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Logo Logistics: the Science/Signs Behind the Symbol


The apparent simplicity of this logo is loaded with meaning and symbolism. For some the initial look may let you know that these lines represent the I Ching trigram for water or Kǎn. It is The Abysmal element which supports our voyage through the less clear parts of our journey. When using the I Ching to divine and receiving the Kǎn trigram, you can be sure that you are being urged to tune into ancestral energy, basic trust, and intuition so that access to unconscious resources is made possible, thus enabling the creation of the primordial seed of new action and the first step in a new direction. Meditating upon this symbol, you are invoking the catalyst for transformation. Another aspect of the I Ching is that the lines represent Yin and Yang aspects (broken lines represent yin/open/receptive energy; solid lines represent yang/active/projective energy) — when creating the hexagrams, two trigrams are combined to equal another symbol. In this case, Kǎn (water) develops into Li (fire) and Zhen (thunder). This is how the end (Pisces, for instance) becomes the beginning (Aries), again. This is also how Yemaya (water) births Chango (fire). And, in translation, all of this is Alchemy — God’s medicine for self-realization and immortality.

Further readings of this trigram suggest that we have acquired a great amount of wisdom and can easily tap into these if we focus on the valuable resource that we possess and let go of the desire to control this aspect of the unconscious. Oftentimes, when this trigram is read “negatively”, it is because there is a desire to control the unconscious aspects of our personality. The kidney is associated with the element of water. The kidney – and with it the phase element water – conserve the basic, the essential, what transcends generations, beyond our individual existence. Wisdom, the summary of life and decades of experience and will power, rest within it. It initiates action emanating from personal strength. Through accessing the pulses of this trigram, we enter into contact with the deep mysteries. “Everything that’s true will survive”. In making this contact, we are finally able to trust the flow we are creating with our subconscious knowing. After a time of meeting the Abyss, you become more sincere in your outlook. Kǎn is a time of testing. Clarity as the underlying cause can be a message that an old outlook can no longer serve the new person you are becoming. Nourishing Vision as the hidden influence can remind you that even when the way forward seems to threaten your idea of safety, energy is working deep within to transform your confusion into clear vision.

Kǎn is the keeper of the night self and embodies that part of us that knows exactly who we are and where we need to be. Trust the process at play in your situation and pay attention to your dreams. Even nightmares are a positive sign that authentic power is being returned to the psyche. The hidden or Shadowed side of life is every bit as important as what you see by daylight. This is the ultimate hero’s journey of self discovery. If you can awaken to how you project the past upon experiences, you will discover that fear is a fertile garden, and once transformed, becomes that place where dreams are planted to become reality. This is where the water leads you. When the Abysmal pulls you into its flow, the Way is made clear again. You can cling to the floating debris of an outworn way of thinking, but will find that it is useless in your new way of approaching the world. Although it rises in rain, water has a tendency to flow earthward, and is the image of remaining grounded and natural. All that remains after the Abysmal will be your deeply profound connection to life.

This is the entire intention behind and within Gold Water Alchemy. So, we have created the Gold Water trigram to symbolize a perfect alignment with this universal year. If you’ve been tuning into what Gold Water Alchemy has been up to these past few years, you now know exactly why this symbol is more than perfect for the quality of this work.

Elsie Lopez