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Ori Crown Oil version 1: Oshun

Ori Crown Oil version 1: Oshun

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Within the Yoruba traditions, Ori means "head". Our "heads are portals for incredible visions that may need to be manifest through our root. Within our crown chakra, we become aware of higher knowledge and are able to perceive our connections to the realms beyond this Earth. The Ori Crown oil is a combination of herbs targeting what seems to be the hair, but speaking more profoundly of growing our "antennas", so to speak. Through these channel we nurture that space that is open for us to receive the water being poured forth during this Age of Aquarius. Though Ori brings us into balance with our minds, it also helps to awaken our hearts through bringing an emotional balance to the psyche. With the aid of Burdock's energy, it also provides a feeling of protection, purification, and uncrossing, enabling us to strengthen and define boundaries. As our antennas (hair) grows, so does our wisdom.


extracts of *horsetail, *nettle, *rosemary, *yarrow, *burdock, *lavender, *onyx gem essence in a base of olive oil

invitations for use:

Apply a couple of drops to any external part of the body (minus sensitive areas). Specifically formulated for hair growth and crown stimulation. Can be used at any time of day. For external use only. Shake well before use. 

(Each purchase comes with herbal information cards, detailing stories and facts regarding your medicine.)

  • Safe for pregnant/nursing women and children.

*certified organic ingredient

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