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Osiris and the rites of passage.

Osiris and the rites of passage.

*(If you know your moon and/or rising signs, it is recommended that you read the scopes for each of them, along with your sun sign. If you have knowledge of any stellium sign(s) in your chart, it is advisable that you read the ones corresponding to that as well. These can be read for both tropical and sidereal astrological aspects.)

aries rising/sun/moon :: (18) the moon // mugwort

the shadows invite you into a journey through your dreamscapes - remnants of what is left to be released linger there. with the moon, you are being silently, and perhaps subconsciously, guided into the parts of your psyche that may need to be revisited and cleaned out after some time of not doing inventory here. it is said that the moon represents illusions, but in truth, the moon is a representative of that which is formless and unbound by dense configuration. it is not so much illusion as it is imagination and possibility. so the shadows dancing within emerge with the reminder of the ways in which your ingenuity and wit may have been silenced and disregarded by those who you considered role models or guardians. this is a wound that has been healing as you have begun to express more of your true self and the talents you possess, yet the inquiry of this time will enable you to go further into innerstanding how this is a root in what causes you to feel wary about trusting self. because of this, it could even be the case that you find yourself in interaction with people who are less than true to themselves, thus being an incomplete reflection of you because they are also unable to be honest with you. moreover, this is an 18/9 energy which enables you to move forward from these sorts of situations with grace. you are in a time of completion and becoming more integrated with your own powers. no longer needing uncomfortable echoes and counterparts to show you the work that needs to be done, moonlight ushers you into the dawn offering a much needed shift in perspective and, furthermore, inner awareness.

your intuition is being sharpened, while your heart receives a purging of downloads that may have weighed heavy on the spirit at some point. you have been receiving so much information and imprints from the world and finally find yourself able to use it as opposed to carrying this knowledge like a load. there is a lot of clarity that can be had when you are working with the moon, as you are still in the dark of night. mugwort provides a point of illumination upon this journey. artemisia vulgaris, as mugwort is otherwise known, is an entity that awakens memory and lucidity of the mind. with mugwort, we are afforded an increase of wisdom in dreamworking through old traumas and programs. it is wise to set intentions and give thanks when working with any plant ally. in communion with this particular friend, you can ask for a clearer picture of how to overcome challenges on any level. you may eventually enter into dreams and be able to resolve said challenges within those landscapes - then finding that you do not need to continue to cycle in those old rhythms that are not offering you the expansion you seek. mugwort is a beacon of evolution that comes as a much-needed ‘push’ whenever you are feeling stagnant in any way. physically, artemisia cleanses, and this is how they make space for a perception unlimited by tired programming. mugwort is a perfect plant ally for moving into the day. to invite more brilliance, enjoy an infusion of 1 teaspoon per cup, sweetened with honey, before retreating to bed at night - though slightly demanding in what they urge us to be attentive to, mugwort surely enables us to find refuge in the truths innerstood in the silence.

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taurus rising/sun/moon :: 10 of disks // slippery elm

the message of the 10 of disks might ‘read’ a bit differently now because we are talking about tools for moving through the shadows. for you, this relates directly to energetic inheritances from ancestors and through your bloodlines. there is a lot of wealth there, but there is also just enough muck to scavenge through in order to fully come into contact with these ancestral riches. it could be a situation where you find that you have to unlearn some of the ideas you inherited around wealth and/or poverty - perhaps undoing ideas of “make do” (which is to make the best with what you got) and stepping into the knowing that you are deserving of wealth and comfort that is not temporary or transient. the 10 of disks, in the context of traversing the shadows, is a sign post that you are remembering the power you’ve inherited through your lineage while also being attentive to the ways in which the trauma of your ancestors informs how you may be self-sabotaging perhaps by a perspective that can easily be shifted. 10 of disks calls you to consider everything that you have learned about what is necessary for your stability and the sustainability of having these ‘needs’ met - are these ‘things’ actually needed? so maybe, for some of you, it is not so much about opening to more wealth or reevaluating your relationship to the idea of it, but more so about how financial and economic fears perpetuate cycles that you have the power to end. as you make these inner evaluations, take into account your relationship to the things and people that you think belong to you.

