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Plant Spirit Reading™: Phase 1

Plant and Tarot Teachings:

Did you know that plants and tarot energies correspond with each other to deliver a signature of vibrations that can be used in conjunction as somewhat of a full spiritual prescription? With this in mind, we have developed "Plant Spirit Readings". Through these readings we touch upon not only the situations that surround us (via tarot clarification) but also the remedies (plant spirits) that are most useful for our journey throughout this time. These remedies may or may not have to be administered internally -- sometimes you only need to be around the specific plant to get its healing effects, no consumption necessary.


What Allies Speak to Us In This Time:


5 of Wands

(19) The Sun

2 of Disks

plant spirit remedies:


Pau D' Arco



With the initiation of the 5 of wands, we find ourselves moving through certain contractions. Though the image reveals a variety of influences presenting themselves to play a factor in these moments, it is also true that the Wands speaks directly of the spirit. 5 within the minor arcana of the tarot tends to signify a point of diminution -- a contraction that leads to birth, to expansion. A 5 of Wands contraction tells of a shift within the spirit that may feel uncomfortable but ultimately leads to pure illumination and inner shapeshifting. When this vibration presents itself, there can be a series of opposing energies creating agitation. Through this motion, your inner self is asking you to be clear about what you want and/or need. The 5 of Wands may have you confronting "others" who may pose a feeling of competitiveness, ultimately as pure reflection of what it is that you really want for yourself -- these people may be there precisely for that lesson: they make you uncomfortable with the need to be a better version of yourself. This entire process involves a sorting through, a purging if you will. It does so through presenting us with one or several of these scenarios: it can imply someone playing mind games through speaking in a way that does not reflect their intention; it can also show up as discordance within a work situation or approach to your career - disorganization, procrastination, etc; it can even be a general sense that it's time to lay down some battles and let yourself be moved into the next phase with the certainty that this letting go will not leave you at a loss.

The journey through the 5 of Wands enables us to step with a deep longing into the vibration of 19 aka The Sun. Just the image of the sun alone is highly promising. Here we see the union of two energies: feminine and masculine, passive and aggressive, high and low. Here we experience the synthesis of all the inner shifts that had taken place up until this point. The Sun reminds us that we have the capacity for true enlightenment if we choose to stay with the discomfort that often accompanies the process of lasting change. This is a very high frequency moment in your life -- The Sun implies that you have reached or are reaching a level of spiritual maturity that you will infinitely benefit from. The resonance of this is that in this time your pursuits are prosperous -- whether you are diving deeper into self-awareness and realization or whether you have been working to establish more harmonious connections with all of life, this is a process of allowing yourself to step into a renewed sense of trusting which aids you in moving forward in life with more optimism while also maintaining the balance of upholding clarity within and without. Confusion has now dissipated and you can see life with a more brilliant understanding. 2 of Disks helps you to engage this newfound lucidity in a more practical manner. The 2 of Disks indicates form, fertility, unexpressed creativity, and cooperation. The 2 of Disks is an energetic card that represents the powerful combination of grace and effectiveness. With the duality it represents, this card speaks of the balance we work to maintain. It fuses the energies of the 5 of Wands and The Sun: When the 2 of Disks appears in a spread, it infers that you have too much going on at the moment, and may be finding it difficult to concentrate and make discerning decisions and choices. The message of the 2 of Disks is that challenges will be met with confidence and things will go well. This tells of attempting to cope with two separate situations at once. Stop procrastinating and make a definite decision one way or the other. Do what must be done to stabilize your material assets. With all of these factors at play, the 2 of Disks encourages us to stay centered and focused. If there is any perfect time to believe in yourself and affirm your power, now is the time. 

So through these cards we convene with the energies of fire and earth: renewal and grounding, purification and nurturing, upheaval and balance. Through these cards, we see the need for a true uprooting to make space for a new grounding. The plants allies that speak to us in this time aid in this process are a great help for this transition. Agrimony and Pau D' Arco are specifically synergistic plants: they work very well by themselves but get a boost by being used in conjunction. Agrimony has a powerful energy that aids in healing the heart and offering protection to one's aura. Practitioners of certain traditions use agrimony to block curses and remove jinxes. Applied for healing the liver, treating stomach irritability, and relieving jaundice, this beautiful healer lends its energies for true protection on both a physical and spiritual level. Often employed in treating candida and other such infections, Pau D' Arco has been used for a wide range of conditions: various cancers, inflammation, arthritis, fever, and a variety of pains. Pau D' Arco is a highly empowering plant which The Guarani Indians used to fashion their hunting bows from the wood in the hope that the tree’s vigor will be transferred to both bow and hunter. In our tea blends section, we have two blends which contain one or both of these allies. La Limpiadora is a profoundly cleansing formula which helps to carry through the effects of both of these medicines. It is one of our bestsellers as it not only clears infections, but also cleanses the colon. The Harmony Way is another one which contains agrimony and is sure to bring a deep grounding and sense of security to the entire self. The Sol Immunity/Fire in our elemental extracts section contains Pau D' Arco and has been noted to be excellent in uses particularly to boost the immune system and cleanse the body of infections. Another way to integrate these frequencies is to simply to spend time around the plants if you have access to them in your vicinity. One that is commonly found in surrounding environments is Catnip, and as the culminating aid for the phase, Catnip is a strong-scented mint that can be used in baths to relieve muscle aches that accompany flu and illness. Also used to invoke the feminine energy, this very cool medicinal plant is indispensable for balancing the solar energy that the sun has bestowed with all its brilliance.

Are you willing to engage with the balance of seeming opposing energies which ultimately bring a major shift in the consciousness of your being? Will you allow these allies to instill the reasoning and clarity necessary to emerge with more strength for the next phase in your life? Tune in. Go deep. The results are rich with promise.

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Elsie Lopez