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Altarpiece No. 1   by Hilma af Klint  | a sign of the times

Altarpiece No. 1 by Hilma af Klint | a sign of the times

*(If you know your moon and/or rising signs, it is recommended that you read the scopes for each of them, along with your sun sign. If you have knowledge of any stellium sign(s) in your chart, it is advisable that you read the ones corresponding to that as well.)

aries rising/sun/moon :: (13) death // agrimony

this is interesting because though the death card has presented itself, it seems this “death” comes to shower you with bliss and much to celebrate. i mean, we can see how the transition will lead you right out of the culmination of a dark night within your soul - you are emerging with greater clarity. the 13th key is ruled by the energy of Scorpio at its finest - soul-riveting transformation and the ability to move into the life promised through rebirth. your birthright is abundance. in this time, death comes to make that clear. oftentimes, we see this come up when we are in a time of great change that will guide us into a moment of alchemy and transition. death is a sign that we are due to release something that is creating stagnation, whether it be a thought pattern or behavior - ultimately this ‘letting go’ will help to expand your level of awareness. attunement to deep inner thoughts and feelings come to the forefront at the onset of this journey and remain a determining factor as you move through the shifts. death, in the sacred tarot, is a combination of the beauty and victory that leads to a new day. this is what happens after we spend some time in position granted by the hanged man who aids us in “flipping” our perspective so that we may see things in a way that we previously had not been able to.

a new self is being born at this time, and this being is one who is gracefully capable of liberation of the true self. this is not to say that there will not be work left to be done - on the contrary, key 13 is a sign that one must look at issues surrounding obsessions, attachments, and finding ways to learn the lessons surrounding the emotions and ideologies that have created these states. still, it is not redundant to say that there is great promise surrounding you at this time. the first step for you is to move forward from the past and into a more intentional present so that you can create a life that is in greater alignment with where you find yourself as you expand into these new and wise versions - these changes bring great opportunity. some of what may become available to you through these adaptations is the materialization of some of your goals as you enter into greater harmony emotionally and spiritually. there is also a sense that you are due to come into contact with familiars and those who resonate most with the energy that you will be emanating as you make your voyage with the 13th key. considering this, it is imperative that you be one with who you truly are.

Justice is served when we can, without restraint or limitations, be ourselves. this is liberty - which is not the same as “freedom” within which one can act in any way and disregard morality and common principles. keeping these truths in mind, and considering the power that plant allies lend us, we can see how Agrimony, for instance, goes perfectly in tandem with the energy of Death. Agrimony is one that brings great revelation - in flower essence form, it stimulates the emotional body in such a way that we are compelled to speak our truths, especially within spaces where we have not been as honest. in tincture and infusion form, this ally is more inclined to work through us in a more physical, yet subtly spiritual, way. Agrimony is a cleanser of organs, targeting the liver, stomach, and lungs for a thorough expelling of any mucus that is clogging our airways and making it harder for our systems to function as optimally as possible. Agrimony makes it possible for a refined and harmonious version of ourselves to shine forth - because of this, we have added it to our Justice tincture. the incantation charging this medicine is sure to bring forth a greater aspect.

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taurus rising/sun/moon :: queen of disks // marshmallow root

the queen of disks holds a disk that much resembles the one depicted in the ace of disks. with this in mind, we can see how this queen is a symbol of powerful fertility - she holds within her all of the tools needed to manifest a divine life. she is the grounding portal for souls. this is a time when you may feel more generous (not that you aren’t), and this is also bringing more abundance and prosperity into your life as you attract those who can reciprocate the love you give. sometimes, this queen shows up when we are encountering a person who identifies as a woman or carries very feminine energies and is offering you something to boost the quality of your life. it could be nurturing by sharing a gift or supporting the work to achieve a goal. the queen of disks shows up when you are in a space of manifesting a community who may be open to your talents of healing and can reinforce our work with theirs. because this archetype is related to the element of earth, this queen is associated to the sign of Capricorn. this is clear indication that the frequency that is channeled through this time is one that brings about concrete results and materialization of visions. sometimes this card is also symbolic of the other earth signs, Taurus and Virgo - Taurus being in alignment with the fertile, nutritive, and creative aspects of the arcanum, and Virgo an expression of the details that requires attention in the process of bringing an idea to form. the queen of disks is a total embodiment of the tangible aspects of life and the comfort that they lend to our souls while embodied in flesh.