some of the ways you interact with these elements can shed light upon what personal beliefs you need to scrutinize. this is not about being self-deprecating, but it is an act of deciding to stop playing small by trusting in your own abundance and wholeness. this is about not giving away your power in spaces where you might be depleted and left without life force. a lot of ideas surrounding ‘having’ can border controlling tendencies when we feel like we do not have enough, so we might overextend ourselves in a display of wanting to keep whoever or whatever it is you perceive that you have/possess. slippery elm comes forward as a powerful ally in this work because the bark provides a nutritious infusion which can fill us by way of providing us with minerals and nutrients essential for our livelihood. slippery elm is also greatly potent for the work of cleansing the gastrointestinal tract and soothing the respiratory system. with this, slippery elm offers you a detoxifying energy with which to approach the inner assessments. drinking 1 teaspoon of slippery elm infused in up to 2 cups of water provides you a refreshing outlook and enables you to feel into your gut for truth, while speaking from that same place of precision and purity. inviting slippery elm into your practice will enable you to be fully aware of how bountiful your being is.

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gemini rising/sun/moon :: 4 of swords // soursop leaf

taking a moment to move away from all the commotion will offer you some much needed rest and respite. after a time of activity and convening within community, you find yourself needing to take time away so as to gather your resources. considering the work with the shadows, a journey through the 4 of swords is one in which you begin to take into account the ways in which socialization has impacted your mental processing. now is a time to bring in your smaller circle and gauge how you will proceed from this moment forward. with the 4 of swords, we begin to move away from the crowd and into a place of greater self-awareness. perhaps being so involved in community has had you distant from inner work and taking much needed rest. this key alerts you to the fact that the time has come for you to lay down the sword so to speak - maybe this is about continuing the work of calming your mental chatter and really sitting with these repeating thoughts and ideas so that you are able to more readily see how you are going to move toward greater victory. because the contraction is happening within the realm of the swords, you are asked to be attentive to matters relating to the air aspect of things - even something as ‘simple’ a ensuring that you are going out and getting good quality air to breathe is important at this time. it may also be necessary to have certain conversations with those closest to you so that you have the space and time you require to make sure everybody is on the same page. the time is ripe for simultaneously strategizing and resting.

when you can go away from all of the upheaval and noise, you can finally get the retreat. times have come heavy with change and shifting, so it is useful to have these moments where you can be away from all of that. the beautiful thing about this is that you are able to really assess how these internal patterns have contributed to the previous situations that you have deemed incongruent with what your intentions and goals were. recalibrating these with plant medicines such as soursop, also known as graviola, can be beneficial in this time. soursop leaf can be made into an infusion or tincture for deepest interaction with the medicine. a soursop leaf tincture comes in handy as a boost to cognitive processes, creative thinking, and solution finding. taking a few drops of this several times of this a day during a time of reflection and retreat is a great way to activate the more constructive aspects of the mental faculty. taking soursop leaf in infusion form is more useful during a time when the heart’s health might be compromised. for a balance of heart and mind, combining a tincture and infusion of soursop leaf lends you a powerful double-extracted elixir that serves as remedy of expansion.

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cancer rising/sun/moon :: (21) the world // elderberries

there are cycles that have been due to reach their point of completion, and you are now put on notice to ‘fix’ your energy toward actualizing this state of realization. the energy of 21/3 is one of creative energy expressed as a result of communion with ancient story. in the world card we see the depiction of the four fixed signs of the zodiac - aquarius, scorpio, leo, and taurus. through this we make contact with several universal laws that enable us to stabilize the foundations that are built through all our initiative and multi-tasking doing at the other ends of the season in which you find yourself. the world is also a card that speaks to having learned a great deal of the lessons since being initiated in the hallways of the fool, to now finding yourself again within a space in which you are being required to contemplate potential risks that need to be taken and those that can be avoided and transmuted into a strengthening of the will toward attaining the desired success. when working with this key in the shadow aspect, there may be a tendency toward inertia and lack of movement when you know that there is plenty to be done. the important thing here is to honor wherever you find yourself and act accordingly. there are energies propelling you toward a level of self-realization that you may not be fully ready to step into. this does not mean that you are ‘behind’ on your path, but rather that the intel being received during meditations and other energetic workings are there to invite you closer into that space of wholeness. the time is one with a lot of power and charge. take into account where you may be a little rigid, and open up with more fluidity. the potentially hermaphroditic aspect of the being depicted in this key reminds you that you can be many things and ‘people’ at once and use this shapeshifting ability to your advantage.

