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Mama Drops

Mama Drops


A triple extracted formula inspired by the Dominican Republic's Mamajuana beverage, Mama Drops is a concoction for the inner mother in each of us. This concoction took exactly a year to prepare - our formulation began on a new moon in 2016 and was extracted on a full moon in 2017. 95% of the ingredients in this potion were harvested in the Dominican Republic. Each of them provides a nurturing energy to Self at different levels of the body and, ultimately, the spirit. Mama Drops contains Cat's Claw - one of the plants known primarily for its anti-inflammatory properties. Combined with ingredients such as Bay Leaves and Aniseed, this helps to soothe the gastrointestinal system and reduce discomforts of the stomach meridian. Magically, Aniseed is said to enhance psychic abilities, and based on our experience with this potion we can say that this is true. With continued use of Mama Drops, you will notice an increase in psychic powers. Another notable effect of this concoction is the fact that it helps to treat heart conditions and, through time, it is also highly effective in healing emotional imbalances. As preventative measure, Mama Drops is taken to reduce the risk of catching colds and overall active the immune system to strengthen the body's defense. In the same way, Mama Drops is protection for the spirit as a powerful formula of Yemaya, La Sirena. Can be enjoyed and journeyed with alone, or we recommend this one along with True Self Medicine to activate both the healing of the heart and the awakening of creative potential. 


*cat's claw, *ozua, *cinnamon bark, *canelilla, *palo de maguei, *palo indio, *aniseed, *bay leaves - extracted in cenote water from the Dominican Republic + mountain water from Switzerland and organic biodynamic alcohol + larimar gem essence

invitations for use:

Add 11 drops to a cup of water or tea, or taken directly under the tongue, preferably after eating. These guidelines are not definitive, meaning you can use according to your intuition, at any dosage up to 33 drops and at any time of day. Shake well before use. 

(Each purchase comes with information cards, detailing journey recommendations for working with your potion.)

  • Not recommended in large doses for pregnant women.

*certified organic ingredient

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