like the ace of pentacles in this deck, the queen of disks presents a disk with an ankh upon it - a symbol of union and life, this is a pure and true representation of what happens when opposing creative forces unite. the power that this queen bestows upon you is the power of balance and discernment. she is not one solely governed by a feminine or masculine aspect of self, she knows how to use both to bring about the required and necessary forms. this is what makes this being a queen, a master manifestor. she sits upon her throne with her bosom exposed in an expression of openness toward the world and ability to express honestly. the lushness of nature surrounding her says that there are resources available which are so readily a part of your experience that you may be overlooking them - sit in your grace and take inventory of what and who surrounds you. surely you are moving into a space of self-reliance, resilience, and expansive creativity, yet there is a reserve of support available to you.

some of these support systems come from the plant world. Marshmallow Root is vastly known for its capacity to coat and soothe the digestive tract. Marshmallow Root is a magick hoodoo medicine that is used in incense with Angelica Root, Frankincense, Myrrh, and Copal, for instance, to keep benevolent spirits close. to observe this is very interesting because one can see how the power of Marshmallow Root to not only tone the digestive tract, but also feed healthy gut bacteria with a nutrient-rich demulcent coating translates well into “keeping benevolent spirits close”. the work that the queen of pentacles does is only enhanced by this, while the solar and creative power in our body is supported in its function.

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.

gemini rising/sun/moon :: 6 of cups // kava kava

a rekindling is occurring in your life - this could be with a familiar other, with someone who is not familiar in the common sense but with whom you share deep synchronicity, or it could very well be a reconciliation with a lost part of self. whatever the case for you, this is leading you into moments of simultaneous release and embrace. this is incited by the remembrance of some part of the self that had been abandoned or forgotten for some reason. this memory and/or recollection brings you to a feeling of gratitude and acceptance. you are reclaiming a right to be as you had been told you could not be. some of this surrounds your bodily autonomy and the way you express your sexuality, for instance. you may find yourself exploring with a current partner or venturing to explore the world through intimate encounters. tantra is big in this work - it is about learning how to breathe into the spaces that feel less fluid so that they can move with the current wishing to lead you into ecstasy - to inhale with a willingness to not just survive but also to thrive wherever you find yourself. the lessons learned through this portal will bring you the reward of discovering your talents because the more honestly you love an “other”, the more fully you can embrace yourself. having released feelings of abandonment and rejection, you are entering, swiftly, into a place of being receptive to receiving what you do need. often when we feel we did not get what we wanted, expected, or needed, our ‘confusion’ or wound surrounding the matter, makes a way for what was truly necessary to show itself. the essentials will stay and come no matter what.

in the past you may have felt your actions to be a bit more frivolous and senseless, but the signal in this card says that you are grounding both your emotional and physical expression into a more mature interaction. Gemini loves their playtime, but this is a more serious moment for you in some ways. having made it through the crossroads, the decisions have afforded you a revitalized perspective - i mean, you find yourself at a clearing in the woods, so to speak. there is medicine all around you and it’s inviting you to stay true to the you that is whole in their interactions, not doing things to manipulate or deceive, but rather operating with the best interest of your kin in mind - know that such a way is prosperous and strengthens your engagements with a longevity of mutual benefit. though it is a more serious time in your life, there is still much lightness surrounding your operations.

accessing the elixirs available through nature, The High Priestess is a key that shares a lot of wisdom with whoever communes with this archetype. Kava Kava, one of the main ingredients in this formula, not only infuses the mind with innerstanding, but also allows us to see and feel the truth with an open heart. Kava Kava is used ceremoniously in certain traditions for various purposes - everything from greeting to dismissing guests to weddings is included in the reasons why Kava is brought in for ceremony. as you release, Kava supports your embrace and also a calmness necessary to process life in a holistic mind-frame. this is how the lesson of the 6 of cups comes to fill you with the remembrance of your truth and the reclaiming of your pleasure. Kava bestows you with a calm spirit in times of change.

