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Osain Reiki Balm

Osain Reiki Balm



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fire + earth + air + water


increase capacity to channel one’s own light; moisturize the skin; serve as a womb rub to help release sexual trauma - same use alleviates menstrual cramps; heal perineal tears; restore elasticity to dry skin

the story:

This balm came through a dream first, and later it was revealed to me why it appeared in such a way. (Part of the story here). Osain is known as the Orishas the the wild medicinal plants. He is the Orisha with which all must commune in order to actually do magick and cast spells. This masterful herbalist knows the secrets of nature and has mastered the laws of the universe. Osain came to me in a dream years before Meadowsweet did. In the dream with Osain, I was giving birth and an elder whose face I could not see, rubbed a balm on my back and before leaving told me to use it “after the sun comes”. I didn’t see the wise woman again, but in the same dream someone told me that she was Osain and I needed to listen because this mujer has mucho poder and she knows what she says. I obliged and became more serious on my path with the plants. Years later, recently, Meadowsweet revealed their power to me as an agent of transformation. Exploring ideas for formulas to make a balm for perineal tears, I came to learn that meadowsweet was exceptional for this work, so it all began to click. I decided to add medicines which could only amplify this quality of putting things back together, so to speak. Calendula and Comfrey proved to be indispensable allies for this purpose. Knowing Yarrow and Lavender’s capacity to heal wounds, I decided it would further complement the initial 3 components. As I continued to investigate the potential of this formula, I also learned that this combination can also augment the wisdom with applying one’s light and gifts. Because several of the plants here (such as Calendula, Meadowsweet, Yarrow, and Jasmine0 help people to heal from sexual trauma, this serves as a good womb (not limited to the woman’s body) rub, especially when used after a warm or hot shower as the pores are most open and receptive then. Osain Reiki Balm is one that transforms and heals THOROUGHLY.


(only 7 drops of each food-grade essential oil)

meadowsweet, calendula, yarrow, comfrey, bit of lavender, bit of jasmine, lavender EO, rosemary EO, pine needle EO, mugwort EO, clary sage EO, amber EO, olive oil, mango seed butter, bit of beeswax

invitations for use:

FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. We recommend using it externally for dry skin and to alleviate rashes due to allergic reaction, eczema, or psoriasis. Can also be used as a womb rub or perineal balm. Avoid contact with eyes and super sensitive areas of the body.

  • Safe for all, ages 4+

  • All herbs used are certified organic.

  • REQUIRED DISCLAIMER: This product is for bringing balance; it is not intended to diagnose or cure disease. If you require medical treatment, please seek a qualified medical professional. These statements have not been approved by the FDA.

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