key 21 is, again, one that is connected to ancestral and ancient knowings. key 21, when working with it for contact with the shadows, allows you to be entirely aware of the places that need your attention. this is insight at the end of the tunnel so to speak - the ‘aha’ moment when the bulb lights up and it all makes sense. a journey companion more than adequate for this is the elder plant’s berries and flowers. elder berries and flowers have long been used as protective against evil spirits, curses, and hexes. considering this in connection to their more physical qualities, the elder plant’s medicine is a great one for boosting the immune system/our defenses against malevolent forces such as diseases and other ailments that could assault the body. when you find yourself reaching that point of realization, elderberries come in hand as they protect you on your active journey. an elderberry syrup can easily be made with 3 ingredients: water, honey, and elderberries. this is a great and common way to enjoy the medicine of this fruit. besides consuming the plant’s energy in that direct way, you can engage with the plant’s aura and exchange some of your own doing a meditation. elderberries grow ALL around and are not hard to find. before even beginning such a meditation, ask the plant if they are open to sharing information and energy with you. you will know if they are inviting by how you feel or the thoughts that arise as you move closer to them - if an ominous feeling comes over you, this is not the time to meditate with the elder plant. once you find a plant that welcomes you, imagine a light surrounding you and merging with the light that surrounds this plant. notice the imprints you feel when you do this. these sorts of meditative processes can be very personal and adapted based on what you discover the plants call for as you interact with them. ultimately, the world teaches you rich wisdom regarding how to have a more harmonious experience with all your relations.

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leo rising/sun/moon :: 6 of wands // goldenrod

though a card that can signify victory and success, this is also a card that can speak to the competitive energies we feel and encounter as we journey toward this. this, when surveying our shadow with it, can also be about the need to look at our relationship with control and leadership. the 6 of wands is truly a beautiful card that says yes in many ways while also speaking to the impact of the things we think, say, and do. 6 of wands, in this deck, depicts a man holding a wand that has a lion on it - 5 other men stand behind him also holding wands, though theirs do not show the lion. this is a clear indication that you are in a position in which you can guide others. the thing about this though is that you are leading by example so your expression matters here. you are being urged to really identify how you want to move your power in this time. in an age where power becomes corrupted very easily, those of us with the responsibility to lead must constantly be mindful of the way that we interact with these vibrations. your light is so bright that even if a teacher with students who do work similar to yours, this is not a threat or problem. being in and sharing space with those whose mission is in connection to your own does not remove from the specialness of your specific purpose. we are not yet fully out of the leo sun energy, so the time is about considering how it is you are shining. it is very intriguing to think how much more brightly the sun appears after a rainy and cloudy day or series of days. your work, your light, your gifts, talents, ideas, and innovations do good by experiencing a time away from certain spotlights so as to cleanse the lens and project with greater clarity. the 6 of wands also asks you to consider where you may need to release the tensions associated with some of the moves you’ve made - this discomfort has led to important growth. the results of this unfold gradually and fully - like flower opening to sun. like mother giving birth to child.

the importance of this moment lies in the ways that you receive even greater support when you are able to check these points within the self and emerge with a disposition of acceptance. it is not that you have to be vulnerable but simply that being accepting of the possibilities and potential within these connections can create situations where more harmony is naturally experienced because you are not operating from fear of loss or lack. 6 of wands presents you with memory of abundance. paired with goldenrod, you enhance your magnetism and ability to ‘attract’ more of the wealth (spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional) that you vividly envision. goldenrod magick is renowned for money drawing and enhancing ‘luck’. sachets and mojo bags with goldenrod flowers were/are often made for these purposes. further magickal applications lend their energy for prophecy and divination, and for this, an infusion is ideal. it has even worked when you lightly tap between the brows with fresh goldenrod flower before beginning a divination session. for the infusion, you can take 1 tsp of the herb per cup of water and simmer for 5 minutes. remove from heat source immediately. allow to sit for 20 minutes - 1 hour. and sip slowly over a period of 45 + minutes to integrate to full medicinal profile. goldenrod has a pungent taste that can open the upper respiratory tract and, furthermore, the 3rd eye center connected to it. fine-tuning your inner vision is a key for catalyzing larger victories.

