Gold Water Alchemy

What Clients Are Saying

Gold Water Alchemy has collaborated with various people. Elsie, creator of Gold Water Alchemy, created tinctures for Corey Banana (more information about her book and our collaboration here), whose riveting writing is an account of both survival and healing, at once. Corey aimed to create a gift that would accompany her book and nourish the readers. ‘Heliacal Rising’, a term used to refer to a star seen in the eastern sky before dawn and remaining visible at sunrise, is the name given to the tincture that Elsie formulated for this collaboration. The purpose of this tincture is not only to provide a boost in energy but also to enhance our functional modes.

GWA goods have also been featured and sold in Spirit Shop - a store in Brooklyn, NY which focuses on “creating a diverse and inclusive array of wellness products”.

Collaborations are continuously in the works, so stay tuned.


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