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cancer rising/sun/moon :: king of disks // gotu kola

balance your heart and mind to attain the best of what you aim for. no aspect is greater than the other in this work; there are just levels to being and be in. the king of disks has an energy very similar to that of the emperor, but he does a lot more of the physical labor than the emperor may. the emperor will delegate the tasks, whereas the king of disks will hone in on his creativity to be able to act directly upon his intended manifestations. the king of disks possesses the mathematical and logical capacity of The Emperor, the intuition of The High Priestess, and the empowering light of The Sun, all in one. though considered one of the “minor” arcana, the king is part of the court and he is well known to live up to his name and show something for what he claims to do. your Cancerian disposition is becoming more rooted in something that can be tangibly felt. if you have not spent some time in solitude, you may find yourself wanting to - this is your heart’s way of saying that there is something to be extracted from within yourself to use in the work you are doing or attempting to do in the world. soon enough, blockages will be released, if this has not already been occurring. the king of disks appears to “shield” himself with a pentacle figured by two people facing each other in act of compromise. the king of disks, though apparently solitary in some ways, is a person who knows how to build a great network of people dedicated to the same ideals, principles, and goals. this king, being relatively, solid in his position, does not mind getting his hands directly to do a great job, for he knows that his worth is not determined by that. he remains king because he is a man of potent quality and character.

to remain empowered within these times, this archetype is inviting you to be open to the assistance coming to you through other people of the offering of resources that you may not be aware you already possess. to bring harmony to these aspects you may feel inclined to really work within yourself to ensure that what is happening within your mind is in sync with what your heart knows to be true. the king of disks is a perfect expression of sacred masculinity - which is not the same as being “a man”, but instead it is really being in communion with the more linear and considerably mundane aspects of life that help us to maintain a certain rhythm and homeostasis. those to whom the king of disks appear are being asked to step into the solar aspects of things so that when the moon appears and the time to dream draws near, you can enjoy of that space away from the daily activity that keeps you busy and sometimes even redundant.

regardless of how you approach this, it is no secret that the times promise improvement, growth, advancement, and realization. the king of disks is a deeply solar being who operates with a rational, intentional and legible plan. he uses the power of his mind to assist creation. using Gotu Kola as an ally, the king of disks receives a boost to his cognitive processes and is more readily able to focus on whatever task is at hand; his memory is sharpened so that he can remember to do what he must; and he feels relief through the healing that is shared for his digestive system, aiding his general processing power. The Sun is a potion for solar doctors such as the king of disks- not only those needing a strengthening of the mind, brain, and stomach, but also and especially for the ones who exacerbate themselves with a light so overwhelming it inflames or causes heatstroke. balance is key here, and The Sun is a great tool to help you find it.

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leo rising/sun/moon :: (2) the high priestess // valerian root

if you find yourself feeling a need to be silent and with self, you are certainly in tune with what it is you need at the moment. the silence begs for your attention because there are things within it for you to discover. the outcome of all of this is that you are more aware of your talents and can craft according to what your creativity can conjure. The High Priestess is a vessel of sacred truths – she is one who shows up when we are in for some vital lessons and need to sit still and silent for a moment so that these can come to us with greater lucidity. at this time, what you have to deal with is the ways in which you have sat on and disregarded your own potential. you may begin to feel more inspired as you sit with the unfamiliar. initially, it may feel uncomfortable, but ultimately, this time with yourself will serve a great purpose and be a potent catalyst. The High Priestess is a teacher who does not settle with mediocrity, nor does she allow distractions to take her off the course of the sacred journey she is upon. the big lesson for you right now is to minimize distractions and get centered in your being so that you can do even greater work than what you have already done. note the advances you have already made and understand that there is more to be done.

