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*(If you know your moon and/or rising signs, it is recommended that you read the scopes for each of them, along with your sun sign. If you have knowledge of any stellium sign(s) in your chart, it is advisable that you read the ones corresponding to that as well. These can be read for both tropical and sidereal astrological aspects.)

aries rising/sun/moon :: (5) the hierophant // egyptian blue lotus + (2) sweat lodge / purification

your spirit calls for a cleansing of mind and heart - mysteries encoded in your genetic information wait to be accessed but demand a level of purity in your approach. remember: only they who are like children can enter the kingdom of heaven. children operate with less filters and programs than adults do; this is quite natural as time and experience gives us more to reflect upon and relate to in our decisions and openness or lack of it. this time really asks you to release some of those old programs and allow the unlearning to really take effect. children, with an imagination and psyche untainted by social indoctrination, are easily able to access those divine worlds and sacred spaces with ease to create a dynamic interaction with the world in which all that surrounds is filled with life. children do not have to believe because they know through feeling. you are on a path toward more profound contact with innate wisdom and a greater awareness of your purpose and destiny - this is facilitated in the connection with this level of ‘innocence’ within yourself. you are constantly manifesting according to what your soul had contracted to learn in this life path. the teaching of the sweat lodge is one of entering into the dark, the heat, the symbolic womb of existence and allow yourself to be renewed from the inside out. the sweat lodge is not just a place, but it is more importantly an act of ceremony, a ritual of release. even before beginning such a ceremony, there needs to be a cleansing - a entry into this space with pure intent to heal and emerge, shining more brightly into the world with our talents, gifts, love, and compassion. the spirit of discernment is an important tool in this process. with the sweat lodge ceremony for purification, we are also asked to identify the elements that must be purged and expelled through the symbolic or literal act of sweating. it could even be that there are ties and cords that need to be cut with persons, places, or ideas that are no longer serving your growth and maturity. ultimately, this open space enables you to move gracefully into the crevices within containing truths and knowledge that has been waiting for your attention. through the sweat lodge ceremony, in whatever form you purify, whether through an enema or a sauna, you will be able to encounter more of what you seek.

egyptian blue lotus and the hierophant both serve to further to work of purification into one of synthesis. egyptian blue lotus is a medicine that has been highly regarded in civilizations of the ancient. as application for the pathwalk with the hierophant, egyptian blue lotus serves as a relaxant property to help ease one into further clarity through the capacity to move into brain wave states that facilitate a lucidity of thought and thoroughness and integration of any information received. because egyptian blue lotus has a wide history of use as an agent to increase circulation to both the brain and reproductive organs, egyptian blue lotus in connection with the hierophant educates us on the importance of mastering our internal energies. part of the knowledge that is latent within you is in relation to the ways in which you can step into a deep encounter with that part of your wisdom. you are maturing, so the hierophant essentially serves as a template for being able to both innerstand and integrate these lessons. journeys with this archetype of the hierophant enable you to put into use the powers discovered through the magician while also serving as a boost and prerequisite to keys such as temperance which teach us about what to do with our new level of mastery. moving through ceremony with these allies, you are able to unite the aspects of duality within the self and recognize the reflections as they present themselves. even sacred teachers need teachers, and that is yet another message that can come up for you in various ways throughout this cycle. at a certain point along the path, we seek catalysts to incite a furthering and quickening in our evolution. by the time you have reached that yearning for a guide, it is usually the case that you have also developed your spiritual skill set, so your intuition could guide you to the proper teacher. the ultimate goal here is to remain balanced - to be student and educator all at once and be able to shape-shift into the appropriate forms at the needed time. deep meditation with blue lotus extracts such as that of the hierophant will provide you with the vision necessary to see exactly what moves will propel you furthest. be willing to cleanse and replenish with ceremony and study.

