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Golden Moon Oil

Golden Moon Oil


A potent lunar ally. The Golden Moon Oil is an oil that was extracted over 5 moon cycles. The final product was inspired by some enchanting music. Somehow I was able to conceive and formulate a combination scents as reminiscent of those beautiful sounds. Crafted with a base of saffron oil and a mixture of pure essential oils, this healing companion is useful for a wide range of situations. 

T A N G E R I N E : cheering - can be used for cellulite, water retention, to alleviate anxiety, fear, and irritability. To relieve hiccups, one can add 2-3 drops in a steam inhalation. Great for acne and stretch marks.

G R A P E F RU I T : joyful - useful for muscle fatigue, stiffness, to purify air and kill airborne germs. Stimulate delayed menstruation when used as a massage oil on the lower abdomen. Also exceptional for depression, headaches, mental and nervous exhaustion.

P A T C H O U L I :  sensualizing - antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory. For acne, dermatitis, and eczema. Useful for relieving anxiety and stress-related emotional disorders. The scent is employed in reducing appetite during weight loss regimens.

S W E E T - B A S I L : refreshing - improves concentration, relieves headaches and migraines, for muscle spasms (can be used as massage oil on affected area), alleviates anxiety and depressions. Useful for respiratory disorders when used as steam inhalation.

S A G E : thought-provoking - strengthens memory, restores a sense of balance and calm after trauma especially  traumas that continue to haunt you after a long period of time (use 2-3 drops nightly until a sense of balance is restored), relieves painful menstruation (massage onto lower abdomen).

C L O V E : invigorating - to relieve mental exhaustion, stress, and strengthen mental function. For respiratory issues. For cold, chills, and flu (massage on chest). To fight airborne bacteria (can be used in diffuser).

Due to the versatility of this oil, it may be used in a number of ways - ritualistically or daily. I like to use it as my moon time ally, massaging my belly for comfort. It is also excellent to massage your breast area with this oil as it then stimulates lymphatic drainage and relief of tension. We hold so much tension within our chest, it is very important to target our heart chakra center for continuous energetic relief. Another way to use it is to simply anoint the areas of your body that you like to awaken every day as you seize new opportunities.

INJOY the balance that this scented ally brings. 

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