despite the apparent ‘push’ toward actions which lead to something physical to show for them, there is something present which reminds you that a lot of this is a ritual of deprogramming old ways of being, thinking, and feeling. you are stabilizing your security in a sense, but the most pivotal motions are toward the enhancement and refinement of your inner being – why do you seek a certain recognition, for instance? this time is teaching you how to work in silence and still know that what you are doing is of quality and good use. you have been granted a creative power that others study and work to be in sync with – do not misuse it or take it for granted especially during times when you are feeling alone and less ‘supported’ by the encouragement of others. remain in full trust that you are reinforced by high forces that have contracted to protect your interests. you may find that the discipline of a regular meditation practice becomes very useful for you now. create a ritual around all of this.

when it seems we are alone or at least less accompanied than we are use to being, we must know that the world consists of more than just human people as company. in our highest and lowest moments, we can trust plants to keep us sharp. in this instance, Valerian Root shows up as an ally. Valerian Root is a part of the formula for The High Priestess tarot tincture, and it is because of its capacity to enhance meditation and instill calm during uncertain times that it was employed here. Valerian Root is also a powerful tonic for the nervous system, bringing about an overall sense of wellness to the body by soothing the nerves that run through each organ. in combination with Damiana, as it is found in The High Priestess potion, it revitalizes the chi, providing a renewal of vitality for maximum functioning. Valerian Root makes it so that the work and visualization done in silence translates well to a fruitful production.

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virgo rising/sun/moon :: 10 of disks // slippery elm

we often realize the depth of what we have inherited when we are perceiving with a clear mind. sometimes we look too much at the “generational curses” and destructive habits we may have inherited from our ancestors without paying attention to how their gifts inform our current purpose in even undoing what we have deemed to be detrimental to our timelines. everything has the capacity to educate us, even the most trivial of things – the 10 of disks comes to make that clear. within the 10 of disks, we find one who educates, one who scribes, one who visualizes, and those who listen. within the self, all of these aspects are present. this fact leads us to understand that we are more capable of wholeness than we had initially thought. the 10 of disks is a sign of what happens when we trust that we have and can have everything that we need to be who we are to be with each passing moment. in this time, a lot of information relating to family may come from different sources, and if it is not that, then you are certainly in a space of extracting information regarding where exactly you are coming from on a soul level and what this means for what you have come to do in this space. the 10 of disks is one that speaks of purpose through comprehending the different avenues that are channeled from within us.

that you are coming into contact with this level of knowledge also shows that you are being diligent about maintaining and clear frame. there are a variety of levels from which you are drawing wisdom – these are physical, mental, and spiritual – but the difference between now and another time, for instance, is that you are sharper and more discerning than you had previously been. this refinement in your disposition makes it easier for you to fully access the messages that tend to come through when we are working with the 10 of disks. you may be getting some signs as recurring images in dreams, so make a point to make a note of these symbols. if you are not yet sure what it all means, know that the greater message will surely reveal itself to you in due time. you are as much a receiver of knowledge as you are a portal for it to become evident. continue steady in this time of inner apprenticeship and you will be able to be a master conduit for the gifts, talents, and divine codes carried within your own blood.

Slippery Elm is nutrition for the body, while serving as a brightening element for the mind. in physical medicine, Slippery Elm does plenty for our digestive system, helping to soothe it while also supporting the assimilation of nutrition and energy into the organs. the coating it offers our digestive tract perfectly aids the elimination of non-essential and non-useful compounds that come into our body through what we consume. what remains after we have diligently worked with Slippery Elm, in infusion form (1 teaspoon per cup of water), is what we really need to be fully nourished. the quality of this plant makes it a valuable ally for a time with the 10 of disks. as you process your nutrition with more ease, you also process information with the same grace.