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taurus rising/sun/moon :: 2 of disks // milk thistle + (20) counting coup / victory

“as reflected by our ancestors, the victory of the coup feather is based upon the high ideals of eagle. those ideals are followed by action. just as eagles marks and kills its prey, so must we mark and attack the weaknesses that keep us from fulfilling our word. as counting coup is a personal victory that affects the whole, so is the war we wage on the old patterns that keep us from knowing world peace. these enemies can be ignorance, inner-conflict, envy, jealousy, willful pride, laziness, fear, bitterness, hatred, greed, bigotry, gossip, resentment, and broken promises.” counting coup is a signal that a victory is on its way or already present. counting coup is the symbol of the warrior’s medicine and testimony of the war fought to obtain the present liberty. in these terms, the battle is internal. this is a conversation with the shadows and the importance of making friends with the aspects of self that you want to tuck away, out of sight. the counting coup, though very personal to the warrior, is one that is gathered through the cooperative effort of defensive action. in native american tradition, prizes were taken on raids to signify victory over an opponent, and the warriors would bring these back to the people, allowing another warrior to tell the story for them. as a sign of well-integrated pride, a warrior never told their own story and especially not in an exaggerated manner - honesty and moderation were both part of the qualities in such community. this was a sure sign of a person with developed personal medicine. this is a sure sign of the upgrade that has enabled you to really comprehend the importance of cooperation and collaboration for the expansion of your visions. combined with the two of disks, counting coup affirms that this is indeed a time to share your medicine in continually more abundant ways. get creative here - you will surely be coming into opportunities for further development of your communal leadership role. whether you have been feeling a desire to gather or organizing gatherings and holding space, the rewards of this will surely be long-lasting for the work you are preparing to do on a greater scale.

a lot of this will feel subconscious at first because you will be stimulated by persons and elements in your environment until there is a conversation about the ways in which the influences are actually reciprocal - this is a time of learning about balance and the importance of the characters who show up in our stories. in ways, you could feel very much aligned while also being hesitant to open up, but trust that you are protected in all interactions and that the outcome will be the most beneficial for all involved. for a while, you may have felt a pull into reconciliation either with aspects of yourself or mirrors that exist externally. whatever the case, there is a prompt to be willing to exchange ideas that could incite action within the communities you are a part of. the victory that awaits you is a collective one, and it will guide you into larger personal and more collective accomplishments. the balance being offered here is one in which new perspectives promise to shed light on confusions that may arise as you voyage. milk thistle also lends a hand in helping you to clear you inner pathways by assisting the organ that is primarily responsible for a lot of the cleansing in the body - the liver. applying milk thistle to a journey through the 2 of pentacles/disks is a motion in which you are vowing to be thorough in your decisions. milk thistle works through our digestive center to filter out impurities, ultimately helping to bring clarity to our largest organ which is connected to all the others - the skin. how much easier is it to step into communal spaces when we are feeling confident? when we are radiating with a new glow? milk thistle acts as this boost on the journey. the seeds can be simmered in water for up to 30 minutes on low heat, 1 teaspoon per cup of water, and then enjoyed as a confidence boosting medicine before entering into conversations with “the other”. in magickal tradition, milk thistle is employed for decision-making and clarifying wisdom so it certainly comes in handy when we are working to establish a new paradigm with those we call “our community” or “tribe”.

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gemini rising/sun/moon :: (13) death // agrimony + (37) great mystery / original source

surrender. trust. release blame, guilt, shame. great mystery opens portals to a kind of death within the mental constructs that you have been operating with. confounding circumstances serve as catalyst into new neural pathways – the very foundation of your thought patterns is being uprooted. you may feel like a fog or level of agitation arises within you on occasion and particularly in triggering interactions, but if you sit with the root of the matter you realize that plenty of this is in relation to the beliefs and ideologies you may have been indoctrinated with and how these impact the ways in which you relate to yourself and the world around. this is a point of realization that furthers you into a more profound healing process. here your sensitivity is refined, and you learn to balance mind with heart to actually know the truth. ultimately, a very internal process activates an entire reanimation of your genetic code in a way that strengthens your body’s innate wisdom. these are potent upgrades, gradual and deliberate – you are receiving the response to an internal request you had some time ago.

