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What energies will be most prevalent between this new moon in Libra and the new moon in Scorpio?

We already find ourselves immersed in the sea - she leaves us no choice. The astrological alignment of the moment is heavy with the nectar of life - water. Chiron and Neptune have both been in Pisces for a while; Jupiter recently shifted into Scorpio; Mercury is in Scorpio; Venus is in Scorpio; And on October 22nd/23rd, the Sun will also shift into Scorpio. At this point, we have no choice but to swim and learn how to breathe underwater. In today's society, many people have become desensitized to violence, abuse, negligence, ignorance - from themselves and the world around them. It's too easy to overlook the imbalances and carry on through life perhaps running into our feelings but not knowing what to do with them or even not knowing that "feelings" is what those "things" are. Despite all of this, in this time we are being presented with an opportunity to really survey our inner world and do the work of "cutting through" ties to things, situations, people, events, and maybe even places. The energies that prevail in this moment are going to lead us into new beginnings, but first we have got to be willing to approach our hearts with an open and honest mind. The energies that present themselves through the 4 of Cups are reinforced by the potential that is bestowed upon us with the combination of the Ace of Cups + Queen of Swords. Yet and still, these are very emotional and maybe overwhelming frequencies for us because we are being asked, gently but insistently, to really confront what must be confronted, within and without. How honest are you really being?

Enter the 4 of Cups. When the 4 of Cups shows up in any reading, it tends to imply some sort of lack of satisfaction. From within, one has been assessing that something may be missing or perhaps you are not living up to your own expectation of your Self. Lack of satisfaction does not always imply lack of gratitude - one can be dissatisfied yet still retain the awareness that there is much to be grateful for. The woman in the 4 of Cups sits near 3 cups - 2 standing and one tipped over - the fourth cup is in her hands and she brings it toward her lips. This woman is still tasting the waters to see which one may quench her thirst the most. Or maybe she needs all 4 to be fully satisfied. This woman has lived through experiences of sorrow and separation - maybe she has already let some things and people go - and now she is in a state of renewing herself with the energy of all the love she possesses. Recalling that Jupiter has recently also moved into Scorpio from Libra, the imbalances that we detected in our relationships, with self and others, are now on their way out. This is a time of transformation and great change. The cups in the card symbolize one's own inner abundance - of feelings, thoughts, memories, and talents. Imprinted with the frequency of the Moon in Cancer, when we are moving through the energy of the 4 of cups, we may find ourselves more intuitive and "feely" than usual. At the same time, these are the instances when we most need nurturing. With all of the inner surveying we are doing, it is also being asked of us that we 'find' the part of ourselves that knows how to self-nurture and self-nourish. Part of this process also reminds us to practice patience and kindness with self. 

By doing this deep and not always easy inner work we can come into contact with a sense of renewal. It happens to us as a remembrance because the Ace of Cups is the one that shows up as the ultimate water energy - refreshing, open, fluid, abundant, deep, fertile, rich with history, and full of memory. 

There is promise here. Again, deep transformation and change is embedded in the code for the next wave of consciousness and awakening. 

For a little bit now, the gardening has been going through a "weeding" phase - a release has happened but at the same time many of us have been finding the places where we belong and integrating ourselves with the resonance of 'remembering' how to live in harmony. Now, this does not mean that this will be easy or always comfortable - quite the opposite. To maintain harmony, one must be willing to adapt. The key here is that you get to choose what you wish to adapt to and interact with. The trick is that you realize your right to decide, yet you may find that you don't always want to release those things, feelings, habits, and people that you may be carrying past the expiration date of that connection. Yet and still, you have the right to decide and you get to create and live your story as you envision in. The purpose of the appearance of the Queen of Swords is exactly that - she comes to clarify. She is the Water of Air, a powerful mentalist with a distinctly fluid perceptive capacity. She is likened to the energy of Aquarius; the high priestess of the energy in this age where mental powers and keen psychic ability are as obvious as the many forms of water. But do not be misled, this Queen embodies the full spectrum of air signs; she is as independent and unpredictable as Aquarius, as communicative and quick-witted as Gemini, and as beautiful and harmonious as Libra. She can also exhibit the shadow aspects of these signatures, but we won't go there today. The Queen of Swords is a woman that many have perceived as sad, but when I look at her, I see a woman with the ability to cut through the b.s. and release everything that does not serve, even if at first the release hurts. We started off with the 4 of Cups and the 4 of Cups is a primary energy of seeking but also letting go of attachments. The Queen of Swords is a woman of deep intuition. She is also a frequency that brings to us profound truth. It is said that sometimes the truth hurts, but supported by the Ace of Cups, we are promised that the only thing letting go will do for us is create space for more abundance. The Queen of Swords is here to lend us her powers of discernment so that we may move to the next level and experience more pleasure through having transmuted our pain and emotional imbalances. Some connections may need to be addressed directly. Some uncomfortable conversations may need to be had, but the result of all of that is clarity and the capacity to really pierce the veils and filters we have created within ourselves so that we may more readily perceive the truth and ultimately our own worth as important parts of the multidimensional make-up of existence. 

Which allies can support this work?

vervain for reading.jpg

The plant spirits that speak through this reading are St. John's Wort + Vervain. Both of these allies offer superior support for this profound emotional and spiritual work.

Vervain is considered a "Venus" plant. It is a potent ally for men, women, and children and is commonly used by women for all sorts of reproductive situations. It has a stimulating effect on the liver and a calming effect on the nervous system. Vervain has been used in traditional herbal medicine by many diverse cultures from the Romans and Celtic cultures to the American Indians. The name Vervain is derived from the Celtic ferfain, the plant was used by them for afflictions of the bladder and is still used today as a diuretic to treat bladder infections. Vervain was used by the American Indians to treat stomach disorders and to clear up cloudy urine. Army surgeons used it during the Revolutionary war. Vervain was placed around fields to prevent bad weather and was sacred to the mighty Thor, the Norse thunder god. The ancient smiths used vervain in a procedure for hardening steel, thus it comes as no surprise that this herb was mixed into love potions to make love as hot as burning iron hence its use in our Venus Potion.

St. John's Wort is often used to treat depression and mental imbalances due to its ability to increase the availability of serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine in the brain. These neurotransmitters help to improve the mood, hence the employment of this herbal ally in our formulation of the Sun Potion. Beyond commonly being used for depression, it is incredible for relieving pain and reducing inflammation, supporting the relaxation of muscles and reductions of aches in various parts of the body, including headaches. This is truly a miracle plant as it works through many meridians - the solar plexus being a key center as it improves digestion and tone the nerves found in the digestive organs. 

Two undeniably beautiful plants, Vervain and St. John's Wort are exceptional in both medicinal and magickal quality. Given the high emotion of these times, these two allies are quite useful for the purposes of bringing balance to the heart and mind, all the while enabling us to really tune into ourselves from a place and perspective of harmony.

The tide is high but new beginnings abound. Ride this wave, don't be afraid. Your benevolent ancestors walk with you today and always.

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