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.

libra rising/sun/moon :: (17) the star // angelica

The Star is a clear indication of opportunity. showing up with the Aquarian appearance and holding two jars from which water is poured into a larger body of water, The Star is one whose light cannot be duplicated and who can influence with the power of their sovereign identity. upon the head of the being holding a jar is a kind of ladder with the uppermost point shooting directly toward the sky – this is a signal to act upon your wishes as this is an auspicious time to do so. the energy of the moment provides momentum to your endeavors. as often, it is a time of learning, and you will begin to feel like now is when you should be investing in learning more about the crafts and specialties that you have found yourself more drawn to. perhaps taking a class which focuses on the form of art or style of writing that you have been very moved by will serve to reinforce a gift that is already present within you. these sorts of kind gestures toward yourself go a long way and really help to strengthen any present inclinations toward working with a particular medium as an outlet for your expression. another indication of the appearance of The Star is that you are receiving inspiration through ideas that may not be the most familiar to you, but that are genius and necessary in their own right.

the ideas that are surfacing at this time will be ones that help you to better align with what feels most balanced and vital for you. you may feel yourself more inclined toward a certain creativity typically surrounding using words as a tool to reach people. you may not yet be ready to share the wisdom you are channeling, but the urging certainly propels you to actually become active with what your capacities are. The Star comes loaded with favorable prospects and the qualities of the soul. as indicated by the symbol, it represents what occurs when we have spent some time within the spiritual realm, doing work that we have known to be crucial to our healing and thus expressing in such a way that you are exemplary of what it looks like to strive for perfection. all in all, this is a very well-aspected time for you energetically. renewed with faith and hope, The Star comes to remind you of how we can enter into a new day with as little resistance and discord as possible.

considering the many plant allies that are available us, Angelica serves a favorable purpose in this time. known for its deeply protective qualities, Angelica has been considered indispensable in Hoodoo tradition for bringing about good spirits and those entities that can aid one in manifesting true purpose and sovereignty. in medicine, Angelica has been used for its warming and stimulating properties – it works directly as a blood-mover to transport nutrients and aid in the proper circulation of energy. bringing Angelica into your daily life during a time like this will prove to be beneficial for protecting the family, children, and even to prevent antagonistic forces from entering your home and workspace. it is very useful for the female reproductive system, especially for dealing with conditions that may be due to coldness or frigidity. Angelica is a perfect ally to combine with a journey through The Star as it is a high and holy plant that not only protects us energetically, but also enhances our creative capacities through stimulating our regenerative centers on a physical level.

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scorpio rising/sun/moon :: 10 of wands // chrysanthemum

a time of great transformation is upon you, but with an energy signature like yours, this does not feel foreign or new in any true sense of the word. the 10 of wands shows up when we have to contend with the inevitable. in the coming moments, you can anticipate that both your strength and courage will be tested. another inevitability of the 10 of wands is that this time also calls for the confirmation of what is true and real to help rule out any doubts, confusion, and uncertainty. you are to show and do what must be done. despite what would otherwise feel trying, you walk with a strong and unshakable faith in your own capacity and find support through connection to your ancestors and sources beyond the physical realm. a moment like this could lead you into a profound and life-altering spiritual quest. the present moment, though influenced by ‘others’ is a result of the decisions you have made up until now. the vibration of this time can incite a lot of research into ancestry and the traditional spiritual practices of your people. if not related directly to your lineage, you may seek insight into the traditions of those whose contributions you have admired and noted to be of importance. if you can enter into this journey with trust and surrender, you will overcome any difficulty without overwhelming hardship. though not always comforting, these contractions teach us about our personal alchemy.

do not shy away from the expansion that this moment wants to offer you. a movement through the 10 of wands is very similar to the culminating point of a transition between key 13 and key 14, death to temperance. death is the point when we are confronted with the reality that transformation and transmutation is the only way we can grow at a given moment (Scorpio); temperance is when we realize that we have inner elements which can guide us into actualizing greater manifestation power (Sagittarius). we are moving beyond the familiar – this is a theme for many of us at this time. as the structures that have sustained many of the present constructs, collapse, so do the ideas that have kept them up. this is very much like what they would call a blessing in disguise. despite that heaviness of the 10 of wands, it is useful to keep in mind that the wands are lights made by fire, so through this strong push, you are also receiving plenty of inspiration – use it to come up with creative solutions to the obstacles that may show up to educate you on your capabilities. more than anything, you are being asked to have courage which is a matter of tuning into your heart (corazon) and finding the resolve to absolve old, karmic patterns and fully integrate the lessons so that progress can truly be made.