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virgo rising/sun/moon :: (7) the chariot // parsley

the movement forward shows that you have decided to take the way of strength and the warrior able to cut through confusion and illusion to fully achieve self-knowledge and contact with true wisdom. number 7 is contemplative and seeks to know the truth. number 7 is seeking clarity after a specific decision is made and foundation is set. as the chariot, this is putting mental resources to use. it may seem like a calculated approach, but it will feel more fluid and natural. you are stepping into a greater discipline within your crafts, so the aspect of sustaining an important effort is pronounced right now. the conflicts and challenges that could arise will all serve as a kind of fuel to enter into higher states of living through raising your consciousness. the chariot prepares you for the journey through (8) strength which is where we fully learn and see our power in action. both chariot and the strength have the common element of duality which, in shadow work, call you to see where emotions could conflict or thoughts are self-deprecating and, further, immobilizing, so that you can actually shift these perspectives. these minute details require your full attention right now. the thing with the realization of duality within this key is that juxtaposing opposites allows you to see how special and necessary the differences are. the chariot teaches that the distinction of virtues is evidenced in confronting the supposed conflict - you are being encouraged to find new solutions. this is about how control and compromise can exist simultaneously. the chariot is teaching you how to pick your battles, or even how to refrain from allowing others to put you in battlegrounds that you did not intend to arrive at.

moments for rest will come with the times that require immediate action from you. the 7th arcanum leads you into the balance and intermission that is part of using the various level of your soul faculties - intellectual, emotional, and spiritual. considering the keyword of ‘impact’ that comes with this key, parsley is a perfect herb for this work. in healing, parsley has been indicated for use when one is experiencing the aftermath of some trauma or ‘impact’ to the general constitution. parsley helps to revitalize and fortify the body after a period of intense activity or some sort of illness. the power of this plant is so much so that they are used in amulets to help one be able to move through stagnation or a low point in the path walking. parsley, in so many ways, is strength. the time with the chariot is one of discovery and finding out what we are moving forth with - it is an inventory of lessons and being able to apply them to avoid making the same mistakes. with parsley, journeying into personal power (movement from 7 to 8, chariot to strength) is a more graceful transit. used in culinary arts, parsley comes in handy as garnish on salads which could be eaten raw and fresh. parsley is also very great in soups. 3 tablespoons of parsley in a broth made with 2 cups of water, handfuls of your favorite mushrooms, dill seeds, nettle leaf, sweet potato, and some of your other favorite foods and spices comes through as a potently reinforcing soup-type elixir which will allow you to see your aptitude in a new light and without the need to expect or create conflict with what is deemed to be oppositional.

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libra rising/sun/moon :: 3 of wands // burdock

with new ideas on the horizon, there is plenty of the vision currently materializing. the 3 of wands is still a beginning point though there is clear evidence that advancements have been made. you may find yourself in a moment where, having realized what you have already achieved, you come into contact with other visions that weren’t as clearly formulated in the picture that was originally painted. the shadow aspect of this could be how you are still learning the lesson of cooperation, especially as being a libra. 3 of wands is a point when you might need to look at your approaches and consider how effective they are. this is also an important call to consider the partnerships in your life, on the various levels of your communal experience, and decide what connections need to be refreshed, which ones need to be released, and those that are due for a renewal of direction. with the wands energy, there is a very high vibrational essence present that shows you the symbols that could transform your psychological dispositions. it is important that you not waste your talents here and find avenues for expressing what you have been meaning to speak on. spiritual inspirations are plentiful right now. there is also an energy of research and study present, with a focus on the type of work and crafting that you are centering the next few years of your life around. the silent and serious energy of the 3 of wands is also supported by a trust and optimism about what is possible. the reminders for you are to stay alert so as to not waste your energy carelessly all the while ensuring that you are being clear on which goals are personal and collective, then acting accordingly. you will feel a surge of potential within you, so keep your heart and spirit open for where this will ultimately take you - it is all in favor of your evolution.