 the message of great mystery is reinforced through the walk in Key 13. Anubis and Osiris stand as guardians of this transit of rebirth and remembrance. in Native American tradition, great mystery is the original source of creation. great mystery cannot be limited and encompasses everything in creation. in Kemetic tradition, Anubis is associated with the Eye of Horus who acted as guide to the dead and helped them find Osiris. Osiris is also considered lord of the underworld, and both of these entities oversee rites relative to the process of dying and ensure that the transition into the next phase is in alignment with the deeds that have brought one to the specific point where they find themselves. in combination, great mystery and death offer you guidance while in this process of surrender and release. the refinement that is occurring will facilitate within you the capacity to actually innerstand how your decisions have led you into the moment where you find yourself. the important prompt you are receiving here is to stop your mind’ s loud chatter and listen to the Divine Source within. important healing tools are offered at this time, such as using the key of Justice to promote a greater sense of alignment and balance in your daily interactions. containing agrimony, this key is one that can activate deeper insight. the name agrimony is actually said to come from “agremone” which means “a plant that is healing to the eyes”, so while affecting physical vision, they also help to animate expansive inner sight. The World is another key that employs this ally. agrimony helps to arrest diarrhea, bleeding, and other discharges due to wounding or ulceration. in The World tarot tincture, it is used for this reason as a balance to the angelica root, while also being added for their use in enhancing protections, repelling curses and hexes, and thus ensuring that our work in the world is not compromised. as you voyage through the contractions of death and release the old and outdated, great mystery accompanies you and lends wisdom for a safe journey.

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cancer rising/sun/moon :: prince of swords // bilberry + (40) great smoking mirror / reflections

what you see is you. as repelled as you may find yourself by some people or ideas, these are the reflections that can inform a release from the hold of your shadows, but first you got to confront them. the deepest lesson here is that you are who you decide you are. there may be filters that have made it less graceful to access talents and your full potential, but the time invites you to cut through the illusions that make your reflections appear less than “good”. the prince of swords charges through the clouds with a sword, upright, riding his chariot. this prince is mighty and victorious. ultimately, on the other side of all the doubt and insecurity that can creep up is the true self - the shadows lead you there. after having moved through several contractive points, moments that had you really coming to terms with the ways in which mental imbalances can present themselves, you feel a sense of relief at the realizations with which you are moving forward. though the great smoking mirror offers you a point of contemplation and retrospection, this is certainly a time of transition. your ancestors invite you to really shed old ways of being and handling situations – modes that could be considered shady or even approaching things with a victim frame of mind. the prince of swords reminds of you the sovereignty you step into when you decide to respond differently than you would have to the same instances – the very fact that these things are reoccurring in your life speaks to the inkling you’ve been feeling to really renew your being. the time is well-primed for this level of work.

the teaching of the great smoking mirror is one that shows us what happens when we do not confront our shadows and the energies that creep up with them – jealousy, envy, anger, hatred, and even lust. the great smoking mirror is a deep look in the mirror of truth, a truth that liberates us when we accept it. the story goes that “she who sees”, upon witnessing the disrespect that the jaguar priests exhibited for the sacred, shed tears as she recounted that the people would be liberated and peace would be restored upon the earth when the people remembered and are made whole again when they learned to see their shadows as challenges and stepping stones to further propel their growth. she cried at how outrageously the forgetting of the people had manifested, but she spoke with hope and the knowing that remembrance would happen and the people would once again live in accordance to their hearts. to strengthen the insights that the prince of swords lends, bilberry comes forth as an ally useful for correcting eyesight and providing antioxidant support for replenishing our cells. in general, bilberry is effective because their medicine helps to reverse degenerative conditions that can result from neglect. as we consider the journey through the shadowland, it is important to fortify our light receptors so that we can get a glimpse of how much closer we are to our truth with each step. communing with bilberry on a nightly basis for at least 10 days will help to untangle you from the grips of old ancestral patterns – tincture or infusion will be most effective in this case.