because the heart and spirit are great factors in the current voyage, Chrysanthemum is a heart tonic of great consequence. taken as an infusion during the warmer days of the year, it brings a lifting to hearts weighed down by the air’s dampness. Chrysanthemum sparks an inner fire that shows up as a glow in the skin and a brightening of the tone, even notable within the voice. used in the East as a symbol of joy and happiness, this flower has proven to be a powerful component in formulas for enlivening the spirit with faith. when Chrysanthemum is combined with herbs such as Gotu Kola or Eyebright, it becomes a catalyst for healing eyesight – all of this saying plenty about the usefulness of this medicine in fortifying in-sight and allowing us to be clear about the different ways that we can express our courage and move through contractions.

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sagittarius rising/sun/moon :: 7 of cups // clary sage

there is a knowing that you have been operating with in recent times – this insight is about the illusions that had been kept up in place of the truth. certain fronts are falling apart, so to speak, but you are backed by the promise of victory upon the release of self-deceiving ideologies. your current vision is revealing to you how you sometimes work against yourself while thinking your actions will benefit you. you are being given a tender reality check about how you have confused your intuition with wishful thinking. some elements evade you only because there are lessons that have not been fully integrated – learning the lesson is not the same as applying it. one thing is for sure: you will find that the time of undoing will provide you with more than what you have to let go of. this is still a very fruitful and productive period, though you will feel yourself in inward reflection. the 7 of cups is often spoken of as the card that symbolizes one who is getting carried away with fantasies, wishes, and desires, and though this may be true in a certain sense, the most pressing message here is that there needs to be a recalibration of your senses so that your perception, and, thus, what you aspire to, are more in tune with what can truthfully happen. surely, your intuition will only be sharpened by this.

signs of victory will show up in more ways than one, if they have not already. the 7 of cups is followed/accompanied by the 8 of cups which suggests the need to let go of an emotional pattern that is toxic or destructive to your most intimate connections. it is preceded by the 6 of cups – a key that helps us to access aspects of the self that are in greater relation to your higher purpose. this revival is, interestingly enough, the very factor that enables us to see through falsities, self-imposed and external. through this trajectory, it’s not hard to tell how the 7 and 8 of cups eventually translates into the 9 and 10 of cups which promise celebration, fulfillment, happiness, and encounters with those of similar morals, principles, and interests. as a 7, this time calls you into a retreat that is meant to upgrade you in character and demeanor. it’s only up from here, even when, in the future, you experience those moments of uncertainty. what the 7 of cups does for you, at the core, is boost your confidence in such a way that the lows are still relatively high in energy.

Clary Sage is the name of a plant that does what the name might imply in the perspective of many – Clary Sage brings clarity through the sight. used in oil formulas for eye massages and to enhance seeing, Clary Sage is a plant that is effective for a variety of the ailments that may afflict the female reproductive system and even the nervous system (as a result of this). it’s oil is applied in therapy as an antidepressant, to relieve mood swings, and even to counter impotence. with energetics of warmth, it can bring balance to those who feel overwhelmed by anxious or depressive attitudes. it is even effective in stimulating hair growth – saying plenty about this ally’s capacity to strengthen our antenna, connection to the spiritual worlds. used in Ori Crown Oil for this reason, Clary Sage is highly effective as a vehicle to merging with guides and benevolent spirits, especially when our present work urges us to move more actively into truth.

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capricorn rising/sun/moon :: 6 of wands // goldenrod

what you have been working to rectify in your life is definitely coming into a new light. the 6 of wands is a sure sign of victory and triumph after a period of trial and quarrel. sometimes, this card can appear when you are looking for a sign that you are on the right path - you certainly are. the 6 of wands in this instance comes to signify that you have made some important strides in the aspect of your emotional well-being so renewal is now present for you when it comes to matters of the heart. the hard work you have done on an internal level is now showing benefit and producing fruit. because it is a 6, the energy showing up for you is about how well you can adapt to change and cope with the various shifts that are brought about. whatever the case for you, know that you are approaching a well-deserved victory. some of this can attract to you a kindred spirit with who you will develop a deep intimacy with; if already engaging in an amorous encounter, this time will bring a deepening of the heart for those involved. something that you may find useful in this time is that solutions to old conundrums may now come about smoothly. stay strong and forge forward with what you have taken on - there is an assurance that you will sweep through winning and with gains to show for. while keeping this in mind, do not expect this to be the end of an emotional lesson but rather a refresher in perspectives, thrusting you forward fully. there is still much to synthesize.

