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Key 3: The Empress

Key 3: The Empress

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air + water + earth


stimulate the digestive system; tone the reproductive system; protect the nervous system; enhance sexuality; balance major organ centers; stabilize blood sugar; reduce high blood pressure; cleanse the liver and skin; protect the eyes from degenerative disease; insight into inner resources

the story:

In many ways, The Empress gave birth to The High Priestess, but their relationship is a reciprocal one, for the High Priestess provides this archetype with a springbroad from which to propel her visions. The Empress is the one who is about to give or has given birth. She is fertile ground for all that incubates within the mind. Crafted with a combination of plants exceptional for bringing these energies to the forefront, key III can alter the way we perceive wealth and how we can create it with the resources we already possess, inner and outer. Rose Petals, when distilled into pure essential oil form, is said to be the highest vibration essential oil when juxtaposed with a musical scale - this says plenty. Rose is one of various natural treasures that can work through every part of the body. This flower can do everything, ranging from instilling feelings of deep love and compassion to cleansing the liver of toxicity that has built up over time. Rose also heals the digestive system by supporting excretion and serving as a mild laxative. When we combine Rose with a flower such as Damiana, you can say that you’ve got a love potion. In Hoodoo tradition, Damiana is used to invoke passion and desire in our beloved - it is said to make one crazy for the beloved who wears, carries, or consumes this flower, in any form, regularly. On another, related, level, this yellow-flowering plant has been employed in use for strengthening the mind and aiding access to focus and discipline during cognitively demanding times. This may be attributed to the fact that Damiana, like Rose, has a very calming quality about - it may not put you to sleep, but it will definitely aid you in getting there if you take just enough. Schizandra is revered as a five-flavor berry whose flavors provide a harmonizing quality to the medicine it lends us. These berries are often used because they have strong adaptogenic propeties - meaning that they help us cope with and adapt to stressful situations. Schizandra is one of those that is so powerful, yet so gentle that they can be used by just about anybody. With the abundance of the flavor in this combination, it is not hard to see that prosperity is what you will access with the use of this key.

combines well with:

KEY 19 + House of Gold


damiana leaves, rose petals, schizandra berries, gluten-free alcohol, spring water, raw honey, rose quartz + moonstone + labradorite gem essence

invitations for use:

We recommend adding 33-40 drops to 2 oz. of water or tea, or taken directly under the tongue, upon waking or in between meals, up to 3 times a day. These guidelines are not definitive, meaning you can use according to your intuition, at any dosage up to 44 drops and at any time of day. Shake well before use. Store in a cool, dark place. Shelf life varies, usually lasts up to one year.

(Each purchase comes with herbal information cards, detailing stories and facts regarding your medicine; keeps well for 1 year.)

  • Safe for pregnant and breastfeeding people in a third of the dosage.

  • Safe for ages 10+.

  • All herbs used are certified organic + 25% are sustainably wild-harvested by Gold Water Alchemy.

  • REQUIRED DISCLAIMER: This product is for bringing balance; it is not intended to diagnose or cure disease. If you require medical treatment, please seek a qualified medical professional. These statements have not been approved by the FDA.

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