further applying all of this, the 3 of wands invites you to be more conservative about how you use your energy and resources. you have multiple outlets for your endeavors but it is wise that you stay in equilibrium through taking time away from all the action when it is needed. furthermore, the 3 of wands is applied to signify that you are moving forward with a wider perspective and more optimistic viewpoint. trust the allies that present themselves to you in the many forms that they come. sometimes these helpful allies come in the form of plants, and for you, burdock presents a way for you to make peace with certain aspects of your past so that you can purposely move forward. making a decoction of burdock (1 tablespoon per cup of water, simmered for 20 minutes) and then rinsing your whole body with it after a shower or spiritual bath will be useful in not only releasing destructive and self-deprecating thoughts about the self, but also providing the energetic balance needed to pick oneself up, so to speak. in medicinal application, burdock detoxifies and nourishes - they are harmonious in the work that they do, and thorough, too. recently we formulated a spagyric Burdock Root tincture that is being offered via instagram only. this is an ally that proves to be exceptionally useful when we feel ourselves needing a boost though already journeying vigorously with what we have learned and been inspired by. burdock root provides a strong energetic breakthrough for you in a time when you are assessing how to merge all of the insights that you have acquired.

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scorpio rising/sun/moon :: 4 of disks // ginseng

with a 4 present, you are in the aspect of materializing, and because this is the suit of disks or pentacles, you are entering into another level of energetic security. you have command of your life and are even able to delegate tasks and expand upon ideas to achieve the goals of collective projects. when considering the shadow of this, there is a warning around how you use your power and ideas of manipulation and control. this is a time that can be very rewarding and loaded with the results of your past investments which bring you great returns, so be mindful of not sabotaging the potential of the moment. another shadow aspect of the 4 of disks is the idea of hoarding or being overly attached to material things and the possessions we call our own or those of intimate partner(s). this is, again, connected to the idea of control, so doing inventory for this will prove to be healing. seeing this, the image of the give-away ceremony comes to mind in which we see an act of giving that is rooted in communal care. in the give-away ceremony, we give not necessarily expecting to receive but because we have something to offer to someone who might really need that specific ‘thing’. this being said, you are in a position where you can practice this. part of what you are sharing is wisdom, and ultimately this is what will enable you to give life to the visions that you have been drawing out. in the 3 of disks, there was a time of planning and coming together with like minds to discuss possible developments, and now in the 4 of disks, you are making it happen. the motion is from thinking/visualizing/discussing (third eye + throat) to creating (solar plexus + sacral + root), and it is a merging of energies rather than a descent into more dense aspects of existence. 4 of disks is a time of solidification.

a great deal of vitality is also afforded through this. the momentum is strong, and through those who come forth to work on the developments, including self, life force is readily present. you can state your wishes and how you want to proceed and be sure that there are forces protecting your journey so what is yours will be. ginseng is a root that is used to ensure the availability to this reserve of sekhem or qi. ginseng has the ability to enhance potency on various levels. in various traditions, they are used to reinvigorate sexual power and augment personal energy. hoodoo traditional practices with this root include writing wishes on the root and throwing the root into a flowing river to make the wishes come true. on a more physical level, ginseng is a stimulant of mental activity and can strengthen physical performance. american ginseng, specifically, is on the at-risk list, so it is ideal to work with Korean ginseng, for instance, if you are intending to consume their energy. a decoction of ginseng can be made by cutting the root into several slices (1 inch pieces) and then simmer in water for up to 1 hour over low heat - tonic plant medicines are decocted for longer than other plant medicines. this can be consumed in small doses over several hours for up to 4 days at a time. another useful way to enjoy this ally is to steam the root to soften it and then you can cut it into thin slices and chew it directly or add honey or royal jelly to taste. ultimately, ginseng and 4 of disks are here to empower you and remind you of the extent of the potential you possess.

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sagittarius rising/sun/moon :: 9 of wands // astragalus

these past few months have offered you plenty of experiences that have served as teachers upon the journey. you may feel the urge to take a step away from some of the activity but you are also tapping into reserves of resilience that can be put to use with everything you are currently working on. note that in this case there is strength in numbers, so you could benefit from tuning into archetypes that remind you of strength. invoking these beings within yourself will also further doors of evolution for you. in many ways, the 9 of wands is a warrior spirit that says you have a lot of endurance, but also asks that, like a warrior, you be vigilant of those who walk or appear over and over in your environments. what stories do they offer you in reflection of the lessons you’ve learned? the shadow of the 9 of wands is in interacting with a defensive stance - again, being discerning enables you to avoid offensive projections, so applying that quality will help to preserve what you have been steadily cultivating. another potential shadow presentation is in allowing things to pile up or over-compromising and then feeling overburdened, which we see more directly in the 10 of wands. this may not be current, but it is a warning to take heed of the signs that could lead you there. overall, assessments are in order and you can spend some time reviewing the lessons and applying where necessary. the 9 of wands can also be very healing, and you are invited to work with frequencies like that of Sekhmet, for example, to harness and master your fire. other useful healing modalities that can boost your energy at this time include using reiki (ra sekhi kemetic healing, even) along the meridians of your body. the light is active within you now even if you’re feeling the need to sit for a minute.

