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The Indigo Keys and the Spiral Portal - NEW

Key 21: The World

Key 21: The World



A Hermaphrodite




air + earth + water + fire


offer protection and guidance; stimulate the reproductive system; relieve energetic stagnancy; support the immune and respiratory systems; nourish the throat and digestive tracts; soften mental and emotional tensions; alleviate liver toxicity; treat multiple urinary conditions

the story:

Arcanum 21 is a portal of transformation through the realization of completion. At this point, the soul has reached a point of awareness that strengthens one's power and enables a more graceful interaction with the everyday environment. By the time one has gotten through to this 21st Arcanum, there is a lot to celebrate for one has realized the true meaning of the statement that only those who are like children enter the kingdom of heaven. The World potion is here to help you solidly tune into the inner child in you that somehow knows how to make a masterpiece without nobody having ever taught them. The World potion is an ally for creativity and unbound imagination. Crafted with Agrimony, Angelica, and Hyssop, the first interaction with this concoction is going to make you feel very grounded in a certainty of protection. These 3 allies have that magical quality in common - they offer divine guidance and auric protection from otherwise imbalanced energies. Angelica and Agrimony are particularly useful for inner child work primarily because they stimulate the inner fire (Angelica) and help to also cool the temper (Agrimony), in turn providing a leveled energy to enter into the field of manifestation. Agrimony is particularly useful for people dealing with liver issues which may manifest as anger or other hot-tempered emotions, as well as balancing blood sugar levels. Going even deeper, Agrimony and Hyssop combined are going to help with the release of mucus and other fluid stored in the lungs. The lungs hold grief, and so this potion is excellent for those who are holding grief - many times we are not even aware that this is the case. With the letting go of these deeper seated emotions, we are able to come to a point of transformation that enables us to act in the world in a way that is not based on the filters we have acquired through time. The World is a formula that helps us to heal our lungs, reproductive system, and heart - all the while providing a sense of freedom in innovation and constant protection in all our relations.

combines well with:

KEY 17


agrimony leaf, hyssop leaf + root, angelica root, spring water, organic non-GMO corn-free alcohol, rose quartz + amethyst + labradorite gem essence

invitations for use:

We recommend taking 15-20 drops directly under the tongue with meals. Shake well before use. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

(Each purchase comes with herbal information cards, detailing stories and facts regarding your medicine; keeps well for 1 year.)

  • Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding people.

  • Safe for ages 21+.

  • All herbs used are certified organic + 85% are sustainably wild-harvested and/or cultivated by Gold Water Alchemy.

  • REQUIRED DISCLAIMER: This product is for bringing balance; it is not intended to diagnose or cure disease. If you require medical treatment, please seek a qualified medical professional. These statements have not been approved by the FDA.

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