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.

leo rising/sun/moon :: (18) the moon // mugwort + (21) rites of passage / change

new pathways are opening for you even in times when certain confusion shows up. a shedding is happening, and past elements are being released or reconfigured to more fully fit the scheme of what you are creating. the moon is a signifier of changes incited by a shift in the heart and reorientation of mental structures. combined with the rites of passage, the message points you to the fact that what you are experiencing is a transformation – a sustained reorientation of your inner algorithm. working through the darker landscapes of self, you are beginning to uncover a vast wealth of treasures that is informing the larger scope of your work and purpose. this is a part of the journey when you will be called to more solitude so that you can fully fine-tune spirit and have support for the current upgrades. for some of you this could look like a serious evaluation of your schedule and how it is or is not supporting your health. for others this might be a revisiting of foundational relationships, relationships with the ones who were your guardians or with whom you had a close connection growing up, so that you can fully innerstand the impact that these have had on the connections you are forming now. you are really able to be truthful with yourself about the shadow aspects that you have grappled with and are now entering into more acceptance of these selves. the rites of passage come to provide you comfort, reminding you that you can initiate your own rite of passage and be refined in the way that you specifically envision. in the current journey, your 3rd eye and intuition are also evolving to accommodate the abundance of inspiration that will follow the work through key 18, the moon. in the image we see two dogs in representation of the wild, untamed aspects that can tune into the subtle knowing by virtue of an unprogrammed perspective.

one of the main things to keep in mind right now is that though you may have plenty of questions about one thing or the other, your intuition is actually heightened at this time. symbols could show up continuously in dream form, or even as you move in the waking, to reveal to you how to best proceed through this transformational time. the pull toward more alone time is to engender a revelatory silence. sit with it and allow yourself to be educated by it. an ally that can offer a lot of solace and illumination at this time is mugwort. very well-known for their ability to enhance the dreamtime experience by promoting vivid visions, mugwort is one that can also aid the body is breaking through physical obstructions, such as parasites, worms, etc, that can sometimes muddy the perspective and make one feel less clear than one actually is. mugwort has a direct affinity for the moon and lunar activities, so their direction comes in handy when traveling through the night into the day. for dreamwork, an infusion of mugwort (1 tsp per cup of water) or a tincture (30 drops, 3 times a day) can help to fortify the subconscious mind. further applications for strengthening the mind and activating neural rewiring for higher order thinking include using mugwort in dream pillows and carrying some in the left shoe to facilitate a safe journey and aural protection in all interactions.

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virgo rising/sun/moon :: king of wands // gentian + (19) painted face / self-expression

show yourself. painted face is a card symbolizing the need to use your creativity in order to express yourself fully. the range of your talents and your emotions, your desires and your convictions, offer much from which to draw from. paired with the dynamic king of wands, the time is one that calls you to be adaptable in your own perspective of self. as you open up and begin to share your medicine, you will note aspects that you didn’t realize existed within. the moment urges you into taking initiative perhaps by beginning a new project or deciding to act upon an idea for exercising leadership and guidance within your community. however it shows up for you, your true self is shining through, and as you share this with others, the process proves to be one of illumination and full of education for you. learning more of who you are and operating fully with that knowing are the states of consciousness facilitated by the depth of unlearning and spiritual de/reprogramming that you have endeavored through. the current momentum is guiding you further in your development as you symbolically cross a threshold into other levels of yourself, accessing a fuller range of your capacity and acting directly based on the talents you are uncovering within yourself. continuing this motion forward, you may find that a more assertive and animated demeanor could be demanded of you. both painted face and the king of wands denote the more masculine attributes, so the call of the moment is very much one that asks you to balance other more feminine or passive qualities.

