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Notes on Inspired (in-spirit) Action | new moon in Scorpio + Sol power influenced thoughts

what keys can we use to fully unlock our gifts and heal our timeline (ancestral template/temple/tempo/tiempo/time/body)?

Magic on Earth/Egungun  by Jean-Claude Moschetti

Magic on Earth/Egungun by Jean-Claude Moschetti

deliberation: [de] of [liber/from libra] balance/scales or life.

(10) the wheel of fortune + ace of wands + prince of wands = ACTION INCITED BY SPIRIT AND SUPPORTED BY CONFIDENCE

formula: of form/forma/shape - what will help to shape the circumstances and conditions that are sought.

bay leaf + pau d’ arco + ginger root = BALANCING CLEANSE

We are healing our ‘time’, so that we may expand into our eternity. This is a medicine that we have been riding into for the past 3 months, and really, actually, for the past year and a half. The pivotal moment was when Uranus transited into Taurus earlier this year - the effects of that are bringing forth a sense of clarity today; even if it doesn’t all make “sense”, in due time your sensitivity will equate to a newfound sense of lucidity that is bound to propel you more thoroughly into engagement with your will and power. This is no time to play small or pretend that the call of the time is not as urgent as it is. The Wheel of Fortune comes to remind us of the role we play in the alchemizing of the elements factoring into our lives at any moment. This is a remembrance that comes to put us back together so to speak. Graced by the Ace of Wands, you have a promise of spirit-led action and initiative which will be fueled by confidence in your own potential. Trust this medicine. The fact of the matter here is that this lesson has been continual for us and has been moving through the zodiac wheel - from being a word for Libra to Capricorn to Leo and now to Scorpio, we have air, earth, fire, and water speaking to each of us, regardless of our sun, moon, or rising signs - and reminding us that, yes, this time is one of profound and lasting alchemy. The effect of these moments is going to hold weight for a time to come. Decide wisely - part of deliberation is being able to weigh, upon the scales, the options of best routes to take. This is your journey and no influence is greater right now than the ones of your choices. The Prince of Wands comes with confidence but also with a warning; don’t act rashly or irrational. Think carefully about how you are moving and to where. This ‘time’ will lead you into contact with parts of you that you had not fully assessed to be accessible or you simply did not even know these parts existed - you are in a time of unearthing, you are channeling and approaching unity with the temple that you have avoided going into again. You are now in a space where you can feel through the codes that have been inherited through ancestry and created through time and experience, and those native to your very essence.

The concept of time here is one which is rooted in the idea of the body and those things which can be somehow conceived as and into form. Time is a guide for the template, the frame, the form, the body, the temple, the tempo, the sound, and the orchestration of your organs. How far do you allow yourself to go in your dreams? The answer to this says plenty about your relationship to time and your body, and thus your relationship to your soul - your relationship to what is temporary and what is eternal. Here you learn where evolution can happen in your life and how this shift can alter the story that has been told about you, your lineage, your family, your blood, your purpose, and all of the things that, though not really a possession, still have a claim upon you as much as you upon it. In doing the work of unearthing these things, you can begin to cancel contracts that have bonded you to myths and legends untrue to Self more than liberated you in connection with the web of life. Some contracts do not need to be upheld; some contracts must be broken. A new story has been due to be written.

In a conversation I had with my grandmother, she told me it was my responsibility to heal myself in such a way that the ‘curses’ that had long plagued my family would no longer have a hold on US. She spoke with such certainty and conviction, her voice overwhelmed by a sense of urgency. In my mind’s eye, I could see her gripping the edges of the couch as she sat up to say this to me on the phone. At that moment, I also knew the graveness of the situation - certain battles need to be fought not a second longer, while others must be confronted in the spirit of absolving grief and stagnation, centuries of abuse, misuse of power, tyranny, hatred, guilt, confusion, shame, and all of the energies that keep us cycling in downward spirals. My grandmother, perhaps without knowing it, was speaking to me about discipline and where to apply that frequency. She also spoke to me about my power, reminding me that I was capable of undoing what has plagued this timeline for so long, telling me that I could step into a new one and bring our descendants with me. She was recounting, without saying any words that sounded quite like this, that there was a time when we were in constant ascension. I took her words, not as a challenge, but as an honor.

