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Ancient Ways



This is Inner Child Medicine, also.

We call this one Ancient Ways because it is the ways we were taught by the trees, and this concoction is tree medicine - all of the parts of this medicine come from a tree and were each harvested during a specific time of the month and year to ensure that the medicinal properties are as pronounced as they can be. A formula made with Elder flowers, Willow bark, and White Oak bark, Ancient Ways is sure to remind us of wisdom from long before our incarnation and even that of our great-grandparents. This medicine holds a storehouse of codes which come to us from times long before the first instance of the human species. It goes deep. Elder flowers are said to be a symbol of the Great Goddess. They are also attuned to the frequency of our ancestors, thus this potion helps to facilitate a connection with those who have transitioned and ancestors not incarnate as human. On a more physical level, Elder flowers are useful for relieving cold and flu symptoms and helping to boost the immune system. Elder flowers are also very excellent for relieving constipation and otherwise congestion in the organism. White oak bark and Willow bark are allies which bring strength directly to the bones. Many people dealing with arthritic symptoms are other bodily aches, tend to use one or both of these to help heal themselves in a natural way. Willow bark, like Elder flowers, contains Goddess energies - particularly in attunement with lunar cycles and therefore instructing us in regards to the natural ebb and flow of life. White oak bark lends a balance with a more masculine energy signature that aids us in remembering that, though we may come in the body of a certain gender, we are universal beings who contain a multiplicity of aspects - both masculine and feminine. 


*elder flowers, *willow bark, *white oak bark, organic cane alcohol

invitations for use:

We recommend adding 11-18 drops to a cup of water or tea, or taken directly under the tongue, upon waking and before bed. These guidelines are not definitive, meaning you can use according to your intuition, at any dosage up to 22 drops and at any time of day. Shake well before use. 

(Each purchase comes with herbal information cards, detailing stories and facts regarding your medicine, including shelf life.)

  • Not recommended for breastfeeding or pregnant women.
  • Safe for children ages 7+.

*certified organic ingredient

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