the goal of all of this is to generate and exalt love for the self when displayed in ways unlike the “norm”. this is about doing the things that you had stopped yourself from doing out of fear that you didn’t come in the “proper” body or have the right level of command to direct others in the forms you envision. as you share your wisdom with others, you may find that people show up needing support or just some advice from you. as you enable your spirit’s guidance to motivate you, you may also find that your actions grant you more stability and security in the form of incoming finances. to be this daring might get you some opportunities you otherwise would not have come upon. enlisting the aid of gentian is ideal for its work of toning the digestion system to then cleanse us. they have also been used to stimulate the appetite and cleanse the liver. it is a chief ingredient in many digestive bitters and even serves as the chief flavor in the beverage vermouth. gentian, as an entity, is very versatile and relates directly to the dynamism of the king of wands. when we bring gentian into our lives to effect magickal changes, we may notice an “increase” of self-love and love from others - this is not an increase in the sense that we are getting more, but rather it’s simply part of all the levels you access when you voyage through the king of wands’s key of initiation. a Magician in his own right, the king of wands, like gentian, shows us the effects we can have on the world when we operate from a place of higher intentionality. to work with gentian, a formula (such as that of the tincture the Magician) could be ideal to help balance out the taste and not overwhelm the liver. you can also enjoy it before meals in infusion of 1/2-1 tsp per cup-2 cups of water, 2 times a day, for up to 7 days at a time. notice how your body feels when you commune with this powerful rooted flame.

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.

libra rising/sun/moon :: 10 of disks // slippery elm + (9) south shield / innocence, inner child

the teaching of the south shield comes to us when we have become too serious or have allowed the fear of loss of self-esteem to take over the face you show to the world. the south shield comes with memory of the past - memories that remind of us lessons shared and learned, and the landscapes that have been formative to our character. the south shield and the 10 of disks ask you to get back into your body. as a pair, this is a loud call to remember both the joy and wisdom of your body. a certain level of playfulness is warranted and encouraged here for it is what will enable things to become clearer and more truthful. being this present serves as a catalyst for other realizations - some perhaps in alignment with the idea that there are illusions of self that need to be shed, “the more serious you take the game, the less chance any of us have of winning.” whatever situations you are presented with now, it is wise to tune into the inner child to receive useful guidance on how to proceed through them. as irrelevant as some of your inklings might feel, they will be effective for the insights they offer. the invitation here could also be about mentally/emotionally/spiritually returning to some parts of your roots and completing certain cycles so that you can step into a brand new timeline - undoing the grip of how some traumatic family patterns have affected how you show up in the world. part of the work with the inner child is to heal as much as it is to then remember the healing wisdom of this aspect. the 10 disks presented on the mantle of this card are set up to form the kabbalistic tree of life - this is a clear indication that the present cycle is one of accomplishment, or the at very least an attunement to higher spiritual wisdom, and initiation.

a lot of the wisdom you now are coming into contact with is from the past, whether this is an energetic inheritance based on the spiritual and/or traditional practices of your people/even chosen family or whether you are actually inheriting some physical tangible such as an asset of property or some financial and economic increase. this offers plenty of inspiration and nourishment to you. with the 10 of disks, there is certainly a level of patience needed because the developments are generally gradual and come as our own perspective graduates and shifts around exactly how the gifts have been shared with us in our lifetime, even in painful moments or the abuse encountered through the same connections we return to for nurturing. the very desire of the child aspect mentioned earlier is to heal and have had a more wholesome experience in those earlier times. a lot of the medicine for this you make in your art, and there is a sense that this is also a major component of all that you have inherited in the life process. feeling even more deeply into this, it seems like a symbolic merging of south and north (on the medicine wheel) - south being representative of the child, while north represents the elders, applied knowledge (wisdom), and gratitude. new innerstandings set within, you can emerge trusting in the balance anchoring your perspective. inviting more of this fluid channeling virtue, slippery elm’s demulcent mucilage comes to soothe us, gracefully, into clear vision. on a very practical level, when we lack adequate nutrition, we cannot operate in our optimal state. slippery elm is one of various medicinals used intentionally as a nourishing herbal and made into infusion. the bark is often used in syrup potions for cooling throat irritation and congestion. in hoodoo, slippery elm is used to soothe otherwise inflamed conditions - slanderous, gossiping, back-biting, malicious communications coming from any angle. in essence, this is a protective medicine perfect for initiatory work while ensuring mature inter and inner actions.

