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Keys to Awakening Your Genius During Aquarius Season

it’s officially Aquarius season aka the season of the most genius + original + inventive/innovative sign ever (ask the astrologers, that’s their claim; I’m only agreeing). 

as some of you know, I’m an Aquarius so I’m especially electrified right now 'cause I can feel the energy of this constellation pulsing through my veins at every turn of the wheel but during this time of the year things become increasingly aligned in my life. with that said, below I am offering a few notes on how to get in alignment/in-formation during this Aquarius season, even if you’re not an Aquarius. (since it is the 11th sign of the zodiac, we have provided 11 keys + a fun playlist of music that is very adequate for the ever so eccentric and mentally-charged Aquarian season. INJOY).



+key 1 :: make a change. might seem like a simple invitation but to adhere to such is the task. Aquarius is a sign “ruled” by Saturn (as of the late 19th century, Uranus became a factor in the energy signature of Aquarius), so though it is an air sign that may seem to be unstable or very changeable, Aquarius is actually a fixed energy whose ruling planet is very much about discipline and order. Aquarius is one that gives us the “idea” of what needs to be changed or modified and then also supplies us with more ideas about the proper ways of doing so. if you tune deep into this vibration, you will be able to not only make a change in your life but also stick to it for the long-run.

allies for assistance // Black Onyx crystal; nettle leaf infusion; your visions written on paper - signed, dated, and kissed with intention. 

+key 2 :: drink more ENERGIZED water. for real for real. we are in the season of the water-bearer, and interestingly enough it is also a time when weather is cooler in various parts of the world. nature is going through her yearly resting period and things are a lil dry nowadays, so yes - drink more water. but not just any water / drink more water that you have intentionally energized. make a point of developing your relationship to the water element. speak affirmations into your water. add some rose quartz, citrine, or clear quartz into your water. add nettle or burdock root to boost the mineral content. learn about the different ways that the water you regularly drink is processed. consider whether that’s something you want to continue consuming. if not, figure out a way to process your own water and mineralize your water (adding liquid magnesium or a couple of dropperfuls of burdock root and nettle leaf tincture is a wonderful way to start).

allies for assistance // water; intentions; non-toxic crystals of choice (not all crystals can be added directly to your water); minerals; BPA-free container (mason jars, for example); check out for more information about the water supply in your local vicinity and all around the world.

+key 3 :: learn as much as you can about some form of alternative healing. there is no one that an Aquarius loves more than someone who a) knows what they are talking about and b) is a weirdo. a little known fact about Aquarius is that most of us naturally gravitate toward alternative healing therapies - plant medicine, acupuncture, massage therapy, qi gong, crystal healing, color therapy, mind-body healing techniques, flower essence therapy, self-hypnosis, macrobiotics - you name it; we love it. so take this zodiacal cycle to really hone in on some knowledge regarding real and ancient healing practices and traditional methods of energy balancing. immerse yourself in this knowledge - practice it on yourself or share what you are learning with a loved one and build a conversation upon that. dedicate a journal to your learning experience and jot down any thoughts that may surface as you go deeper into your studies.

allies for assistance // an open mind

+key 4 :: practice dream recall. close to Pisces in the wheel, this time of the year seems to bring a reawakening of latent dreams. you ever go into a dream space and enter into places you have never been to in your waking experience but that feel all too familiar? you ever enter into those places more than once and also often throughout your life? these are dreams worth noting and remembering. so find some method of activating dream recall whether it's cutting back on your psychoactive medicine use (psychoactive medicines [lysergic acid diethylamide, cannabis, etc], ironically, have a way of making it harder for us to remember dreams, specifically), placing a clear glass bowl of water by your bedside, or burning some mugwort before sleep - or all 3 of these methods combined.

allies for assistance // moonstone and clear quartz enhance recollection of dreams, so you can place them under your pillow; damiana leaf infusion; personal will

+key 5 :: organize a gathering in your local community - whether with family, friends, or anybody willing to attend. as reserved and mysterious and introverted as many Aquarians appear, Aquarians love community and are generally masters at networking - we know how to weave the webs. it is a good time to have deeply meaningful conversations and heart-felt exchanges, so use it to your advantage. have that gathering that you have been envisioning even if it is just a 'small' circle of 3 or 4 people - you might find yourself in sheer gratitude of what is shared and created between you all. 

allies for assistance // a loving heart; community

+key 6 :: pay attention to the signs and symbols. do you see a certain number or sequence of numbers over and over? do you continuously attract people who work within the same field? is there a certain plant that keeps making an appearance in your life somehow? what about family patterns? do you have mostly water signs in your family, or a balance of all the signs? did any of your relatives transition due to heart conditions? if so, how many? the answers to each of these questions may provide more keys for healing (ancestral patterns and traumas, for instance) and also for awakening a more holistic and graduated version of yourself.

allies for assistance // awareness

+key 7 :: listen to your organs playing music in your body like the composition that it is. seriously. you may find that some of them are a little off tune. the way to really know what systems in your body may be out of balance, besides obvious symptomatic indicators, is to note the time of day or night in which you feel more uncomfortable, irritable, or out of sorts. according to ancient knowledge, each few hours of the day have a stronger connection to certain organs of the body. thus when these organs are out of balance, we will feel out of balance at that time of the day. 

allies for assistance // google: "chinese cosmological clock/24-hour-circadian-rhythm clock". i will also post it below for reference.

+key 8 :: even if just for fun, consider something you would like to invent (a time machine seems to be common for many people - try to think outside that box, also noting that your mind IS a time 'machine'). once you have decided on the thing, create a list of tools you would need to create your invention, along with another list of procedures for making it happen. get as creative as you want and have a lot of fun. 

allies for assistance // open mind; inspired heart; pen and paper; and maybe some tools/art supplies

+key 9 :: decalcify your pineal gland, and your whole body for that matter. this is a big one because if your pineal gland is calcified what i'm even writing right now is gonna seem a lil crazy to you - maybe out of this world or "weird". do the work to decalcify your pineal gland. eat more greens, less mcdonald's, less fast food. if you want "fast" food, eat a raw fruit - no cooking required obviously. add more herbal infusions to your daily intake - specifically those with a high magnesium content. at the beginning of this work, you may want to also implement a regimen of consuming more chlorella - again, adding greens to your meals is the most immediate way to do this. also, consider discontinuing the use of fluoride toothpaste and big business bottled water. 

allies for assistance // chlorella; greens; herbs; fluoride-free toothpaste; fruits; minerals; regulating your circadian rhythm

+key 10 :: practice love as an action - write a love letter to someone (yourself, your mother, your son, your sibling, the neighbor). if you see a homeless person (i call them 'travelers' as opposed to homeless, and i find they prefer to be called travelers and not homeless), offer them something to eat. one time, i gave a homeless man a few fruit chews + $1.50 because that is all i had on me, and i saw his eyes light up in a way i will never forget. practice love as an action because as you share it with others, you bring it back to yourself, too

allies for assistance // love and compassion + your creative ways of practicing love

+key 11 :: spend some time in silence and away from all of your technological devices. do this for at least 1 hour, once a week. it seems simple, but for many in the western world, this is actually more difficult than it seems. do this and marvel at what the silence reveals.

allies for assistance // silence


in plentiful love and gratitude for your receptivity,

El Sea <3 (scroll further down for playlist + circadian rhythm chart)



Click below for a sweet playlist to move your mind and heart during this season:

Aquarius Season Playlist

chart posted below is in reference to key 7:

Elsie Lopez