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Burdock Root (Venus) Spagyric

Burdock Root (Venus) Spagyric



earth + air


cleanse the blood; eliminate eczema, psoriasis, boil, and acne; help hair grow; decrease fluid retention; nourish cells; expel mucus from lungs and gastrointestinal tract; reduce cell mutation in cancerous cells; treat dandruff and scalp conditions; heal damaged liver; effective for arthritis, gout, and sciatica

the story:

Articum Lappa aka Burdock is a potently yang plant whose root is often used in medicine as an ally of all sorts. A relative of the sunflower, they have a disposition for increasing the vital energy. In Hoodoo, they are renowned as a protective root that can be carried with agrimony and rue, for instance, to deflect hexes and evil eyes placed on you by others. Within this same tradition, Burdock has been infused in olive oil and use to restore male power (make men potent again after impotency) by rubbing it on their genitals. Considering this deeply yang quality, it is wise for people with both high yang or yin dispositions to gradually balance this nature. Yin dominant individuals can take Burdock tinctures, for instance, in doses as small as 3 drops at a time, increasing to 25-35 drops over time. Yang dominant peoples can take 1 drop, up to 7 times a day to start, and increase the dosage up to 11 drops, 3 times a day (for our particular tincture). Because it is a diaphoretic and helps to expel excess heat via fluids, this plant medicine can ultimately balance the fire qualities in a person. They are best taken as a food/mixed with foods for this purpose. Moreover, Articum is effective for other ailments relative to heat imbalances such as skin irritations, psoriasis, eczema, fevers, boils, and other such conditions. High in mineral content, they prove to be effective for hair loss that is associated with a nutritional deficiency. NOW, in the form of a spagyric, the full medicine of Burdock is engaged. Spagyrics are deeply alchemical preparations - in these, the soul (acids), spirit (alcohols), and body (mineral salts) of a plant are integrated through the use of both water and fire. In the spagyric process, extractions of the plants are carried forth and then recombined into a single formula. Chemically, the minerals salts balance out the organic acids which converts these into a more water soluble and bioavailable form. Thus the medicine of this particular kind of tincture is considered a more whole preparation of the medicine.


burdock root, gluten-free alcohol, distilled water, purified plant body

invitations for use:

We recommend taking 1-35 drops a day with meals/food. Shake well before use. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Further instructions for use and application will come with each order.

  • Avoid use during the 1st trimester of pregnancy.

  • Safe for ages 15+.

  • All herbs used are certified organic + 100% are sustainably cultivated by Gold Water Alchemy.

  • REQUIRED DISCLAIMER: This product is for bringing balance; it is not intended to diagnose or cure disease. If you require medical treatment, please seek a qualified medical professional. These statements have not been approved by the FDA.

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