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Intention is everything. Lately, I’ve been in an internal space of reflection. Becoming hyper-aware of what moves me closer to my Self and what takes me further away from my Truth. With this awareness has come a clarity regarding the spaces from which I draw the most energy when my intention is in pure alignment with my Greater Self. During my last meditation, upon reading a couple of statements from the book Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, I said to myself, “I trust my vision”. It was such a powerful statement to make, and it brought me to tears. I know some who know me now may be surprised to know that I struggled for many years with doubts and insecurities. Believing in my vision was no simple task. Let alone working towards it. After years of shedding tears, skin, and blood — all associated with the doubts, fears, and insecurities that held me back– I can finally confidently say that I fully and truly trust and believe in my vision. And when I speak of trusting vision, I’m not speaking only of ideas and goals for what we want in our career — that is definitely part of what I speak of — but I am also speaking of the deeper vision, our intuition, our hunches, our gut feeling.

As someone with a deep connection to my sacral chakra by way of my womb, I’m constantly feeling things “through my stomach”. You know those moments when something doesn’t feel quite right and our hearts start beating faster in anxiety or our stomach “drops”. Or the ones when things are in alignment with our best interest and our hearts feel calm, though we may still experience those little butterflies of euphoria in our stomach that may leave us feeling a tad unsettled. Some of us are raised in a society that deem these feels are just paranoia or over-emotionality, yet these intuitive centers within our bodies are not to be ignored . They yearn to be nourished in the same way that we care for our hair and nails to ensure that they are strong and grow (if that is what we want for those parts of ourselves). Through the process of realizing the importance of caring for our heart and body in tandem, I have come up with a uterus and heart centering exercise  for nourishing and grounding these two channels.

To begin:

  • Get comfortable and close your eyes and begin to relax. Take in slow long deep breaths through your nose. Let your breath return to its natural rhythm. Resist the urge to control your breath. The cool inhale, the warmer exhale.
  • Notice the gentle rise and fall of your chest and belly.
  • Put your attention now to the space just behind your pubic bone where you imagine your uterus to be. This exercise is still relevant and effective whether you are still menstruating or whether you are in menopause, whether you have your uterus or for whatever reason you no longer have a physical uterus.
  • At one and the same time, draw in a slow deep breath from the base of your uterus, at your cervix and slowly move up the energy of your breath through your uterus and up through your heart and just above your heart.
  • Gently hold your breath until you feel the impulse to release it.
  • As you release the outbreath, send the energy back down through the crown of your heart to the base of your uterus and back to your cervix. Allow the energy of the outbreath to move freely.
  • Rest and repeat this three more times.
  • When you stop, feel into the subtle energies moving between your heart and your uterus.
  • This is a great exercise for enlivening the uterus/heart energies. It also flexes and restores resilience to the facial envelope, which supports and contains the heart, and gently frees the tissues that support and hold up the uterus. This is a great exercise to incorporate in your daily mantra and meditation practice


Elsie Lopez