Our ancestral template will inform us on the imprints we are traveling with as we move, not just terrestrially but also universally. This encoding is a program that is meant to be either uninstalled completely or updated within our system. This tempo is the rhythm to which our vibration oscillates - it is even riddled with hints as to how we may enter into transitions on physical, spiritual, and mental levels. The information provided in this will help us to see, with lucidity, how we can cycle our time in the temporary so that our eternal existence is not compromised into a denser and imprisoned existence. Turning points abound these days, so do not let yourself get stuck. The invitation for you, now, is to cleanse your vehicle so that you may travel with greater speed, agility, grace, ability, and endurance. Use these words as keys, in their own right, regarding the standards to which you set your goals. Another part of the invitation is to actually do work around ancestry. What has been going on in your blood since the time that some of your earliest ancestors came to be? This voyage may take you as deep as into the sea. Those lifeforms that they say nobody has been able to see, you will see them and they will remind you of how much of our expansion and transformation has come from bringing those deep, dark, hidden parts into the light. Let the sun make flowers out of the seeds that have been used to create a trail back to your Origin.


Plant meditations: spirit contact with plant energies for purposes of whole alignment

bay leaf: wish ally, grant me wisdom. bay leaf encourages you to trust your dreams, literally, even when they appear to be heavy. pay attention to the symbols that emerge in the night or in the light of day. what words repeat themselves? what numbers surface over and over again? who is the person that you wish you could say something to right now but have had a hard time communicating with? on a bay leaf, write only 3 words that you would use to communicate your message to that person. burn the leaf, emanating in love for the work being done through this motion. on another bay leaf, state your releases. burn that leaf as you state a few words of gratitude for the lessons that what you are releasing have taught you. on a third bay leaf, express your embrace for all that you are progressing into. this bay leaf, you will place under your pillow for 3 days - burning it on the 3rd day and doing a dance or motion of appreciation. walk with this power in your heels.

pau d’ arco: tree of strength, thank you for the power of my mind. used by the Guarani Indians to fashion hunting bows, pau d’ arco instills in us a deep sense of vitality. in medicine, it is blended into formulas for parasite cleansing. in life, we can walk with pau d’ arco to keep sickness and insanity at bay. it is useful to take a handful of pau d’ arco and place it in a mojo bag or bandanna. keep this on your person, close to wallets and the things you love. after carrying this with you for three days, and while the moon is waxing, you can go by flowing and clean water and dispose of the pau d’ arco, looking at what you are doing (as opposed to turning away from it such as when casting for release) and keeping in mind the vigor that this medicine has shared with you.

ginger root: catalyst. game-changer. re-arranger. opener. a decoction of ginger root fairs best for this potion. after making your decoction (2 pints of water to an ounce of ginger root), allow it to sit (off of the heat source) for 3 hours. you can store this in a spritzer bottle and place that bottle in the fridge. this will keep well and with full potency for up to 9 days (best if stored in a colored bottle). you can spray this in front of you, facing in the direction you will initially be walking in, before you head out for the first time each day. ginger teaches us to use fire in a way that creates space for whatever we need to make happen. ginger ensures us that we have all of the force and field we need to quantify and materialize the aspects that come from a quality internal world. we remember that this time calls for balance in perspective and receptivity to our capacity. ginger comes to us when it is time to add stimulus to the situation. this is a fire that keeps us warm throughout the night.

furthering the invitation: make an infusion with these 3 allies. bring 3 pints of water to a boil, add the herbs (about 1 oz of each herb), let them simmer for 33 minutes. remove the pot from heat source and let the herbs sit in the water for another 33 minutes. enjoy this infusion every day for 5 days. journal about your experiences in these next 5 days. on the 5th day, review your journaling and highlight the synchronicities.

May the expansion be mighty. May your journey be well-supported. In love, all ways.

Elsie Lopez