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Mama Drops version 2: Yemaya

Mama Drops version 2: Yemaya

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The Ocean




air + water + earth


tone stomach muscles; strengthen major organs; correct reproductive imbalances; relieve tension; reduce aches + pains + cramps; soothe the stomach lining and throat; expel parasites; strengthen spellwork

the story:

In Quisqueya, what is now known as the Dominican Republic and Haiti, there is an old remedy called Mamajuana that was first ingested by the Taino people in its alcohol-free form. The ingredients were mostly barks, leaves, and roots of trees sometimes mixed with certain animal parts or oils. Honey, rum, and some other beverages are added. The recipe is deeper than just throwing these things in a bottle. The name “Mamajuana” can also be said to be a reference to Mother Jane, who is the embodiment of natural elements which can be combined to form a healing symphony. Crafted with barks such as palo indio, ozua, and canelilla, this medicine grounds and nurtures simultaneously. Spearmint, chamomile, and bay leaves add a lightness that offers clarity of mind through the work of cleansing the digestive tract, creating space for other forms of consciousness to take the forefront within us. Cloves, Aniseed, and Palo de Maguei serve as incentive to this process, also expelling parasitic and vampiric energies from the body and, thus, the aura. Mama Drops is a complete tincture not only for attuning to ancestral spirits through communion with plants indigenous to a vast story, but also to provide a boost to all bodily processes and correct imbalances that are rooted in organic disharmonies.


palo de maguei, palo indio, ozua, canelilla, chamomile, spearmint, aniseed, bay leaf, cloves, gluten-free alcohol, spring water, honey, rose quartz gem essence

invitations for use:

We recommend adding 33-40 drops to 2 oz. of water or tea, or taken directly on the tongue, upon waking or in between meals, up to 2 times a day.  Shake well before use. Store in a cool, dark place. Shelf life varies, usually lasts up to one year.

(Each purchase comes with herbal information cards, detailing stories and facts regarding your medicine; keeps well for 1 year.)

  • Not safe for pregnant or breastfeeding people.

  • Safe for ages 10+.

  • All herbs used are certified organic + 75% are sustainably wild-harvested by Gold Water Alchemy.

  • REQUIRED DISCLAIMER: This product is for bringing balance; it is not intended to diagnose or cure disease. If you require medical treatment, please seek a qualified medical professional. These statements have not been approved by the FDA.

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