these times are very trying, yet equally loaded with what to be grateful for, in astrological terms. it seems that for many there is a deep purging occurring, and you, Capricorn, are no stranger to putting forth your best effort in what you do. there is also the fact that sometimes you distance yourself from what may be considered more emotional - giving a cold shoulder to the things that can make you feel as if you are becoming too vulnerable. however, given the sentimental element that is present, your lesson in this time involves opening your heart. you will begin to heal old wounds by trusting that something new can happen. when you feel uncertain, make friends with the silence and allow it to clarify any insecurity, doubt, or confusion. there is much to celebrate - learn to find joy in little milestones that lead to greater experiences. you are undoing a bundle of trauma and crafting a personal medicine bundle from all that you find contributes to your healing. you may actually want to do this as an ongoing project to really hone in on releasing traumas and accepting total absolution of what is no longer needed. you can put crystals, dry herbs, feathers, and any other item that speaks to you, in a pouch that is only for your eyes to see. later on you may want to share this with your life partner, children, grandchildren, and those who descend from you. you being a sign of longevity, this project is something that you can tangibly pass on to posterity.

Goldenrod is a medicine of the Sun - a healing force that shines into the Earth to help all prosper and be vibrant. Goldenrod is an herb known for its power in flushing out the kidneys and urinary tract. this plant has long been used to alleviate many conditions including allergies, joint pain, and even eczema. what all of these conditions have in common is that they involve inflammation in some form. this translates well to Goldenrod’s capacity to cool us and bring us vibrational relief during times of high energy and activity as is that of the 6 of wands. to enjoy the benefits, it is recommended that you make an infusion of Goldenrod with Marshmallow Root, Dandelion, and Calendula. you can also enjoy it as a simple tonic of just Goldenrod - taking this in as a vow to let the brilliance of your mind be made whole by the virtue of your heart.

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aquarius rising/sun/moon :: (10) the wheel of fortune // bay leaf

this year came in kind of forceful in the sense that you were immediately triggered to contend with the parts of yourself that you try to hide. for some, this may not have felt so heavy as your intuitive nature had probably sensed this emerging in some way. the surprise may have just been how it all is unfolding - it may not all be very obvious to others. yet, now you are presented with the turning of tides and the potential to order your destiny in the direction that you will it to go. there is something very ironic about this moment - though it seems you are being presented with an ultimatum, you have plenty of options and even more resources to work with. your mind is a treasure box, so use the contents wisely and with proper appreciation. the Aquarian frequency thrives on mental stimulation and the gathering of new and old information. even for those who feel as if they are having some kind of neuro-divergent experience, you have a great power of cognitive discipline and focus - do not believe what says things such as “Aquarius is all over the place, inconsistent, unpredictable, etc”. move in ways mysterious enough that they are not sure what to make of you at least for the time being, yes, but be wary of falling into traps that are boxes others have created. your goal and purpose in this life is sovereignty. The Wheel of Fortune is here to remind you of just how much power you have in your hands. if you have a Mercury in Aquarius placement added to Sun or Rising in Aquarius, you may feel this even more strongly. this Wheel is like The Medicine Wheel in Native American + African culture, so you know you can choose what direction to go in and then know what medicine you are receiving based on the direction.

