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Oshun Healing Balm

Oshun Healing Balm

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Bringing moisture and rejuvenation to the skin, Oshun Healing Balm is true to its name. Consecrated within the vibration of the energetic signature of Oshun, this balm is blessed with the intention to bring about a feeling of recovery and brightness. Moisturizing, restorative, abundant, and relaxing are all ways to describe this love-infused balm. When used regularly, one will notice a more youthful and firm appearance upon the skin. It can also be applied to lips and on cold sores, to swollen areas of the body or just for daily maintenance. Oshun reminds us that it is okay to enjoy simple pleasures and treat ourselves to the finest healing that this Earth has to offer. Oshun reminds us that to care for our skin and bodies is to care for the Earth. Note: the original formula did not have Willow Bark, Sage Leaves, or Avocado Leaves - this new formula does :) this lends a relaxing energy and extra boost to pain-relieving properties. Limited edition. 


*calendula flowers, *white oak bark, *comfrey leaves, *willow bark, *sage leaves, *avocado leaves, *beeswax, *lavender oil, *coconut oil, peacock ore + carnelian gem essence

invitations for use:

Rub gently on any part of the body. Relax into the feeling that this lends you - especially useful for tension, burns, wounds, scars, and dry areas on the skin. For external use only. 

(Each purchase comes with herbal information cards, detailing stories and facts regarding your medicine.)

  • Safe for pregnant/nursing women and children.

*certified organic ingredient

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