Gold Water Alchemy


‘The Indigo Keys’ Summer Sequel Collection, “The Seer’s Formula” - AVAILABLE NOW

All of our products are made with locally grown or sustainably wild-harvested plants. Ingredients are non-GMO, organic, chemical and synthetic-free. There is no animal testing involved - everything is plant-based, including GWA’s founder who has been vegan for 12+ years.

Extracts, elixirs, tinctures, and other liquid potions are made in small batches. We typically have no more than 20 of each available at a time. If you would like to purchase a wholesale order, complete the application here. Thank you.

Concoctions are intended for internal use unless otherwise noted. Head over to the shop for more of our magickal formulas, all crafted with Love. 

NOTE: as of March 2019, we will no longer be using essential oils in any of our products. We will be sticking with our general practice of creating whole plant medicine.


A labor of love, Gold Water was born through a spiral dance. It is a body of work that was created to enhance the lives of people everywhere through vibrational healing, proper nutrition, and higher education. The layers of this medicine also serves as an elixir that informs people on issues such as that of reproductive, racial, and environmental injustices, while providing a template for beginning the work of dismantling the systems of oppression that have created the circumstances detailed. Gold Water Alchemy is a solution-oriented endeavor. The change, it really starts with each person, and, thus, mending our relationships to each other, our home - the Earth, and all of our home’s inhabitants. Gold Water is here to raise awareness of the truth that is present and the potential that is possible. This work is about healing, sustainability, justice, love, and respect. With this in mind, we offer the highest quality tinctures, herbal products, and wellness services. We also offer apprenticeships, online courses, and workshops in plant medicine, racial/environmental/social justice, and holistic + sustainable living. Everything we do is carefully crafted and carried through to help mend our hearts and restore ecological balance. This work is manifest through deep communion and ceremony with Earth. Our promise to you is that Gold Water Alchemy will enable you to come into more profound contact with yourself and help you in developing authentic connections with the life that surrounds you. Thank you for supporting us.