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.

scorpio rising/sun/moon :: 9 of wands // astragalus + (25) pow-wow / sharing, quickening

take some of the load off your back, and open up to help where it is needed. the combination of a pow-wow with the 9 of wands is a very potent signal. the quickening is one effected by the act of a literal or symbolic birth - a birthing occurring after 9 months, for instance, or the revelation of the necessity for assistance in the birthing of a new paradigm or project. the path is leading you to spend some time reflecting through tribe and community. even if it is just a very small circle of people, what is shared can serve as insights and lessons for your work. this is a mode of you “taking a break” while also still endeavoring toward your goals. your focus is clarified and sharpened in this way. if you are not sure what the assisting elements are, ask in your heart and mind or out loud, adding your voice. you are basically being invited out of your shell - protective or defensive mechanisms can be replaced by fair boundaries in your relationships even with the different facets of yourself. when we work hard for our liberty and personal justice, it is not easy to dissolve the walls that have been built to ensure that none of this effort is compromised, but that is exactly what is being urged of you here. let it happen at the pace that you want it to, but let it happen. your deeply perceptive and discerning capacities are always accessible to you, and that suffices as armor ‘against’ extreme aggravations. the intentionality with which you have moved through the struggles has afforded you a gathering of your strengths, mirroring the martian disposition of your energetic signature which proves useful when we feel confronted with a crisis, internal or otherwise. the realizations of the need for supportive allies is pivotal to the next step in your evolution.

another level of this could be coming into community and finding that others have been paying attention to what you have been doing and are in awe and recognition of the power in it. the boost in this is for your confidence and so that you can clearly see the purpose and fruits of your labors. keep control of your personal interests, but do know that others are rooting for you also - on this journey you are not alone, though you seek solitude amply. apply a steady force to the matters that you are moving through and continue to push forward into expansion. get the rest you need so that your vision stays sharp because your livelihood still depends on it. the challenges of the past, though quelled and released, are good reflection points for the rest of the journey. stay close to spirit, and continue to elevate your mind. astragalus is an ally for exactly this kind of work. it is said that, for younger people, astragalus is superior to ginseng because they work specifically on the outside of the body, whereas ginseng is ideal for older people because ginseng works on the inside of the body. the 9 of wands brings the lessons of how we exert us energies in a way that leaves us with the greater reserve still intact, and astragalus serves as a perfect complement to protect our vitality. astragalus is atmospherically warm and tastes sweet, indicating that they are both activating and nourishing. applied in medicine, astragalus combines well with others such as reishi and schizandra for added benefit to the spirit and as a tonic to the creative, reproductive and strong centers of our core being. the Hierophant is a potion that employs the use of all 3 allies in support of applying knowledge more effectively and boosting the brain and mind’s capacity to respond in perfect alignment with what motivates their power.

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.

sagittarius rising/sun/moon :: 4 of swords // soursop leaf + (26) warbonnet / advance

a useful moment of retreat, reflection, and planning offers itself to you. in the wake of disruption and disturbance, it’s wise to take time away to assess what has occurred in these events and enact the proper absolution. there is still an active healing process of tending to wounds of the battles. attunement to warrior energies is proper in this time as the moment of rest provides you entry into new gateways of consciousness. the destiny you have chosen reveals itself to you with every step you take, so taking inventory of the happenings, their causes and effects, and what the lessons have shown as the wisest method of procession is an ideal route and task to consider. yet and still, all of this is happening internally with more silence and caution about any action. when the 4 of swords shows up, that says you are moving through and from difficult situations involving other people and how communications can become confused. meditation, prayer, solitude, journaling, reflection, crying, talking long walks through gardens and forests are all ways to enrich the spirit and focus toward manifesting more accord in the ‘air’ element of your being. how you communicate, your thought patterns, your relationship to creative expression, and even the health of your lungs are to be considered here. this resting period might invite you to work with the mercury component of your natal chart, for instance. is it retrograde? in your sun sign? the sign before or after it? what does this say about your connection to the solar, illuminating aspects of your being? how did your relationship (or lack of) to your father impact the way your thoughts begin and continue? let a light be shed on this.