south is the element that deals with the child, innocence - it brings lessons of trust. south could manifest as the need to do ritual with water and plants, or even a high level of emotional aspect present at any given time. north is the elder; it is the home of wisdom. it deals with the element of air and urges us to communicate using written or spoken word. here we commune with the animals and receive energy from the mental aspect. when you move into the west, you are in a space of introspection and insight, holding energy, and focusing more upon the alchemy of your physical body. the east is where we ascend, where The Sun rises. this is the door through which we ‘leave’ to the spirit world, and it deals with returning to a primordial source - the fire. in configuration, these four directions guide us into different lessons at different points in our lives. the task for you is to discern what directions you want to merge with so you can be fully integral upon your path. eventually, you will have moved through each of these portals, and then you decide whether and how you want to spiral again; you can choose up or down - it’s really up to you. the circle of life will keep on turning.

in a rejuvenated fashion, we take the moment within key 10 to tune into the more feminine aspects of life, and so we give thanks to The Great Mother - she who makes it possible to part the seas as a symbol of a portal opening to let life through. considering this feminine energy and Yemaya’s affinity for this medicine, Bay Leaf is a plant that excels in ensuring that we are soothed well by what we consume. Bay Leaf is directly used in food, not just for its great taste but also because Bay Leaf is an agent that makes it possible for nutrients to be assimilated properly. (this is why we have added it to Mama Drops). this leaf is a powerful catalyst for us to enter into a greater agility within mind, body, heart, and spirit. may the 4 directions serve as a tunnel into ascension in your life. ase.

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.

pisces rising/sun/moon :: 5 of swords // skullcap

there is a vital force that pulsates through the 5 of swords and which may not always be immediately obvious. facing certain limitations has ‘pushed’ you into a healing period you may not have foreseen, but you surely felt something was shifting. this time is one of lightness that is channeled through the protection that is available to you, and it comes in the shape of using your voice in a way that absolves the confusion of those around you. you do hold an important message to share – do not allow the aspects that surface to cause you fear and keep you away from moving into the opportunity that this offers you. there are boundaries that have to be accepted, yet communication can make the adjustments less strenuous and taxing upon whatever connections are being impacted. 5 of swords invites you to release inner conflicts and self-talk that says you are weak when you surrender – on the contrary, there is great strength and courage found in releasing what is not serving the purpose of your expansion. a warning comes up with this card: it is one of two or both things – do not allow yourself to dwell on resentment, and/or do not allow the resentment of others to induce guilt in you. work to comprehend the purpose and lesson of each experience and situation and settle into a much needed retreat from conflicting mental schemes. you may find yourself moving away from some relationships that are bound to result in grief and unhappiness for those involved – it is wise to state your peace and come to a resolution or part ways. if the circumstance involves verbal abuse to any extent, it is time to go. all in all communication is to be surveyed and altered accordingly.

you are progressing from a place of petty encounters and useless conversation. the vision that shows up following this is of one enthroned with a lush field surrounding them implying both abundance and royalty. once you go through the necessary growing pains, you will find that you are more confident in yourself. fortune smiles upon you and signals a coming ‘luck’ and prosperity. people could even show up to be there for you as a matter of “doing what is best, sharing love and care simply by virtue of common morals and principles. a great deal of the communication and need for boundaries has to do with exactly that – having the disposition to let go of whatever hampers your expansion or troubles you to the point of immobility. there is no reason to allow anything or anybody to rob you of your power to speak your concerns and have them met with the level of honesty that it took to even voice them. the 5 of swords, while reminding you to be honest about what you are reflecting, also says that it’s time to take your power back and forward from any distortion.

as a way to ease into the communication that is required at this time, Skullcap comes to soothe the nerves, heart, and liver. the aerial portions are used to relax nervous tension and induce calm. the leaves are often combined with Valerian Root, as in The High Priestess tarot tincture, to serve as a broader nervine tonic, in this case even targeting the liver to help alleviate hot and heavy emotions such as anger. this property is what makes it essential for a time with the Arcanum 5 of swords when we can be inclined to communicating with our wounds at the throat. in this way, Skullcap is also a remedy considerably effective for relieving anxiety and other states that afflict the heart’s rhythm. when you wish to receive a boost in confidence through a decompressing of the nerves, combining Skullcap, Valerian Root, and Oatstraw will prove to be supremely effective. you can also get this same medicinal effect through communion with Key 2.

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.

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Elsie Lopez