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Ojo Despierto Oil

Ojo Despierto Oil


The Awakened Eye. An aromatherapeutic oil blend useful for awakening wisdom and bringing calm to the Spirit. Charged with powerful Love energy, this oil has a musky and herbaceous scent that brings love to the inner spirit. Useful to rub behind closed eyelids after a long day as an act of self-love and self-care, the vibration of this brings the wisdom of the sages when used as a healing oil. Ojo Despierto Oil has nervine properties, helping to expel tension to whatever part of the body it is applied to. Feel free to use as intuitively discern, externally. Rub on feet, hands, belly, lower back, or the heart and third eye centers. Feel free to use daily or specifically in ritual. 


*clary sage oil, *sage oil, *frankincense oil, clear quartz + scolecite + sodalite gem essence

invitations for use:

Use a couple of drops to massage your eyelids (eyes closed), before bed. Can also be applied to any of your heart spaces - 1st eye, heart chakra, or sacral area. For external use onlyShake well before use. 

(Each purchase comes with herbal information cards, detailing stories and facts regarding your medicine.)

  • Safe for pregnant/nursing women and children.

*certified organic ingredient

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