interestingly enough, this air element swords energy also contains watery undercurrents. in ways connected to the fall season in alignment with a water sign, scorpio, there is an undertone that resonates as a transformative moment - one that can advance you into discipline. and this is where the power of the warbonnet comes in, where you can gather all your medicine and move into the next level, penetrating another level of life’s mysteries. when you’re making these inner evaluations, clarifying the platform is advised. soursop is robust in its capacity. soursop has benefits with antioxidant activity which has proven to be beneficial in everything from treating cancer to protecting eyesight to relieving pain while reducing inflammation. truly a powerhouse, it is one we were introduced through via the ancestral template. soursop is found through various regions of Kiskeya, otherwise known as the Dominican Republic, and is one that comes in handy as medicine and food when one is “recuperando”, resting, retreating, renewing, replenishing, rejuvenating. the Soursop (Graviola) Leaf tincture was formulated in gratitude of that spirit which reminds us of the tools and teachings gathered throughout the journey and how to further refine self in devotion to growth and evolution.

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.

capricorn rising/sun/moon :: 6 of swords // hyssop + (17) moon lodge / retreat

clear skies, calm waters, and a steady journey - this is what follows the tension and anxiety you may have previously been experiencing. the 6 of swords is a card of adjustment which when paired with the moon lodge indicates that you are moving into a time of retreat for healing and rejuvenation. the purpose of your retreat could also be for study and research or some form of personal learning work. the moon lodge is a place where you go to find answers in the silence, by listening to guidance of those who have been walking the path you have just begun to journey upon. these come in the form of ancestors non-incarnate and others in the flesh who embody elements of the greatness you are potentiating within the self. ultimately, this sojourn is toward peace and harmony; you will not settle for what leaves you un-whole/unholy, or fragmented. your timing is divine and aligned with your chosen purpose, so let that serve as a message to proceed with trust and confidence. there may still be details left to attend to before making the full break away from the trying energies. what is meant by this is that you will have to take a closer look at your own personal patterns and how they may have contributed to the circumstances that have brought you to this point of calling for a retreat away from things. surely you will note what ought to be left behind or transmuted into a more fruitful and effective behavior. give yourself a chance to really breathe this fresh air and replenish your life force. vitality building exercises such as qi gong or yoga could prove to be effective for truly honoring where you are in this moment. remember that this seeming surrender is an act of strength.

gentle affirmations and reprogramming work could really help right now. because the moon lodge is indeed attuned to the lunar frequencies, subconscious rewiring provides a maturation point for you and even serves as a way to activate the deeper creative essence. the learning experience could be one of listening more closely to the dreams and beginning to notice how symbolism affects the cycles you go through on a regular basis. it could be something as “simple” as a color or as intricate as a spiritually complex geometric shape that has no actual replica in the dense realm. it could be something to do with continuously dreaming about your head or hair, for instance, and that letting you know that there may be work to do around thought processes or even your perception of your hair and its correlation to what you perceive as beauty. there is an objective truth to uncover through the subjective analysis of our personal subconscious. fundamentally, there is a purification of perspective taking place. survey the subconscious but also pay attention to how all of these things affect your connection to your body and sexuality. in the coming years, there will be a new internal conversation developing around the sexual expression (or lack of it) that has been most prominent and that you were taught is most acceptable throughout these communally formative years. the moon lodge retreat is one that offers you space to reconsider your connection and relationships in The World . considering the ways in which we can be impacted by the world, hyssop was added to the formula because it is known to help us develop healthy habits in the place of unhealthy, toxic behaviors. hyssop is a superb agent for both protection and cleansing, banishing and blessing. in the body, they are used to relieve spasms in the respiratory and the nervous systems, making hyssop perfect when we are seeking to alleviate tensions of the mind and contact more tranquility.

