lifetime. in more practical terms, you may be stepping into a position of power within your community or in your chosen work. stay confident in what you can do, and allow the thoughts of what you can not do to be dissolved with each action that you take which is in trust of your talents. your perspective is a dominant aspect of your experience which can benefit from a few upgrades in operations where you may have allowed some static energy to govern.

we have previously crafted a tarot tincture specifically for The Emperor and it is made with the herb that corresponds to the Emperor tarot card - horehound. horehound works very specifically on the digestive and respiratory systems - two systems essential to our over-all well-being and capacity for long-term endurance. it reduces swelling in breathing passageways and also helps to relieve indigestion and constipation. sometimes a general stagnation in our actions can be attributed to under-processing of nutritional input and thus an inability to use what we are receiving through our consumption. because of the capacity for horehound to protect our lightness of being, physically, we can trust that horehound will also support graceful motion toward self-realization and the manifestation of our visions.

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by sending to Gold Water Alchemy's PayPal.

pisces rising/sun/moon :: 5 of wands + sacred path #32 drum, rhythm and internal timing // cat's claw

battles that we have been projected cease to have such a great rulership over our lives when we are able to tune into our own personal rhythm. the harmony for you in this time comes through acknowledging that when competing, you are mostly working against yourself. cooperative measures are naturally more sustainable for us all. the 5 of wands speaks to us of a time in our sacred path when we may be quarreling somewhere or with someone. more often than not, this is happening on the inside, but sometimes we can project this experience and create more explicit discord. this card will often come up when someone is very unhappy with a working situation - there is, perhaps, a clash of personality with somebody else; or perhaps the individual is unhappy with working practices. often in this situation there's a tendency toward rashness and loss of control which can lead to further problems. another time that this keynote will make an appearance is when we are in inner conflict - most often about something we consider to be immoral. this is probably the most significant type of problem that can be highlighted with this card. for instance, if we have taken an easy option, or a dishonest turn, and are now troubled by the voice of our conscience, we could expect to see this card appearing. despite all of this, we are promised an alleviation when we see the talking drum in the forecast.

the drum speaks to us of allowing ourselves to be supported by synchronizing our movements with what we know is possible for us at any given time - that will shift depending on where we are within and without, but the point of this is to be true and not push ourselves beyond where we can go. rhythm is the key here. become aware of all rhythms and see how yours fits in. it could even feel right to allow yourself to compose the music that you can dance to and create your own tune. this will assist you in coming back into harmony. assess your own attitude carefully and try to dispel any nagging destructiveness. isolate anything that looks like it is an inner conflict brewing, and write it down to address soon (they all tend to come to the surface on this day). also assess the mood of those people you come into contact with, and avoid any who seem to be having the same sort of low vibrational disposition at this time. that should minimize the conflict you meet. finally, at the end of the day try hard to shed anything that you have picked up along the way. use whatever method you find most effective to de-stress, in the hope that you'll have a better day tomorrow. by the way, the affirmation is designed to be hard to say - hopefully it'll make you laugh.

cat's claw works like a knife to dig up anything that is old, rotting, and threatening our foundation (this is one of the main reasons why it is a part of our Mama Drops formula). cat's claw is considered an alterative because of its capacity to restore the body and help regulate its functions through restoring proper balance rather than affecting bodily systems with some kind of shock effect. cat's claw provides a gentle emergence into tranquility and accord. if not taken in tincture form, cat's claw can be taken as an infusion with nourishing herbs such as slippery elm, dandelion, red clover, nettle, and red raspberry leaf. the powder can also be used to dress candles - trust me, this is a POTENT boost to any spellwork especially in times when we feel at odds with ourselves and the world.

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by sending to Gold Water Alchemy's PayPal.

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