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The Medicine of The Blues

Violet 'n' Blues: 3rd Note

Violet 'n' Blues: 3rd Note


sound-note: Where Did You Sleep Last Night by Leadbelly

elements: mostly water + a bit of fire

uses: theta waves, dream recall enhancement, nervous system toning, mind relaxation, reducing mental fatigue, release of hormones beneficial for health and longevity, reducing menstrual cramping, balancing gut health, truly thorough tonic

the story:

This was actually the first concoction made for this collection. Violet ‘n’ Blues served as the initial potion inspiration for the entire circle of remedies. This tonic is the bluest of all The Blues. Violet ‘n’ Blues brings us within to the space where we can query into our inner lives, past experiences, and ancestral memories. All plant parts in this tincture are incredibly synergistic and work in the same direction, guiding us to tuning deep into our subconscious - such a formula is unmatched when focusing on dreamwork and aiming at walking through portals that ultimately lead to greater lucidity. Mugwort is moon medicine used to enhance receptivity and aiding in travels through the astral. Continued use of this potion strengthens control within the dream realm, making it easier to control our waking experiences. Violet, Valerian, Lavender, and Vervain are all nervines that work directly with the theta waves in our brain. Theta waves are known to be most active during sleep state, but the other aspect of this is that theta waves also improve our learning capacity, memory, and intuition by way of making us more aware of the signals we are getting from within ourselves and thus creating a space for newness to emerge.

combines well with: MANIFESTATION POTION


violet, blue vervain, valerian root, lavender flowers, mugwort, organic gluten-free alcohol, food-grade vegetable glycerin + moonstone gem essence

invitations for use:

We recommend adding 18-25 drops to 2 oz. of water or tea, or taken directly on the tongue, at bedtime. These guidelines are not definitive, meaning you can use according to your intuition, at any dosage up to 30 drops. Shake well before use. 

(Each purchase comes with herbal information cards, detailing stories and facts regarding your medicine; keeps well for 10-years.)


  • Not safe for pregnant women.

  • Safe for breastfeeding women, in half the recommended dosage.

  • Safe for children ages 11+.

  • All herbs used are certified organic + 75% are sustainably wild-harvested by Gold Water Alchemy.

  • REQUIRED DISCLAIMER: This product is for bringing balance; it is not intended to diagnose or cure disease. If you require medical treatment, please seek a qualified medical professional.

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