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aquarius rising/sun/moon :: 2 of wands // hawthorn + (3) vision quest / seeking, finding

there is a common theme of stepping aside from the commotion to see what medicine is offered to you by the answers you receive in the calm. 2 of wands motions you to gather your inspirations and reformat your spiritual template. a lot of old ideas surrounding the way to walk the path so that it ‘appears’ more congruent and harmonic to others are being released as you step more fully into your own visions. for a while now, you have been the one sort of directing the healing process that has been unfolding within your most intimate units, such as the family, and now you are being given a moment to take time with yourself and go on a quest of seeking reorientation upon your direct and present route. the 2 of wands presents a clear display of independence with a man-presenting person at the forefront, holding hands across his chest (Wakanda-style), while in the background we see a group of women, some dancing, some playing music, and others enjoying the arts. this indicates that you are being asked to assert your energy in a more willful manner and ensure that what you are doing is because you want to do it and not because another is pressuring you into it or you feel the need to meet the expectations they have for you. right now, your ancestors and medicine allies can reinforce your decisions with their wisdom and insight. the important thing here is that you remember to seek your own answers and refrain from looking externally to validate the feelings you’ve been getting. absolve all doubt that has kept you indecisive on any level.

the person displayed here is also one of plenty courage. sometimes, with the 2 of wands, we may feel like we have to separate from an ideology, if not from an “other”, in order to feel in full control of your own destiny. if you feel fear at the thought of this, consider juxtaposing two lists: one of what you gain from holding on to this things, and another of what you lose from releasing it - note which one holds the most weight and begin to make the modifications accordingly. The Star is a tarot card that is most often associated with aquarius and is also the tarot tincture to which hawthorn was added. The Star shows up when we are being presented with new opportunity while experiencing a renewal of hope. hawthorn is heart medicine, useful for conditions ranging from high blood pressure to angina, and also magickally applied as a love, health, and protection balm so to speak. because of its tonic action on the heart, their medicine is adequate in moments when we need a boost in courage and endurance. aiding in developing self-confidence, hawthorn opens portals to new possibilities and an orientation toward more wholesome actions. the flowers and leaves can be infused for a daily heart tonic, or they can be enjoyed as formula such as The Star, in combination with allies such as angelica and ginger root - both in agreement to empower from the heart and into the soul.

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pisces rising/sun/moon :: 6 of cups // kava kava + (41) shaman’s death / death and rebirth

you might feel a certain comfort with the familiarity of some things, but you are being put on notice that cycles are ending and absolution is happening. these changes are still in the early stages, so things may not feel so uprooted or transformed as of yet, but you surely are in a process of allowing “old patterns to die with dignity”. you find yourself more consciously engaged with what thought processes lead to what actions and how you can ‘polish’ these to reflect a brighter and more illumined version of yourself. with the 6 of cups, old or recognizable connections may come back up for you to finally decide how you want to steer these, but this will be operating from the place of your cleansed identity. even as the shifts are occurring for some of you, you feel yourself in full acceptance of the past that you have released and the elements from it which you will carry forth with you to show for how your strength has been built over time. to experience a shaman’s death in a time of either rekindling or assessing previous energies is fertile ground for the rebirth to provide nutritive fruit. when a to-be shaman is going through this initiation, they are in alignment with the experience of reclaiming their wholeness. ultimately, a shaman can move through the underworld and the upperworld with the same amount of grace and agility. the aspect of going back into the past and reclaiming the parts of self the fled during trauma and shock as an act of self-preservation is present here. with the 6 of cups and shaman’s death, you are due for a time of soul retrieval.

soul retrieval is a process of reclaiming the parts of ourselves, the areas of our vitality that were compromised by the experiences of various traumas throughout our lives. when one is experiencing soul retrieval, there is initially the work of identifying the wounds and life (past and present) circumstances that could have contributed to the fragmentation of the soul throughout time. the goal of this is to feel whole enough to make more direct decisions relating to our lives while also enhancing our ability for connection with the world around and within us. the meditative aspect of the 6 of cups is one in connection to our memories of the past or childhood elements that contributed to our present state is why kava kava comes as perfect ally for you. essentially, kava is used for as a painkiller and one who works directly with the nervous system. in ceremony, kava has been used for enhancing feelings of euphoria as it is enjoyed in communal settings - even making kava kava an ideal beverage for weddings. for the 6 of cups, this is perfect if you are deciding to spend some time with loved ones or rekindle connections to share as a beverage of ‘breaking the ice’ so to speak. considering kava’s use as dreamtime medicine, they are warranted in the initiation of the shaman so that we are able to see in the dark with clear sight.

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