Gold Water Alchemy

The Great Mother

Rose Sea: The Empress

Rose Sea: The Empress



Keynote: Abundance

#3: You are a wellspring of resources, inner and outer, which aid the manifestation of your incubations. 

Inner Mother and Inner Child Medicine. When I say "we", I speak of my inner child and I. This formulation is a flower essence + berry extract; a 2-in-1 so to speak. Before the concoction of this formula, the thought of it coming to life would not leave our mind. Waking up at dawn to gather some of the flowers, we finally made it happen. Rose Sea is a formulation of variable inspiration. The name "Rose Sea" came through the discovery of a beautiful pink-red sea star which is found in the depths of the ocean - this sea star is known as "Rose Sea Star" and we found ourselves enchanted even more so by the idea of sea creatures we may not even fathom. Prior to this, Rose Sea had already been inspired by Yemaya or The Empress (in relation to the tarot). It was during a session of communion with this energetic signature that we sought to grow our own roses, and later on that same day, we received a hibiscus plant from a neighbor - it was all so divinely ordained. So, this beautiful potion contains Rose petals flower essence + extract, Rose essential oil (food-grade), Hibiscus flower essence + extract, and Schizandra berry extract. This formula is really a dream come true. As formulated with Rose petals flower essence + food-grade essential oil, one of the levels you will experience is a release of deeply held fears, conscious or unconscious. Moreover, Rose is a highly enlivening energy which lends itself for the purposes of raising our vibration and also enabling a profound and full healing of our hearts. This flower is also revered for its beautifying power - it is used in many beauty concoctions and skin-care regimes. These qualities translate perfectly into this potion. Hibiscus flower essence energizes the first and second chakras (root and sacral). It is excellent for healing infertility, lower back and spinal issues, and any feeling of disconnection from source or the world around us. As a flower essence and extract, it is double-powered to do the work of aiding one in transmuting any sexual trauma that may be creating imbalances in the system. Through this undoing, issues such as high blood pressure and general blood problems are treated and ultimately healed. Schizandra is a top-note in this formula as it is, in a lot of ways, an incredibly awakening berry which aids us in tuning into the divine feminine frequencies and allowing our growth to happen fully and fearlessly. Schizandra is also used for its adaptogenic properties - this ally help us cope with stress. Overall, Rose Sea is loaded with minerals to help re-stabilize our inner structures and also with Love to help us in the process of wholeness. So, here's to the Divine Mother and her infinite power. May we remember and never again forget. Ayibobo! (All potions come with a tamper-evident seal.)


*rose petals flower essence + rose plant extract, *food-grade rose oil, *hibiscus flower essence + hibiscus plant extract, *schizandra berries, rose quartz and moonstone gem essence - all extracted in organic alcohol and spring water

invitations for use:

Take 11-22 drops directly under the tongue, before bed. These guidelines are not definitive, meaning you can use according to your intuition, at any dosage up to 33 drops and at any time of day. Shake well before use. 

(Each purchase comes with herbal information cards, detailing stories and facts regarding your medicine.)

  • Safe for children 7+.

  • Safe for pregnant women.

  • Safe for nursing women.

  • Useful for the elderly.

*certified organic ingredient

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