as you’re moving through this time, taking protective measures is ideal. the note about over-compromising comes back around here. also, your spirit guides could be showing you that you need to take time to identify your target, spend some time in study and learning, so that you can continue to grow the seeds. astragalus provides you both fortitude and protection. in the body, astragalus revitalizes after a long bout of illness or deep surgery. beyond that, they are well known to activate the immune system, helping to treat conditions ranging from diabetes to cancer. they can also help to increase circulation while decreasing blood pressure. a wise teacher, astragalus is the primary ingredient in The Hierophant tarot tincture. in this formula, they are effective for aiding us in seeing into ourselves in an honest way while also helping us identifying what educates and inspires our present character. this depth of evaluation is necessary for the leveling up that 9 of wands offers you. astragalus root can also be stir fried in honey and bits of spring water to exalt the uplifting quality that astragalus has deeply embedded in their matrix. after stir-frying for up to 15 minutes, you can infuse for up to 4 hours after allowing the root to simmer in water for 10 minutes. this sort of concoction can be enjoyed in doses of 1/2 cup taken between meals, up to 3 times a day for up to 7 days at a time. with astragalus journeying with you through the 9 of wands, you will truly have a reserve of energy that cannot be depleted.

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capricorn rising/sun/moon :: (13) death // agrimony

death is not something to fear, but rather a symbol of liberation. as we enter the portal of autumn, you are called to take stock of the present and see how much of it is relevant and necessary for the direction you are moving into. some remnants of the past are due to be released, and you are advised against delaying their absolution. whatever shift you are due for is one that furthers you into your truth. the considerations here may center intimate relationships, mental patterns and actual habits, obsessions, and attachments. all of the letting go that death brings is sure to provide you with the lightness of energy required to elevate to the next level. in its shadow, death indicates that you are delaying the end of a cycle because you foresee that this could be a (temporarily) painful move or something that you generally prefer to avoid engaging with or thinking about. even the changes that initially appear uncomfortable and unwelcome are actually perfectly in alignment with your heart’s deepest calling. releasing these aspects of the past and stepping determinedly into the promise of the future enables you to clarify the most essential elements of the present. death asks that you avoid stubborn dispositions as they would only slow you down at this time.

 key 13 also advises you to transmute any fear of loss. if this is too deeply embedded within your psyche or the emotional imprints you are receiving, you can spend this time really planning and giving forethought to what the options and alternatives are, and then deliberating what will be the most balanced approach to this transition. agrimony is energetically suited for helping one overcome the fears that can arise when we move through the 13th key. their magick lends itself for overcoming blockages of all sorts all the while providing lucidity of consciousness, especially if used in combination with mugwort for dreamwork. in many ways, agrimony is perfect for the periods of rebirth in life. physically, agrimony cleanses and renews, working through the liver/digestive and respiratory systems. when applied via flower essence therapy, they can be effective as one that helps to unmask the truth self. Justice is one of our tarot tinctures that has been formulated specifically with this intention, of course containing agrimony. The World is another potion crafted with the intention to bring one closer to soul purpose while offering protection along the path. these are tools that can be used for meditation and to promote self-elevation.

*All of this is channeled with high vibrational energy and intention to guide you on your path, if you wish to offer us a donation for this work, feel free to do so by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.

