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Free the Womb: Plant Medicine for Reproductive Justice (Online)

Free the Womb: Plant Medicine for Reproductive Justice

This is a one-on-one (teacher and student) or group setting (teacher and students) course - you get to pick how you want to go through this journey. The reason we provide a one-on-one option is for people who are seeking this class to enhance their career paths (perhaps as a birth-worker, gynecologist, women's health specialist, etc), so we are able to either tailor the course according to your needs or we can go through the course with the default curriculum which has been developed by Elsea (founder of Gold Water Alchemy + Educational Center). You, therefore, have the option to select either one-on-one or group setting interaction, as well as selecting a specialty focus (this is available if you are doing the one-on-one option). Speciality focus themes include but are not limited to: herbs for pregnancy, herbal support for the menopausal years, herbal support for young girls ages 9-19, herbs for healing reproductive diseases and infertility, etc.

In this 8-week online course, we will be exploring a group of medicines that are used for young ladies and women during the seasons of a woman's life. Each of these seasons is a metaphor for the inner and outer processes of initiation through the energy of womanhood and the feminine mysteries. The Spring is the time of a young girl's life when she is initiated into womanhood through the process of her first menses. During The Summer period of her life, the woman becomes a mother - this is not only in the physical sense but also in the sense of identifying her path and knowing her fruits that she is to bear. The Autumn is when a woman moves from matriarch to wise woman. At this point, she has gathered enough harvest (experience and lessons) and is able to share that with those around her as seeds of wisdom to be planted in those whom are still growing. The Winter is heavy with stillness, but it is when a woman's power is most concentrated - she is preparing for her ascension from one dimension to another, and in the in-between time finds her deepest strength in observation and reverence of Self and others. Through this course, we will explore the cycles and provide insight into the herbal remedies which are most suitable during each of these movements. With the default curriculum (group setting), we spend 2 weeks on each of these seasons, going in-depth regarding the initiations and allies for that particular time in life. With the one-on-one setting, you can choose to concentrate on a particular season or a few of the seasons. 

Topics which we explore through this course include:

  • history of herbal medicine for women

  • women's reproductive anatomy

  • safety of herbs during pregnancy and lactation

  • postpartum herbal treatment for mother and child

  • practical rituals for womb health maintenance

  • herbal preparations and formulas

  • and much more..

Though this course is specifically addressing women's needs, we invite men, non-binary, gender non-conforming people to join and learn about these processes as well.

At the end of this course, each student receives a certificate of completion.

Spring 2019 Online Course Dates:

May 17, 2019-July 12, 2019


Course Price:

$525 original tuition [$540 including PayPal Fee] (This includes half or one-ounce 8 of the 9 plants we will be studying during the course. Books [2 required, 1 recommended] will have to be purchased by you [ usually has all of the books we use for our courses priced at $3-$20]. All other educational material will be emailed and posted on the online classroom site).

  • There will be 2 free online information sessions via Zoom prior to the deposit due date. This is to share a bit more information about this course and answer any questions which may arise as you make your decision to enroll. If you decide to attend, you only have to attend one of the two dates. I provide two dates as options for people to attend according to their best convenience.

  • To sign-up for an information session, click here.

  • A deposit of $150 ($165 with PayPal fee) is due by May 13, 2019 to reserve your spot.

  • Payment plans are available. You will have an option to select your preferred payment plan via a document in the follow-up email once you make your deposit.

  • If you need extra time to pay, please state that in response to the email you receive from GWEC (not PayPal) after making your deposit.

  • If you have any questions regarding this course, please direct them to

*Excerpts of the syllabus will be shown during the information sessions as well, but if you have made your decision to enroll prior to information session, you can request it via email - email us at to request it.

Note: The additional fees for the deposit and the balance are based on PayPal fees.