Gold Water Alchemy


‘The Indigo Keys’ W/S Collection - AVAILABLE NOW

All of our products are made with locally grown or sustainably wildharvested plants. Ingredients are non-GMO, chemical and synthetic free - potions are plant-based. There is no animal testing involved; everything we know about the effects of our works has to do with feedback we have received from family, friends, and clients, as well as through personal use. Concoctions are intended for internal use unless otherwise noted.

Extracts, elixirs, tinctures, and other liquid potions are made in small batches. We typically have no more than 20 of each available at a time. If you would like to purchase a wholesale order, please get in touch with us via email or our contact page. Thank you.

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A labor of love, Gold Water was born through a spiral dance. It is a corporation (body of work) that was created to enhance the lives of people everywhere through right-brain activation and self-healing realization. The importance of right-brain activation lies in the necessity to also reactive the healing powers and potential within, as we see that this is what the world is in need of. The name "Gold Water" came through a dream. In the dream, the vision perceived showed a woman dancing by the riverside with a basket of plants held at her waist. She danced seductively by the river and sang "the beauty that you see is Gold Water Alchemy." Since then it's been her story. Gold Water is here to raise awareness of the truth that is present and the potential that is possible. This work is about sustainability and reminding us of our infinite connection to all that is. With this in mind, we offer the highest quality tinctures, herbal products, and wellness services. We also offer apprenticeships and online courses in plant medicine, ceremonial healing, heart alchemy, healing arts, gardening, yoga and philosophy, and sustainable living. Everything we do is carefully crafted and carried through to help individuals in their awakening and energetic elevation process. Our work is manifest through deep communion and ceremony with our Mother Earth, as She is our greatest teacher and a magnificent embodiment of the great Love of All. Our promise to you is that our work will enable you to come into more profound contact with yourself.