aquarius rising/sun/moon :: queen of swords // lavender

the queen of swords is moving through the home front and cutting through anything that does not serve the growth and expansion of family and community. the queen of swords represents the power of the mind in concerted effort to establish sustainable independence. several things could be present on a physical level that would call for closer attention. in the body, this could manifest as tension, anxiety, or muscular aches around the shoulders, back, or neck. you may find yourself feeling creativity stifled due to restrictions or limitations placed upon you from external forces. any or a combination of these things could arise with the queen of swords, but she is a power whose quick wit and strong mind can gracefully break through adversity. there is often an association of this queen with feelings such as sadness, sorrow, or depression, but in this time, the feelings may more so be one of resolution about what is no longer acceptable. the queen of swords can think objectively which makes her steadfast in her final decisions. because of her ability to command, she makes a great leader and initiator of endeavors. this energy is one to tune into when a clear direction or sign is needed. when this queen is ill-aspected or hurt, she could turn toward sarcastic language and even gossip with a malicious disposition. the point here is in tactful use of mind and thus the word. this motion of cleansing and renewal in the home also deals with these matters of communication, and how we are or are not heard and do or do not listen. there is a relatively sharp energy about this time that encourages you to be nothing less than truthful. the sword she holds is one of authenticity - this is familiar territory for the aquarians.

considering the possibility of tension, irritability, or anxiety that can occur during these times, it is useful to bring nervines into the practice and process. nervines can either tone or relax the nervous system, making them effective for those with strong air quality in their disposition and others who may experience resulting aches and pains. in this instance lavender is a great plant medicine for the work. lavender is increasing calmness in the spirit and thus allowing for a more luminous awareness. during times of stress or even when one has a headache, lavender comes in handy. in the Justice tarot tincture, it was used as synergistic with agrimony for enhancing mental workings and instilling a deeply meditative state, all the while targeting the digestive system and womb. the formula of the Magician also calls forth lavender’s magick for drawing in love and stimulating peaceful attitudes. lavender is also readily full of powerful oils that can be rubbed on the temples to reduce the pain of headaches associated with tension and stress and can also strengthen the crown chakra through its work on the hair shaft and scalp, fortifying hair and promoting growth. Ori Crown Oil is one of GWA’s original formulas which always uses lavender and charges it further with the power of the Orisha. this is an optimal form of applying it specifically for psychoemotional empowerment. the queen of swords walks with you as wise and high counsel. trust the knowings that arise as you continue to cut through any otherwise illusionary filler.

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pisces rising/sun/moon :: (12) the hanged man // passionflower

sacrifice is needed in order to achieve your goal - this is a perfect summation of the essence of your present. the hanged man is willfully suspending themselves in a position that offers them a completely different perspective, and often this comes through a change of scenery or symbolically turning the picture upside down to see what else it can spell out. sacrificing an old idea of what something or someone or self is ultimately gives you returns of value. the hanged man is hanging from the tree of life, as reflected in the story of odin in which later the runes fall to reveal messages which he perhaps would not have received if the 9 day sacrifice/ceremony of hanging was not done. so on a deeper level, the hanged man is a look into the unconscious “underworld” of the mind. it appears as a descent likened to a soul coming to earth through the portal of womb, for instance, so certainly this is a birth in its own right. the thing is that you are entering unknown and uncharted territory. these sorts of processes are often approached with subconscious fears, but your spirit carries a certain faith. the position of the hanged man is one that can be hard for people outside of us to comprehend at times, but it is a diligence that offers new knowledge. you will be able to educate yourself and offer insights to others after moving through these next few keys. the hanged man is a step closer to the star and the sun, and finally the world. your soul self is in a graduation right now.

interestingly enough, the hanged man is often said to have a strong association with piscean and neptunian activity. this is a card not only of personal consciousness but also the collective spirit. because it is a major arcanum, the 12th key is still very focused upon the individual experiencing self in relation to the world as opposed to just experiencing the world and happenings within it. neptune is also one corresponding to psychic activity and ability, so this time is one in which meditations could offer information that would have taken other research to acquire. if you feel dissatisfied with any aspect of your life, the hanged man is a sign that a shift in perspective could constructively impact this feeling and help transmute it into a more balanced vibration. passionflower is essential in promoting a more receptive mental state through activating theta brain waves and deepening dream states while activating vivid recall. in the work with passionflower, and divinely in alignment with the pisces energy, dream time can be the portal through which new insights are received, so combining 2 parts of this ally with 1 part mugwort and 1 part damiana in an infusion can be an ideal formulation for this purpose. though primarily considered Venusian for its love drawing ability, and lunar for its dream-enhancing capacity, passionflower is also a neptune medicinal that can produce mild hallucinations if combined with other allies that will not be named here (more on this and other visionary medicines in another post during Scorpio season). opportunities to integrate the primal wisdom of the ancients are offered with the voyage in key 12 and through the passionflower application.

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Elsie Lopez